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Joe Fix It ToyBiz 2004 Incredible Hulk series

167 views | 21 Jul. 2020

Joe Fix It ToyBiz 2004

Joe Fix It ToyBiz 2004 Incredible Hulk series

Incredible Hulk #347. Welcome to Las Vegas. Sin City. The land of lights where dreams are made and broken. Meet Mickey Berengetti, casino owner and all around mafioso. When ever trouble rears its ugly head Mr. Berengetti simply calls in his new muscle to deal with it, Mr. Fixit. However, Fixit bears a striking resemblance to a certain Grey-Skinned Behemoth who's supposed to be dead.



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This is The Nerdy Geek Life on this channel we will review new toys from all manufactures, which include McFarlane Toys, Hasbro, Mattel, Neca, Nintendo, Lego, Playmobile, Spin masters, Bandai, Kenner, Mezco, Diamond Select, Super 7 , DC collectables and many others.

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lucky! Wish they remake this with the endgame sculpt. The coat problem exists on most TB figs. That tommy gun is awesome as hell. Nice review

Joe fix its

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The Best & Worst Values In The Fixits Fine Goods Store: Marvel Contest of Champions

27 844 views | 5 Nov. 2020

I hope this is able to

I hope this is able to help inform your purchases youtube!

Steven Acosta

I used the Joe fixit store and got trash let’s hope that means my luck will be amazing on cyber weekend

Priyanka Shukla

Hi Prof Sir... I just purchased a Legendary Crystal from Fixit's Fine Goods and Got a 5* X23... Is she good? And I also have an Awakening Gem.. Should I use it?? Waiting for ur Reply


Prof, one thing to note is that i am in between cavalier and thronebreaker, and my biggest setback is iso, so those 2 4*s are actually great for me, along with the legendary crystal.

md kaif

I got 6 star doctor doom

John Foreman

Im not uncollected yet there isnt enough stuff in the store to get to the 5* awakening gem... Sucks to suck

Rylan Christianson

Im at conquer and I got my third 5star from the legendary crystal. I have doom, THING, and got ghost today

Michael Farahat

You said the perfect words during this video about the 6 star crystal, “that is a gamble” how is this game allowed to function in the way it does if it’s promoting gambling? Isn’t this basically what the whole EA loot box fiasco was about? There’s def Kids playing this game using there parents cards “gambling” on crystals.

Adam Salkos

Pulled a 6 star namor last night, 3rd 6 star after getting Karnak and vulture ughhh lol. I know namor isn’t as glorious as he used to be but he’s at least more usable then the other 2 I have.

Dino Crimpy

Me and my friend both chose chance, we both got mutant gods, I got red mags and he got sunspot!

mike fitz

Someone going to tell him uncollected can’t buy the cavalier items?..... or should I?

Pizza Time

Does anyone know if or where you can view how much gamma you have.

Aaron Larsen

I just bought anything I could afford to get the 5 star gem


Not to be rude idc I got the 5 stars first opened a dual class crystal and got dr doom


I just got to conquerer and I want to get to uncollected before cyber weekend... should I max out my 4 star ghost or 4 star sentinel both unawakened

Chris Zimmerman

I agree! Love the + 99 Sig stone. I bought a generic awakening and + 99 Sig stone for $4.99 as a new player years ago. Max Sig 3 star SW took me through Act 4 completion.

TacoLovers _04

I just pulled a 5* nick fury!!!! Bro makes me so happy because the generic gem is going straight to him!!

Pullar Gaming

Anyone no how I could get uncollected

Darth Titan 311

So I just checked uncollected and there's no gamma rewards

Al Capone

What can I get to as not being uncollected?

William E. Ketchum III

I got like 1500 6-star shards and got Abomination with my crystal, smh. And I thought I could just get more gamma a few minutes later snd the side quest was locked :-(

How do you get more of the Gamma Gauntlets to play the side quest to get gamma?

James Z. S.

Well...Prof Hoff, don’t forget that the uncollected players don’t have the assess to the T5CC anyway....so even they have a same opportunity to get the Radiation, they still cannot buy the most valuable items until they get the Cavalier title?

Walter Varner

Soooo frustrated - not yet good enough to beat 5.2, so cant get majority of the items.

Suhas Reddy

SO uncollected players can't actually get the final milestone rewards unless they restock it?

Sully Bittner

I just want the 5 star featured


I knew this video would be coming! thx for the info as always Prof!

Dave Fredly

Just pulled a 5* corvus from legendary crystal

That_ guy

Only thronebreaker player can get the top rows btw


Got a 6* Doom. Sometimes you need to take a chance. You miss all shots you don't take ??‍♂️

Robert Stromberg

I’m gonna go hard on t2a cause I wanna take my 6* sunspot to rank 2

Matt Lovatt

Purchased my Legendary Crystal and got a 5 star Warlock. I am over the moon excited!!!

Nikhil Eshwar

Prof Big flaw,can't select the 1300 t5 basic fragments on uncollected progression.

John Faust

Qe as Uncollected players can't purchase the top row of prizes their all Cavalier prizes those prizes have a purple sigil next to them Uncollected can only buy the grey sigil prizes so im pushing for Cav by cuber weekend so hopefully me and my brother will be able to get those prizes you got and pointed out but for other Uncollected they can't get any of those top tier prizes not even the 18,000 Tier 2 Alpha which is stupid. Just thought if let you know how much of a struggle it is lol

Waqas Ahmed

I got my first 5* and it was quake from the legendary crystal ?

Thomas Bridges

Are uncollected players gonna be able to get the awakening gem?


I got 5* Blade so cool ?

nathan ralph

Prof this stuff is locked into progression it doesn't matter about stuffs value, if your uncollected then you will need to buy 95% of everything to get the tasty awakening gem. If your less then you don't really have to many options.

Swapn Shee

Will only uncollected players be able to get 5 star awakening gem?

Jason Crawford

I admit I was waiting for this video. Thanks Prof!

Randy Saypanya

Damn prof, I just did the total opposite lol. Bought all the shards and the sig stones and the legendary crystal lol

Noah Kjærgaard

Just spent my entire evening grinding for the 5* gem, aegon now awakened, R4 and ready for LOL
For once i thank kabam

Suhas Reddy

I literally bought everything I could what do I do


Thats awesome bro im glad your helping the players and not acting like alot of members act like there better and can just get through everything im cav and get all of these gamma thats there

Austin Daugherty

I just really needed t1 alpha

Brandon Hart

got the 5 star generic within the first day. Not feeling as motivated now lol


Always like to here your commentary
And all your videos are very useful and helpful

Pullar Gaming

I am on act 5.1.2

Emman boi

I'm still not uncollected im a new player but this event has helped me get a 4 star Dinamo and a 4 star sunspot and it has helped alot I still haven't figured out how to use dynamo but sunspot has been very good even as a rank 3


I popped two legendary crystal and got 4 star doc ock and 5 star Ronan

Patrick Riker

Nothing on today’s questing bundle?

Rob V

The thumb nail was more helpful than the video really. Spreadsheet it

Forrest Sampson

How do you get the generic 5* awakening gem?

tht1guy 123

I got 5 star domino and havok, but then opened a 6 star and got iron patriot, so it wasn't exactly an equivalent exchange

Austin Daugherty

Is it bad that I went for shards and t1

Will Girard

Prof, your moto makes sense but the issue is I can’t get enough t5b to be ready to rank 5 another 5 star so the shards are far more worth it at the beginning of the event and then I can come back later for the rest since I won’t be using it soon

The Gaming Reaper

Funny. Cause I think I've already bought everything u said not to ??

Vader TheTrader

I got the 6 star shards first while completing cavalier and pulled a 6 star stealth Spidey, then I made 1 run through uncollected and got all the 5 star shards and got the mutant/skill crystals. I got fury which I already had but that’s ok, Storm x which was new for me and duped my iceman. Then I did a bit of master level just to get enough for the legendary crystal and got a 5 star silver surfer also new for me. I understand this is not the norm but I was on a really great roll last night. Don’t discount chance!

P13 mann

Its so weird. Even though I no longer need to watch videos I still do. Thanks for the years of advice. I’ll probably be here till one of us quits.


Is it possible to get 700k without being uncollected???

Neon Star

i pulled a 5* red guardian and hit monkey back to back.

The Gaming Reaper

Also Prof, the story behind the profile pictures since I know you don't know the comics. I didn't realize at first but it's all of the hills body parts In jars. In the comics. Immortal hulk is chopped up into pieces and put into jars and studied by, I don't remember who exactly, also the hulk wanted this to happen. He wanted to see how far he could push his immortality. But ya that's the deal with the profile pics. Also. Once the guy realized it was part of hulks plan to be there he suddenly bursts out of the jars and reconstructs himself around the doctor, like morphs his body around him, engulfing him, and killing him. Lol.

Mr. Okz

I just got human torch out of one of the five star crystals, and Inam planing to bring him to my next rank 5. Also, I was wondering where your drop box is, because I have some good six star luck.

greg smith

I just started a week ago. What would be best for me to buy with my Gamma?

Tunnel Vision

Then there is me barely can do master

Bobby White

Took me less than 24 hrs to get 5* generic aq. Easy event for every

AJ Nicks

I got the generic 5 star awakening gem.

Eric Valadez

I bought 5* shards and got Diablo. I learned the hard way lol

Jason Osmond Fernandes

Good morning Prof. Hoff! A short msg. all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thanks for a great video. The analytical assessments and the quality of the descriptions and values is fantastic. Thank you. Have a great day ahead.

Steven Collins


Anthony Obituary

Im only proven act 4 chapter 4 so close it sucks

Wes Eramo

Hey Prof what’s the best way to contact you with a MCOC question?

Drake TT

I have a 5* sunspot and I have a problem on getting Gama cause he is the best champ I got and I'm on chapter 2 of act 5 but I can't progress in it cause my other champs ain't good enough

King Steve LongFellow

I got 5star Aegon from legendary crystal so I wouldn’t skip it and 2x 5star mole man from all the 5star shards so don’t skip idk what this guy is smoking in this video ?


you should absolutely get the crystal shards first. You want to know what your roster looks like before you decide who to rank up.

A Kid With Gun

Hey prof, can you do a video on the revive offer?

Sandi Lenko

Never apologize..when you know you are just trying to help a lot of different specters of players all around the globe..the proof of this..was your understanding..of words written..when it came to 5 star generic awakening gem...others who trash you..are just people who spend too much time talking..instead of enyojing playing game..and listen to the words of coolest teacher in the world...i watch yoir channel every day..and there hasnt been anything in these years..from you..zhat people can trash on..
You Rule..respect..

Peter Salcedo

I pulled a 5* sorcerer supreme from the Legendary Crystal

Angry Creeper

I bought 6k five star shards and I got a five star human torch and the purchases were worth it


hi proff, could i ask who do i r5 first? hyperion or dr.doom (i'll awaken hyperion with that generic A.Gem)

Matthew Sanchez

Dawg I got like 3-4 5* crystals thanks to this event and managed to get them on the day it was Skill/Mutant Dual Crystals and I got fucking Daredevil twice and Elektra. On the bright side I did get Magneto so that was hype as heck hopefully Daredevil's buff is super good

Onii Chan

Do some research before making a video

Tee Hee

Should I use the generic on HT? I have omega, cmm, namor, NF, hyperion, sym supreme, blade, cull and domino all awakened. i could also use the gem on Sunspot or BW origin too, but im using all sig stones for omega.

Lyndon Augustine

I am just conqueror and I got the legendary crystal and got 5 star Red magneto I will see the store again once I get to uncollected.

brandon mendez

Got a 5* proxima from legendary is she any good?

Bob H

I rolled the dice on the 6* shards to form a basic and got Claire. Big excited over here.


I bought 500 6* shares to form my crystal and got a ghost. I’m so happy bc my other 2 6* are Deadpool xforce and nightcrawler

Ireach Aiza Dulay

Kabam is such a bully to the newbies, we dont even get better items in the store. If you're not uncollected or higher you cant buy the items above and its sad because the other items are limited also even if you save gamma coins you cant use them anymore to buy in the store ??


I laughed at your opinion, but then I realized how enlightening it is for those that aren't my level yet.

Choice over chance is good.


Cap marvel or corvus

Alex Cocuz

Why the sig stones are not worthy? Just give a good reason, not because you dont like it. Dont think on your account when you do such videos. Think about all the players

Noel Blanco

I'm keeping my profile picture as black panther, can't believe everyone just changed it

Moaaz Yousaf

I opened my first 6* crystal and I got 6* black widow deadly origin:))

monkey D uzumaki

im trying to do the red hulk at uncollected and master but he just keeps evading and i cant even hit him more than twice i tried like 8 times now no luck

md kaif

Now he is rank 1 level 25

Devastator 01

Totally disagree about the t5cc frag shard
If a 6 * r3 is the top, you have to get those simple as that!

Man Of Sesame

Glad there isn't reward only for thronebreaker

Yeet Meet

Will the rewards reset or not or am I being a foolish seen as this is my first event that is anything like this


My man aint know wassup, just awakened my 5* doom with a dual class from the 5* shards


so if i do the gamma sidequest fully and get 30k gamma each day
do the solo events
get free gamma on daily calender
do normal - UC monthly completion for gamma


will i be able to buy everything in store?
if not how much would i be able to buy you think?


Well, I got a hit monkey out of the five star I got from this event. I feel like it was worth it. Been hunting him since September

Rize- Killa YT

I been waiting to duped my 5* rank 4 nick fury for months and yesterday when I got the awakening gem from spending 700K gamma radiation I was so happy to finally awaken him !

Joe fix its

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? TOGCHAT - Return of The Last Frame - How the shot was made.

2 017 views | 4 Feb. 2021

I am trying out a new

I am trying out a new feature for TOGCHAT tonight - the Return of The Last Frame - the behind the scenes videos where I showed you how the shots were made. ( https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrWz6AWzo-mnuKJMbjvGHYdjCB_CeKVmH )

In this episode, I am featuring a dreamy high-key look that is a classic.

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Links for tonights show:

Photo Quote of the Week:

“If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough.” — Robert Capa


Talent Under 30:

Please check out Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based photographer Hannah Beier.




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The TOGCHAT Photographers Group on Facebook


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