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Why This Investor is BULLISH on Zcash & Privacy Coins

2 199 views | 26 Feb. 2020

Clip from Coinist Podcast

Clip from Coinist Podcast Ep #38 w/ James Todaro: https://youtu.be/ryL9R4ZHZyY

Full episode includes conversation about the current crypto market cycle, ZEC, Tezos, running a hedge fund with family, and more.

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Tom Sedaya

I understand that ZCash really has a good and bright future ahead of itself, the team behind this is quite impressive and its development plan is solid. The same things can be said on iq.cash which I am also looking right now aside from ZCash.


At first or newbie of crypto think Bitcoin will be the bih thing.It is for now.But once the world has shifted from a fiat physical and is cashless,privacy will be a big concern,specially the rich and those that don't want their wealth to be taxed endlessly from hungry governments.You could be traveling to different parts of the world and if you find yourself in a 3rd world country,that government could tax you extra..

Matt Herbert

Pirate chain ARRR has the best privacy protocols

Oswaldo Guzman

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Sun Lite

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Venture Coinist

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you should do an interview with Beam. Soon will be possible to have confidential assets on BEAM. It has atomic swaps for btc, ltc and QTUM in Desktop Wallet ...Beam is the best privacy coin

dixie normus

I like the long vids but the short clips are nice to rehash some of the better points.

Patient Lion

I don't really like zcash because of the trusted setup aspect. If all participants involved in the trusted setup collude they could print unlimited coins and because of the privacy features the increase coin supply would not be detected. Perhaps this is why the coin continually goes down? Extra supply being sold without the market realising.

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Shitcoins yay!

Darren N cryptoIRELAND1

Cardano is a must in your portfolio

dean ivan

Bittrex Global just announced they will be delisting Zcash, Dash and Monero.

Boss Vladtrick

Okay 1 zcash is enough
I doubt on this project
It has very good start then turn like zombies

Ron Allan

They do NOT have a well funded Dev team despite pocketing 20% founder's tax. Still they ingeniously managed to run out of money. Now they're implementing a second dev tax. Yay for us!

Zuhn Ban

Discount ETH linkairdrop.com/cC5tfXs

Litecoin Master

I like the mimblewimble development on litecoin

Roy M

great point about privacy becoming built in and relegating the concept of privacy coins.

Sell zcash

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Zcash Arborist Call - November 2020

156 views | 30 Nov. 2020

A monthly protocol

A monthly protocol development meeting focused on tracking upcoming protocol deployment logistics, consensus node implementation issues, and protocol research. This month's call also includes a discussion of Zcash Canopy, HALO 2, and zcash adoption concerns and strategies.

More about Zcash Arborist Calls: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/announcing-zcash-arborist-calls-a-monthly-zcash-protocol-development-meeting/36679

Mark Wyman

Great video as always.John Bollinger, the creator of the Bollinger Band, rightly noted that during a crisis, investors will “sell whatever they can sell,” and only after the assets have been converted into cash, they will invest in anti-crisis assets.Bitcoin has this advantage – firstly, Bitcoin prices are regulated without any intermediary intervention and are based solely on supply and demand. The number of Bitcoins that can be created is limited to 21 million, which means that unlike traditional fiat currency, new Bitcoins cannot be arbitrarily printed.While Bitcoin may not necessarily rise during a crisis, it follows supply and demand drivers, which can be useful for risk management. It will be a clear advantage for our traditional monetary system to have alternatives to resort to in times of crisis.i started trading with Bryant Miller's trading signals last year and till date I have made over 25 BTC even with the ups and downs since the journey. With Bryant help I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of Bitcoin, for those looking out to grow their portfolio in no time can easily reach out to him on Telegram ( @ bryantmillertrade ) or WhatsApp +1(253) 231-7125 for any crypto related issues

Sell zcash

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Exchanging Zcash in to Bitcoin and back for profit

5 720 views | 15 Jun. 2017

So my first attempt at

So my first attempt at increasing my zcash failed when I moved it via my cryptonator wallet as the fees were high.

I moved it back via changelly and I lost a little bit of my zec value. From 0.82 down to 0.81

Bitcoin has just plummeted by 500 euro today, so I've moved my zec back to bitcoin again, and now I'm going to wait for the right point before I move it back.

The goal here, is for me to increase my 0.81 zec to over 1 zec


Any update lads? :p

Malou Lopez

Hello new subscriber here from Philippines.

Zaahir Hamid

check out blockfolio app - you can setup alerts.

brother hao


People Power Farm Agriculture

Hi nice show. can you show some mining. I do trade options. Just looking for some more investments. what do you think?

Nassim Graidia

please upload more often i like this little project you have here i play the same game here hahaha

Golden Berx

Why not use just trading platform ? Like poliniex.

Jordan Williams


Cider Waffles

You should change all into Litecoin and then hold for 1 year, trust me! I bought 35 LTC @ $8 two months ago and now they are worth $42 each, it went from $29 to $40 yesterday, and it still hasn't beaten its all time high, then it will surge soon after that, its all about Litecoin.

nadim dayoub

Dude... I fucking love you.


I hear shapeshift is quite good. i haven't tried it myself though.


haha its worth 2700 usd now LOL


ur fucking voice and swallowing and breathing is so fucking irritating fuck you

Dr. Vladimir Chistoprudov

Can you tell me if criptonator is safe?

jermaineo osaro

You should use Coinbase and crypto compare.

amy martin

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