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ThaiLife Homestay Resort and Spa Thailand ?? Quiet and Peaceful Holiday ? Swisspinay ?? ??

39 views | 9 Feb. 2021



A charming boutique resort

ThaiLife Homestay Resort & Spa is a boutique resort located in the Khao Lak area by the Andaman Sea in Phang Nga, Southern Thailand.

We are a privately owned and family managed resort featuring 35 standalone Thai villas. Our villas are situated around a lake and we have over 80,000 square meters of lush tropical gardens, as well as a private beach offering over 3 kilometres of pristine sandy shores.

Thailand’s cultural identity and magical essence are highlighted throughout the resort, from the lotus flowers and banana trees to the warm and friendly staff who make up a big part of our ThaiLife family.

Journey to a peaceful hideaway and enjoy an authentic experience, only to be found at ThaiLife Homestay Resort & Spa.

Zey Love

Ang linis ng loob sis..

Aquil’s Life in USA

ang ganda nmn dyan sis,enjoy your day sis ingat lagi..

Dren & Leng

Ang ganda ng place sis! Very relaxing place just like Bali Indonesia.

Артем Фурман



so nice :)

M Production

wonderful sharing

Art of Positive Living

Enjoy your quiet and peaceful holiday friend? thanks for sharing !

Merry Mary

2 years ago dapat naka visit na kami ng thailand pero hindi kami natuloy.. huhu. sana matuloy kami soon. we have a friend living in thailand kasi. thank you for sharing! the place is so nice.

Swiss Pinay

Super nice ng house dear we love Thailand nkakamis.

Rosie van Willigen

Nice naman dyan si’s.

Idly Joana

This is beautiful resort, very lovely

LEARN AND SHARE by: Irene Baclig

Beautiful Enjoy po Happy Holidays God bless

Leeway Imperial

Wow ang ganda bukas na thailand now for tourists

Steven Martinez


Spa 35

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16 163 views | 8 Oct. 2020

Gillian Harris

Please do more older people, it is wonderful to see them look better

Fredna Banks

Whoa! This is not Hien!


Common sense when using a blade scrape stuff off with the BACK of the blade not the front


Short, sweet, and to the point. ( Pun intended ) ?


I believe this is loans assistant

Mel D

Can anyone decipher the writing on the glove?

Lady Moonbeam

At last, someone who empties the pores properly!

Mandy Rah

Thanks for not putting dried out extractions on your gloves. When they fall back into the patient's eyes, it stresses me out.

Suzanne Coffey

Is there more??? This is great

Lea Stone

Why are you saying this is Hien. She never uses a scalpel

Sandra Ellenberg

Is that all?

Sharon Hines Hofinger

Omg! This isn't her either, what's going on?

Ks Kollections

Not Hien but good pops

Sandra Gonçalves Ribeiro

Acho q não essa não é a Hien ??????

Isabelle Tartempion

From France

Sheila Armentrout

Again..this is NOT HEIN!!!!

Debra Ball

Much too short

Julie Butt

Great popping hope you show this as a full video

Tia Pickeral

Something is rotten in Da Nang Pimple Land! ???

Lisa Ratliff

could this be who is hacking her acct: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCViR3aeehZPMnx9w49DhJPw

Spa 35

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35 Minutes Positive Thinking Relaxation Meditation Music

14 841 views | 23 May. 2016

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Relaxation Meditation Music,Relaxing Nature Sounds, Zen Meditation,Massage Music

Virtual Ambiance

Very soothing! Thanks :-)


Listening to this as I read

Amariyah Allen

So smooth

David Nichols

completely dope

Frankie Crouch

noce helped calm me when working on a school papper.