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THE SILK ROAD I - 1 of 12 - The Glories of Ancient Chang'an

435 847 views | 18 Sep. 2013

Camels plodding across the

Camels plodding across the desert, and a sense of timelessness evoked by Kitaro's theme music... NHK devoted 17 years to the planning, shooting and production of The Silk Road, which unearthed trade routes linking long-lost civilizations of East and West. A landmark in broadcasting history, this series told the story of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations.

The NHK Tokushu and China's CCTV documentary series The Silk Road began on April 7, 1980. The program started with the memorable scene of a camel caravan crossing the desert against the setting sun, with Kitaro's music and a sense of timelessness. It was the start of an epic televisual poem.

The first journey described in the series began in Chang'an (now Xi'an), at the eastern end of the ancient route. On 450,000 feet of film, the NHK crew recorded the path westward to the Pamir Heights at the Pakistan border and this material was edited to make 12 monthly broadcasts. In response to viewers' requests that the series be extended to cover the Silk Road all the way to Rome, sequels were made over the next 10 years. Seventeen years after the program was conceived, the project was completed.

1) The Glories of Ancient Chang-An

Chang-An - China's old center. The journey begins from Chang-An, current Xi-an that was more than 1,000 years a capital in China, and the melting pot of international influences.

Unknown Gamer


Amir A

Music does the magic, but there's nothing romantic about the Silk Road. It's all dry barren desert and rocky mountains with ice cold lakes, and merciless sun 9 months of the year.

I Hate the Party

For the Romans, Palmyra [northeast of Damascus some 100 km.] was the terminus of the famed "Silk Road". Palmyra actually developed into a great city in ancient times--- the meeting point of three major caravan routes 1) bringing goods from China, 2)the "spice route" [items from Goa, the wesr coast of India] and 3) the southerb route, bringing aromatics such as incense and myrrh, apes, tigers and leaopar

terradosolemar vento

Best documentary of all time. I've watched it four times in the last four years.


"Sauma and Markos travelled across northern China with its mixed Chinese, Mongol and Turkic influences. they travelled west out of Kublai Khan’s immediate domain and into lands controlled by federate khans and opposing warlords. In today’s terms this is the Central Asian states of Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The long first of their journey ended in the city of Maraghah. Maraghah, a city in the northwest of modern Iran, was the capital of the Ilkhanate, Mongol-ruled Persia, which stretched over modern-day Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and took in bits of Turkey and Syria, ruled on behalf of the Great Khan, Kublai, by his brother Hülegü Khan, and his descendants." - The Monks of Kublai Khan: From Beijing to Baghdad and Beyond. By: Gareth Hughes. Oxford, 2009.

The Great-Khan of the Mongol-Empire, Chinese-Emperor, and founder of the Chinese YUAN-DYNASTY: "(KUBLAI-KHAN)," (1215-1294), one of the grandsons of Genghis-Khan. Kublai himself was a devout Tibetan-Buddhist. But he employed advisors and administrators all over his government of different ethnic-groups all across his empire. In fact in China the foreigners had more rights under Mongol rule than the native Han-Chinese. First of all; no one was descrimanted for their religion, the only exception to this under Kublai's reign were the Taoists. But every other group, "(Shi'ite-Persian Muslims, Christian-Armenians, Buddhist-Tanguts, Christian-Georgians, Sunni-Muslim Uyghurs, Manichest Uyghurs, Nestorian-Christian Uyghurs, Nepali and Indian-Hindus, Zoroastrians)," and countless other ethnic and religious groups were given authority in China and given authority over the native Han-Chinese population. At the top were the Mongols, then on the second rung not far from the Mongols were the foreigners, "(Persians, Arabs, Zoroastrians, Uyghurs, Georgians, Armenians, Koreans)," etc., who were often rich and wealthy either through being merchants over government administrators. And at the bottom were the Han-Chinese who were considered inferior to the Mongols and their foreign-allies. Kublai-Khan was significantly lienent to the Chinese-population and their situation under his reign was largely tolerable. However; many of his sucessors were much tougher on the Chinese. And gave more rights to Mongols and Foreigners and the growing tension of alienating the Chinese-majority boiled over until they over threw the Mongols in 1368 C.E., and established the Han-Chinese Ming-Dynasty.

The two Öngüt Nestorian-Christians traveled to Europe to establish closer diplomatic-relations with the Christian-Kingdoms of Europe and the MONGOL-EMPIRE OF THE GREAT-KHAN!!!! And in addition to form an alliance between the Europeans and the Mongols against the Islamic-Mamluke Sultanate of Egypt centered in Cairo. These two men belong to a Central-Asian ethnic-group and smaller-tribe called, "the-Öngüt," were devout Nestorian-Christians who first for atleast the second time in both their lives stopped at Jerusalem in Mamluke-territory. And then traveled through Ilkhanate-territories and the realms of the Turkish-Beyliks through to the Byzantine-Empire first going to Constantinople meeting with the Byzantine Orthodox-Christian Emperor on behalf of the Khan. Then meeting the kings and nobleman in "(Hungary, Bohemia, the Holy Roman-Empire, the Teutonic-Order, some of the Christian-Kingdoms of Northern-Spain, the Kingdom of the Franks/French and eventually as far as England. Meeting with several English-nobleman in the city of Wessex in England. They eventually returned to Beijing "(Khanbaliq)," informing the Khan that many of the European nations including the Franks and the Hungarians were willing to ally with the Mongols against the Mamlukes in Egypt. At this same time "Marco-Polo," had traveled to China from Venice and became an advisor and close-friend of the Khan. One journey of a man going West to East, and two other men going from East to West.



This was THE documentary to watch when it was first screened on TV in the late-1970s or early-1980s, not least for Kitaro's haunting theme music. I didn't have the patience to watch it as a child but it's nostalgic today. Realise it's not easy to pronounce the local names of places and people, but most of it came out all wrong in the narration.

Sungwee Cho

초딩시절 일요일 아침마다 기다려 보던 그 다큐멘터리

Home Sick Alien.

the legendary documentary!

Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

I really enjoyed this one as well, I also recommend this one as it deals with the Silk Road and the ancient history of Silk and its evolution in trade, transportation on the silk road and its impact on ancient, medieval and modern industry.

The history of silk is really an amazing testament to humankind's ingenuity and the randomness of life since Neolithic times. I hope you enjoy this episode. It turned out to be a much greater story than I was ever aware of.

From the mythological origins of the discovery of silk, to the science behind the actual process of silk making this lecture dives into it, giving you an important economic, archaeological and social history of this silk.

From Persia, Ancient Rome and to the modern nations of Europe silk was craved, sought, purchased and trade secrets were stolen as various peoples and enterprises sought to explore the silk industry and trade!

An awesome presentation. Terms that Laszlo Montgomery uses throughout this episode are listed below for a better understanding!

If you have not listened to The China History Podcast definitely check them out, I am just delving into the history of Asia and the content he provides on China is more than I could ever hope for.


Kev C

Kitaro! how education should be done.

ray m

it take me to my childhood. whit beautiful kitaro music

Maryam Fatima

A Time Travellers dream

Ferdi Aziz

This documentary made me appreciate Humanity more


NHK is a great TV station.

Juan Carlos Rayo


David Harris

Shih Huang Di's dynasty gave its name to the country. It would first appear in Hindu records as Chin-a-stan.

sk p

Imagine if the Chinese has patented silk. But then this intellectual property has been stolen. So has the method of growing tea. If the intellectual property of silk and tea had been vested in China exclusively....

Smile Smile

amazing mankind civilization

Mika Rinne

One of the best tv show from my childhood. ?

John Ó Laoidh

interesting documentary but that falling laser-beam music....? @[email protected] sweet lord

K B Thangavel

I watched all 12 videos. I admire MrGregjur narrative with Kitaro's theme music.

Chanpreet Sahasi

I have to take notes about this

matthew mann

The Silk Trade brought so many philosophies and ideas


The Buddhist scripts on the palm leaves (at 42:58 to 43:44) are in Burmese. I can read them. Buddhism came into the central Burma only in the 12th century. The scripts I see on the palm leaves are not in the archaic version; they are quite modern. At 43:31, I can read "inn wa shwe nan" (Ava Golden Palace) in the 5th line. Therefore, it must be from the Ava Era (Ava Kingdom), 1364-1555 CE. The handwriting is not that of a monk, but of a layman. A Burmese Buddhist monk handwriting can be easily distinguished from that of a layman. It is a historical record but not a part of Buddhist cannon (Tripitaka).


the music is spellbinding

Egon Speneder

Probably one of the most outstanding "Geographical" Series ever put together! And by a joint Chinese/Japanese team back in the 1960's. In retrospect (this is now almost 2020), even that part of the world has changed so much it is unrecognizable. I watch this series through once again every few years.


this video is cringe

I Hate the Party

(cont'd)...and leopard skins. Incidentallt, the REAL "hell" is in the bodies oif ANUMALS [ a great prison, where God constrains all those who rebelled against him, e.g., Psalm 49 explains it, and note that even young lions starve to death there ]. And here is a bit of ancient Chinese W I S D O M fr thos who lack it:
"A live dog is surely BETTER than a DEAD LION --- don't you agree, Donalkd Trump?" Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Travis Chisholm

i wonder how many little boys and camels got ass fucked by filthy middle eastern men on the silk road? or should it be called the silk load?

Reza Nabavi

Kitaro's music made this documentary


I love this series. Probably one of the finest documentaries ever made in the history of TV.

larry morris


Skating Astronaut Chicken

I used to watch this on VHS when I was a kid. Now this soundtrack gives me chills every time I hear it. It makes me feel happy and safe, and like everything is gonna be alright. It's so good ??


Thank you so much as i gone back to taklamakan sahara.grateful


Love this series!

Elizabeth Pengson

i love camels.. and elephants

Eko Kurnia Putra

I loved this video and the music

Skating Astronaut Chicken

I used to watch this as a child from an old VHS tape. The theme music is so nostalgic! I simply love it.

Jonas Grumby

Better than that stupid show game of thrones.....this is real history.

laserbeam 002

This is an old documentary but by far the very best one on the Silk Road. Thank you for posting.

kim rick

The low resolution is just more than I can deal with now - but I saw enough to appreciate the values that contributed to this great doc.

Mark Masters

Does anybody have the spelling of the rulers of the 19:00 to 20:00 when the ambassodors came to China?

Lasse Johannessen

is it possible to get this without the korean sub anywhere? Its hard to follow the story when you only see half of what they are saying.


I watched this documentary when I was a kid back in 1980s. The documentary and Kitaro’s misic touched me so that Last year, I visited Nara, Japan for its great preservation of Silk Road artifacts and Yakushi-ji, an ancient temple also contributed to this documentary. Really amazed how Silk Road history well kept by scholars and Museums in Nara.

This is best documentary about Silk Road history. Thank you for sharing with us.

Emre Tezcan

this documentary was filmed in 1978


I wish , they establish another international team to journey same route to check and compare the difference along the last 30 years... (archeologically and climatically) BUT no western country members. Their narcissistic behaviour on eastern culture makes me sick !
eastern cuntries would have been enough themselves if they'd cdme together in peace...

Maria S.

This is a time machine transporting me back to the 80s and my childhood. Goosebumps.

Rostam R

I used to watch this when I was a teen in Iran and was fascinated by the history of the whole region....good memories

zauza marisa

OH, I have been looking for this series, for years. I watched it at the time and we loved it so much and it remained engraved in my memory. The moment the music started I knew this was it! Thank so very much!


+deebz270 I'm entitled to my own opinion and I say this is boring and interesting to watch. This is my cup of tea gaming and playing sports is far more enjoyable than watching crap like this so fuck off

Studying Kim

Japanese documentary, with korean subtitle, English dubbed.

And a Korean watching this. Lol


A really beautifully made documentary, which I remember watching when first aired, here in the UK. The Silk Road has always been a source of wonder, imagination and inspiration to me. So when this documentary was aired, it was the first time we westerners had really seen images of this far of and amazing landscape, with its varied peoples and culture. So lovely to watch it all again. Well posted and thank you MrGregiur.

Uten Rodlamai

นานมากแล้ว ร่วม20ปีได้ รู้สึกว่าช่อง5เคยนำมาฉาย พากษ์ไทยโดย ดร.สมเกียติ อ่อนวิมล


budha was bron in Nepal not an India .. dudhisit culture start from Nepal.

Sophia e

아주 어릴때했던 다큐인데 너무 선명히 기억납니다.중국박물관서 실크로드 유물을 보고 그 시대를 산 사람처럼 전율이 일었죠


I'm amazed by how much parts of Chang'an/Xi'an has changed, especially the area around the drum and bell tower.

picasa picasa

silk road begins from Tarım and Turpan (Turfan).. main focus uighur lands.. uighur today under chinesse occupation but not uighur's history.. china is a population explosion 500 bc until today, only.. silk (atlas), paper (keten and kendir), water mill printing press from karız system and known chinesse are all uighur heritage.. there is no any mulberry tree in chinesse original land that can be live silk beetle..

Monique Cardell

I am so sorry to say that I find, or feel, the music sometimes magnificent, sometimes absolutely grotesque, and not always fitting what is presented.  This video would have been much better without this bizarre simili-music.


In part thanks to this documentary and uploaded video here, I visited ancient Chang'an! Now I know about Wu Zertian's tomb through this documentary and feel like visiting it too just to live, breathe and see such great history! We asked the China tour guide, and it is a 2 hour vehicle ride from city of Xi'an to the tomb!

belle hoskin


VoKimHop's 1984

Olive oil dr ;)

Robin Shaw

I used to love watching this back in the 80's. Thanks for putting it on YouTube

Speigeleisen II

Who did the soundtrack for this?

cazic thule

3:47 some people almost get hit by bus

Jane Blue


Zeeshan Malik

Very Interesting video. Here is a Book review of a book called The Silk Road by Peter Frankopan. It’s quite interesting: https://youtu.be/qBdflMYNCGU

Frans Dany

When China (CCTV) and Japan (NHK) collaborated, they could make something divine like this. The world was way so much better then.

belle hoskin

is a good doc

mark millyard

I remember this beautiful beautiful programme it brings so many many wonderful memories who was the voice who did the Silk Road?

Rik Harris

Thank you for up loading these. I watched these in the eighties


Probably a very god documentary but impossibly to understand hence the lack of translation to English, what a pity

Thennilapuram Mahadevan

But endless Police siren music. Couldn't watch it.

иван иванов

This documentary is a LEGEND! Find the ancient history of the space between China and Rome ....

David Calhoun

Sound effects provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department


You'd think Mr. Yang, the discoverer of the Terra Cotta soldiers, would be a rich celebrity.

Arnold Clarke

16:25 Runway?

Ciao chef Lev

which year was this documentary filmed? Must be very old, Xi'an now looks very different from this documentary

Danish Delight

Fantastico.. I wich they would make a new version in HD.. It would be Nice to se the historie difference 35 years later..

belle hoskin

is is good

William Reese

Outstanding production and music....timeless and romantic...no words to describe it!

Merk Muxic


Danielle Rawlings

If you download an app called Wicker Me and search for ‘ Silk Road 2 ‘ you can buy most drugs but also fake euros and British notes....oh driving licence as well but you have to upload a pic. I’ve been using more than 3 years, only had a problem once that he refunded straight away. Please mention me as we both get 10 percent off next order. The fakes really are something special.

Willem Nanning

I started to watch the serie again on March 25, 2020 almost 40 years after the first airing. The story was already ancient but now the footage is history as well. So much has changed in those 40 years and yet so much stayed the same. I'm ready for the journey of this serie.

OTS Online Travel Services

Please Suggests about English subtitle this video.


Oh my goodness i remember this intro (both the video and audio). I need a time machine...BAD :)


kitaro's music almost makes this series unbearable :(


It's a GREAT SHAME that the video quality is so low (1980's style).
This series in ultra high definition would be priceless!

Thejaka Siriwardena



Did the people at 3:47 get hit by that bus? lol what

иван иванов

This movie should be a Bible in China, India and Iran....

Edebiyat Kitap

To Download All Episodes:

GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

The heads of the visiting dignitaries might have been destroyed under Mao's cultural revolution or by contemporary commoners who hated the buried emperor. A friend of the emperor was an enemy of his servants - if he was a tyrant. I can't imagine someone stealing and selling the heads. China only opened again recently.

Forbidden History ARCHIVE



At this time, China was a closed-down country.


I would love to watch this but the overlap in subtitles is unfortunate and subtracts from it's value.

wilton reyes

Marco Polo.


face palm


it’s not made by nhk

Babak G

very nice.

Silk road story

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10 Silk Road Facts - WMNews Ep. 31

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Drug trafficking, illegal

Drug trafficking, illegal weapons sales and crowd funded assassinations were all just a click away. But with the founder of this deep web emporium now facing life in jail, what’s next for Silk Road? Welcome to WatchMojo News, the weekly series from http://www.WatchMojo.com where we break down news stories that might be on your radar. In this instalment, we’re counting down 10 crucial facts you should know about the modern day Silk Road.

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Manny McMad

This is wrong on so many levels.

SiNx Developz

silkroad is up

Mark G.

By the way, for anybody that is interested: There is no "opioid" crisis. What a bunch of baloney!


5 - NO way could Silk Road be shut down. I'm absolutely sure it's running on the dark net under a new name.

Joseph Jameson

Why are drugs illegal?


Can someone explain to me how exactly the silk road even worked? So you "Buy" drugs....how do you actually receive it? How can you trust the seller/buyer? I literally don't get it!


i2p not ip2...

Verminna Lee

You cant stop it. The only thing that happens is ownership is changed

Quickening TJ

there are murderers and rapists who get less time that this guy did


so he made an illegal site and he stayed in US lol nice one


3:39 I2P not IP2


that guy Ross got nothin 2 with it

DeRangeD Fiduciary

bottom line this dude is serving life WITHOUT parole after loosing an appeal and the ONLY THING HE DID WAS CREATE A PLATFORM just like craigslist or backpage. how the vendors used it should be accountable TO THE VENDORS. if they found the dread pirate roberts, the creator of the platform, they should've been responsible for locating the vendors and holding them accountable for their illegal activity. instead the injustice goes to this guy who is only 30 years old. its bullshit. A DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN PLEADS GUILTY TO 20 COUNTS OF RAPING A CHILD WHO WAS 4 YEARS OLD (and he didn't acquire anything on the dark web) AND HE IS ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN 10 YEARS - - BUT THIS GUY LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE!! ANYONE ELSE SAYING WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK BECAUSE I SURE AM.


I don't understand why people aren't just allowed to do whatever they want. Alcohol, meds, and cigarettes are also extremely harmful. If someone wants to fuck up their life, let them. Shrouding it in secrecy and making it societies dirty secret solves nothing. People who are addicts will find a way no matter what, better make those passageways safe. Education and damage control is the key. Shrugging something off to the fringes of society only procures violence and antisocial behavior... I bet if they treated porn the same way they treat drugs shit would be crazy.

I felt really proud and happy when the Irish government opened up injection rooms for drug addicts here in Ireland. Well done Ireland :D But sure that's only the tip of the iceberg on what needs to be done!

Baseu Gacke


fat and ugly

He is not a "Criminal master mind"

pluto mcslumpedout

Also jesus fuck no marketplace has EVER allowed child porn or hitmen also any dark web sites as hitmen services are fake as fuck and your fucking stupid and deserve losing your coins if you think its real just like red rooms and all that other stupid bullshit

William Furster

October 2015?! really, what am I missing here.....

Michael Muise

This guy needs to have a movie made about him.


Bullshit lies right from the beginning you couldn't buy guns/guns on silk road and he wasn't convinced of killing anybody or trying to. You couldn't buy anything that could harm a third party on silk road. Nothing that created a victim. This is all lies and the case was a miscarriage of justice. Two crooked cops who stole billions on dollars from silk road who's evidence was still used in court smh.. 2 life sentences for non violent crimes and no previous charges smh


was here for the silk road THE REAL SILK ROAD ! fuck you watchmojo

DaBluePiga '

Hard to get into. Really?

Empress Eve


Sagar Gholap

The Fuck did I read at 7:23 o.O
Most fucked up thing ever.

Adrian Ene

He was never convicted of murder or paid murder, this was just a rumor invented by the DEA so the jury will send him as a treat and not allowing him bail.
First watch Ross Ulbricht documentary and see the major cover up that the government made.
Also the ideas that Ross had of a society where we don't need banks and politicians to think for us. He believed in harmony and freedom.


Gotta love the US government. Refuses to identify Bitcoin as currency and rather a commodity so they can tax it. Then the court says it is currency so they can charge him with money laundering. What a joke.

Stefan Reinhardt

Ohh.. I thought im they were talking about the old Silk Road like the one in Persia and China.. I'm kinda disappointed :(


this man is a fucking legend...my gawd

Debbie F

People need to see the truth about Ross,s Trial ! The amount of EVIDENCE proving that there were at least FIVE people going under the user name "DPR" was huge, yet ignored by the judge. Ross was NOT charged with MURDER or tried for it, yet there was over an hour spent by the prosecution talking of murders to the jury ! Ross DID NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL, VITAL EVIDENCE WAS NOT ALLOWED BY A JUDGE WHO IS CLEARLY PART OF THE RUTHLESS, ROGUE, HIDDEN GOVERMENT ! .....THIS Young man needs all the support of us , THE PEOPLE, because this could be you or your sons and daughters, it can happen to any one of us for all different reasons! We are living in a rapidly changing world, we can't sit back and let innocent people be the "FALL GUYS" FOR CORRUPT OFFICIALS WHO HIDE BEHIND RIGHTS DENIED TO THE PEOPLE THEY WERE LAID DOWN FOR, ....EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US ! Stay strong Ross, there are many more people everyday becoming aware of the frightening reality of corruption. xxx

robbie quinlan

Free Ross

Sokka of the Water Tribe

Wow when I saw the name of the video I thought it might be the clothing store. I was so wrong

Gerardo Garcia

http://www.linkbucks.com/IpLK best silkroad


Meanwhile, far more harmful substances that kill millions each year in the form of tobacco and alcohol is still perfectly legal and totally fine as far as the US government is concerned. This drug war is a fucking joke.

x FlacidCow903

silk road 3.0 is a thing btw for you who don't know

The Schumer Schiff Show Sham

It's fascinating


Funny how the morons in the media are still putting out false facts about silk road. There where never weopons sails, assassins and especally there was never any child porn on this site. The morons in the media needs to get there facts straight. There should do a little more research and they will get the facts right. Like those currupt agents who stole those bit coins and had access to everyone's accounts. Or about how currupt the trial was. If any of you want to get the real facts do a little research and you will find out just how currupt this whole incident ism

Matthew Garvey

He disallowed child pornography and stolen goods alike. Ross had views against things that would hurt other people. The media's perception of Ross is so dumb.

Christian Rincon

you missed something, there are more dread pirates

Newbie Bitcoins

SR was selling guns? Is that so?
What can I say... Small mind people see only one direction.

Themidwesterntoyreview 1983

watchmojo.com what dont you a amazing list for

Noah Funnell

Hopefully it will be shut down for good. Why do people endorse this shit?

Silvestras Bumblauskas

1.2 mill BTC is now worth 80 billion! Insane.

Mohammed Nasseif

I applaud this channel.

bahBah Black sheep

There's a novel idea, I do what ever the f [email protected] I want, and you stay the hell out of it. Victimless crimes are libtard and govs way to 1. Maintain a police state 2. Generate trillions of dollars under the guise of "morality" or stopping said vice. Pfft you'll never stop drug abusers dummies.

Sam Power

Free DPR!!

Shaggy The Gamer

Here's the funny thing. By trying to turn Ross in to an example of the punishment for sights like Silk Road they turned him into a martyr

Luka LaLaLaLalA

I remember watching this on 60 Minutes.


I am from Russia, Moscow, we did have a forum in TORcalled RAMP where you can buy hash, amphetamine, cocaine and marijuana, which is located in a particular place - under the windowsill in a pack of cigarettes outside,etc. (when you pay you get the adress).
 And i just want to ask - how expensive hash and MJ in USA, guys?


ip2 lol its i2p

Sunflower Socialist

Fact 9 is irrelevant


Why are they so tuff on the admin I mean it takes the violence off the street to have this network active.


its sad how they threw him in a fire to be a example

DeepWeb Geek

silkroad7p2ni7h4.onion 2018

casey dennis

P.S. i feel like i am the only person on earth who looks and

Mucinex Pm

When you hire a hit man from your own website


I always find it fascinating when people create lists like 'political dissidents and criminals' since the former ARE criminals in their own nation. So really the split is 'people who would be criminals in the speaker's country vs people who would be criminals in their own country'.

While natural, it is a good example of how self centered people tend to be, esp in the US, with assuming that their laws and values simply are THE laws and values in all contexts.

James Cook

Is it wise to be promoting other videos that sell drugs


Hard to get to? LOL

I like how they try to make it sound like the deepweb is hard to get into, and extremely complicated (when it's not)

Donald J. Trump

The funny thing about the whole thing is that the goverment hasn't realize they can't stop the internet, if you ban something there are already 10 replicas of what you just banned being launched by careless hackers that you will spend years tracking down, wasted all that money with an useless percecution to get 20 similar sites up immediately, ridiculous... the goverment can have all the money they want but hackers outnumber them by 1000 to 1 lol.

InitialDeus .V1



SUCKS! I just hate I never knew about this until now. I probably couldve found a go to weed dealer on that thing

Robert Nexon

Follow the Deep Web Lots and Prices


Never heard of this, huh.

Eric Nguyen

Haha I thought this was about the historical Silk Road

Inky Hip

Goodbye silk road. We'll miss you.

neabor ishalak roup

I thought that this was about the actual Silk Road......

K. M.

How did that guy get Life in jail?  Did he hurt anyone?




lmao you cant shut them down for every page closed 10 more appear

Hali Berri

Thank u for telling me how to access the dark web.. really?!

Kevin Ortiz

Free Ross

Ammy Ruiz

Omg thx know I know so much about the silk road

Project MorFX

silk road 3.0 is up

casey dennis

The usa needs reasons to lock up non whites to keep the prison system profitable. No detective work requird!


"Criminal mastermind?" Geez WatchMojo, get your facts straight...

Whole Wheat Cracker

This story would make a good movie

სპეციალურად ცუდი ვიდეოები

6:07 october 2015?


He wasn't charged for "building a website." He was charged for soliciting child porn, child molestation, money laundering, theft, conspiracy to commit murder, and more. He legit paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have six people killed, and he wanted their children tortured. Sounds pretty fucked up? No shit. He deserves life.

julius vidal

Gotta give some credit to the FBI guys who called the operation Marco Polo.


I thought this was gonna be the ancient Silk Road.

I was wrong.


The internet, your source for drugs, hitmen, and funny cat videos.

eLiS D

A true hero. Long live DPR


check my channel for TOR and silk road 3.0 on android no root :)

Meep Changeling

And by permanently shut down, we mean the site was restored via a backup of the server the next week using a completely different host and contact method.

Kendrick Mauricio

Escocartel ,com is the platform I buy drugs from. I am really grateful. They have been really helpful on supplies of drugs and arms to me and my gang

Mark G.

You know, I am not going to defend the creator of the "Silk Road" website. But I do think that it is very interesting and hypocritical of the US government to pretend that they are so concerned about shutting this website down whenever the two of their agents are corrupted in all of this as well. It's just amazing what money does to people, isn't it?


Among all the inaccuracies, buzzwords, and overall lack of knowledge about this kind of technology what pissed me off the most was when the narrator said "ip2".

Jose Rivera

How the fuck does Bitcoin work?


Why does the USA always ruin shit?



ashlie higgins

Check your facts, the silk road has been around well before 2010, and was except cash well before bitcoin was even popular.


Misleading. And wrong. Just wrong. If you can't figure out why, join the people shutting it down.

Stormtrooper 2323

Nope I wasn't surprised been watching this closely ever since it's interesting thou

Ashter Moon

funny that FBI just close the Silk Road when there are still lots of black markets on the deep web that deal with paid assasins drugs, child porn, weapon traffic, people traffic and many other atrocities, one less and like a thounsand or more to go,  sadly this was not the intention on the deep web it used to be for people who live in opressive ruled countries where they could go to forums express their feelings and ideas without repercusions or being pursued and killed by their own goverment. sadly now the deep web is more for Illegal businesses. even de tor library who was a great source for reading books was closed thanks to those bastards drugs sellers

Jeremy Cooper

I thought this was about the Chinese Silk Roads.  The description about drugs (opium) and assassination/raiding (Mongols/Xiongnu) did not disabuse it either lol

Internet Troll

It was only drugs. There was no hitmen or any of that. Ross preached peaceful transactions and NON VIOLENCE. The government overcharged this guy because they couldn’t tax any of his transactions. They didn’t get paid for someone else’s work which is....illegal to them. All the money goes to them. And cigarettes kill more people every year why? Because it makes the government too much money

Iam Pyre

Outside of child pornography, i say fuck the government, let these people buy what they want to buy.

Oscar Daniel Raygoza Mora

it's i2p not ip2 numb nuts do your research a little better.


If you wantvto become rich, do something illegal, its simply the way society is built

Aghato Zhimomi

I came into this video thinking it was about the historical route. You got me clickbaited by your title.

Silk road story

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SILK ROAD (Mankind: The Story of All of Us)

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The purpose of sharing this video clip is for the students to learn that Silk Road is the internet highway of ancient times.

What is Silk Road? The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that connected the East and West and was central to the economic, cultural, political, and religious interactions between these regions from the 2nd century BCE to the 18th century. The Silk Road primarily refers to the land routes connecting East Asia and Southeast Asia with South Asia, Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, and Southern Europe.