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[토큰포스트 인터뷰] Shechters, CEO & COO of Vanywhere (한글자막)

102 views | 24 Apr. 2018

We sat down for an

We sat down for an interview with Rami Shechter, Itay Shechter, CEO & COO of Vanywhere.

Vanywhere is a live skill-sharing platform that instantly connects people seeking and offering skills, so people can get personalized results tailored. All interactions happen through live, 1-on-1 video, voice and chat or offline gigs for freelance projects.

Rami Shechter, CEO & Founder, has been at the forefront of the digital advertising industry in Israel. He has founded and lead a number of successful agencies specializing in digital marketing, social media and e-commerce, working with both Israeli clients and international brands including LivePerson, Clinique, Pizza Hut, Warner Brother and Avis among others.

Itay Shechter, COO & Founder, has extensive experience in product building, product management, and remote team management. For the past five years he was the Media Marketing Manager at an interactive agency with a roster of Israeli and international clients.

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Itay Shechter, COO & Founder, Vanywhere and Rami Shechter, CEO & Founder, Vanywhere

450 views | 25 Oct. 2018

Itay Shechter, COO &

Itay Shechter, COO & Founder, Vanywhere and Rami Shechter, CEO & Founder, Vanywhere speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli startup Vanywhere that has just created a skill sharing platform that instantly connects people in face to face interaction.



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3 Days in the Woods [VLOG] | Him and Him

5 765 views | 21 Sep. 2019

We LOVE camping and

We LOVE camping and this year we camped at Tremblant’s National Park! This was honestly one of our best experience so far, mainly because of the beauty of the scenery..! We did experience some heavy rain during the nights (particularly the second night with a severe thunderstorm), but aside from that, we were pretty lucky weather-wise! Hope you guys will enjoy the vlog!

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Why ?

ARE you guys together? I’m new

Christy Birling

Glad you enjoyed your outing even though it got a little wet. As long as your with someone you love, it's all good - right? Looking forward to the road trip videos.

Cameron M. Hatter

so happy to see the three of you again!



It all looks so fun !

Ace Hardy


-little errand Bread-

This is adorable !!!!
Im hoping someday me and my girlfriend is like this ( meaning yes I'm Lesbian owo")


Beautifully Edited Pascal ! Thank you so much for taking us along on this Wonderful outing. }{ugs

Tom Johnson

What a wonderful adventure so happy you took all of us along. That's my kind of camping, slow relaxing and just enjoying the outdoors. Can't wait for the next adventure a region that I have never been but its on my list of places I have to go and see. Looking forward, Thank you!

Charles Kesner

Good to hear from you guys. So glad you had a nice camping experience. Enjoy your trip to the Maritimes.

J Nuy

Seems like a great time!

HorseBoi 32


Luis Fernando Laurean Barajas

nice video guys =) oh yes, the nature, make a fire, enyoi the stars, the lake, take a walk, figth with a bear XD. thanks for the video =D

Yukiny Do Graal

I want to have fun?

David Steger

Loved it...

Gary Jordan

That looked like so much fun! Love Caramel!


Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog as much as we enjoyed the whole camping experience! Honestly some of the best scenery we've seen...!
NEXT WEEK (Saturday) : Roadtrip Vlog Day 1!

Eva Breuer

This looks so amazing. The view, the camping place, everything. I really wanna go to Canada one day. I hope you had a lot of fun, also on your road trip.
See you next time
Love from Germany ?

Jonathan Joseph

Great video, guys!!!

Ashli Smith

Hey guys, I'm so glad y'all enjoyed yourselves. That looks like a lotta fun and the scenery is beautiful, just like you guys. You guys enjoy the rest of your trip, I love you guys so much, God bless and have a great rest of your week and be safe

Sofia Merchant

Yes a vlog. Loved this???♥️

Donald Storm

It's labor day and you're just putting this on the tube? You guys must be very busy working so nice to see you both I hate mosquitoes I wouldn't tolerate them and I don't like putting poisoning on my skin.

Sean Shimamoto

This was awesome seeing two gay guys roughing it! I was born and raised in Hawai’i so camping outdoors was something we did on a regular basis...but most of my gay mainland friends would never be caught camping with me. Hehe. Great video, guys!


Great video boys! I love your singing ❤️????

Bryan McNulty

That was a terrific video for your trip looked very fun and relaxing. Your friend, Bryan from California.

Yukiny Do Graal

In the next video I will ask 5 questions ok? ?

Brent Braniff

That looked great! You're living my dream! I've never been camping but it always looks wonderful! Thanks for the video!

Daddy AF

Montreal! Fun town. So many bars.

sυlταи ْ

So cute ?❤

Adam W


Гриб Праведник

Ох кажется тут будет очень много русских комментариев. После поста в одной группе. Там рассказывали про девушку из кафе, которая оставила свой номер. Вы популярны ребята ?.Please translate it.

Ramona NightLight

Oh i live in forest every August. It's my family's tradition.
Well. This is so interesting vlog. Glad that you're back!

Randall Smith

This is gay


Vous étiez seuls au camping, vous n'avez dérangé personne durant vos ébats amoureux. Bisous


The vlog is great <3 it's so good to see you guys together and happy as always .w. love u both

Sum & Richard Gay YouTubers

So nice seeing you both again on the weekend! We loved seeing you camping ⛺️ together! 17:23 the sausages look yummy!!! Hope you see your next video about your road trip ASAP!!

Mcflyeon MegaMcBusted

Great to see your camping trip, seeing the beauty and the animals. And nice for Caramel to be waiting for you both and to see that Him and Him fan art collection too :D :)