The last bastion short

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Overwatch Animated Short "The Last Bastion" REACTION!!

167 465 views | 27 Aug. 2016

Eric Shane Calvin and

Eric Shane Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Overwatch Animated Short | "The Last Bastion"

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Bastion and Ganymede. Together they are the Bird and the B. The B standing for Brobot.

Ryan Gregory

Even though it got worse, you didn't notice that it was kinda cool when he was walking, he made that thumping noise


Someone probably answered this months ago, but yes the bird (Ganymede) is in the skin for Bastion. In fact, different skins also change the bird's appearance. Bastion's Halloween skin turns the bird into a raven/crow. Also, the city is from the game. It's the Numbani map.


Wheres the movie at i swear bro

Logan Woods

The Bastion Song musical
By Jt Machinima

Gary Chief

love the room lighting, it looks like Calvin is going to die from kryptonite. (cause he's superman)


Some more info for the people who don't know:
There was basically a big fight between Omnics and Humans, called the Omnic crisis. At one point The Bastion army were fighting and trying to push through to Stuttgart (the city in this trailer), but the Crusaders (the guy with the hammer is called Balderich, he is the leader of the german special forces, ''the Crusaders'' and is NOT the same guy in the game) fought back and held them off in a final stand in a castle close to Stuttgart. All of the Crusaders died except for one, Reinhardt. I believe he was doing Overwatch activities and was never there. The Bastion we know (and hate in game) went rogue and got stranded in the woods.
Also: the bird is called Ganymede :D
EDIT 1: there will be a map in the forest/castle in the forest called ''Eichenwalde''


That forest is next to a castle that's a new map in the game and you can see that city in the distance from there.


PORTUGAL! Yes Shane!


"Kill Goku". LOL! Bastion IS really similiar to Androind 16


That music... T_T

Said Tamayo

I just realized after all these years, that crusader wasn't Reinhardt, he was Balderich

Christian Sørensen

You did not catch that the main theme was PTSD. How Bastion was discovering the beauty of the world after military training but was triggered by the beak sound and meeting battlemates.


Also, there will be a new character releasing soon; "Sombra" is the codename for them. There have been detectives IRL trying to solve it but rn have to wait for it.


There is a new one out called Infiltration

Jéssica Fonseca

I liked more this one than Dragons... (Was only me that thought weird see Calvin cheering for a bird?)

Fifi Nokoe

Pls react to the latest Overwatch animation short "Infiltration"

Darren Valaydon

Mailbag Spoilers ? Dammit

Olivia Castillo

can y'all react to the history of deadpool

Crasher Xama

hey guys have you see overwatch epic rap 21 heroes?

Alpha Tear

Im surprised that the big beard guy doesnt have glasses

Jonathan Connelly

Have you guys ever explained Calvin's hatred of birds? I have wondered this since his reaction to Android 16's like of birds in your DBZA reactions.


This trailer put me trough a rollercoaster of emotions, but I loved it!!


What gets me about this is that how well done it is and how relatable towards soldiers it is...suffering from PTSD.


"Does he ever go Purple?

"Where he is like... "

"Happy Raging?"
xD im dying

Banana earth society

This is why overgrown is my fav bastion skin

Nick the Dreamer

When will we see your reaction to the latest Overwatch short "Infiltration?"

Killer Queen AJ

The Bird is the Friend of bastion

Lexi Dwayne Lowe

he can't be the last bastion, I just saw 5 in my last match!

Roe Fane

Did anyone else cry the first time they watched and just now watching their reaction.


Will you guys be reacting to the Infiltration short?

Noah Sklar

I have it on PS4 myself.

Spencer Hosch

Wish you guys wouldn't talk so much, but glad you enjoyed it

Phantom Z

SAO EPISODE 10 came out!!! Hurry and watch it before they take it down!!!!

Fuck YouTube Comments

7:00 the symbolism


Poor Bastion has PTSD


You are the first people watching this that I have seen that actually states that those freakouts are Bastions original programming kicking in, instead of saying he has PTSD (although the first "snap" draws a pretty good parallel)

Ganymede (the bird) is not part of the model, but it is a prominent part of bastion's emotes, victory poses and highlight intros. I admit I laughed when Aaron pointed out Calvin was rooting for a bird, hahaha.

Great video guys, you are still the best in my book when it comes to this stuff.


Would love to join in on some Overwatch on PC!


The similarities between A-16 and Bastion are because they are based on the same character. A robot from an old anime film called castle in the sky

Bryan Bain

The city in the trailer is an upcoming Map. A large, empty ruined city.


Portugal! :D

Jan Ken

It took so long for the middle guys mouth to close after thinking the bird was dead XD 4:30

retard soltaneih

The two guys on the left are such pricks. Completely ruined the whole video for me ngl. Between the stupid remarks, unfunny predictions, and overall just unlikable people, I wanted to slap the 2nd to the left guy and wipe that shit eating smirk off his face. God, his incessant talking completely ruined the meaning of this film. Please boot that guy if you want to earn my sub.

Frank DaTank

Hearing you guys talk about overwatch lore is embarrassing

TG Maps

So close to 100 000!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Costa

portugal portugal portugal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Asher

I love this one the most, because you can show it to people who may have never even heard of the game, and still love it.


Actually that wasnt reinhartd. it was a crusader. which is what reinhardt is called. i think there Modern knights from germany from what ive gatherd.

Diego González

5:17 path to payload number 1267 found, escorting protocol activated

Choco Banana

Bastion = Wall-E with PTSD.

Beto augusto

React Sonic Mania.


Have they watched the Ana trailer?

sas who dares wins

top 10 anime betrayals
10 nature defended bastion bastion destroyed the nature


Android 16 in a nut shell


Vietnam flashbacks intensify

Armando Castro

Ya'll need to react to

Overwatch Animated Short "Infiltration"


lel this is not canon... 2 or 3 onyx shootin at reinhardts shield and it helds.... ingame its down against 1 bation after 2 secs...

karl jonson

guys please react to arrival

Sean Kenny

He reacted to the woodpecker pecking as if it was bullet fire, which tells us that he did see some combat. Maybe he never made it to that battle, though.


Love your reactions guys, specially the one punch man ones :) The amount of spoilers and irrelevant topics troughout all the overwatch shorts just killed my immersion completely though. D;


Somebody put a muzzle on Aaron.

The Biscuits

Please do a reaction to hellsing ultimate abridged!

Hanji Zoe

I wonder if that City is Berlin or some other major German city.

Red 4419

A robot with no emotion and doesn't speak a single line of English, ahem Wall-E, ahem Iron giant.


I usually like you guys reactions but you guys keep talking over the important parts and missing things and then you're confused/don't get the whole effect of the short. It's kinda painful.
Also you should watch the origin story videos and gameplay trailers to understand

Habitat rob rib

why did this short make me feel sad for the second most evil character in overwatch first to the devil herself...mei

Horary Zappy

That nerd guy man.... ruins it everytime


Soldier 76 short hit me the most. Maybe because im also a grumpy "old" man :|


bastion is op as hell in a 1v1

Logan Ferguson

You guys need to react to the Game of Thrones Season 7 teaser: Reign.

Aldyn Mitchell

If you go to the overwatch website you can read the lore about the characters


The "fun" thing being that the Bastions models were originaly intended as basic peace-keeping units for the nations of the world. Then, they got hijacked by whatever caused the Omnic Crisis (the war between robots and humans), became the symbol of the horrors of this conflict and got scrapped when peace came because they were not "sentient" robots, just tools of war.

The Fear

You upgraded... your table? I like it, your set looks so much better than it did at the start of the year.

Chris Puckett

Are you guys planing on doing the Infiltration Trailer?


gamer guys are so fucking obnoxious jesus

Lunick Martins

When Bastion woke up I thought "Wall-E" and when he was getting up I thought "Regigigas!"


The city is Numbani. Reinhardt is a crusader. One of many and they're all huge with hammers and shields.

Luke Fletcher

Bastion: Hello Bird.
Bastion: What is your name?
chirp chirp
Bastion: Toriyama?
chirp chirp chirp
Bastion: I would love to see your Dinosaur.
chirp chirp
Bastion: IT DOES WHAT?

Drifter is a Jedi

Ya'll niggas talk entirely too much man stfu and just watch sometimes. There's no way you're actually watching or paying attention to details on wtf is going on.

Making stupid ass jokes and remarks the entire time.

Ryu- Night

My favorite one so far is recall, mainly because of Reaper XDDD


dragons and this one was the best

Elihu Clark-El

wall-e all grown

Daniel García

Bird: "Kill them all, Bastion"

ryley lipsett


Xanver Wolf

Bastion to OP. PLS NRF

Tyler England

The bird is named Ganymede and he shows up in some of Bastion's Intros and Emotes

Tyler Tate

6:54 the bird is like niga why did you distroy my home you fucking moran

Tyson G

a robot with ptsd you dont see that everyday

Chad Britt

badass battle scene


There will be more shorts, this is the first for "Season 2," as Blizzard calls it.


this makes me hate bastion a little less

Fox Sings beats

and yes the bastion madel in the game has the bird on his soldier by the nest


Aaron, you should really make them play the game! ^_^ It's so one of the best game ever, for starters! And it could give your friends some idea of the game's concept. :)

Bruce Wayne

The bird is part of Bastion no matter what skin u choose :D


Arrrgh... it's so frustrating because I've read the lore... but I don't want to spoil it... but arrrgh!

Haylong Wang

pro tip, if u know somthing about the character u gona react to, dont spoil it to the others becuse it may come in the vid and it would be nice to see the suprise in the others faces.


React to darth vader vs hitler part 2 and 3

Nao Sou

Why does Calvin hate birds?

Spanish Empire

A wise man once said

“ war never changes “


"Not that gorgeous"? Fucking seriously?

The last bastion short

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OVERWATCH Animated Short - The Last Bastion (2016)

247 993 views | 18 Aug. 2016

Overwatch Animated Short

Overwatch Animated Short - The Last Bastion (2016)

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Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s inquisitive transforming robot in their fifth animated short: The Last Bastion!

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Jose h

i feel very emotional

Frank H

OMG they were able to make water proof toasters

Humoud Kasongo

holy fuck i just imaged in a game like 4 bastions are in turrent mode and were getting recked

Rick Chop

Dear Blizzard make an over watched movie... you have everything to make a perfect movie

gassy frog

becky leme smash

A. Tripșa

Nugget thinks this is emotional. Nugget is pleased.


And that is why I'm a bastion...

A commenter

3:00 when your gunshots in pubg and your teammates start dying around you

The Raptors Roblox w/Friends

That a cute Birdy ;3

Jess Knight

2:37 - 2:42
me when i get a new favourite character

Shene Peaks


Gaming Michael

I bet he wants to kill goku


That wood pecker got play of the game


My reaction to Bastion's machine gun: JESUS CHRIST! THAT THING! THAT THING IS AWESOME!

Bite me

and here ladies and gentlemen is the next iron giant


I love that yellow bird so much...

Galaxy Phelps

Your a thief I'm going to report this you dumbasd


OMG blizzzzzzzrzzzzzzzzzzzard y [email protected] a g00d m0vie

《€İŤ¥ ØŲŤ ØF ßŁÜ£》

Overwatch is REALLY looking like tf2 lol but anyway this is a nice video I like it

Jaime Ramirez

A robot with PTSD, now that's cool

500 Subs 1 vid soon

2019 bois?


So a robot with PTSD

Hunson Abadeer

A solider missing a war .___. that sad, but when he came to complete what he was built for, he realize there something more for him......making a bird net .___.
The landscape once was battleground, now cover with life....that something meaningful, GG Bastions

Phantom Wave

There will be no half life 3 or portal 3

Galaxy Phelps


mohsen panolong

Vietnam Flashbacks xD


FFS, The robot is not having PTSD flashbacks. It is downloading the memories of the fallen robot. You see it do this at 4:56. Robots don't get PTSD. You need emotion to have that.


Bastion, I'm sorry for calling you names when you camp on the payload.

Elijah Brock

This is really good

any blood


Armsman 18

aw the robot has ptsd

Gabriel Gonçalves

q lindu


Venom flash backs

Michael Oldham

It has PTSD that is so sad, but this starts out so happy oh my gosh.

Sam Jones

Tf2 is better.

Southern Hemisphere

Now this is the type of animations that movie needs nowadays. Instead of those cheesy boring low-budget but this. THIS Eats the cake.


So much better than the game.


They were in the trees man, THE DAMN TREES!!

the pro gamer -_-

4:22 looks like the nuk3town buildings


wall-e 2.0

Lil Kappa





Soooo basically killer Wall-E with PTSD


he is so cute:)


why did you steal this

saturnino lumacad

Its wierd to think a bastion was originally build to destroy humanity and yet one was like fuck that im just gonna stay with this bird and live out by battery into the forest

Outertale Papyrus


Liam Oliver

I thought the bird was gonna get killed

Kankan Mahadi

I've always liked Bastion years even before this animation appeared, and now I love him even more. Such a beautiful short film.

James IceVeins

Ninjas cutting onions

Javier Joglar

Vietnam wall-e got me emotional.






note to self: never play as bastion ever again, let my poor boy rest

Sherduck Gnomes

poor bastion! PAST TRAUMAS

Bad Vibes


Kevin Feng


George Chernoff

This would be a great movie

Layton London

I almost cried

Gyaso Gyadi

Beautiful and perfect!

the pro gamer -_-


Naruvi Huji

Awwww! X3

Pie Guy

5:07 the iron giant's dream

Juan Pablo Flores Baptista

just 15 video seconds an I already love this guy

Red Lightning62

Awwwwwww! The ending was so cute!


Why did you upload this?This is Blizzards Content you thief.

Robin Filer

would really love to know the lore on these huge battles shown


who ever made it ....??

Daniel Čapek

Um crying

wali khan

make peace not war


The bird is so cute


The flashbacks are reall

Vice Silicate

Absolutely outstanding animation, almost brought a tear to my eye

Monty George

This guy just stole this video, its originally from Blizzard, just watch it there! You Thief!

Влади́мир Пу́тин


That Guy

PTSD at the humming bird part:(

Mr. kitty fox Tatski

6:46 you belong in the forest bud you belong there crying happy tears

Oscar Thorpe

the number of times ive watched this and i still cant understand why a sentient robot would develop attachment to a bird and vice versa. how long has the robot been parked where it was? if overwatch is a game then why is there a 7 minute film about a robot and a bird with the same title?


Bastions like wall-E except wall-E didn't have guns and serve in the war.

Connor Johnson

Copyright much


lemme smash

- TooMuchMath -

Content stealing

Ze Nick

and on that day we where saved by an unexpected friend the ? lel


How the hell did all those bastions die when they got nerfed and they still OP as shit?!?


Who put all these tears in my pillow? -

zerogaming PY

looks like a disney trailer


Weapons of mankind destroy Mother Nature...?

Cinnamon Fart

This is The Iron Giant type of shit x'( that movie was sad


now when bastion shreds me in half ill be more sympathetic toward him

Sean Moore

why did bastion just decide to shoot the forest?


they should make a movie of overwatch that would be soo cool

Sebastian Kitsch

Das hat irgendwie was von Laputa (Das Schloss im Himmel)


this guy is like the robots from castle in the sky XD

El SilverStreak

A mini gun could not do that

Magikarp's Ghost

as much as i hate this basterd i loved the short


Vietnam flashbacks at 3:10

Chaotic 218

This was adorbs.

Nanu Diaz

the game also can be played in pc, not only ps4 like i see in the end of the video -_-

Think ur good

hey guys look! It's Regigigas the pokemon!


That gave me tears of Feels

The last bastion short

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"The Last Bastion" | Reaction & Discussion | Overwatch | TradeChat

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"The Last Bastion" | Reaction & Discussion | Overwatch | TradeChat




Standin Man of Legends

This is my favorite


You’re literally the only react person I consistently watch to the end, because you’re adorable. The tangents, the randomness, awkwardness... I mean, you’re an actual person, having actual thoughts, unlike everyone else just regurgitating their outro “like comment subscribe and follow me on social media” crap.

Zayah V

It's numbani.


Vietnamien flashbacks... i think it was in... 68... no! In 69! Exactly !

the StuffPerson

ganemede has the best protection against nest predators ever, a robot killing machine with a minigun and a sub-machine gun that can also turn into a tank with a grenade launcher

Jazzed Skeeter

I love "Birb... bird. Bird. You're an adult Danielle, BIRD."


Who is cringing right now

Matthew Barr

Whenever bashing hears that sounds like shooting or or something similar to the sound of shooting it brings back his memory of the war when he was a soldier a machine designed to fight for only one purpose

Ez Monteagudo

Before you watch World of Warcraft Reckoning Cinematic, you should watch World of Warcraft Safe Haven first.


Lot k0

Bet My Name Spooked You

How’d you not know Bastion had PTSD lmao


Birbie is adorable, and it should be printed onto a t-shirt.

Gamer Girl

He’s pulling at are heart strings and playing them like a violin


I just ran into you going down a rabbit holes of the youtube, and your emotion for these games is impressive and respected, and i love how you said, oh and its memory of someone and now you're crying over a robot... i was thinking the same exact thing like, how does she have me leaking for a robot lol...

Timothy settle

eat the bird...dude

Dogbone TV

wtf is it with you chicks always talking over the vid you ruin it

david pfeifer

Thanks for feeling a lot of the same stuff I feel. It's nice to know I'm not alone in that situation.

SuperiorBeing 1

Bastion said “NANI!?” Like 17 times.

Nyxty Nyx

this is how many times she said oh my gosh

grim reaper [ glitch ]

Bastion is op I can tell u I have overwatch

Joseph Schultz

To be fair, this is my favorite Overwatch animation / cinematic. The emotional rollercoaster this one takes you on, without any dialogue whatsoever, is very intense.

In my opinion, it's the best "small piece of media" Blizzard's ever produced.

P Cheddar

It’s pronounced (Bash-ten)

Stephanie Lizardi

The castle is a map called eichenwald


Just waiting for her to become a cam girl... You are a lie and a failure


both of u so cute

Nullblaster The Voidmaker

Bastion has RPTSD

Flannel Channel

this video is the ultimate toy-er of emotions

Roni Hakanen

Had to punch myself to manly again ?

Mr. Manager

All you need in life is a hand, a gun and a birb friend

Sean McClelland

Bastion had some serious PTSD

Ez Monteagudo

Watch World of Warcraft Reckoning Cinematic. I want to see how you would react to it.


"This is like Blizzard and Bambi, together."
Uh oh.

Freerunning Vlogs

Bastion is pronounced Bass-Chin

sas who dares wins

nature is defended it it destroyed the nature

top 10 anime betrayals

Matthew Barr

The land he is walking through is where one of the greatest battles of the omnic crisis took place

Rom Augustine

I relate my way by watching what's happening in the world I'll go into well let's just say it Del's with racism I don't mean to up set but thanks for your reaction many others I react 2 only when I need a spiritual lift me up that's all


I'm no bird expert, but I'm pretty sure the bird that finds Bastion is actually a female. Don't quote me on that though.


That bird really saved some butts


am i the only one whjo was actually crying?

1000 Games 1 Gamer

Im Bastion I speak for the trees now get lost before i Open fire


How does a Bastion that can’t even talk join Overwatch..?


That town is Numbani (i think)


Shh it's ok we were all emotional lol

Conner Hogel

bastion is such a cutie ;-;

Matthew Barr

Passion wonders here trying to find his purpose in this world not knowing what he is human or seem designed to just kill and destroy

The Universe

5:05 oh don’t worry there gonna take a break from that

László Kerezsi

Cool your hair

Kris Mady Matt

E- is the unit Bastion was made in.
54- was the number in that unit.

Mr Happyface

I could have made The Last Bastion short more dramatic. Like before having that bird come down to make Bastion snap out of battle mode, have Bastion run into a couple of civilians first. Like you can have bastion walk closer to the city & then stumbling upon a camp site with a family inside of it. He then scans the camp site & finds that they have guns, traps, & other hunting gear, & then he scans all of the people to find 6 children & 4 adults, & then calculates the campsite to be a threat. One of the children, spots Bastion & then playfully points a toy gun at him. Bastions then immediately goes into sentry mode & is about to lay waste to the entire campsite when the yellow bird finally shows up.

Simona Diosan


Kejt mkm

you are a very empathic person - I am just like you


Awww I would like to cuddle u

Mazi Giles

Omg what’s going to stop this big armoured blood thersty robot a twig


i got the legendary eddition of overwatch just for that bastion skin


Why does it piss me off so much when people pronounce it like bass teon

Standard Cake

Poor bastion has ptsd. Didn’t even know robots could get ptsd

Indigo Julze

You are crying over a terminator.


I love your reaction....

PIPY Snipy

Oh the old days

ominous warning

Bambi and blizzard.., yeh you know what happens in that movie....

Bastion louvel

It's funny because my name is bastion

Dennis Weiss

I also always get so frigging emotional about this Overwatch short. Its really, really well done, when you can emote that much for a robot! But really, that was a fun reaction video, with some nice info about the lore sprinkled in, so why so many downvotes? Oh well, everyone is thirsting over gremlin D.Va, but a RL gremlin gets downvoted out of spite, ey? Stay positive TradeChat ^^


So you are "reacting" to knowing the whole story before you watched?

Ye Ya

Cute cat

Joe Murphy

There is a plushie of the bird named gaymend btw

Anett Kakuk

An animation can t be beautiful only well made the backround is. Beautiful

Ink Animations

Beeeep booop boooeeep

Elena Gatila

Is bastion a endangered species?!

Elena Gatila

Um that bird is a girl

Shinobi Fox

Bastion is the next Disney princess confirmed


Bastion with some mass PTSD


I love that in the end, he chose peace over war.


i don't mean for this to be weird, but the Ganymede on your shirt......just saying, you have a nice pair of breasts.


8:59 But if Bastion is the threat, not the people ?

Its SadieTime

No offense but it’s (bash-chon)


So wait....Those trees didnt stand a chance...BUT TRACER CAN SURVIVE?????

Maya Aguilar

Good news! I saw a plushie of the bird in hot topic!


Panzer, are you watching your vids before uploading? Cuz if you don't, i suggest you watch this one. Just to see how childly adorable you were. That face is priceless. :) Keep up the cool vids and reacts, you're doing a wonderful job.
P.S. I literally subbed to you cuz you make all those emotional reactions in all your vids. The Reinheart reaction was so amazing, your tears almost got me crying too. :)

Pearl Lee

I like how she calls it bashcheeon
It’s bashtion

Unknown Games

during the flash back i could finally see thats not rienhardt its his friend from honor and glory


If I share something that I love to my friends or family, I always wish they can have the reaction like this.

Shadow XD

The bird it's okay

Lord Zonar

This gives me like, HEAVY Iron Giant feels, and those are the best feels

Matthew Barr

Bastion it's currently accessing the other Bastion units memory don't want in his last and final memory


Who knew a robot could have PTSD

eeeoiy จังเลย765


Megatron rage

On 6:19 that the castle from honor and glory from reinhardt animated

Frisbee Master

Hi that was so ridiculously weird

Akeel Proctorvine

Bastion suffers ptsd

gustavo cezimbra

i love you channel <3


I think that city was Stuttgart

Van HasVoice

"I hope we're gonna learn more about the new map Eichenwald" - giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrl. You asked for it. Honor & Glory!

Marvin Myers

Poor Bastion ?


7:21 thats reinhardt's friend the one who died :(

ThatkidSplash Boy

5:43 bastion was thinking WTF did I just do

The Daddyland

That bird prevented an annoying play of the game

jahag kagau

The second most emotional animated short after the Reinhardt one....

crtn. styles

so much emotion packed into a robot that cant talk


This reminds me of iron giant


It's amazing how powerful these OW animations are, they have consistently surprised me in that regard. I know this has become a cliche thing to say, but I really wish they would make a feature-length animated film. In the meantime these shorts are just incredible.

Love the videos <3