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How This 25-Year-Old Started His Own Uber-Like Barber Business

1 005 834 views | 17 Jun. 2019

TRIM-IT is a tech-enabled

TRIM-IT is a tech-enabled barber service that allows it's customers to order a haircut right to their doorstep. The Uber-like service was founded by Londoner and entrepreneur Darren Tenkorang, who started the business in 2018 after winning £10,000 from a business competition.


LA’s Best Barber Is A Woman Breaking Gender Stereotypes


Why This Italian Barber Shop Cuts Hair With Fire


Meet Usain Bolt’s Barber Who Became Hairdresser To The World’s Biggest Soccer Stars



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How This 25-Year-Old Started His Own Uber-Like Barber Business

Shane Mowatt

Great the see a fellow brother doing well as an entrepreneur, great story.. all the best buddy !



Keep Building ✊?

Marcus Calvin

It was my idea research will show and plubish dates. Other then that your success.

George STM

It’s good for people that have ops

Ahmon Mcclennon

Hope he gets everything he deserves

Jarome Jacksan

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal website :)))

Jesus A

That line up needs some fixing lol


Fully rate this tho keep it up


This is so awesome !!


Unsanitary!! Where is the sink and the bathrooms?? I guess you cannot get your hair washed or take a piss??Wack for the USA but I guess OK for Europe...


I love this story. I suggested this idea to my son who is a successful master barber and instructor in Atlanta, Georgia, 15 years ago. Kudos for taking action!


This is exactly what we need in my city!

Carla Jordon

My brother make sure your franchise cross the world,,,, so anyone that does this has to pay you

C. Adam

Black British Africans are always business minded and excel academically ,it’s part of the African culture.Congratulations ?

Eric Johnson

that's a guienus idea!!


Amazing Idea and good luck to the man. BUT>>>>> part of a good "barbers" is the VIBE etc .Take "Champs" for instance . And this Van has its own "Vibe" . I think this man has stepped up . I wish him well .

Sherod Barnett

You make a killing in the hood ? great idea !!

DIY OneForAll

Why not


Well done my brotha.


Good for him man that’s awesome

The Working man

That’s pretty cool man!! But it’s weird how some people are getting political in the comments lol


Works for someone like me but I take it certain people like the whole barbershop environment!

Aroan Cane

Inspiring definitely supporting the cause ??

Joel Ramirez

Worst buisness to get into, no future benefits or medical nor weekends off! Pay is super low and costs about a year in school witch is required by state you live but on average 1200hrs. So please stay out of barbering young friends. Again being a barber does not pay! And you will always be broke!

American cutie

CONGRATS bro!!!!

BiffTannen SE15

Brilliant business idea. So convenient for customers with minimal free time!

Lady T

Livecuts UK brought me here! So it's not a new trend as I suspected. TRIM-It started the trend. Well done to your original idea!??

How does this work in Tier 3 London?

amar Yadav

Love and respect from INDIA

Danny Rose

From one blk man to another one proud of you bro standing o


Brilliant idea of ingenuity and entrepreneurship. 5 stars from me all the way.



TwoLeos Some Powder & A Mess

This shit is super dope. I honestly gave this idea to my barber friend in North Carolina 8 years ago... mobile anything is idea.


Get you're paper my brother ???

ALpha Bettas USA

How does he shampoo his customers?


i just saw a strange van blocking my drive way a bit enough for me to come out but still. lets be polite regardless what bossiness it is. i was about to go to the van and tell him to move to another spot till i heard my neighbour talking inside and thought leave it. no point once you have problem with neighbours it's never ending and gets petty. for any of the Trim It business people or the barbers reading this please do not block peoples driveway after all you are mobile and can always find a spot without blocking anyone's driveway thank you. love the bossiness idea keep up the good work

Almighty Murph

Not gone cap that cut was ?


We’ve noticed that they’re black, no need to scream it in the comments ‘’ PROUD TO BE BLACK, BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!1!1! ‘’. They are as ambitious and creative than any other people, we should support their idea and their person. No need to brag about the fact that they are black, it just shows that you feel insecure.





Genius bro

Fynal Abode

Excellent! I’ve been doing mobile cuts for 2 years now and I’m so happy and inspired to see this! Congrats and much success

ALpha Bettas USA

Its a very good way to save money on rent and ultilities, esp in California


Them man can’t use scissors lmao

Demetrius H

Am I the only one who noticed how fucked up his hairline was @0:33 ?

Jorge Espinoza

What type of vans are those


I can already tell this is in the UK... before even watching the vid

Nouh Ahmed

I think now he is earning well due to Corona-Virus.


Kudos to you brother.

Warren James

I just want to know where he got that 'There's rice at home' hoodie. ? ?

My TakeDown

Innovation in textured haircare! Kudos to Trim-It founder and team.

Marchelo Metodiev

Paying for parking?




brilliant in 2020


It means ur an empath bro :)

Aj J

Man i pray he gets his 500. Very happy for this young chap!

Nana Nuakoh


Maurice James

Brilliant business idea my brother. Much success.

lamar lamar

Dope str8 up give dude mad props...very convenient way of getting your hair clip up..some barber shops be full an all of that with over booking..but see this very convenient this not even being lazy about it doe...whoever gave this thumbs down y’all some haters doe

Malcolm X Disciple

Incredible. I just wished I did that years ago when it crossed my mind. I'll probably buy a van and do it. Congratulations to these young black men.

Oscar Gonzalez

If you watch this video and comment anything about this being a black successful man then you are dumb.

Ahmon Mcclennon

Ain't nothing like going to the barbershop on a good Saturday and have man talk and sport talk

Kirk Sturips

Swear his van is in shadows music video ride my wave

Dhante Swha'le



This is amazing! I am a barber and had a similar idea like this. So glad someone did something like this and it's working out. Makes me want to follow my idea.

Dat Boy

If they hit a bump it's over!

Jordan Richardson

Thats Dope! ?????


What a clever idea


Sounds good in theory but not in practice. Getting a haircut is a way of rewarding yourself and nobody wants to get it in a van. I think this is really just a black business as black people don't have many black barbers to choose from. For other races there are endless high street barbers.

Btw, this guy has been featured on bbc, forbes, insider etc but none have stated how this biz is doing in terms of figures..

Nas Escobar 600

✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊i am beyond proud of this brother

Soulitaire Records Officiel

No wayyyyyyyyy this is GENIUSSSSSSS ????????????????????????????????

Kay Islam

Amazing business idea and I can see this blow up massively but need better barbers. I used this service once as I wasn’t able to go to my normal barbar but unfortunately my fade was not sharp nor smooth. Shapeup was a little off. The barbar i had with trim it deffo needs a more experience. Practice makes perfect but little bit of advice never cheat on your barbar or you’d be wearing a hat for daaaysss like i had too.

Charlie Ellis

Yo this man is killing it

mark gunning

what a good idea Darren i'm Dyslexia two and its hard some time to find a job every body needs a haircut keep up the good work

Carla Jordon

Out of necessity all great inventions occur,,,,,, you go brother

Will , illmatic barber

Nothing new ..... I have my own Sprinter van doing cuts , happy for you but the cuts are trash keep working on it


I need you right now

Billy Miller

A young successful black man who is self made and successful. Tell me where the racism is? If you want to make it in this country you can, regardless of your skin color or cultural background


The van will deteriorate in 5 years. You can’t service enough customers driving from a to b. I just don’t see how this could work

Jesus A

I would work for him


Many Blessings


Lol global warming

Lorenzo ducree

I love black entrepreneurs
I totally like the new trend of barbering.. one question, I live in Vegas , how is the AC unit set up or does the van run until the cut is done...

Duke Saragano

That's so dope!!!! We need that out here in Jersey.


How much is he charging tho? 100$ a cut or what?

Jesus A

Great idea tho ??

Danni Sapp

This is pure genius. I’d definitely give him my business. Great idea!

L. K.

That is absolutely brilliant!! Black excellance

Brooklyn 212

This is an awesome idea. I'm a woman who has a short hair cut and going to the barbershop and being the only woman at times is intimidating. I wish the barbershop had booths for privacy.

Nkosi Rooms

Love what your doing keep stepping outside the box.

The Difference

This kid is a genius. A true business man


Nice ??????

Yaa Fowaa

Well done

Godly Child

So impressive! Wow. Blessings and success to this young, brilliant entrepreneur.

Kej Akintola

Well said.....

samuel abron

WOW ?????

Zach Battista

Clean haircut man!


Ghanaians boys and our ingenuity lol

BlackLarry 337

Im from lake charles...peeps out here been doing that

Tony Foster


Jagged Edge Academy

If YOU want to become a BARBER subscribe to our YouTube and Apply for our courses where we will turn you into a Master BARBER!

Theo Irving

Damn even your barber comes to your house nowadays.

Swapping services

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How to Upgrade an Electric Meter to 200-Amp Service (Part 1) | This Old House

2 081 842 views | 3 Sep. 2014

Master electrician Scott

Master electrician Scott Caron shows the first phase of replacing an antiquated electrical system.

Watch part two here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbO-4k6IaUs&index=183&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV

#ThisOldHouse #AskTOH

SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: http://bit.ly/SubscribeThisOldHouse


1. Have utility company to disconnect electrical cables from the house.

2. Remove the glass meter from the meter socket.

3. Unscrew meter socket from side of house, then use cable cutters to sever the cable connected to the socket.

4. Enlarge existing cable hole in wall using a cordless drill and 3-inch-diameter hole saw.

5. Bore through the rim joist using an extension shaft and 2-inch-diameter hole saw.

6. Attach a length of 200-amp SE electrical cable to the new meter socket.

7. Feed the SE cable through the hole in the wall and then screw the meter socket to the exterior of the house. Use a torpedo level to ensure the socket is level.

8. Install the new PVC weather head and conduit to the exterior wall, directly above the meter socket. Secure the conduit to the meter socket using PVC cement. Fasten the conduit to the house with U-shaped plastic clips.

9. Have the utility company mark the locations of any underground lines. Then, pound two copper ground rods into the ground using a 3-pound sledgehammer. Space the rods 6 feet apart.

10. Make the wire connections between the ground rods, up to an inter-system bonding termination, and into the meter socket.

11. Connect the power wires to the meter socket.

12. Plug the glass meter into the meter socket. Then, snap on the meter cover.

About This Old House TV:

This Old House is the No. 1 multimedia home enthusiast brand, offering trusted information and expert advice through award-winning television, a highly regarded magazine, and an information-driven website. This Old House and Ask This Old House are produced by This Old House Ventures, LLC and are presented on PBS by WGBH Boston.

Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseFB

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Pinterest: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHousePinterest

Instagram: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseIG

Tumblr: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseTumblr

How to Upgrade an Electric Meter to 200-Amp Service (Part 1) | This Old House


Kevin Keeler

I didn't see nocorode applied to the conductors. Its code to do that.

Odalys Vanessa

It is necesssry to call an inspection for this job?

Da Michl

the problem is the 120v

Juan M. Castillo

I want to know about the ground wire from the ground rods, seems like everybody, neglects to show how its terminated, would you please show it

Jake Greenhaw


Gustavo Ramos

What a cheap job he used pvc conduit it's gonna end up warping over time and it looks ugly too

Dan Larkin

☝️) morning I will love ? I have to work on a

Jake Greenhaw


Dave Ross

Connecting the 2 GROUND BARS is great BUT why not to connect them ABOVE the GROUND that will allow to check if the ground is STILL GOOD AFTER FEW YEARS by a SIMPLE OHM METER ! AND MORE = PAY ATTENTION the utility company is NOT replacing there wires ! = WHY to replace the ELECTRICAL OLD BOX as was replaced at the PART 2 , do you want to save $$$ any feedback welcome !


EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT CODE, you can easily replace the 100 amp load center with a 200 amp load center without replacing the meter and all the wires. The point is to calculate your power draw. If you need more circuits but all your circuits combined will not be drawing more than 100 amps at any given time, you just replace the load center. Now, you SHOULD replace the service with 200 amp but you do not always have to go through that.

MrMore Lp

American Electricity is literally Stone Age compared to Standards we have.


Wow...! You can't get away installing the staff made of pvc, rigid pipe only in Cali, and the ground rods need to connect to the plumbing and gas piping with no6 armored ground solid wire....that's crazy how some states they are very relaxed on there electrical codes....

corey W

Why not use a ground plate? Must not be code down there

lol Moreno

Gauge number?????????????????

J Crif

If that was for real, why would you install the meter before working on landing wires inside?


sigh Wish my 2001 built house wasn't just 100Amp service. Everything in the house is gas, which is why I think they did it. But adding a 50Amp circuit for a 40Amp car charger was interesting.

The Doctor

good instal, my only issue is that i prefer copper going into the house, makes things a bit safer in my mind

Jordan Stine

Meter base too low should L.B. ground rod too close to house. And who the heck uses plastic.

Sergeant Seven

Right off the bat, Failed to mention that the power company has to shut down the feeders to the meter.

Negative 13

This homeowner sounds like an idiot. The lines are cut, so I don’t have electric? I’m surprised it’s not copper wires

Babu4324 Farhad4324

This is baby work bro.you good teacher.

Maniek Maniek

Ciekawie to wygląda lecz za tak robione uziemienie, wpierdol.


전압이 110v라 전선 굵기가 두껍네요. 220v이면 절반으로 줄어들건데 ㅎㅎ

christian helser

30 seconds in and the facial expression of the homeowner looks like his family is being held hostage by the production team.


upgrade to 200? I cant imagine having less than 200. you should be upgrading to 400 amp service.

cherry lee

0086-13671843635, [email protected]qq.com, Skype: linnaniu1
factory supply 19" 5u aluminum server subrack chassis, cnc network enclosure

Jay Kemm

Nice Job Chad, Nice Job Brad, but we're gonna need 1.21 gigawatts for the car and another 5 for the whale of a wifes PoundTownOmatic.

Hector Conte

This guy is a joke, pvc for a raiser? Are you kidding me, a master electrician does not know how to use conduit, and on top of that run cable to the load center, this guy is FAKE AS HELL!!!

Private Name

No seal on the cable that goes through the wall of the house!?

Roger Miller

I just got quote from a license electrician for just moving my service to the other side of the garage. $7400 They got everything i need a home depot. I am gonna do it my self.

Roberto Acevedo

The homeowner is something else.

oh no

And here's your bill for 289,000$


One thing he failed to do i think because I've done one of these is left a little more wire in the Box altho its hard to bend this wire it is possible to leave a little extra wire bc wire does get smaller or move into the box

Bjorn Klaver

It amazes me how a electric installation is in America

Paulo Marcio Kloh

Aqui no Brasil 200 A custam 1000 reais por mês só de taxas

More about Islam

All thanks to ? drakehack01 on Instagram who help me hack my meter without delay.


Wow !!! You get to have the electric company disconnect the service cable ???? The norm here in Michigan is making the swap of masthead, meter socket, and panel,, is with the drop hot. Just recently,, storm damage. beaver tail and masthead ripped off the front of the home. The electric company said , "No." when I asked for disconnect. Did the full replacement hot. I ONLY own fiberglass ladders.

Sergeant Seven


Elimelec Sevilla

Good job

Robert Nixon

LOL . I can't believe I didn't see this before now. This would be one electrician I wouldn't want on my house . I seen so many violations in that install it makes me wonder it the guys house burnt down a year later.


Is there a reason they used two different types of cable in the meter socket?


ok now its time to bust them laws ! https://youtu.be/ZHg7NgYMCy8


Don't do it yourself. Here's a handy tutorial for people who definitely aren't going to do it themselves.

Roberto Javier Patti

puro cable de aluminio

Greg Kowalski

“Ground rods prevent electrocution.”

Ok pal.


Why not make sure that you are truly saved by Jesus Christ and practice this way. Remorsefully confess with your heart your sins to Jesus Christ who is God and tell Him that you right now are repenting of your sins and you want to be born again of the Spirit from above. Tell Jesus that you are remorsefully sorry for breaking His commandments and that you are begging for forgiveness from Him. Allow His blood from the cross to wash away your sins. After this is done with your heart successfully the Holy Spirit will come to live within you and He will rebuild you from the inside out.

Look for signs that you are saved. Things like spreading the good news from Jesus, getting other people saved, a craving for the word of God, reading the Bible, etc… These things are known as a calling and fruit bearing. If you're not bearing fruit then keep doing it. Sometimes it takes time to get saved. Read Matthew chapter 13 from the King James Bible. God bless!!!!!


Lol, called the city to cut the power. If you have a permit from the city the electrician can do it himself, and how come the weather head is no through the roof???? PVC?? Pipe? Shouldn't you be using Rigid conduit.

Mario Cervantes

PVC conduit for main lines?? I never did like that.

Joseph Richard

You put what looks like a 1.5 inch hole in the house, instead of having perforations that big why diddnt you just sleeve the wire with pvc into the house? Now you have a perforations and air leaks. Please to not say duct seal.

Chris The Other

I never saw an electrician do anything on youtube where in the comments other electricians explain on how he did it wrong. Not even outlets. Also plenty of electricians demonstrate how they don't quite have Ohm's law down yet.


No Bypass handle on that meter pan?


Drill through wall with hole saw into unprotected conductors - check
Remove safety glasses when working inches away from giant eye pokers - check
Pound rods into ground without locates - check

Ron Smith

So what about the ground???? How is the ground connected and to what??????????

Mr. Cholo

PVC Pipes wtf?

Georgy Porgy

Peace https://youtu.be/U1wvsuCquWY

Nih Jack

Ground rods are for voltage regulation - not for fault current. They are a part of the grounding electrode system. The equipment grounding conductor is for fault current return to source (the neutral). Also, if your electrician wants to run a PVC riser - just don't. And with PVC straps? It is allowed in some places, but there is no way in hell I would EVER hang a PVC riser on PVC straps.

felipe antonio gallardo palacios

wtf no es cooper

Gilbert Dare

Black wire for ground?


Why you still are using aluminum cable for your main supply


He didn't have to make a new super large hole that's a bunch of BS, you could clearly see the line would have fit in just fine, probably wants to just charge another 1000 bucks. All he had to do was first try it then maybe a little silicone grease so its not flammable.

Smaugs Wrath

Getting the utility company out is a job in itself.

Josh W

i g

Christopher Abbatiello

I would have fired him in first five minutes such a hack of an electrician

Moose Pass Hippie

Cannot drive ground rods like that in coastal Alaska.


у нас на весь подьезд сечения кабеля меньше . а здесь на 1 дом только

Jorge G Ruiz, Sr.

What kind of bullshit is garbage. PVC riser for a 200 amp?
Code requires 2" GRC with the service panel with circuit brakers.

David Miller

What is the meter 3 feet off the ground in ct has to be eye level about 5 feet and on residential we do disconnect and reconnect

nismo armada

Why bottom neutral no insulation?

Hamza Garmaje

I am looking for a job in the field of electricity with good experience in this field since my young age and I work in it and I love it very much


4:56 Scott, NO CRITISIM, just a tip:
As I was an apprentice 15 years ago, I learned: Always make a little loop of wire.
1. In case you cut too short you can still use it.
2. In case it breaks, burns (bad contac), you cut it and don´t need a new wire.
3. It is easier to connect (not so tight).

Greetings from german

Scott Miller

Awesome video!

larry moore

Would have liked to see the completed project.

john girgenti

I am a 40 year electrician you failed to notice all the exposed Romax in the basement and also your service entry cable that you installed is not protected in the basement that is against national electrical code look it up

Erik Versaevel

Lol, in NL we are happy if we have 3x25A (3 phase 380/220) or 1x 35A (single phase 220) for an entire house

Chris Webster

It's NoHo Hank.

Thomas Wright

This no longer meets code. A main breaker is now required outside.

Muhammad Saif

dear i need a job i have diploma of associate engineering in electrical and 3 mouth course industrial electrician eMali [email protected]gmail.com


Ah Americans and 120V system, this is ridiculous...in Europe for an average House we would use a 30-40A service for 240V, you would need twice that on the 120V grid...just ridiculous and obsolete

Mark Hill

Why isn't the neutral continuous


In Germany we Say: Pfusch

Jason Alexander

1:45 Almost hit those wires.

Кирилл Мирошников

What is a type of incoming wires?

Francisco Quiñones

Fancy screws to prevent water for entering the meter enclosure fancy pole head glue and all and nobody sealed the big old hole he did to get into the house??‍♂️

Carl Maes

not good to use Aluminum wire


I'm going to show you how to commit a felony by tampering with the utility company's meter whilst we upgrade your service! ?


How much does this project cost?


you could put a 1000A meter on there but it would still be limited by the incoming cable size. and why is everyting outside and so bl**dy ugly?? I wouldnt want that on the side of my house. in the uk we have flush meter boxes with just a small door

will schultz

The wire from the ground rods should go to the service panel neutral bus bar.

johnny dngrs

1:04 lets the home owner cut the mains just in case there's still power. j/k

kevin shelton

ground rods look a bit close together, hole for SE cable is about twice the size it needs to be, also I wouldn't use pvc for the service aside from the one coming out of the bottom for grounding


It bothers me when electricians describe the two ungrounded service conductors as having 120V each. That’s not really the correct way to say it. It will confuse people trying to learn and conceptualize the system. It’s 120V between each ungrounded conductor to the neutral conductor. It’s 240V between the two ungrounded conductors.

Kit Rosco

Lots have changed since 2014. were i am here in CT you can not bring the ground into the meter box like that. also you need a lever style bypass

عبد العفو هقي

عمل جيد ونظيف


How much is to do all that installation plus the 200 panel

Eugene Foster

My meter box just lost lost a leg and blew up. I got a new one with shut off in the box. Wired it in live and went on about my business.

Jim Lahey.

No insulation on neutral and ground rods. Lol america you need to upgrade to PME Protected Multiple Earth. I wonder how many ohms resistance there is on that grounding setup.

zeynel ORUÇ

tamamdır abi tedaştan muayeneye gelecekler eğer geçerse benim işim tamam

Carlos Moran

All thanks to your drakehack01 who help me hack my meter without delay on Instagram

vishal tadavalekar

Hii i want to work with you

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How & When to Safely Perform an "Original Gamertag Swap/Transfer" on Xbox! (OG USERNAMES)

25 840 views | 3 Oct. 2017

How & When to Safely

How & When to Safely Perform an "Original Gamertag Swap/Transfer" on Xbox! (OG USERNAMES)

Hope this video helps a lot of you guys out in the future! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video if you enjoy! Have a great day!

TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/EarsXBL

TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/EarsXBL

BEAM: https://www.beam.pro/T2P


YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/IAmCrimsonYT

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/oCrimson


INSTRUMENTALS PRODUCED BY CHUKI : http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic


Aye Ears when you think the gt reset is coming for Xbox and what og’s do you have cuz I rather buy from you


I just copped the og "Lia"


When is the gamer tag reset


Do you know when this will happen to ps4?


Selling gamertags
My kik is Green
Also @Ears kik me aswell

Clorox Bleach

i want an og gamertag

Moises Mar

I can’t wait for the giveaway I hope I win who else is like this


I changed my tag and can’t even change it back


How do you do a 2 step verification?


It would be nice if you showed us instead of showing us the worst cod made

Wilbert Cassidy

PlayStation gift card if I'm chosen please chose me


Anyone take the tag I want I’m fighting you

Mark Odonnell

Could I plz get an og tag

thebull Devoe

I need a og tag

ز تصوين تلعتق7

oath fac


Xbox always

gg gg

keep these vids coming my guy!


When the reset comes how should o get a tag and do you how many will be released


Never thought of going on the Xbox site on the other account to do it. Can't you just use the smartglass app??


Yeah I have to swap my GT Zcre with my main


Still no psn inactive reset ???


noice! who's hyped!!!!


My kik is ussv hit me up I have a og tag

Jaxon Day

Mine isn’t turboed and I can change it back on the account I had it on but not on any others after 45 minutes


i dont understand LMAO


anyone else here today after the Gamertag Glitch


What's good ?

Xbox card

Jinx Gaming

If I go to the Urban Dictionary or something does that count as "OG"


My most og name is YT

Xalation x

I got kwoting,FZUM

jj jj

these vids are godly

Legendary Gamer

Ima try get a Og on ps4


Will sell gt’s to y’all hmu on IG “surpassed”

Andy Rivera

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Lol this is some real virgin shit so thats how you kids are getting all these original gts smh thanks for the educational vid

Fast Cards

I got a nice tag ghost God mvp

rip passive

When will the og gts Come out


There are reserver tools that can be sold around in OGU. Also beware of dupes, thats most of the market nowadays and we dont know whats to come of them on the next reset. So becareful when buying.

Legendary Gamer

Nice ears love u bro ??


When's the reset

Scotty AMG

I'm master prestige level 277 on ps4. I bought an xbox one and ww2 and try playing it on xbox and it's completely different to me.


Dont ever do this I got my 3 letter turboed this way years ago. It was zrn


My name is Jude can someone give me a gamertag


Does this still work in 2019?


I'm selling turbos for xbox if interested msg me on kik .Kasinovathedon.

Isabella Lui

What’s the site

sean slade*

Is there a way you could do this for me?



Tate David

Squaddd Xbox $25

Trend Troll

we lit


I want a tag aye


This was really helpful ears Ima definitely gonna try and get a OG on PlayStation it’s gonna be hard but worth it


Just copped Juv today


i got the tag Repossesses its not really a full og 2-4 letter tag but its a word


Love u ears


Great Video Ears ?




I got scammed today :( by the person who owns the og tag “bank”


Can u help me i didnt understand wat meant for xbox gts


Don’t do this you will get you’re gamertag turboed and i highly suggest using the swap services on ogusers preferably blacklisted or crisis


When will the next gt reset be


Do u know the date for the og gamertag from 360 reset date?




My buddy has the gamertag Vladi D Impaler (who the Dracula story is written about and supposed to have been the first vampire) has been offered 7 thousand dollars for his Gamertag

Contested 死去

So after i change the og to a random i have to wait 30 mins to be able to change it to the og on my main?


I got Zmdi and Glity the other day , they ain’t OG tho ???‍♂️


I had a bad day today and when I have a bad day, I watch u. Just want u to know I love u vids bro.

Xbox Gamer

This is so dumb

Devin Williams

Bro how would I sell my OG gamertag without getting scammed? I’ll tell you the name of my GT if you want to know. It’s a one word original GT and I want to sell it.

gg gg

i waited 2 weeks for another gamertag vid lol


whats the website?


Can someone send me official sight for OGFLip?

Josh E

dose anyone know when there will be the micro reset?

Ryan Fletcher

kik: RWF if you want to buy an og gamertag, I have the best on Xbox no bs.

Maleficent Edits

The chump that owns the GT: Mera on xbox tried to scam me. His kik was cub. Someone slap him lol

Wilbert Cassidy

Thanks for posting this VIDEO because I just got xbox





tim tommy



Will anyone trade for leqtrik or give me a cool name?


I love all you vids bro keep grinding. Keep up this good work.

Malcolm R

I got

Not OG?? but cool

A Channel Here

I’m getting a og tag today but I’m gonna have to pay $10 to change the tag on the og account so I can put it on my main one then ima have to pay another $10 to change it on my main then put in the og tag is there a way I can do this for free?

Moises Mar

#Ears xboxone gift card plz


I want "Trent"


I got the gt nznq

Decide Motivation

CAN ANYOJNE HELP? - I have sold my old Xbox one (original version) its long gone now probably in another city. I have just bought a new Xbox One S and there has been a good 9 month gap between these 2 events.
My question is, Can I get all the DLC and games I bought off my gamer tag if using it on the new xbox S when I set it up? Helpppp pleaseeee


i got enpm on xbox.. trade some1

Fast Cards



We love you ears



Wilbert Cassidy




Ps4 Gameplay

I have account GFdms on ps4 sell it

Neelanj Deshbhratar



God ain’t og nobody got it on Xbox lol



Classic Jay

YouTube selling algorithms


What's up bro