Land devices hp-2

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Land devices HP 2 right out of the box

1 295 views | 16 Jun. 2017

I will post an actual

I will post an actual video of this guy soon, but these are awesome they don't make very many right now if you can get your hands on one do it.

Land devices hp-2

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LAND DEVICES - Quarantine Unboxing the HP-2 (harmonic percolator) & Domino (ringer)

7 109 views | 19 May. 2020

Check out Land Devices

Check out Land Devices here - https://landdevices.bigcartel.com

Land Devices sent me two pedals to check out, watch me dive into them without knowing what they are!


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megaman x

well, that sounded like shit.

Lucas Delgado

Land Devices rule so much that I can only thank you and Josh for selling out all of their pedals so us peasants are unable to buy any. Sell me yours.

no name

Just because no one said it....
It's Steve Albini's favorite distortion pedal. Original is very sought-after and a holy grail of sorts.
$180 for a good sounding clone is an amazing price, so no wonder it's sold out! :)

Andy Yates

Really cool to see an Oakland builder! I didn't know anyone in the town was making cool pedals! Their logo reminds me of Mt Diablo. Thanks for sharing this company with us Ryan, and that Puresalem Creep looks cool af. Do they still make that model? It's not on their website anymore

Matt Shaw

I love that Puresalem. I’ve never seen one before.

Old Guy

New toys, cool

Ashton DeZwarte

You can also use your volume and tone controls on your guitar to go from 0 to 100

Colin Edmunds

Harmonic Percolators are so underrated.

The Atari Creep

HP-2 is gnarly. Love it.


that strat is clearly grold, sir. been wanting one to the hp-2 pedals.

Johnny Beane

Awesome effects!

Colin Edmunds

Harmonic Percolators are a hybrid GE/SI transistor fuzz, that only allows even order (I think) harmonics. This allows it to get really aggressive without ever being too harsh.


That domino sounds great and I even understand what the knobs are for. So for the 1st time I actually checked out the website to buy the pedal. And its sold out...

Colin Edmunds

I used a ringer on a 12 string and got the same sitar vibes


that beck riff sounds like it wants to be the Beavis n Butthead riff sooooooo bad...


The tone @ 9:11 sounds like rubber bands in a sandbox.
Love these videos with weirder pedals, dude. More weirdness!!

Helder Lemos

great playing Imma steal yr riffs ? loved how the pedal inspired you!

plain Tiger Grrr

The hp2 sounds as cool as it looks. I got one early on and it’s hardly ever off my board ? wish I could’ve got an ep5 to match

Craig Deubler

Dude, seriously, when's the surf doom album coming out? ?


Dang that HP-2 is cool and I need one. Thanks for doing these Ryan. I never would have heard of it before.

High Seas Marine Diaz

The Domino sounds like a bad cable


YT 'compression' changes your colour? LMAO! Just like people tell me burnt CDs sound 'different' or 'louder' depending in what blank you use?

Boi Mesa

How do you record your audio? Do u mic your cab or do u do some other kind of wizardry?

stephane matis

8bit jazz - and please do find a way to continue these demos - editing time is $$, so it makes sense to cost something

Ashton DeZwarte

Love the hp2 it’s been on my board for a while

Michael Donlin

Sweet intro. You make great vids bro.

Larry Doohickey

Wow hes not drunk in this video very surprised

Brad Leatherman

Bew bew buh buh buuum

mike blue

you have to play up around the 12th fret to get the octave sound.


What is the domino thing

Matthew Pollard

it's a bit weird to call an octave pedal a fuzz. also it goes before a fuzz or distortion not after. it's not weird to not know about the HP, that's a pretty niche oddity. I got my clone from Sleeping Dog Fx. It's solid, smaller and cheaper. I'd recommend them. They make pedals for bands like Low and Mogwai.


JPTR FX squad where you at?!

Pauly Poobrain

The HB pedal sounds like a bar fight. Like music you would here during a bar fight in a movie. Combined with the Domino it gives a more high action ultra violent movie vibe.

Andrew Jackson

Get paid in pedals... win/win ?

Bryant Walley

Rubber band pedal

Mark Ferguson

"A make yr fuzz nastier switch"~ like the original MXR Blue Box.
It's funny how back in the early '70's, they made a bunch of pedals that are hard to categorize or qualify.The Fender Blender springs to mind,- just so freakin' ugly you have to wonder who they were marketing to. Morley had a Fuzz/ Wah that could get very far over the top.
Can remember a friend had what they called a Reuss arrangement,- the Blue Box, with the (Ge) Distortion+, and the 6 band EQ; some truly nasty possibilities.


Proof to us the guitar is green.

The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show!

I LOVE the look of that Pure Salem Guitar...great shape!!


Dude gets a free HP-2.

“What is this?”

Colin Edmunds

“H” is for harmonics, “B” is for balance”

Just like on the original HP-1


Hey Ryan, where did the beard go ? Were you starting to scare little kids with it ? ?I know my beard, or my pandemic beard, has gotten so long that I actually have to comb it now ! But I kind of like it longer, don't know if I'll go back to a short one once I'll have to go back to the office...

Dennis Moes

I like these

B Smith

Hey Ryan... please review the all tube head from pulse, the PM15h, which you can get from Newark electronics for only about $140.

Kenny Dave

put the domino infront of a tube screamer!!


24:32 Sweet #Shameflute o' Mine

Land devices hp-2

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HP-2 - Land Devices

6 253 views | 6 Feb. 2020

The HP-2 by Land Devices

The HP-2 by Land Devices is a recently declassified sonic weapon. It’s a distortion device based on the harmonic percolator. In this video, you’ll hear some of my favourite settings, from hairy overdrive to full-on skull shattering fuzz tones.

If you enjoyed this video, then make sure to hit subscribe and follow me on instagram @goofy_ears for more pedals, noise and whatnot!

Bedroom Rig?


HP-2 by Land Devices

Csidman by Catalibread


Fender Duo-sonic HS


Fender GT40



CJ Boii

JHS, we know it’s you

Vincent J Ives

This is the best pedal demo I've seen in about 3 years.


Nice. I love me some percolator action. I have the Fredric Effects Utility Percolator and it's one of my favourite drive pedals.

Timmy Smalls

Just love your playing man, not flashy but intricate and particular.


More please. I have this pedal too and love it.

Snitch Scapes

This is just EPIC man!???

Omer Harif

Never thought I'll ever watch a dirt pedal demo with some Full Metal Jacket samples engaged.
Definitely one of the best I've ever watched.

clint hardison

Excellent demo.

Scott Mcg

Best pedal demo ever. Your playing is amazing too, do you release music? Also, I need this gadget.

Coen Bijpost

What a fantastic pedal demo! You need a lot more exposure!

Tyler Jackson

Nice demo man. Love your playing and your video. Excited to pick this bad boy up tonight.


Really cool pedal review!!! Never seen something like that before!!:)

Scott Mcg

I keep watching this demo and still can't get over how good the playing is. You need to start a band

Evan Marvel

What an excellent demo needs way more views

Mike Ryder

Not gonna lie, I didn't see the channel name and thought this was a Knobs video. I was waiting for that A Major9 arpeggio for a good minute. Nice demo!

philippe criqui

Wonderful et superbe, bravo