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491 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Ujwal Thakur

how to promote cpa offers in What's app please make a full detail video ?

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Firoz Khan

Thanks sir good information

Daniel Scott


money swift

Nice video

Danil Dekosov


Sees in spanish

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The Spain No One Sees: 10 Days of Solo Travel and Photography on the Wild Northern Coast

245 546 views | 25 Apr. 2020

Holy wow, this is Spain??

Holy wow, this is Spain?? So I'd been to different parts of Spain on a trip about a decade earlier, but a ten-day road trip across the northern Spanish Coast just absolutely blew me away. Some areas felt like Ireland or Scotland, with rugged, rocky, cliff-filled coastlines. Other places felt like the middle of the Alps. And nowhere was crowded. It felt like an undiscovered world...

Check out more of my photography here: https://brianwlackey.com

Follow along with my travels on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianwlackey/

Full list of my recommended photo, video, and hiking gear: https://brianwlackey.com/gear

Places visited on the trip:

Day 1: Cantabria (Playa del Portio, Santander)

Day 2: Cantabria (Faro Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, Fuente De)

Day 3: Asturias (Picos de Europa National Park, Ruta del Cares, Mirador del Naranjo de Bulnes)

Day 4: Galicia (Praia das Catedrais, Serantes)

Day 5: Galicia (Costa de Dexo, Seixo Branco, Fragas do Eume, Faro do Cabo Prior)

Day 6: Long Drive (through Galicia, Castile y Leon, and La Rioja)

Day 7: La Rioja (Logroño)

Day 8: Navarra (Bardenas Reales), Basque Country (Gorbeiako Parke Naturala)

Day 9: Navarra (Nacedero del Urederra), Basque Country (Bakio, Mundaka)

Day 10: Basque Country (Bakio, Bilbao)

Here's the cool AirBnB I stayed at in Galicia that everyone is asking about: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/18071106

To see a rough map of the trip, as well as some highlights via photographs, check out this post on my travel photography website:


Not a huge social media fan? Get updates and trip recaps once per month in your email inbox by signing up here: https://brianwlackey.com/antisocial

Ander Elola

I reckon the last part was "Urederra" (the waterfalls)? Which means "wonderful water" in basque.

Pretty amazing video!!?? It's a shame you didn't taste more local food and try the gastronomical field of the area...

Ada Coleman

nice pictures


you are a very good videographer and photographer. great video.

Ph Nijman

Kut, ik moet op vakantie. Het huis uit

arkan saputra

Horrible moustache & pretty touristy pics, get on your bike, there’s a lot more to northern Spain than this.

Witlof 54

What's with the hair? Ugh.

ted ted

Thanks for the tour. Enjoyable & relaxing. Some nice photos too.


What's d name of d whaterfall place? Thanks


I don't know if he even enjoyed this trip, he has such a non chalant vibe

Ngurah Iwan

great work man

chester Lee

Actually it,s EUSKADI not Spain. They have their own language and culture. Ni Chester naiz, agur.❤??

adrian hill

love it

Furious Doe

33 euro for dinner ...man that is dirtcheap for the excellent quality of food you get .... go back home if you want to get served garbage .

Tony Navarro

Hi, only to suggest that while you travelling keep posting where yu are area specific so we can do when around..thks

Sourav Banik

I see those pictures and I am getting goosebumps!

Calum Stephens

N. Spain is the Garden of Eden.

clemente mora

love your work dudee! keep it up :)

Evan Hodge

Presumably, people live there and see it, often.

Waynes World

Spain and Portugal both have amazing coastlines.. Excellent photography !!

Careful Consumer

This was my planned trip until the pandemic shut everything down. Thanks for the video! I can enjoy it vicariously.

Chukky aka Ian

My favourite part of Spain, next big trip post COVID, just me, my motorcycle and cameras?

Cesar Ginete

Your photographs are stunning, Bryan. Thanks for sharing them.

anuran paul

Stunning photographs. I visited Spain in 2019 but only the big cities as it was my first time. This video inspires me to travel again !! Beautiful video


A fair video spoilt by the endless showing of your face instead of the countryside. Just don't get how a video on you saying how beautiful the countryside is......instead of showing the countryside and having your comments in the background.

Rafael Colunga

Thanks Brian!

Dr. Nandita Camilla

nice relaxing content

Sam Krasnobrod

Feeling inspired, Brian! Thanks!

Sam Chan

This makes me miss travelling so much...COVID please go away! Well done on the video!



Daniela Bun

Too much Brian

BDhananjaya Buddhika Dhananjaya


Nick Szlavik

That first mountain region with the animals and bells looks so much like Switzerland!

Jeffrey Foster


Roland Lundall

I like your video very much but just to be a little critic. Please don't complain about the prices of food in a nice restaurant because you paying for the quality which you enjoyed and the atmosphere. Then you complained about the lovely apartment being 62 euros. It had amazing views which is actually what you paying for and that you enjoyed right. You did not have to book it, if you did not want to. Life is full of choices, and you make choices based on the joy you get from them, but that means that you have to except that you must pay for good things. Just enjoy it.

Okay Boomer

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

Julio Prego Rabuñal

Spain is like a small continent , different landscapes

Charlie M

In the moment and appreciating it. Nice.

Daryl D

Meh, prefer the south. If I wanted green, wet and cold I'd stay in England.

Nacho Montoro

As a person who has lived in Nothern Spain I would like to say that you appreciate our country and it’s seen that you know the spanish culture. Chapó

Julius Suruiz

Just came across your channel and i just thought you deserve a million sub! lol

Sean Clapis

I’m a jazz musician from New York who moved to Madrid. When I take international friends on tour here, they are always awestruck by everything in the north. It’s incredible. Well done!

Jan H. Maaso

Truly outstanding photography. Thanks for sharing. Jan.

Justin Limke

Bro the view of this Bnb is sick, can you tell me the name of it?

martin quinn

Reminds me of some parts of Scotland

Monica Comendeiro

wow, this footage is amazing!

john fraser

Sweaty = sudoroso. :) Grreat video. Thanks!

Beatriz Villena Chico

The pictures are wonderful, LOVE them

Raul Izquierdo

The best food as well. I curse the day my ancestors left spain but then again i wouldnt be here lol .

Ignacio Cristobal

Great video! For the next time, go to Olite (next to Nacedero del Urederra). It's a fairytale.

João P. Cardoso

Awesome views. Living close to such treasure (the other companion in the peninsula, Portugal!) it is great to see these videos to know what and where to explore. Thank you! (small suggestion: having the videos divided by days, and you have this info in the description, add timestamps in the video)

Hans Pohai Müller

Great video man. Loved it. I've yet to venture to this part of the north of Spain -- I've spent close to two years in Sevilla and the Canary Islands -- but your video has helped to inspire a future trip. As others have remarked, I appreciate your approach as a tourist. The world deserves tourism that is respectful and rooted in awe. Also- those black-and-white shots are i n c r e d i b l e. Cheers! Un abrazo desde Canarias

Kevin Rittershaus

The constant smile on your face when you look around says it all.

Drew Bennett

Nice little film though a pity the locations weren't identified.

Celeste Wiberg

Thank you for such a lovely video of your trip to Spain. I loved it. I am very grateful.

soon han choi

Thanks a lot. You have given me something to do in future,

Joel Fernando

Xabarin Club en la Galega if you watched it as a kid click like!

Gali Giri

Thanks for giving exposure to Northern Spain but being from Galicia myself I hope it stays a secret lmao tourists really did ruin the rest of the country

Carl D

As someone from Spain living in the South West, I feel the same way here in the US when traveling thru the California coast, mountains and deserts in Utah, NV and Arizona.. not to mention the amazing landscapes of Colorado.. Thank you for the wonderful video and photography ?? a good inspiration


You should’ve told us with a map where you went, or at least with some subtitles tell the places. Instead of the 1, two, three, days. you can say Asturias, Galicia , Cantabria etc. Other than that, I like this idiot. He makes us feeling like we are there with him. Great ? idea! I want to be like this guy when I grow up.And sweaty is sudado...

Kathy Sterndahl

Beautiful photography! Thank you for sharing!

Reed Campbell

Probably the most tolerable, least obnoxious blogger I’ve seen. 10/10

Rodrigo Montero Míguez

Galicia is just beautiful in so many ways, I’m so lucky to live here by the sea

Jason Trinidad

Beautiful. The biggest desert in Europe is in Ukraine though

june hitchcock

What is the nearest town to the desert mentioned?

Gerardo Poveda Galeas

Fantástic!!...Maybe you know it ... but I recommend you visit Guryipuri beach in Asturias

Shrish Unscripted

This is incredible!


Amazing places. Quality video and editing. Gud one?


I am Spanish, and Northern Spain is definitely not the Spain no one sees, it’s just the part of Spain that isn’t marketed to tourists from the UK or the US, because they want to see bulls and flamenco... glad you discovered this slice of paradise, my plan is to live in Asturias as soon as the restrictions for Coronavirus are lifted!


Even on an island as small as Mallorca you can find mountains, beaches and cities. Imagine how the entire Iberian Peninsula can be! 500,000 km2 of truly varied nature, and in certain places dramatically depopulated.

Nick Szlavik

Awesome stuff man!


We saw it.

Stayed 2 weeks in a house near Potes. Explored the local area on our bikes.

Lagos di Covadonga. One HARD climb.

The landscape is amazing.

Lauren Eliza

Wow this is so crazy, literaly just stumbled upon this video, noticed that the place you're staying at 9:20 was the exact same room I was in in 2017. It brings back great memories of Galicia one of the most beautiful places I have ever explored. And A Coruña is an underrated city.

Elpidio Villarreal

Algún día iré al norte de España, mis descendientes dejaron la región hace más de 400 años. Son los colonizadores del noreste de mexico, fundaron un estado llamado Nuevo Santander que ahora es el estado de tamaulipas.


I miss traveling so much thanks your video

G. C.

19:00 Daenerys Targaryen apeared there with Drogon


Galicia is so beautiful! Lots of love from your neighbour and brother Portugal!

Killian O'Cíardubhaín

Very similar to Ireland. Beautiful country Spain & beautiful people.


Great shots!

Brian Johnson

Well done, thanks

Carlos Algar Osuna

Spain is a pretty big country, and there are a lot of different kinds of landscapes and ecosystems. From north to south, and from east o west you’ll be able to find many jewels.
Thanks for sharing in such a gorgeous way our country.

Body and Beyond

Beautiful trip!

CrIvA ::27::

thank you for showing such beautiful places in my country ??

Abhishek Davuluri

What was the camera you used here? For stills and vlog? Is it the same camera?

niel capasso

Hey, Brian, I enjoined your documentary on Spain. Spain is a beautiful place I have down the Camino 11 times and the best part of itis Northern Spain. Hope to see more of your work. Ciao Hombre.

Simeon o

My Dad is Basque I have never visited. Thank you for sharing beautiful video and photos.

Emilia Panish-Hoffmann

What time of year was this?


Te quiero, España.

Anees's Motivational Stuff

Nice vlog .. but it would be nicer if you had have a gf ?

Rachit Kothari

Which camera are you using?

Roberto Amezcua

Hey Brian, so I just got done watching this your vlog here first time on your channel. It was truly beautiful. I would have never imagined this is Spain. But I found it more amazing how I think you kinda fell in love with the Spain, maybe too strong of words but its what stood out the most just from seeing you seeing it. I ended feeling I need to go to Northern Spain, I want to experience what you did, it looked magical. Look forward to more videos.

Raghav Sharma

You did such an awesome job with this! Thank you for sharing your creativity and experience with all of us!


We rode to Fuente De several times. That’s easy from Potes. More of a “faux plat”

Orlando O

Makes me want to visit Spain again and document my trips there in the past! Wish I had more video on those trips, but it was almost 12 years ago...

Class Reductionist for the Most Part

Maybe less of you and more of Spain.

Piero P77

Awesome man, bellissimo

Abdo Za Deldo

Te amo España

Much love from Saudi Arabia, Hopefully I will visit this awesome country that I admire for no obvious reason.
Maybe Because of Al-Andalus and Granada, Look alike architecture ??‍♂️


WOW!...This is such a well produced video, I am not lying when I thought I was actually there as I watched it. I am hoping to move to Spain here in a little bit, and this video was great!

Benny Walker


Chac Mool

Awesome. Yeah, 33 euro for a meal is too much...Would like to do the Northern area by bicycle...

Juan Andres Ferrero

Amazing video bro! I would like to know which camera and mics do you use to record your videos? All the best!

Sees in spanish

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Thee Oh Sees - Scutum & Scorpius

14 820 views | 27 Aug. 2019

Artista: Thee Oh

Artista: Thee Oh Sees

Álbum: Face Stabber






Las canciones no son de mi autoría, son del interprete anunciado en el nombre del video, yo solo difundo su música por este medio para compartir su música.

Si el interprete pide que lo saque, sin ningún problema lo sacare de este espacio.


3:47 melts my face off

Cristobal Feder

I love progressive.......and this is sooooo goooddd <3


I love the little Low Rider reference thrown into the jam.

Josh Nudelman

Favorite song on Facestabber

thaddeus rex

jelly, so way fully heavy, i dig it...

Andrew Jackson

Is there a better transition mid-song than this? The beginning is such a contrast to the funky bliss that follows, but it wouldn't be the same if they were 2 separate songs. Genius to combine them.

Daigen Christense


thaddeus rex

dig in

Dicki Monster

Pink floyd?


1:23 - 2:50 is fucking beautiful

Red Affix

This is like Yes playing with Jimi Hendrix in 1985 Seattle.


This was my summer song in 2019! Played it damn near every day

Andres Valenzuela

best song on the album


That organ part's gotta be the coolest thing ever

Dicki Monster

Face stabber is way better than infest the rate nest


That guitar pierces through me I can’t get enough. Beautiful jam

Raymond Mosbeck

5:20 - 6:16 holy crying wailing wah, bends and staccato. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Johny b goode is even in there.