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Chris Rock from The Black List (Volume One) - 1

635 476 views | 12 Feb. 2009

Comedian Chris Rock as

Comedian Chris Rock as featured in The Black List. As a new chapter begins in this country, The Black List offers a dynamic and never-before-heard perspective from achievers of color. This series of inspired—and inspiring—observations on African-American life in the 21st century forms a roll call of some of the most compelling politicians, writers, thinkers and performers ever to tackle their fields of endeavor. Watch the interview-portraits and get a sharper snapshot of where this country has been and where its headed. Directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Interviews by Elvis Mitchell. Stars Collin Powell, Toni Morrison, Sean P Diddy Combs, Slash, Chris Rock, Susan Rice, Lou Gossett Jr., Russell Simmons and many more. The DVD of The Black List Volume One is available at Target stores and Target.com

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IMC New Price List 2020 || Inspiring World के प्रोडक्ट का Business Volume देखें?

49 717 views | 26 Feb. 2020

IMC New Price List 2020

IMC New Price List 2020 || Inspiring World के प्रोडक्ट का Business Volume देखें?

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What is Docker Volume | How to create Volumes | What is Bind Mount | Docker Storage

171 866 views | 10 Jul. 2018

11:26 Bind

11:26 Bind mount

More about Raghav - https://automationstepbystep.com/

Today we will learn:

1. What are Volumes

2. How to create / list / delete volumes

3. How to attach volume to a container

4. How to share volume among containers

5. What are bind mounts

Volumes are the preferred mechanism for persisting data generated by and used by Docker containers

: docker volume //get information

: docker volume create

: docker volume ls

: docker volume inspect

: docker volume rm

: docker volume prune

Instead of deleting containers one by one of docker ps -a , we can use docker container prune. and for docker ps (running containers) we can use docker rm $(ps -aq)

Use of Volumes


Decoupling container from storage

Share volume (storage/data) among different containers

Attach volume to container

On deleting container volume does not delete


docker run --name MyJenkins1 -v myvol1:/var/jenkins_home -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 jenkins

docker run --name MyJenkins2 -v myvol1:/var/jenkins_home -p 9090:8080 -p 60000:50000 jenkins

docker run --name MyJenkins3 -v /Users/raghav/Desktop/Jenkins_Home:/var/jenkins_home -p 9191:8080 -p 40000:50000 jenkins





By default all files created inside a container are stored on a writable container layer

The data doesn’t persist when that container is no longer running

A container’s writable layer is tightly coupled to the host machine where the container is running. You can’t easily move the data somewhere else.

Docker has two options for containers to store files in the host machine

so that the files are persisted even after the container stops


Volumes are stored in a part of the host filesystem which is managed by Docker

Non-Docker processes should not modify this part of the filesystem

Bind mounts may be stored anywhere on the host system

Non-Docker processes on the Docker host or a Docker container can modify them at any time

In Bind Mounts, the file or directory is referenced by its full path on the host machine. 

Volumes are the best way to persist data in Docker

volumes are managed by Docker and are isolated from the core functionality of the host machine

A given volume can be mounted into multiple containers simultaneously.

When no running container is using a volume, the volume is still available to Docker and is not removed automatically. You can remove unused volumes using docker volume prune.

When you mount a volume, it may be named or anonymous. 

Anonymous volumes are not given an explicit name when they are first mounted into a container

Volumes also support the use of volume drivers, which allow you to store your data on remote hosts or cloud providers, among other possibilities.

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This works for me. But when i go to browser it says service unavailable.
I am using docker toolbox on windows.
Please help ?

Prithviraj Singh

Easy, simple informative video thank u sir

Abhirup Nandi

Very nice tutorial ?. Simple & elegant. Thnks for making such useful tutorial ?. Really learned a lot?

Kunchala Vikram

Super explanation. Would love to see your courses on Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and atleast one complete project on CI CD

ashokreddy punyala

Hi Raghav, really you made my day Hatsoff to your explaination.

Jean Paul Torre

Thank you very much, this was very helpful :)

Gopal Haldar

Thank you .. one query i have what is /var/jenkins_home folder, is this something inside the container?

gopal krishnan

Its Excellent Teaching and your videos

Tech Videos

Thanks for your explanation. I need to know like, if we stop the container whether application will copy from volume or will be available(container) ?

Maaz Khan

very simple ....yet powerful explanation.

khalil alakhras

How could I declare a volume inside the dockerfile does it work?

Mohd Yasar Khan

how can create docker volume for windows, and how can accessible in docker volume in windows please help me about that....

his book

I have a related question, I have a docker container running PLEX, it has on its root bind mounts like /movies, /tv /photos, and my drive became full, I purchased a 6TB raid (linux), i copied all files from host path (target of /tv) to raid/tv, how do i make my container /tv to the new location in host

Sayanta Roy

Nicely explained. Precise. Thanks :)

Ronit Kumar Das

Hi Raghav, I am learning Docker from your playlist. First of all thanks for this amazing short but quality informative videos. Thanks a lot it is almost clearing a fundamental concepts.

But i am facing problem while implementing in my pc . Actually i have create Jenkins container with port as mentioned 8080 for server and 50000 for API. i had run my container and successful , I am tiring this on AWS Linux AMI instance. So when i use the public IP :8080 no response coming for Jenkins site to login and if curl in terminal than

[[email protected] ec2-user]# curl
<html><head><meta http-equiv='refresh' content='1;url=/login?from=%2F'/><script>window.location.replace('/login?from=%2F');</script></head><body style='background-color:white; color:white;'>

Authentication required
You are authenticated as: anonymous
Groups that you are in:

Permission you need to have (but didn't): hudson.model.Hudson.Administer


Need your guidance

Diptesh Chakraborty

Very good explanation , I have a course on udemy, but you explained better.

Raoul Hernandez

really great vid, it helped me a lot thank you !

Thijs Brilleman

11:26 Bind mount

Nawaz Ali

Thanks for putting this video together. Clear and to-the-point. Keep up the good work!

Rama Krishna

Wonderful explanation, but where does this docker images and volumes stored physically. it is on my host machine? or on my Hyper-v. (Using Windows 10)

Ahmed Mamdouh

Thanks, but what the difference between -v volume:path and -v path?


In the notes the last command docker's 'd' is missing

Harsimranjit Singh

You rock Brother. Super Explanation :). Subscribed as well.

Ge Song

well done.

Mohd Yasar Khan

How will create cluster in docker? I know docker swarm is an option but I want create cluster in docker only please suggest me .. ??

Ambika Prasad

Thanks a lot for such a nice explanation

vijay vaswani

Thanks Raghav,well explained..

Ruben VW

Has literally nothing on the screen and types "clear", the proceeds to press enter two times, getting more stuff on the screen than he had before.

Radha Krishna

Fantastic tutorial Sir

Abdulmaged AL-KHULAIFI

thank you so much, so much useful video <3

Arturo Fernandez Marco

Oh man... what an excellent explanation...! Thanks!


Sir, you made this video since 2018 and its really helpful for me in 2020. Thank you so much from the heart

Push Hard


Fahad Shakeel

Simple and practical approach with all the necessary explanation to understand the concept fully. Good Job! Thanks..

Clara Nellist

Thanks so much, this is exactly what I needed to know!


Nicely Explained :)


Great explanation, Thank you!


Hands down just amazing (the music)... and the teaching too ;)

Narayan Sabhahit

Very very nice explanation, thank you very much. I love each of your videos!! Keep posting, it is really useful.


Brilliant video. Thank you

Robbin Akm

Thank you so much .Very helpful

Venky Tammana

Hi Raghav..thank you so much for the detailed conceptual explanations...I have one query on docker images..can I edit an image which was pulled From a public repository or registry and create a new image out of it and push it back to hub??

I mean like
Pull image
Edit image
Push image
Is this possible??

EntireB EntireC

Is Java not needed for installing jenkins?

Crystal Yun

Thanks for the awesome video

Ramesh jp

Perfect! Understood docker volume in 15 minutes. Thanks a lot!

Andrew Le

Excellent tutorial on Docker Volumes!

Adama Sridhar

Hi Raghav i am encountering error while trying to create Bind mounts, Please can you tell me where i am doing wrong.

command used:
docker run --name Jenkins1234 -v /Users/sredd/Desktop/sri:/var/jenkins_home -p 8082:8080 jenkins

Error message
Can not write to /var/jenkins_home/copy_reference_file.log. Wrong volume permissions?
touch: cannot touch '/var/jenkins_home/copy_reference_file.log': Permission denied


Can you detail, how to attach external volume to docker?

Arun kumar

Thank you Raghav


in this vdo at 06:02 to 06:09 minute when you mentioned the port for APIs, that part i didn't get, if you could explain that it would be helpful..

btw, Raghav, thanks for the vdo, its really helpful..

Mahdi Tajik

Unfortunately after successfully run Jenkins i can not see it in "ps" command. Also container ls is empty. I try it many times. I got fully up and running message but actually they do not running. I'm working on VPS. Does vps can restrict Jenkins containers?

Prasenjit Saha

Your way of explanation is great. Providing notes in the video description section is very helpful. Thanks for enlightening us with your knowledge.

Prashanth H N

this video is very informative. very well explained for begineers. thanks

Srinivas Kotturu

Your videos are I can say one of the best videos I came across. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

One question. Are these 15 docker training videos are sufficient for cracking the interviews and for any beginner and intermediate level positions?

Vaishnavi Patil

I have one question

Sai Teja

Can we install custom drivers(ODBC) in docker container?


Thanks for this tutorial. Question if I want HDD files to be visible in containers do I need to mount it in /var/lib/docker.... ?

David Tsiklauri

thanks nice tutorial , btw what is this theme in chrome


Hi Raghav,

I followed ur instruction to run jenkins on my server which 192 series and unable to access via web.

Command is: docker run --name MyJenkins -p 9090:9090 -p 50000:50000 -v /var/jenkins_home jenkins

Tried to connect using https://192.x.x.x:9090 but unable to access it.

Can you please help me on this.


Kevin ye

Just wanted to thank you Raghav Patel

Rajesh Upadhyaya

Can you please provide a video about volume in docker-compose file.
1. I am creating a volume.
2. Then I am starting the container everything is fine.
3. But the same when I am trying via docker-compose then the main directory inside docker container is empty. [Eg:- /search_engine is empty]

Manual command:-
docker build -t app . && docker run --name SEARCH_ENGINE -v REPO:/search_engine -v LOG:/var/log/ -d -p 80:80 -p 8983:8983 app

docker-compose command:-
version: '3'
build: .
- './REPO:/search_engine'
- './LOG:/var/log'
- '80:80'
- '8983:8983'

ravi lanka

The best short videos with more info, thanks a lot sir,keep gng

I Am

I'm really like your videos. It's very clear and helpful. Thanks for your videos.

Leon Ramkumar

My god, I've been struggling with the binds for days! Thanks, I now finally get it. I'm an absolute docker beginner.


Hi Raghav,
Thanks for your video. It was useful. However, I was hoping you would address the concern of concurrent access to the same data store. Is it true to say that multiple docker containers can use the same volumes, but only if they are not modifying the same data simultaneously? Wouldn't accessing certain application data cause inconsistencies in that data, if multiple containers were using it at the same time?
I assume the answer is yes. And so if that is true, what do we do about it? Would we have to look at load balancing abstractions between the application and the user, in this case, or is there a docker solution to this problem?

sagara jayathilaka


Nishant Shah

Having trouble implementing the same in docker compose.

Sandy Pabilonia

what is the difference in using volume vs using bnd mount?

ilyas Jumadurdyew

Man, your job is VERY VERY helpful. I'm developer with about 6+ years of real development. But tranding shit like CI/CD or Docker is too magical for someone who is reviewing all packets before installing, who is managing environment with static Ip addresses, who thinks before making update.


Expalined it very well. thank you.

Farrukh Ahmed

Wow.. you easily explained it in detail. Excellent video!

Better With Rum

missing custom paths for docker volumes, see here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39496564/docker-volume-custom-mount-point

pradeep kumar

Wonderful explaination sir. Thank you soo much.It helped me a lott

anoop kumar

-p8080:8080 is for port mapping
what is the use of second port -p50000:50000

Ravikumar Cherry

Very thanks man .

Niranjana MURTHI B E

volumes are shared between the nodes?

Richard Bryan Gragasin

great job! i will share this to my colleagues

Dimitar Mihaylov

Good explanation. Cheers

Jashva Sabbu

Thanks Ragav for sharing video..
i have one doubt
when we say docker volume create <test> .. where this volume will be created ?
is that volume avaiable in our local machine ..where this volume stored ?
Also is there any other types of volumes avaiable to make container persistant ..?
And how about Kubernetes volume works and where it is stored the volumes when we create volume using peristantvolumeclaim files
kindly explain

Thanks in adavnce..

Milan Timotijevic

Loved it!

Jasleen Kaur

Very informative video! Just a quick question: when you say volumes are used to store data for the containers, what data are you referring to?
Sorry, if this seems like a stupid question, i'm new to Docker.

Surya Chirravuri

What if i have multiple folders? Can I use one volume? Thanks


Hi Ragav, can you help me to understand the steps to do to run my automation script with Docker. (After installing Docker)

Saurabh Gupta

This is very easy and good explanation Raghav. You represent things in simple way. I really appreciate. Instead of deleting containers one by one of docker ps -a , we can use docker container prune. and for docker ps (running containers) we can use docker rm $(docker ps -aq).

Hiroyuki Numaguchi

Your explanation is very easy to understand and informative! Thank you!!

Kenny Kant

Great content.. especially loved the "recap" credits with music at the end.

Prabhu Narayan Mishra

one of the best content over internet on docker volumes.

Enrico Saccheggiani

Very good job Raghav. Congratulations !! Very well explained . Thanks a lot

muhamad alfatih

Hi, do we need to setup iptables first before doing all the things? because I have iptables issue when running the docker

Gopalakrishna Peeleti

Good explanation bro..

Korak Mitra

Thanks for this informative video. Keep up the good work sir

Manochilu Chilukamari

nice explanation


great video. Trivia on ports - it can't be a number greater than 65535.

Nasir Ali

Love you Raghav! God bless you kind sir!

Raj Kumar

docker i was study and clearly understand post pls ansible ,kubernets, jenkins also, thanks you very much

Pankaj Patel

Thank you

swetha sharma

thank you for this video!

Philip Denys

perfect run through... even learned a mac feature (splitscreen )

Anil Kumar

awesome as always but I am facing one issue localhost refused to connect.
Any solutions for that...

Ezra Chirii

Thanks a lot i have been struggling to mount a volume on a windows machine the last bit saved me Great Content!