Trader setup

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286 817 views | 19 May. 2020


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KEYBOARD: Logitech G915 https://www.logitechg.com/en-ca/products/gaming-keyboards/g915-low-profile-wireless-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html

MOUSE: Logitech G703 https://www.logitechg.com/en-ca/products/gaming-mice/g703-hero-wireless-gaming-mouse.html#910-005638

MONITORS: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-49WL95C-W-ultrawide-monitor

STAND: VIVO Dual Freestanding LCD Monitor Desk Stand | Holds 2 Vertically Stacked Screens up to 27 inches (STAND-V002H)

bryan reyes

Nice bro ?

Luis Alarid

using a cheap $350 laptop making 2k to 30k per day trading the s&p--mac book pro cool too--works great with tradingview

Patrick Wilson

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Bonnie Schad

I admittedly have not written about Mr Thomas courses yet, negative or positive. I felt it was more fair to actually see His trading strategy firsthand before posting anything. But I have to say... Mr Kostas’s trading strategy works! My first trade, after investing in Astro forex trade was spot on. All I had to do was follow three easy steps. I decided to reach out to Mr Kostas with a couple of questions yesterday. He will also provide clear answers to any questions quickly. This is a winning strategy coupled with one on one help when needed. Thank you for everything Thomas Kostas! I am a believer. You also can contact him and be successful. His email: [email protected] com WhatsApp: +1 409 209 3824

ramin dadkhuda

Awesome set up!! Is it possible to link your broker to trading view?

Rohit Shukla

You forex name send me

Sensai Sissoko

When you really want to buy a RTX 3000

Akinola Sodiq

Please I beg answer this question I'm about ask. How do you come up with the names of the pair of chart you're looking written widely on the chart( in the middle of the screen) can you talk about how you did it in your next video of just reply me how you did that?

Pamela Sly

I had 43 trades with a profit of 3,541.85, it was a marathon! Approx 20 hours of trading, I was having so much fun I couldn't sleep! His software is a fantastic program to guide you in trades it guarantees 90% profits on trades, you too could be a part of this awesome revolution when you contact him [email protected] com

Rahul Shrivastav

Beautiful setup... any reason to use the dark theme rather than light??


So you watch the charts on trading view and place the orders on TD Advanced Dashboard? In day trading every second is crucial. Doesn't that juggling between applications and bringing the same chart on Advanced Dashboard takes some time? How do you manage that?
Really nice looking setup ?

Oluchi Iwuchukwu

Quite some years ago I started this business, I traded with Gabriel he's originally from the UK. we met on Instagram. I earned a lot of money from it. This doesn't require you to sit at a desk for hours and all it takes is picking up your phone like you are doing right now when you have your spare moments, trust me it changed my life...
I got interested in this business so he taught me everything I need to know... Today I'm so excited I'm doing so great in it. Bitcoin is the future.... INSTAGRAM Gabriel at gabriel_hodgesfx to learn more.

Shubham Khandelwal

How did you became an professional trader? I mean your education ?? Because i also want to become a full time trader but i don't know how to continue. I did some technical analysis courses till now they are helping me trade but i am in class 11 so i want to know how can i continue after my 12th

Precious Nathan

To be Sincere I've always preferred Forex trading since I've been investing and trading with Crypto_cascade thru iG he's the best expert ever. Throughout the outbreak of the Corona virus, lockdown and quarantine even till now she always kept he's words by helping me maximize my capital through trading to generate more than enough weekly profits for myself and my family. We really want to say a big thank you!

François Grimard

Can you share a link or let us know what chair you have? Looks comfortable and great

Lucy MaryJane

I sincerely appreciate w45p_toolz on insta got my btc growing. I highly recommend..

Mr Lonely

Bro what the screen size

Money Experience

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Arnarog Hael

Wher to finde all those nice charts?


I love my ak chair. Both of them have had one for over 10 years still looks new.

Lucy MaryJane

I sincerely appreciate w45p_toolz on insta got my btc growing. I highly recommend..

Imran Fuaad

Cool setup man !


Can u link the arm for the monitor

Joseph Rhodes hodgson v

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graha 86

Iam sad not understanding because I can't speaking english, I think u give to good information

Ines Joao

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Phan Le

How much for each set of hardware like yours? Its amaging!

Rebecca Javis

I thought they are what I expected them to be, I invested a lot of money here but when it was time for me to withdraw I started having issues, but today I'm happy because I finally got my funds back. Thanks [email protected]gmail.com.. he is really trustworthy..

Binary Master


Patrick L.

Dang I got the stand but it doesnt fit on the Samsung 49"

Iya Plaza

Hi, what's in your portfolio?

Economic Smart

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Precious Nathan

To be Sincere I've always preferred Forex trading since I've been investing and trading with Crypto_cascade thru iG he's the best expert ever. Throughout the outbreak of the Corona virus, lockdown and quarantine even till now she always kept he's words by helping me maximize my capital through trading to generate more than enough weekly profits for myself and my family. We really want to say a big thank you!

Esteban Escobar

La firma de un novato

WinWin Trader

Thanks for your videos, I learned a lot https://youtu.be/WznHcxLV_kA

Jane Austin

Perfect setup.

Kane Harry

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Jonathan Martin

How did you manage to make all the graphics NOT look super tiny (and the fonts) with the extra resolution. I've got an ultrawide monitor as well and everything looks super small in the trading software

Christopher Marquez

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David G

Don't pretend that webcam doesn't trigger you

Sajjad Ghalibaf

which software do split monitor ?

Top tip

Very nice sir

S Singh

Pc ke bare main kon batayga ?


hey Man, how is your stand holding these two heavy screens eventually, on the the recommendation it does not it is made to handle so much weight.


Ivan K


rajput rajesh Singh

Very nice

Ernie361 LA-3

Cool ?

y = :'(

Spoiler: You dont need 4-5 screens to win trades, more screens wont make u a better trader, only patience and skill can

Muhammad Farid

Should i pay for a course

Venkatesh E

????? Thanks for your information

Frank Warren

It’s quite a privileged information on this video buddy?, I couldn’t agree more and Honestly, When it comes to Bitcoin Trading I always recommend beginners to Victoria Leon my mentor since I started trading with her , I've not had a loss due to the signals she uses during trade. You can reach her for help..

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W h a t s A P P & T e l e g r a m.


I would recommend Interactive broker?? Fills are great. Makes alot of diffrence... dont limit your abilities because of a bad broker

Nikola Mijic

Do you do mentoring?

Devon Edwards

oooh!!! yea boi! you got that dyson too!

Mohammed Nadeem

I gotta hand it to you for replying to every comment ??


Interactive Brokers? What about Questrade...? I'm in Canada too, and so upset about our options, compared to what the Americans get access to. I'm starting out, and first got with Questrade. But.... I just funded an IB account now too. IB looks substantially cheaper for commissions in most case scenario, unless you're into TSXV lower cost stocks. The options commission isn't even comparable as it's almost non existent with IB. I also think that we can do fractional shares for US stocks on IB.


What is the Display size?

Brinda Basu

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Be Well

Those monitors are are so pretty. ?

edwin arabejo

I like ur monitor ????

Rick Larade

how much for this set-up

Kc. Emerson

super clean like a Rolls

Jol Job

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Omar Ghetti

i can't find that chair with thr head rest

Walden Butay

How do you like the stand? I’ve been hearing mixed reviews since I know the 49” are heavy

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Crimson Pirate

I dunno, maybe just me but why not just buy one 65inch Samsung or LG 120hz 4k TV with HDMI 2.1 and save a lot of money and not have the gap in the middle and the need for monitor stands etc?


Hope you make money too not just a nice setup^^ too many fakes out there.

cool monkey

looks like a 4K Tv

SEO In guk

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Harry Tradez

Love your setup those monitors are nice ?

oscar ocampo

Hey man great set up. How do you feel about 34inch ultra wide. The 49s are lil out the budget. Which one would u recommend ?

Iziar Villicana

Sup Rick! Great video as always. would you have the amazon link for your chair?

Thomas Gray

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And via WhatsApp Number

Robert Wanner

Have exactly same Monitor setup.

Brayden Meza

Would love a video on how you set up your chart settings and how to get them to look like yours! Great Videos!


If you use td can’t you use think or swim?

Juan Cabral

Hello sir, I congratulate you, tremendous screen, where you can buy and how much it comes out please I liked it a lot please thank you have a good day friend

Abhishek Swami

Hi bro
Which indicators you use
Please ask
Your student

Jack Vilma

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An adjustable electric standing desk would also be a good idea. When you are sick of sitting, you press a button and the whole setup moves up.

Ronald Eshelman

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I need this in my life

John Harrison

I don’t know maybe not just me. I’ll rather trade crypto than forex

Ronald Eshelman


Real trading and Investments ltd

Is this really required this huge screen


Are you a chart traders looks like...Super Setup

Damian Sturtevant

Hey bro what graphics card do you have that’s pushing those 2 monitors?

Kenan Grace

Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise


did you consider the 38WN95C? I currently use 3 27's yet want to add 3 more so I can have more visability. Are 2 38's going to be enough or would I need 49s? Does it make everything else look weird when stretched? Did you look at the new Dell's as well? Thank you!

Kevin Gate

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Nelson J Perez

I like the ultra wide curved setup i have mines side by side but this setup makes more sense thanks for the idea.

Gene Andrews

Nice setup. Very similar to what I had when I was on the active. I used International Brokers for trade execution and I used eSignal for my data. I did not want IB (broker) to know what I was analyzing and I did not want eSignal to know what I was buying. I cover that in a book Stock Market Tradecraft. Caution - it is not an Idiot’s guide or a book for Dummies.

Graham Brunner

This is around $5k for desk, monitors, and chair

Rafael Ferreira

Trader profissional nao precisa disso tudo.


Do you want to make more profit on btc trading!!!!! Contact my broker Mr Maxwell for help. +1 7 0 7 7 2 3-6 2 0 7

Wissam KHL

This is all nonsense and meaningless ... one screen is enough for a professional

Steven P

Man you didn’t mess around. Nice.

Trader setup

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6 076 views | 29 Oct. 2020

Let me give you a tour of

Let me give you a tour of the DESK SETUP that I use as a FULL-TIME TRADER in the STOCK MARKET! Today, I'll give you a rundown on everything on my desk, from the computer that's running it, to the peripherals that I use, and my HUGE ultrawide monitor.


? Amazon Product Links:

13" Macbook Pro: https://amzn.to/37QZXB7

Purgo USB-C Hub: https://amzn.to/31QbQ6r

Logitech G910 Keyboard: https://amzn.to/34GtITr

Logitech G502 Mouse: https://amzn.to/2G7Z7EC

YSAGi Desk Pad: https://amzn.to/2HPSk2M

Anker Standing Wireless Charger: https://amzn.to/3jFnVBB

LG 29-Inch Ultrawide Monitor: https://amzn.to/2JhLSCG

VIVO Monitor/Laptop Mount: https://amzn.to/3e9MzJK

Logitech Stereo Speakers: https://amzn.to/2TA5yU7

? Discord: Connect on Discord to see what stocks I'm investing in every single day! https://discord.gg/A7VHNFk

? Robinhood: Sign up for Robinhood using my referral code to get 1 free stock!


? Social Media:

Instagram: @gregtalksmoney

Twitter: @gregtalksmoney

TikTok: @gregtalksmoney

? Video Description ?

Running this rig, at the heart of my day trading desk setup, my computer of choice is a 2018 13" MACBOOK PRO. This laptop has an 8th gen i5 quad-core processor, 256GB of SSD storage, and 8GB of RAM. While it may be underpowered, it's very capable of completing all the tasks I throw at it. The only problem I have with this MacBook is the lack of RAM which is necessary to run Thinkorswim since it's a very memory intensive application.

Another issue you may run into when buying a new Macbook is needing a USB-C dongle. I ended up going with the PURGO USB-C HUB since it has all the ports I need, including an HDMI connection, a Thunderbolt 3 port, a USB-C port, a micro and regular size SD card reader, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Connected to my USB ports are my mouse and keyboard.

The keyboard that I'm using is the LOGITECH G910 which is a gaming keyboard, it's not specific to my needs, but the media keys and the num-pad are a nice cherry on top. This keyboard is a behemoth though, taking up a quarter of my entire desk! Next to it I have a LOGITECH G502 MOUSE which is another gaming piece that has adjustable DPI and my favorite, an infinite scroll wheel. I have been thinking of switching over to the Logitech MX Master since it would better suit my needs.

Underneath my mouse, I have a YSAGi DESK PAD to keep it from scratching, and to protect it from my notorious coffee stains! Behind my desk mat I have an ANKER STANDING WIRELESS CHARGER which comes in handy to keep my phone charged while still being able to use it to make trades.

Above that, at the center of my day trading desk setup, I have an LG 29-INCH ULTRAWIDE MONITOR which is super useful in allowing me display up to 6 stock charts at one time. Holding up my ultrawide monitor, I have a VIVO MONITOR & DESKTOP MOUNT giving me a dual-monitor setup which is great for being able to watch the stock charts while still being able to keep up with my Discord (Linked above and in a pinned comment below!)

Holding everything up, I have an Ikea 34x23" Linnmon table on top of Adils legs which cost me just $20 in store. Overall, this day trading desk setup cost me $2300 and most of this was spent on the MacBook Pro coming in at $1799. Everything else comes out to around $500 which I found to be nicely affordable!

I am planning to make a few upgrades to my day trading desk setup by adding a USB-C Mic possibly for live streaming my trading sessions. Let me know what you think of that in the comments below, would you like to see me trade live?

? TAGS ?

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Austin Burger - Investing

I built my computer. It was a lot cheaper and way more powerful as most companies. Great video! ?

Ryan Chang - Financially Fashionable

I'm a fan of desk and equipment setup videos, and I like how clean yours is! Definitely don't need to have a lot of clutter on your desk to be productive and you're making good use of your space. Those yellow Beats are eye catching but I also didn't know you were married! Can't complain about free headphones though, team iPhone + MacBook Pro for life too ? great stuff Greg!

Simon Hedim

Being professional means using a suitable computer for the job and not by forcing one.

Carlos Freitas

How much coffee do you drink a day

Daddy Debt

Great video

Carlos Freitas

Nice setup man

Evan Ford

4:49 low key flex “successful people don’t take shit from anyone” then scroll through $23k robinhood account.

Adrian and Nico

Takes a lot of effort to do what you do. Keep it up my guy loving the action

Financial News Weekly

Love that monitor! Might have to snag one myself for editing!

Greg Talks Money - Stock Market & Options Trading

A lil something different for you today, hope you enjoy my amateur b-roll!

Join me and 400 other traders in my active, FREE Discord server where I post all my trades and what stocks I'm watching: https://discord.gg/A7VHNFk

Gerry Hildebrand

In order to make my custom desks, I purchase a kitchen counter tops. The current one I have is smaller than the last one, this one is 23 inches by about 8 feet. It holds everything including my three 23 inch monitors.

Varun SG

People say that 75 hz monitor heats up pretty fast with long hours trading. Whats your opinion ~

Fabrice Kriemann

Great vid bro :D

Fatkhur STN

Very nice video. thanks for sharing

Gerry Hildebrand

Remember to purchase an extra hard drive and cloning software.

James Nicholls

unlike robinhood hahaha

Ming Hao

Hey ive always wondered , does the ultrawide monitor allow the chart to show more past price than a regular one? Or does it only enlarge everything in general? Thanks


your keyboard and mouse deserve some cleaning

Trader setup

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Best Productivity & Stock Trading Stand Up Desk Setup (2020)

17 263 views | 6 Jan. 2020

In this video, I break

In this video, I break down everything that's in my Productivity and Stock Trading Desk Setup 2020.

Join the Axis Trading Community : https://bit.ly/2LTBD8Y

My Trading Tools :

My Current Broker: http://bit.ly/PartnerBroker2021

Best Charts : https://bit.ly/TVCharts2

News Feed & Scan: https://bit.ly/NewsScan

Stock Scanner: https://bit.ly/TISCANEX

Legal Disclaimer:

I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. I am an amateur investor. All information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice.

Legal Disclaimer:

“Interactive Brokers provides execution and clearing services to its customers. Influencer is not affiliated with, recommended by or an

agent of Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers makes no representation and assumes no liability to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in this video. For more information regarding Interactive Brokers, please visit www.interactivebrokers.com.

None of the information contained herein constitutes a recommendation, offer, or solicitation of an offer by Interactive Brokers to buy, sell or hold

any security, financial product or instrument or to engage in any specific investment strategy. Investment involves risks. Investors should obtain

their own independent financial advice and understand the risks associated with investment products/ services before making investment decisions. Risk disclosure statements can be found on the Interactive Brokers website.

Influencer is a customer of Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers and Influencer have entered into a cost-per-click agreement under which Interactive pays Influencer a fee for each click-through of the Interactive Brokers URL posted herein.”

#AxisInvestors #StockTrading #StockInvesting


That desk looks sweet! Where did you get it??

yap yoongsiew

My budget desktop cost less than his Logitech mouse


Nice setup ?


Hello, could you tell me where you took the support to fix the computer under your desk? thank you

Axis Trading

Thanks for watching and all links are in description!

Kevin Cho

Hey axis, thanks for sharing this great video! I was wondering, what is the background edm song playing throughout the video? I really liked it! Happy trading to you sir.


Thanks for the video. I have this LG monitor as well and was looking for 2 more monitors that look exactly like your set up. Thanks for sharing!


Oh hi ! I was wondering what you think i should choose for buying stocks ! Trade zero or quest trade ? I made an account with wealthsimple but they have 25 min delay on trades and have no cool charts :/ by the way im also using Binance for crypto ! Im a young believer and think BTC will go beyond 100k$ one day.

*for monitor you can always look up on facebook Marketplace there are rly cheap offers.

Phil Roy

Tu as pris quoi comme carte vidéo?

Jua Ignacio Maquieira

what lens you use for film?

Mac Trades

Hey I have the same setup but I have resolution problems that create dead corners where the mouse gets stuck. So you have this? What graphics card are you using? Thanks