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LBC - The Dark Hours

16 views | 14 Apr. 2019

Mark 15:25-39 (NKJV)

Mark 15:25-39 (NKJV)

Lbc hours

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Snoop Dogg - Gin And Juice

23 231 356 views | 30 Jun. 2016

Music video by Snoop Dogg

Music video by Snoop Dogg performing Gin And Juice. 1994 Death Row/Interscope Records, Inc


Best of Snoop Dogg: https://goo.gl/SSRjw6

Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/Fckccu

Abner Olivares


Lori l Caldwell

Need to speak with miss cosboy and family

Godson Eh

The end is always the best!!!!! His parents came in in the walk of Charlie Chaplin. So hilarious and his father's voice is still in my heard, everybody out!!!!!!!!

Sujyot Sharma

Hey, y'all listening to West coast classics, dis yo boy DJ pou!

El perro loco :v

who would have said that after these classics now Snoop Dogg would collaborate with music of all genres, apart from that he has already become old and bald xD

Germano de Sousa

real classic

Seror Seror

The radio ? gta v west cast classic

Soy Hitmman

Quien esta esta aqui por la canción de mi tio snoop el dia que me muera y este en la cruz en mi funeral que suene gin and juice


Pozdrawiam wszystkich

Andwele Harris

"and definitely don't let the DOOWWGGG pound up in here"..
I love when she says that


alguien mas viene de la cancion de aleman :v


luv snoop

Georg Gaming


Kayla O.

Snoop was fine af back in his younger years

Ricardo DSR

the record version is muuuch better


En mi funeral que suene gin and juice..

chupamela pa


Hammad Masood Inayat

fake version


Why did they cut out indo

Seigneur Darkmyke

Merci mec !!

Jorge Mosquera Valencia

Snoop Dogg ?

TC Brian Wingo

Song Fire and Catchy

Ainmalyz 333

Such a cool classic track,Everytime i was playing gta v,when gin and juice got in the radio i always listened it till it ended,Snoop dogg one of the best rappers ever,west and east 4ever

bushy teef

with my mind on my money and my money on my mind
my favorite part

Catherine Captain



A real gangsta ?

Alex Guerini

2021 still listening when I'm drunk

Queno Jackson

this song is on tiktok bruh why they remix it

Dildonic Plague

Indo is a bad word? Ok. Bye.

Loyce Odenthal

This generation don't know nothing about this.

Dino Bravo

In the 90s black people have sex in the morning only, according to 90s rap videos

Mina Poczask

Ich liebe diesen Sound, die beste Generation 1972 ?????

Lizeth SS

OMG did not remember this song

Eddie Henriquez

driving in gta:


Censored Version! SPAM

Thomas L

0:53 Even they understand Saturdays are for the boyz

Pierce Kaeo

Here before this man passes away so I'm not a fake fan


Snoop I want you to know as another brother who tokes I hope we can make this Earth a place where the best are ruling Earth not a lame government please we are best when we can be a Wild America not just a mans world with creatures rolling out of the deep and everyone getting lots of good sleep

Tyseon Perry


The Fallen One

Snoop is a LEGEND...mumble rappers need to be silent and respect the king!


This the song from Los Santos ?

Gavin Van Abel

We all vibe to this in the same way

Eliot Alejandro Duarte Urias

Porfavor alaben al rey

Great White Cat

Let this song and 2020 teach you, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST ????️

Eric Hermosillo

Six in the mornin

Midnite Society

R.I.P. Emanuel Dean ???

Donald Harrison

Just don't hear that gangster rap anymore....?????????


Miss this snoop

alijah Young

I played the song in new york and got shot at

Miss, america

Bow wow was so cute lol

ina pg

Ha ha Alemán ???

suzi smoothie

awh what a cute one Snoop. made me giggle. deffo going to your new tour with my girls, bet it will be so much fun!

Sebastián Ramírez Artavia

Los jovenes de.ahora.no saben lo que es cultura


Anyone know the sample from the intro? I been digging for that sample for 25 yrs i need to know

Greg Walker

Hehehh oki

Bruno Miguel

gin and juice


Gta v anyone?

Felipa Hernández

Sixty-three hundred ten hundred eight six seven twelve twenty nine five four one ten eighty hundred seven hundred fifty thousand and ten- six seventy fifty five nine ninteen thirty Forty one thousand thirty six six one hundred fifty hundred sixty hundred two hundred billion and zero seventeen hundred seven 177 views

Kayla O.

His parents were funny as hell ???

Joseph Tempel

You owe me five dollars.


What hoodie is snoop wearing 1:53
If anyone knows plz tell me

Fiona Cartwright

I love this track.

K 1

I'm so high the police pulled somebody over on TV and I put the blunt out?

Matthew Neudorf

Only good song by him ??


I was 10 years old . . and i Had this sh . in my walkman. Radio playing tape . bought in Hood for 2 dolllaass??

Karlos 2005

Featuring Boyz II Men!

East Atlanta Hard Head

R.I.P. Ricky Harris

Dre Sweat

Lil Bow Wow in that #22 jersey?

Dan Moore

Sorry snoop dog, I do this song at karaokes. I'm white and it freaks everybody out. THANKS.

jorge carrasco

What tf is wrong with the smoking indo part tf it just says smoking smoking

Black Silverchair

Good days in 94. This was the greatest jam back then.

Defender 63

Alter es ist immer noch mega geil

Dani Tee

Best music ever. Wish they didn’t cut the actual words out of it. That sucks. One of the best songs ever, cut to hell. Damn. ?

Mr. Z



whys the dad sound like willie jones from friday


So he can drink while driving, but he can't smoke weed?

Kale Murphy

Did somebody say just eat

Jamil de Jesus Florez Salomon

Snoop In tha House!!!


3:11 i always think i spilled something listened to this so many times and it still gets me

Balls Saggin

why do censored versions always suck

Fresno Frank

I was 15 when this came out. I'm 41 now. We use to blaze up on the way to school. Play this after school drink all night same routine everyday


i liked reagan's cover better

Abner Olivares


michael f

S s s s s s s smoking smoooking

till b



TANN'S PREMIUM GIN {since 1977)
Infused with 10 Botanicals...
Distilled From Grain..


Pascal Schulten

All time classic.
I'm born in 93

Aidan Marrero

ya talkin bout snoop doggy dog turing 50 this year,
betty white the OG of the OG,

Black Aphid

Mmm, tasty G-Funk CLASSIC right here.

Erik Linscott

Beavis and butthead brought me here


OOOOO DAAAANG... Gin and juice 1995 whahhhhhh????

Abhishek Sharma

Snoop is so thin!

Latorvis Underwood

2021 anybody?????

Ann Buck

All Children Matter.. how can I help you I am an awesome producer..... Let me help our Children

Saving_Private _Randy

with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Caio Marques



I was here before he dies and gets fake fans who’s with me

Sean Doyel


Einer Montalvo

Gin and Juice my life

Lbc hours

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Boris Johnson takes your calls on LBC: Watch in full | Nick Ferrari | LBC

103 497 views | 3 Jul. 2020

Boris Johnson is live on

Boris Johnson is live on LBC, being grilled by the listeners - and you can watch it live.

The Prime Minister will face questions from the public on Friday morning from 9am with Nick Ferrari.

His LBC phone-in - the first since his recovery from coronavirus - comes the day before pubs and restaurants re-open on "Super Saturday". Is the Prime Minister encouraging you to go out and enjoy yourself, or does he recommend caution as the lockdown eases?

The government is expected to announce a series of 'air bridges' to allow you to go abroad for your holidays this summer - does that mean the end for the government's much-criticised quarantine system?

And Mr Johnson pledged to ensure the results of all coronavirus tests are returned within 24 hours by the end of June, but hasn't provided the data on that. Can he answer you on that one?

Boris Johnson will answer your questions on whatever you want to ask him. Call 0345 60 60 973 to ask him a question.

Come back here at 9am on Friday to watch the Boris Johnson phone-in live on LBC.

#Coronavirus #LBC

LBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs. We let you join the conversation and hold politicians to account.

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peter evans

This should be fun???⁉️⁉️⁉️


'We'd have to go have a look at that but...' what an inspiration to all politicians. The ability to dodge any question of which the answer would be problematic to the polls

Arthur Morgan

So boris johnson just admitted he wouldnt help the enquiry with Jeffery Epstein. I think because if he did the cat would be out of the bag and would realised who else was involved with this prostitution ring including himself.

Memes & series

I’m sure the majority are screaming behind their screens watching this. If these callers were real the majority would be shouting down the phone. It seems rehearsed to me or these questions have just been recorded.


Johnson pretty much didn't answer the question regarding Cummings and his father

kate greenway

All lies


Doesn't believe in gestures... claps for the NHS.

Leigh Owen

Hes woke . Not what people voted him in to be.

Milahan PhilosophersCorner

Interesting conversation.


If all countries are recording their deaths / cases differently then how can he say the UK has the third highest deaths, second highest infection? This whole thing is a total farce.


Johnson has been banking on a trade deal with the US and Trump. With the increasing likelihood of Biden winning the presidency and the Biden administration not being supporters of Brexit, does that affect an Anglo-American trade deal?

Chris Sims

Nick is more than right to push the PM on certain areas and quite frankly I feel Nick would be a better leader of the opposition than the one we have now...but when it comes to the death rate and the stats something that buggers me is this...Government paid the country to stay home and follow the rules. If only 15% ignored that...it puts thousands at risk and a lot of people did go against the rules. There is also the stats of density and population. Don’t get me wrong I criticise the Government in some areas of this crisis but there is so much to be taken into account.

Joe service

The first question was terrible


Boris dont go gym he wants to go to a pub thats the problem

MC Intricacy

Oh look its Gary Busey's albino disabled son

Charl Moor

Black residents are a minority in england Its a matter of fact.

What proportion of blacks to whites there are graduating in politics at uni i dont know. Id imagine its an unequil number in favour of many more white politicians graduating.

I Dont think we should see forced employment solely due to race and pleasing a minority for votes.

if there is someone that has worked harder or is a better talent they should be promoted into senior jobs through hard work and effort

These positions should not be comprimised for the sake of trying to seem not prejudiced which most people in the uk are not and its a non issue

We want the most competent talented to people get these high level jobs regardless of race..

Graham Huffen

What happened in care homes is the Government messed up they are tone deaf clueless elitist fools ....they have no idea period

منيفة منيفة

الـــواتساب 0079672701955 whatapps?
يمكنلك تحصيل اكبر العروضات المخصصة ادوية المشااااكل الخاصه بغرف النوم عند الحكيم طلحت ✨✨تطويل الغضيب و اطالة مدة الجماع و جعل الانتصاب اقوى ✨✨
لاجل الاستفسار عن طريق تطبيق واتس اب عبر الرقم0079672701955

leo Vaughan

Black people only make up 4.8% of the people off Britain so basically if there not out there in the top job's they just can't do it. Why don't you ask someone in South Africa why is there so much rasest hatred to wight people in South Africa from black people wen the table is the outher way around. And there nothing said about that world wide. Racism happens on all side's its in our nature as humanity to make shor your type of racees survival. It's happiness in all animals and even us. Eg humanity just look at Egypt 5000+ years ago wight israelites people where inslaved by black North African Egyptians people to build the pyramids and all of the Egyptian world back then. But you don't see the Jewish people today saying that they won't the Egyptian pyramid taken down do you. Just think about it. Now we as humanity can live together happy all of us no matter what religion you are or race as one united humanity.

Alan McCormick

Not watched it yet, is there any point though as he never answers any questions in PMQ's

dave stewart

So now we have to give people senior positions simply because they are black REALLY no longer who is best for the role its simply colour.

Nitin Agarwal

Host had been interrupting all the time :(


In my opinion some of the questions were quite silly and Boris conducted himself extremely well!


People need to understand that they have been lied to about their health, that is the huge underlying problem. If you understand this any form of lock-down or so called preventative measure are ridiculous. There is no such thing as a contagious illness causing virus! A virus is a dead waste product of toxin removal from the body. All illness is a form of body cleanse a detox of the body from the onslaught of poisons and toxicity in our air food and water. You CANNOT catch a detox from anybody else and you cannot vaccinate against it! This is a con that has been presented to the public for at least the past 100 years. No such things as pandemics, just lots of people needing to detox from some intrusive poison! Medical science has NEVER proved the existence of a dangerous contagious illness producing bacteria or virus!! THAT is the big CON!
ASK the PTB for proof!! If they cannot supply proof all their shenanigans are based on nothing but corruption and greed!


يا من حطت عليك ملكتك اليزابيث سيفها هل تواجه الهوا والماوالنار ومالم تعلموا يا مملكة فرعونة العصر ،كافيكم امين.

dave stewart

Its quite simple whoever is best for the role no matter their colour is the person who should get the role.
If that means job roles where a minority was overlooked and believes it was because of race then that needs addressing but we can not just give someone a job because of colour.

Leigh Owen

What he going to do about cultural Marxism?

Jeremy Gough

i think the baby is looking after him.

John Dublyoo

Sorry Boris but you didn't decide to lockdown soon enough and you've relaxed it far too soon, prepare for a resurgence in Covid19.

Spamwise Gamer

If we had such a high death rate is it in proportion too population and is higher populated countries too land mass a contributing factor. More land mass more space. That sorta thing.

Dillon Gamble

Just look at this fool- how can anyone take him seriously??? ?‍♂️

Lonely Lemon

I've never heard someone sound so pained when asked a question about their new born child...

Squiddy Squidknacker


Jay Dobbyn

Where it to be made lol he will not answer the question funny that! If he cannot hold his father to account, will not hold Dominic Cummings to account he will not allow the enquires to roll! Release the Russian investigations ASAP




Somewhat off topic: Mr. Johnson's book on Churchill is brilliant. And characteristically witty.

Kerri Rivers

I can go to the pub but not the gym - yes because the contact rates are completely different - people are puffing and panting in the gym - I can get a hair cut but not my nails - haha yes no one has to touch your skin to cut your hair ! Doing someone's nails means touching them and being close to their face ! Surely when us Brits are getting angry about what is "allowed" we just need to look at the science of how close people are to eachother on these situations ! But tattoo parlous at still closed when it's the most hygienic setting (gloved and all equipment sterilised) so there my logic fails..

Trudi LM

More and more, it smacks of not knowing how to turn back without losing face. This fiasco has been the biggest over reaction/mistake - EVER.

Daniel Stangar

I think that the gentlemen who interviewed PM should learn not to interrupt sentences of people he talks with. I wanted to know what Mr. Johnson said in full, not just fragments.


How can anyone call Boris Johnson “well-spoken?” Guy can barely engineer a coherent sentence


Look at how Nick talks to Johnson, it's like talking to a baby

That's why Johnson would go to nick for an interview but avoid interviewers that will really give him difficult questions

Stonks Stonkiston

The guy who's next to him is so biased it might as well be a debate. Sod the questions being asked because obviously he's just going to interrupt every 3 seconds

Sir Scofferoff

Why do BAME need more representation? Are we saying they're different?

Erum Erum

i am from Pakistan
how visitor of can apply quarantine system. if their no any friend or relatives live there. which place for visitors can apply for fourteen days quarantine??.


How do you vote for someone who doesn’t even bother to ducking comb his hair in the morning. Amazing!!!

Social Rehab

Seriously? Can brush it?


Boris really is a great leader. The interviewer really trys to trip him up on technicalities, but he bats them away. Mr Johnson, we all hear you loud and clear. Thank you for all you have done durig this pandemic! But, i cant forgive you o the Cummings scandal.

Three Six Nine

Who wants to call in to ask the idiot anything ?

Idiots that's who


OAP's die in care home every year and and not by CV19.

Super PantMan

If Britain is a predominantly white country then why would you expect equal representation in government?

Jonathan Brennan

The electorate voted for a lot of things, no one voted for Cummings, the fact he has so much political power and his own set of rules is a joke. The British people should stop arguing amongst each other and unite against the political elites that don't represent our democracy.

Dan Tipney

Utterly pathetic

Richard Alletson

When a black person deserves the job as a senior minister based on experience, knowledge and political skill they will get it. Putting one there just to fulfil a quota because they’re black or to appease, “Sam from Bristol”, or anyone else is unfair on any other potential candidates who might deserve the job. It is quite frankly absurd racism against any other race than black people. Boris Johnson and the government need to have the minerals to tell people like, “Sam from Bristol”, the reason there aren’t any black people in the senior cabinet is simply that race doesn’t come into play during the selection process and so it’s impossible to guarantee that a black candidate is chosen, just the best candidate.

Lee Robinson

How are you going to buy back the nuclear power industry


What does he ask for when he goes to the barbers

Jay Dobbyn

Boris is lying as usual. In the last 10 years the Tory government has completely run police numbers down to nothing!

Jake Moggy

florence nightingale mask.. a somewhat obvious political strategy, probably given to him just before the show.

Belt Drive Type A

Yes one thing the conservative party absolutely needs is more black representation, Dianne abbot gives inspiration to so many people in Britain
Not only is Dianne a hard working influential woman she's managed that while successfully raising a child
Keep up Boris

Artur Mysliwiec

Tgere is no pandemic it is just a policy to push through this vaccine that will be bought ultimately and someone will ear a billions of £ just due to this propaganda.

Sam Creech

This show is without a doubt one of the worst I’ve seen. The host is rude and interrupts the guest at every moment. What’s the point in inviting someone on if you won’t let them speak?.

Charl Moor

Direct detailed info whats going on in government should be availible for anyone that wishes.. not just during corona.

We should be able to find out whats being talked about day to day..why should it be secret

j gomez

I luvvvvvv the Boris hair!!


You got voted in on a final brexit vote.. Since then.. I'm sad to say I've never been so dissatisfied with a party or leader...

But then again, do they really call the shots

dave stewart

Laurie do what the rest of us have to do go to the job centre and look for a new job don't expect us to pay you for nothing some jobs are being lost like mine 10 yrs now unemployed but am not crying I am looking for a new job.

Caleb Harniess

I did not hear one question that got one decent answer


Boris is full of B.S weak and a coward him and his government useless not for its own English people


People voted for Boris and the got Cummings.

Background Knowledge Is Everything

If you look at historical UK growth rates since 1945, the Conservative Party has not performed well. Labour (particularly since 1964 when Harold Wilson brought in the Department for Economic Affairs) have done a much better job in making the economy grow.

Oliver Marson



Why is Johnson waiting for stammer to say it's safe for kids to go back to school??

First of all stammer is not the PM, 2nd stammer has no control over government, lastly he did say he supports kids going back to school as long as it's safe.

Who's job is it to make schools safe?? Is it labour or is it the government???

Howard Noakes

He won't even answer a question on what the best part of parenting is

Jake Wright

Boris Johnson and his Government have been an absolute shambles throughout this pandemic. And I voted for them!

Trudi LM

How can he possibly pontificate how many people are infected? He has no idea! Right from the start, it's all been about 'could be, maybe, might be'. and so it remains.

d m

dissapointed with nick ferraris method of questioning . it was the nhs that moved the patients out of hospitals . why did they not use the nightingale hospitals for the covid patients

Samuel Ramos

The UK should have the most qualified people in government instead of focusing on the ridiculous color of the skin that the black caller was wailing about.


'hmm a difficult question, I'd better stammer and babble until they forget the original question and I can sidestep it'... Stereotypical politician.


How do you reset the Country after this Virus?

Chris Sims

Boris should also have mentioned the Conservative Mayor of London Candidate. ??

A Shah

Omg what's happened to the hair

Vinyl Richie Thompson

Boris looks like a rabbit trapped in the headlights .Do I really not want to be here?


He came across so badly - dishonest and very difficult for Nick to work with. All he wants to do is try to make the questions go away. Didn't hear much in regards to how he might actually help the callers' concerns. You'd think he'd have more constructive things to say seeing as these questions were expected.


Remember about the immigration argument in brexit?

Johnson pretty much invited close to 3m people from hong kong to come to uk

So it's either to cover what UK will be missing from EU workers or the immigration argument in brexit is nonsense


I hope he doesn't start to put black people in the cabinet just because they are black. The best person for the job should get it whatever their skin colour. First they have to become MP's and black people are discouraged from conservative views by the radical left.

Mfecane Gukurahundi

Boris Johnson is an amazing man. He has great leadership, courage and intelligence. Great Britain is so lucky to have such a fantastic man.

Jay Dobbyn

Johnson’s government guidelines were to put all elderly into care homes before results were back and endangered the care homes. Failed to mention April just says until March! Bumbles and lies

spiritual Gainz

Bill gates puppet along with rest of the cabal.

Laurence Chapman

Boris pandering to the first callers question about equality of outcome is pathetic. He has a big majority so why is he following a leftist agenda?

Marcin Marecki

Boris, this is Huston. Here is no pandemic. I know only one person who believe in your pandemic.

Trudi LM

How dare he suggest that the care home fiasco was caused by homes not understanding how to look after their charges. Care homes are not responsible for the fatalities - the NHS is.

Lee Robinson

Well you had get a grip of it because there’s another gift from China heading our way

Rhys Chellew

Did anyone else sense a mood change when Ferrari challenged him on what the meaningful difference is between a pub and a gym, a driving lesson or a wedding etc?
I felt an intense anger descend over Johnson

Kevin Jordan

Only 3.3% of the UK population are black and how many of them are conservatives?

Howard Noakes

The difference between Johnson and Starmer is that Starmer gives short straight answers to simple questions, Johnson just drones on with empty answers or long winded campaign slogans

johnny rogers

Ferrari is a Tory boot licker he's Tory through and through can't stand the bloke

Vote Best World Boris Johnson 2021

Boris Johnson Winner 2023 ? ?? ✍️ ❤️ ?? Boris 2023 ? ?? ✍️ ❤️

Someone Somewhere

I honestly dont think Comrade Bojo had the virus. Too convenient. All hes ever had is a bad hair day and speech impediment.

dee dee

It is difficult to answer questions on a topic that is a complete scam organised by psychopaths and he has to go along with it. BLM is part funded by Soros and again part of an orchestrated event, basically divide and rule. He is an intellect but finds it difficult to lie to uphold the pathetic plandemic propaganda.


Too right he should block the enquires, has everyone forgotten they are shielding one who has been charged in the UK

Hetty Bryce-Lane

He looks shattered


id rather tory then labour but then again boris is a bit of a bell end. just dodges any difficult question, id respect honesty over avoidance regardless of the answer.