Paypal layoffs

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Big Name Tech Companies To Lay Off Over 1000 Employees

7 153 views | 28 Mar. 2019

Several big name tech

Several big name tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Paypal, SAP and Oracle, are shedding more than a thousand employees in the next several weeks. Maria Medina reports. (3-27-2019)

California Screaming

Did he say "winter is coming"? Haha

Mark Janson

So, are they still using H1-B Visas?

Its ASetUp

And the exodus begins...again

Investment Drone

Oracle, SAP, Cisco are old news; they will become irrelevant.

Yeo Wee Huat Huat

When losing money they fire you.

GunsN ́Boses

I literally saw my hometown became a Little India in the past 20 years. These tech companies don´t hire Americans, they go overseas to scout cheap labor so they can keep the profits.


PayPal has been sinking for years. But hey, Apple Google Facebook Netflix Amazon are always hiring. Probably pay better than PayPal do.

C.J. David

Nothing new ??‍♂️

Paypal layoffs

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Ratatouille Sign Installed, More Disney Layoffs, and Archway Repainting Progress! - Disney News

46 311 views | 30 Oct. 2020

Coming up, the attraction

Coming up, the attraction signage has just been installed for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT, we take a look at the newly announced Boarding Group system for Rise of the Resistance going into effect next week at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and we take a look at who just got let go as Disney lays off 700 live entertainment actors at Walt Disney World. This is Mickey Views News, your source for Disney News!


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0:00 Intro

0:40 Remy's Sign Installed

2:59 New Boarding Pass System

6:23 Live Entertainment Layoffs

7:33 State of Disney Leadership

10:17 In-Park Updates

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Directed By: Brayden

Thanks for Watching and Have a Magical Day!


Gavin Newsome is to blame,Not Bob Chapek.

Rick Angelini

I just spent the week at WDW and it was an overall positive experience - got to ride ROTR and it was stunning. I was shocked at how huge the ride building is for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy! That building dwarfs the other buildings in the park and is a distraction. I hope it gets some sort of theming because as it stands now it’s just a huge blue building

Terry Benner

So bummed about the actors and live entertainment. I will be there in February and wonder what it will be like.

Greg Roseville

Star Wars has the planet of Tatooine. We see this planet in the Original Series, Prequal series, and now the Mandalorian (which is fantastic by the way). And what does Disney do? They give us the planet of Batuu?? Who came up with that idea? Who gave that setting the green light?? Has that person been fired yet?? I want to go to the Mos Eisley Cantina and watch the White head dudes play the cantina song with full animatronic band. I want to order real dairy blue milk. You can put an animatronic of Chewy and Greedo in the back corner. You go go on the Millennium Falcon ride and "take off from Docking bay 94" How did they miss this?? It's like having a Harry potter land without Hogsmead. So.........at least now with the Mandalorian, they have an excuse to re-image Batuu back to Tatooine and they can say, "With the success of the Mandalorian....."

Brett W

Disney doesn’t owe an explanation to ANYONE! Especially the government! If you don’t like what they’re doing don’t go! Simple free market economics. Also, don’t count on acting as a full time income providing job. Geez....


I’d love your input on the transportation issues that are coming to light. People are waiting an hour just for a bus from their hotel. Not to be a negative Nancy, but how can they possibly charge the prices they do when there is practically zero advantage of staying onsite?

Lorri French

Thank you again Brayden , for another informative Vlog . God Bless you . ❤️

Darren Timmerman

I had high hope for Chapek but I'm feeling a disturbance in the force that he could become Eisner 2.0.

Kristen Penner

I came in September for a birthday trip, had one day at HS. We had never ridden Rise, but I had watched and read about how to get a boarding pass - I felt ready and it was crushing when I did not get the pass. All those around me were cheering and I was so stressed I started crying because I was so let down. It made me not want to ever go back to Disney. Of course I still will but it was heartbreaking for me.

Rman Nayr



U think is will open FEB 20,2021. Basically 220????

Wilton Ranch

I love your unselfish attitude about the one-timers being able to get boarding groups! Very good point!


I really appreciated the nuanced explanation there Braydon between the actors and creative elements of Disney that people like versus the big corporation that no one likes. I criticize Disney a lot, but it's mostly the corporate management decisions that I'm criticizing, not the good parts about Disney. That's an important distinction there. Also, how do you not like the rides man?! That's one of the main points of going. I guess you have ridden them all so you must be tired of them by now.

Sue Chun

Here the bad news and some good news....yep I l;ike the good news...

Stephen Freitas

The loss of live entertainment isn’t forever. We are in a pandemic. Tough times require tough decisions. We all want the Disney corporation to thrive in the coming decades. This is a pauses.

Citizen of Corona

Rise of the Resistance is officially the most overrated attraction at WDW considering what you have to go through just to be allowed to ride.

Claudia Cairns

In the most recent video I saw that you had an Epcot torch on your desk. Do you know where you got that from? It reminded me so much of illuminations and would love to get one myself.

Kai Winchester

I love the little World Showcase light on his desk.

Christopher Sapienza

Brandon, I cant thank you enough for the comments you made regarding the actors who were let go. I am a member of Actors’ Equity Association and M infuriated that all of these members have been let go of their jobs. The live entertainment is a huge part of what makes the Disney experience what it is. And you summed it up so well. I enjoy watching your videos and found this one in particular to be right on point. Thank you again for the support that you Shown to those of us in the entertainment industry.

Rman Nayr


Imaginary Friend

You can be miles and miles away to book that boarding pass, fyi.

Jan Marten Locher

Happy Halloween, Brayden !! ??

Imaginary Friend

According to my leaders, you don't have to be near the park to snag that 7am reservation. ??‍♀️

Phoebe Lyman

Seeing Disney let all of those amazing cast members go makes me not want to support them anymore. It is understandable that these are challenging times, but they should have found a better solution! The cast members are so important to the Disney magic!

V White

I'd like to see a poll: If Disney could only keep one Bob, which would it be: A) Bob Iger, B) Bob Chapek, or C) Yeehaw Bob? My guess is that C) would win by a massive number.

Sandra Walkes

Thank you for this update. Always very informative.

Desiree B

Finally! They should be favoring guests that spend thousands of dollars to come for one week that potentially have 1-2 days at HS to ride the new ride! Hopefully I get to go next year and get to ride since I didn’t get to this year.

Elise Feyedelem

Thank you for pointing out the letter. I’m really sick and tired of people pointing fingers at Gavin Newsom for the mass layoffs. Newsom didn’t bring home a 6 figure check the same day that 30,000+ cast members lost their jobs did, Chaepeck did. Stop blaming California, if anything, blame capitalism


I love Disney and i'm not the biggest fan of elizabeth warren but she is 100000000% corect in her letter and executives should be ashamed to show their face in public after laying off their already underpaid park staff when the park compacity is clearly not the issue this is the perfect excuse to "cut costs" and focus on money. disgraceful .

Dave Roz

This kid deserves more subs. Great content.

Todd Cribbs

This just shows that Bob Chapek is a utter and total moron because people that pay for their annual passes a an awful lot for those annual passes

Valerie N.

Perfect video as always. The greed is disgusting to me. The Rise of the Resistance is bad. I have an annual pass and I only come there once a year. I am able to use it for 2 trips if I schedule properly. The hotels are so expensive and I should still have the ability to get onto the ride if I'm not staying at their hotel. They are really sickening now. Lower the crowds and it would work out for ALL who paid to get into the parks. So expensive for fewer activities too. Sickening.

headass steph

I miss these equity actors :( it’s so disappointing. I hope they return someday, finding nemo the musical was my favorite show in the entire Disney property



Shag 471

My Facebook feed last Tuesday was filled with posts by laid off Disney Equity friends, many of which have been in entertainment for more than 30 years. This move impacted so many of my friends both employees and guests of Disney. Such a sad time right now.

Joseph Wise

Glad to see some of the changes to virtual queues to help out resort guests. With no FP+ advantage, no extra magic hrs, there was really no reason to stay at Disney Resorts. I’m sure annual pass holders are upset, but the DVC & resort guests keep all the parks afloat. Pleasing resort guests should be a priority for Disney if they want to have any hope of weathering this storm.


Disney is just doing now , fast, what they were planing in the future in cutting cast saving money, cutting CM. Cutting attractions that are costly to run. As laughing floor. Nobody is saying I have to do laughing floor as ROTR.

Brian Robson

You are so right , it's those incredible cast members who make such a great impression on guests .
Great shame for them as its not a normal job.
It's a heart and soul job .
Big Big thank you to all you guys and I really hope you can recover from this ! ???

Jamie Nickason

This is such a shame and it is almost unbelievable that it has come to this because if Disneys corporate greed. My favourite experience I ever had was at the hoop de doo revue, I had to beg my family to do it but when it was over they all loved it...will it ever be the same at Walt Disney World?


I agree, I like the live entertainment.

Eric in Florida

Good job for calling them out on "firing the orchestra is following Walt's vision". Nice try Disney. I hate that corporate spin kind of stuff, you can see right through it.

John Johnson

It’s very beneficial to be able to know ahead of time if you can get a boarding pass. If you don’t, you can skip going to DHS that day.

Jasonlee Tucker Statement


Craig Edwards

I've been watching your channel grow and improve for such a long time and just want to say bravo on your new look! You look so authoritative and professional - dare I say 'dapper'? Good job, my friend, what a glow up! You have a gift, and your passion and enthusiasm is contagious! Keep up the great work and have a magical day!

Maria Cordero

That’s what I’m saying ???? Walt would’ve never let go of so many special cast members that bring so much magic to the parks just to leave the parks and resorts basically empty without entertainment while still charging guests the same. It’s so sad seeing so many magical people being terminated :(

Julie Bradshaw

Got a couple masks they look great thanks

Tania M.

Disney keeps cutting, cutting, cutting...... except ticket and food prices. Shameful!

Yoon Kim

As a Disney investor your videos are very much appreciated.

Tim Pendleton

Where can one obtain the illuminations cauldron candle holder? I’ve never been able to find them in shop Disney

Jeff Neilson

Great work bud.

Mickey Sightings

Fantastic broadcast as usual! You are setting the standard for great Disney news and information in our community.

Matt was

It a shame all those employees were terminated. It is also a shame that the company is moving away from Walt’s vision. I wish they would let the imagineers creat rides that aren’t”t tied to movies so that we could get more great rides like Sorian, Small World and Hall of President’s. Walt was also not a fan of roller coasters and it seems like most of the new rides are roller coaster. I personally don’t like thrill rides, if I did I could go to any other theme park in the county I go to Disney because I like the rides that are like shows

Josh Bricker

Question: Can you get an annual pass if you don’t live in Florida? I’m from New England and am looking to go 2-3 times per year for about 10 days each, but am not sure if I can get an annual pass or not

Jeanette Smith

Thanks for the great info, as always.

Marcos Tapiz

Walt and Roy would be sick to see how their creation is being run. The performers are a huge reason why I go there. I won’t go back until the experience is back to what it was.

G Alarcon


Ken Munroe

As a WDW fan who has to travel 1,300 miles to get to the parks, I spent an equal amount of time watching live entertainment as I did going on attractions. After ten visits to WDW, most of them staying on property, I can't imagine going to Hollywood Studios without the Citizens of Hollywood or not seeing the street performers in World Showcase. What's next, The Voices of Liberty singers? I can't see myself returning until this decision is reversed.

Richard Ardisson

Always was a fan but now totally boycotting them for ever. This organization could afford to take care of these employees that they got rid of for a long time but their profits are more important to them. Sad to say but would love to see this dictatorship go under

Dan Wynne

Maybe Rise should go back to the queue opening for 3 times a day not two

David Freemyer

Disney World is no longer special.

Oliver Strubbe

Yep I was an equity actor


With so many things that make Disney World special going away to save a few cents it’s hard to me imagine wanting to go in 2021 now.

Scuba Daddy

I'm 50 years old and the first thing I was told when I went into sales (at 18) in the family business by my father was, "we do not talk about two things with the customers: POLITICS AND RELIGION!" My job was to sell a product, not start a CULT and INDOCTRINATE anyone into my religious belief system! It's the exact same thing Walt would has said as everyone agreed with this basic truth!
You can't have your cake and eat it too people! You can't go woke and applaud woke-ness and when the company goes broke mainly due to woke-ness and perpetual fear mongering by MSM NEWS (ABC), whine about it!
Yes, the Disney Co. lost it's way long ago, turning everything political and now the leftist are eating their own by not opening up in Cali and closing down things across the world! Disney's political behavior and choices have cost them millions over the last decade. ESPN, their Movie division and in many aspects the parks have all been financially harmed by their insistence that they offend a huge portion of their audience with their political/religious beliefs! Now you can see the real world implications of those choices, but you shouldn't whine about it if you applauded any of it before!


Thank you so much - you are always covering the good and exciting news but you are not afraid to point out the not-so-magical news also. We happened to meet cast members who had just received their let-go letters upon both our recent visits and it is more than sad, especially if at the same time, the higher-up's are making sure to reinstate their own raises and bonus payments. We have seen cast members cry and heard good-byes and it begs the question how much more people can take without breaking the magic. We watched Mariachi Cobre say goodbye to their support staff in the America Garden Theater today and they called all of them on stage. It was terrible seeing them go off stage crying, holding hands.

Cap and Crown

What camera do you use for vlogging?

Kim T

We were also bummed about the GFOrchestra gone. The Orchestra is what helped it seem so Grand. For every trip, we'd make a whole night of it. Go to dinner there, listen to the piano player, then the orchestra. It's just not the same without the music.

Stacy Newton

Covit19 was a test. People please wake up and repent please. The beast is coming please repent please. Don't fall for this. They are trying to control what we eat,drink ,buy ,sell. Please refuse these people please

Johan M

Its said to see all the actors gone from the parks cause I own so many of my favorite moments from my 2019 visit to those amazing actors and characters CMs whom give me so many memorable moments. How empty would my days been if it would not be for those actors in all those shows?

I know it is easy to cut costs through staff reduction but what makes a Disney park so special is not only the wonderful imaginering or the amazing rides but the staff and the entertainment for crying out loud.

I think all those layouts of long term staff and dedicated CMs would mean that Disney and WDW are biting theyre own tails in the long run. Johan.


I'm assuming they're waiting till after the Holidays to open Ratatouille this way to they can increase people going to Epcot during a less busy time... Maybe March 2021. Also don't forget the Plexiglass added to Rise of the Resistance, will allow more people to ride the ride.

Mousing Around

? Thank you Branden ..

HDC Banquets

News from Europe indicates theme parks there will be closed now due to a second spike in illness. Unfortunately, this may bolster California governor's decision to delay re-opening California theme parks until the yellow tier is reached. Many are hoping he will let the parks open once the orange tier is reached, which would be good for the economy and for morale. A second spike is not unusual during a pandemic. During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919, they experienced a second wave as well, yet it ran its course, and everyone moved forward. Mind you, WWI was going on at the same time. Young men and women continued to be deployed to the war zone despite the pandemic and that age group was the hardest hit by the flu (unlike today's COVID, which hit the elderly the hardest). It was ugly then, as it is now, but the country survived and the war was won. We will do the same. Though Disney has made some uncomfortable (and even questionable) decisions, we all want the same thing – for them (and for all of us) to make it during the current virus war. The real aggressor is that tiny spiked sphere enclosed in an envelope - COVID-19. We all need to stay hopeful and have faith.

Rachel Duggan

Can i just say i love your opening intro. Works so well. I'm getting more depressed with disney. So many people losing their jobs. Defo holding off for a few years now


I think Disney might possibly be injuring themselves, I'm not a pass holder or a regular returner, the Disney vacation I have planned for next year is one that is postponed from 2020 and has been a long time in planning. 
now I am considering cancelling it, the vacation is still costing me the same as it would in 'normal' times yet I will not be getting the full experience I have dreamed about and saved for.
I understand that some things such as the fireworks might not be a part of my Disney vacation due to covid safety precautions, but I cannot accept cuts made to simply increase profitability in a company that has enough money to protect and care for its loyal staff. 
I can imagine many people such as myself postponing vacations until things are closer to the magic we expect, and again i'm not talking about the measures implemented for guest and cast member safety, i'm talking about the cash saving cuts that remove atmosphere and magic, whilst removing the pixie dust veneer from the cold corporate heart of a company many of us have loved all our lives.

Glenn Stokes

You have a great style and deliver a lot of good information.
Keep up the good work.
With all the changes and unknowns right now I am glad I will not be visiting WDW until April 2022.
I own Disney stock, not very much, and I hope you do too so you could attend a stockholders meeting and maybe get involved officially.

Jim Evans

My idea is that if you stay at a resort you should be guaranteed a Rise spot. My suggestion is to have the rise open until everyone rides.. When the park closes, everyone who is not a resort guest leaves the park and the resort guests who are in Hollywood Studios get their turn as long as they did not already ride it earlier in the day. Basically keep that ride open until everyone who wants to ride rides it. Have everyone line up the old fashioned way.

Jerry G

The passholes were screaming about ror que on several other channels. I would hope Disney would give preference to those who haven't ridden before.

It is complete BS that locals and vloggers ride multiple times a day and family's on once in a lifetime trips are blocked by selfish locals


When do you think we'll see Disney resume Annual Pass sales again?


Braden!! Thank you for all you do!!! I really enjoy your content!!! You are awesome at what you do!!!! I live in Tx and get to the parks every 2-3 years!!! You keep me well informed!!! ???. God Bless and keep rockin it!!!


About damn time we got Ratatouille for France.


Informative as always Brayden and looking handsome as ever! You're the only one making this whole situation tolerable.❤️

Nicole Lechman

Chapek is turning Disney into Six Flags- but at 4X the admission cost

Fred Grau


Wesley J Barisoff-Simpson

Quote of the century : “Walt’s vision was not to reduce operating expenses.”
This entirely sums up how they are running the company. Don’t they know Walt almost went broke to open Disneyland?

Stephan S

I have mixed feelings about the current layoffs. I am a AP holder, DVC member and shareholder. I understand reducing spending but at what cost? How many people will continue to pay the prices they're charging for hotel, park passes, etc for a significantly reduce experience? Shorter park hours, long wait times, no park hopping, limited restaurants, no shows, or live performances, no fireworks, etc. We've already cancelled 2 trips this year and might cancel our trip at Christmas. The experience is just not worth the money right now.


The suit jacket is back! ?

Amusement Cruiser

Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I hate that Disney is such a huge company because it does make it very corporate. My family and I love visiting WDW because there is still that special magic that only Disney has but you’re right about the actors, artists and cast creating the magic. Again, thanks for great video??

Alli Reynolds

Brayden I love the blazer! Thank you for the info update and Congratulations on the 100k+!

Giovanny Cruz

Crowds are NOT back to normal. Lines are spread out and most rides cannot fill all rows so that's why wait times look so long

Foo S.

Gotta make those shareholders happy. I wonder how many have never stepped foot on a Disney property?

Lizzie Myers

I’m gutted considering the news about beauty and the beast and finding Nemo the musical?

Games For Gamers

Yet millions of dollars has been given to blm and all the money it will cost to change Splash Mountain.

Robin Strufe

Disney has been going down hill for quite a while now!

Peter Neufeld

Do you think we might see a lot of these live shows converted into animatronic shows at some point?

Nadine Nieves

I am so excited about this change for rise of the resistance.
We are staying in Riviera for Christmas on the 27th we have reservations for Hollywood studios. When I booked Topolino‘s Terrace character breakfast in the morning I thought we gave up any chance of being able to ride rise of the resistance!!! I think paying thousands of dollars to stay at Riviera and visiting Disney for the first time in three years the advantage to those of us staying in the parks is fair.

George Stephens

A little Economics 101... First, one of the few places where any business can economize is labor. If I own a mom and pop bodega and my income falls, I can't cut inventory beyond reason because my customers expect certain products, or the costs of keeping the shop open because every hour that I'm open leads to possible income. No, the only thing I can cut is my stock-boy's hours and I hope that I can pick up his work. The same is true for Disney. Labor is their biggest cost and the only place they can cut.

Keep in mind, The parks are one portion of the business and what Harvard Business School would call a "cash cow." In other words, they bring in the money to make all of the other businesses work and rarely are the profits plowed back into them. Disney has to keep ESPN and the Studios functioning. The Parks will sacrifice for those.

Finally, Executives are probably working harder right now than anybody else in the company just trying to keep things open. There are very few people in this world who can do what they do. Don't look at their salaries; look at their work. And remember, most of them (including Bob Chapek, who was new in the job and salary) did give up their salaries for 3 months. Wouldn't you love to step into a new, greater responsibility job for free?


Love the office casual look you have at the desk. It adds a sense of authority. Kudos.



Cory Smith

Well... as you stated, they are a mega-corporation doing things a mega corporation does. Its not like we should be surprised, but we somehow are because its Disney. I used to be a cast member many years ago and have seen in from the inside out and know better. Im not saying Disney is inherently bad or anything, but they are a publicly traded corporation with a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders so I get it... but doesnt make it suck less. HOWEVER, my real complaint is in reference to what you said about the entertainers and artists let go. We are still paying the same price for admission and staying at the hotels while it is becoming less and less expensive for them to operate... at the guests expense. This was not Walt's way or vision and I completely agree!!!

Michael Sullivan

Disney has been cutting the live entertainment slowly but surely for several years now. They appear to have now fully succumbed to their own inability to see that the live entertainment throughout the parks is the single biggest source of personal "magical moments", and is unique to Disney parks. Talk about cutting off ones nose to spite ones face! Seriously bad form Disney! I guess this is what happens when you put a store manager in charge of an entertainment company! (Was that too much? I don't know!)
PS: Thanks Brayden! Your sincerely honest reporting is highly appreciated! I'm sure that I can speak for many of us when I say that "we like the cut of your jib"!

Caleb Nielson

I just wish Bob Chapek could see how stupid he looks with his attacks against Sen. Warren. He couldn't even show how Sen. Warren's well put accusations were baseless. It's as if he thinks we'll just take his word for it. His dishonesty kills me.

Sen. Warren, on the other hand, was able to support each claim she had against him. Bob knew he couldn't counter her arguments because he had no leg to stand on.

Paypal layoffs

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Jim Cramer on 3M job cuts: Companies like Snowflake make it so businesses need fewer workers

22 611 views | 3 Dec. 2020

3M said on Thursday it

3M said on Thursday it would undertake a restructuring that would impact about 2,900 jobs globally. The company expects to record a pre-tax charge of $250 million to $300 million as a result of the restructuring, it said. CNBC's Jim Cramer, Carl Quintanilla and David Faber discuss. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights: https://cnb.cx/2Vtntx6

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Cereal & Whisky

He sounds like he's waiting to have his head chopped off which means he's not entirely insane. So when the glorious corporations don't need any human workers or managers is that how they formally enslave us? Not that I have a problem with it, I just ask they have holograms on television better than these organics.

Trent Petersen

The market is in a bigger HYPER BUBBLE than 1929 !!! Trump owns this market !!!


AstraZeneca just laid off 500 US employees last week!

Vahan Me

I am glad that I don't have kids. I am 35 y.o. immigrant who lives in the US but grew up in the aftermath of collapse of the USSR. I remember how tough it was when you went from a situation where most people had jobs to one where most people were not needed. I was lucky that my parents both had jobs... But I also remember watching on TV seeing people in Europe and US getting left behind. The pain we see now in the advanced economies is only a fraction what happened in the aftermath of the USSR's collapse. I hope it does not get as bad in the US and Europe. I think I have seen enough for one lifetime. But if it does, God help us.

Perry D

The world will end, it will be judgement day and Cramer will be standing in line yelling “BUY”

Phil Easler

I’m glad I’m retired

Amine Fourali

Why CNBC does not use Snowflake to get rid of this market manipulator who pretends to know everything?

r f



The smart corporations are laying off the Democrats. No employer wants Karens and Man Karens with false sense of entitlement. Democrats make HR job hard always playing a victim lol.

goduskychris Chris Godusky

Thank your state government


fewer workers, but more efficiencies? sounds like deflation to my ears


did Cramer just imply XOM is worth buying?

Arkson NZ

Dont worry about what they say..majority of jobs lost are not coming back

Cries & Smiles

Cramer is overrated
Just like buffet
Buy Palantir while u can
Best in class

Jay M

FED is hiring. They are looking for hordes of lumber jacks to cut down swaths of forests.

Tuan Nguyen

This is what Andrew Yang has been preaching for the last year. His book “The War On Normal People “ describes just this

Prijen Jay

People invent technologies.Then technologies get rid of people! We are truly our own enemies!?

dennis nealon

typical? add up all the numbers, look at nyc

Indian Aristocrat

And what perchasing Power Machines Have ?????


I think someone named Andrew Yang talked about this. Hmmm...

Tony Kang

Today buy,,INO vaccine good ?

Simulation One

Job hunting sucks rn


Some they will be talking about, the government is raising taxes, to pay for basic income for people that can't find work. Because there is no work.

Geoff Rogers

It'll be ironic when Snowflake dashboard replaces Cramer!

Andy Mc

Snowflake is a brilliant cloud database running on top of aws, azure or google cloud. It's primarily built for data warehousing. The brilliant thing about it is that you only pay for what you use and it's scalable both up and out. When Jim Cramer talks about snowflake dashboards and replacing staff he is talking a load of nonsense. The main thing your going to be replacing is expensive legacy hardware and reducing infrastructure costs. The other big plus of snowflake is there's an ecosystem for data sharing and monetising data.

Emanuel Collado

Under Biden we will see the Greatest Depression in world history. Licking my chops will be going shopping when all collapses and everything will go on sale.

Geoff Rogers

Job cuts are a lagging indicator of a recession. The stock market is a false market driven higher by free money and retail speculators. Many speculators are not old enough to remember the late 1990's when the same easy money and speculation happened.

Tom Rutter

I read the title as an abbreviation. 3M != three million

"Who has 3 million employees? And they are going to be let go :( "~ me five minutes ago

Mykola Rieland

The action brought about by the response of self-preservation, which is natural intelligence, is instantaneous and it is also cultivated unconsciously or consciously. Similarly, we have recorded psychological preservation, the fear of not recording and the knowledge of that gives a central feeling that you must preserve yourself and from that you act.

Death Stranding Falling Over Sim

I can price Snowflake,
Pay no more than $50.

Jelena Catherine

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