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How Thanos Got The Chitauri & Outriders Army | Thanos: Titan Consumed

41 668 views | 20 Nov. 2018

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Josh explores how Thanos acquired the Outrider and Chitauri armies before the events of the Avengers films, as part of the novel Thanos Titan Consumed.

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Joshua Krause

There should be a Thanos Origins movie

Ralph Raymond

We needed these guys at the recent UK blockchain Parliament hearing to hit back at Martin Walker.


I always wondered why his armies would help him when they could be dusted at random from the snap.


Hands down one of the best interviews I've ever seen, on The Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.

Ripple is going to be the bedrock of the global financial economy.

Sean wave015

Thanos all ship really call just sanctuary

Ralph Raymond

We should have put Jamie Dimon somewhere in the panel just for a laugh. LOL

Kratos_ Rural670

Is this canon

Gonk droid

they remind me of the space pirates from metroid, they're basically a hive mind of aliens led by a giant purple douchebag


So he's different than the comic book equivalent?

Jacky Tran

Thanos wins twice

Lonnie L. Brown

Love the insight!


This book actually has no canonical ties to the MCU.

Mavi Kartal

Eat the grape but don’t ask where it grows

Smonk Purple

We need a Thanos movie

Jay Bees

Chitauri are from African ancient history, they are reptilian beings.

Silver Comics

What about the Saakarin soldiers seen in Guardians of the Galaxy and in Gamora’s flashback in Infinity War?

Rorschach's Journal

This book sounds awesome

doge master X

I love the disgan of the chatarie and the outriders

White Wolf

The ship he has in IW is called Sanctuary II though?

Matthias J

Thanos names all his ships Sanctuary? Geralt would like a word with Thanos.


By enslaving them with his shiny bald head.

Greater Grievobeast 55

I was always interested in the outriders and the chitauri to a lesser extent. And this certainly seems like fitting origin of their alignment with thanos and mutation into something more monstrous.

Marq V

Thank you and God bless


I need to get this book


How did he get the sakaarans?

Zachariah Kelley

what if thanos use the time stone to bring back the chitauris and the outriders proxima midnight cull obsidian ebony maw corvus glaive in avengers 4 if he did that I would love to see iron man and captain america thor hulk black widow hawkeye rocket war machine okoye shuri nebula m baku nakia wong miek korg valkyrie ant man fight them in avengers 4

joker laugh

That’s the problem with hive minds u kill the hive and there dead ? that’s why he uses the outriders cause they got individual thoughts sort of (all the know is kill that target)

Joseph Salcedo

Rocket: How long have you been fighting these?
Black Widow: 2 or 3 Hours
Rocket: 3 hours? hahahaha are you kidding me the chitauri army is the suckiest army in the Galaxy you could just have blown up there mothership
Captain America: We didn't know that was a thing
Rocket: You didn't know that was a thing? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Tony Stark: shaves rocket's hair
Rocket: hey!!!!!! stop that
The Avengers together with Rhodey, Nebula and Antman: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Even without the avengers, i thought the Chitauri a little weak to be thinking they can conquer Earth, with the Avengers, i though the Chitauri should consider themselves lucky Earth closed the portal!

See, the problem is, and its the same problem that starwars had, where you have advanced Alien weaponry, it makes no sense that the accuracy will be 'less than perfect' But that is what you need if you dont want most of your main characters to be dead within the first five seconds of the battle!
If a race like the Chitauri wants to successfully conquer Earth they must have weapons accurate enough to reliably shoot down Earth missiles, and if they dont have that, frankly, they should never have bothered coming, because their going to lose!

Bobby lachance jr

Was this video really that important?


Which music you use in this video? It's pretty good.

Christopher Gallegos

Love how thsnos is an MMA Fighter

Kizer Soze

This sounds very interesting.

dragon ball talk

I.got this book.free from public library it's like 15$ plus shipping from eBay and the like

Colin Little

I can't really remember watching the first AVENGERS movie

MCU Spidey

Probably from comics

Jon RD

Whos more powerful Chitauri or Outriders? Who would win in a fight

Forceal Break

I Just hate how they treated cull obsidian

Colin Little

MCU is better than DC

Sug Dolomar

Now he also has the Sakaarans.


Is sanctuary just the ship thanos is one like how air Force one is the plane the president of United States of America is on



Francois Veirut

I just want to know how he met Death.

Thanos size

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Life Size LEGO Thanos Model Shop Speed Build - San Diego Comic Con 2018

115 800 views | 21 Jul. 2018

Get a behind-the-scenes

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the LEGO life-sized model of Marvel's Mad Titan Thanos created for San Diego Comic Con 2018. This model took our Master Builders 80 hours to design and 338 hours to build. The finished model is an incredible 8.5 feet tall weighing 450 pounds. With a total of 91,350 LEGO bricks this build towers over fans at the LEGO Booth. Subscribe to LEGO FanTube to be notified of new videos. #LEGOSDCC

Welcome to LEGO FanTube, the NUMBER 1 destination for LEGO fans everywhere! This channel is dedicated to you and features the most awesome LEGO content imaginable made by fans, for fans! Here you'll find everything from LEGO films, speed builds, stop motion videos, countdowns, backstage access and interviews at fan and LEGO events from around the world.

Subscribe to the channel and be the first to check out our videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWAOUxf3XILuywxw60g5vA?sub_confirmation=1 And comment so we can also checkout your own LEGO creations and builds. Your fan made content could be selected to be featured on our channel!

Thanos size

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2 044 142 views | 19 Sep. 2019



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Today is a special day, because today were on a mission to stop the bullies!! Using my ultimate noob disguise i go around with my new secret pet that i hatched the kraken, and a couple rainbow pets, and noob disguise troll the bullies!!


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Calixo - roblox adventures

Antonica Brown


Jennifer Serafica

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Scott Lewis

Ur a noob and ur voice cracks noob



Eduardo DeArmas



Teo Teo


Ivan Chew

The noobs is bad but I’m a noob but I’m a bacon not a noob

Mike Francois

Stop the nood bully's

Anders Johnson

I saw dolly in beginning of vid and then I saw her smol lifting a dang nuke or aka the torpedo

The Rich Robloxians

“This little noob man”
Me: isn’t that CV-

Vincent Alivio

(message):Go and have bot bot milk
(me): are u filipino? you said bot bot lol

Jeniffer De Quiroz

The noobs are kinda right you do always buy youre self up im not a hater

Premi Saroj Kandulna

That is the skyler which was in thanos ep so fake 256

Hicham Abbad


panguin boy



Dinos yeah

Marcel Gregoire

I see silly and rammy ans news dev

SCP096 666OK

Jo ar a bully??

tap tap break master

youcsaid 100noob but is not

Some kittys and gaming

This is cool

Rusmah Bibi

also i love ur vids

Lauren Rodriguez


Real190loggedout Playz

I was in one... WHERE AM IIIIIIIII

Preston Klohs

I have been the one that I will get a good deal for a a good year for the price and the food and service I will definitely come here bruh was a a good one and I will never ever get the one I want and it’s not so much I have a a good one to the point of a white red white and purple purple white screen red and purple white white and red and the best is it the white screen and white white and white is a

Elijah James



I think that he is playing on discord

Keith Ryan

123 go dollop ewnic

Wilburn Mathis

11:09 when u cuss word

aleyrin yong :D

like 9 na 6

Rusmah Bibi

calixo i bet u cant defeat me everyone tried to defeat me but they cant thats why i keep training to get better and still people kill me easily so im angry and i tried to get better so ima test u if u can defeat me

Aleksander Czyz

You make my ears hurt stop shouting

Benita Clottey

The grown ups be dislike your vids i mean i don't vote i only watch

Fatima Masud

Be venom and meet the worst bully and SHO THEM YOUR POWER!!!

Keith Ryan


The alpha Boy

“This noob is small”
Noob:becomes the attacker noob


@gravycatman is better than u lol


Why can’t you lift in lifting sim on ipad

Montana Parks

Who is he talking to they can’t hear him

Jeniffer De Quiroz

Also i can tell theyre FAKE, if you ask me why i think theyre fake firts they can hear youre saying without chatting i can tell iys all set up



Malek Youssef

yeah I now bro



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Hicham Abbad

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JS Morales

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Keian carl De belen

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Mellisa S Winata

I bet he practices saying BULLY when he stops recording

jamir valderama

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Hicham Abbad


Ardrich Coedy Flores

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Dawood Ashknany



Being a noob is not bad OK



Keith Ryan


Amanda Sater

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Mika !

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Tuan Norzira

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Javier Rey Ticzon


JS Morales

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felix kaw

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Darion Smith-Cheatham


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Keith Ryan

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Jules Juhee Han Kim

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Jayden Mccarter

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noob gravycatman 700Tre


I hope u reach to 1m subs!

Avinesh Kumar

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Dude acctly find real bullies I saw Alex ultemet

Edgie Buligan

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cali somebody copying your video

Oliver Briggs


Preston Klohs

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Lyheng Rath

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Andy Tanay

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DarkGreen ScytheGamer

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William Balobo

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Abdur rehman Khan

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gamer call of duty

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Andy Tanay

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Google Boi

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Preston Klohs

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Chloe Green

The noob:we’re 7 your 1
Me:I’m nine your 7