Sadie allison

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Dr Sadie Joins Heidi and Frank In-Studio

14 308 views | 11 Feb. 2015

Dr. Sadie comes in-studio

Dr. Sadie comes in-studio with Heidi and Frank to talk about today's hottest "toys" for Valentine's Day!

Yes Good

this show is total horseshit


This is the second video I have watched with Dr.Sadie Allison doing this childish and ridiculous interviews. I enjoy watching Dr.Sadie Allison promoting her sex toys. But wonder what she gains by interviewing with people who giggle, laugh, or make bad sex jokes? They can hardly keep a straight-face. These radio hosts are clowns.

mark cesena

I love this show,and specially Heidi,Love that laugh and sense of humor.

Gus Ceja

Thanks Sadie is video is for me. Love the wonderful information in this video.
God bless us all,
Gustavo Ceja

Sadie allison

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Dr. Sadie Allison & Floyd The Trucker | B&T Tonight

8 541 views | 11 Feb. 2020

Pat had a show go awry

Pat had a show go awry over the weekend and Josh Arnold was there to heckle him. Dr. Sadie from Tickle Kitty and GoLove CBD Naturals joins us to share a few "adult toys" for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

jesse weed

i would need toys with sadie do to the 30seconds id last rofl loll

jesse weed

stop with the pc crap at least josh and chick have balls tom has never had balls im sure thats why bob left

jesse weed

krusty should shove that anywhere and stop talking

Joe Gamble

That woman is gorgeous!!! My goodness!!!

jesse weed

edging thats blue balls

Jeremiah Neusbaum

Hate Tom being a part of Dr. Sadie's segment, have no idea what his wife sees in him. And, he took off his glasses to read the spray bottle label, smh.

jesse weed

dose sadie have something hidden vibrating

Brad Roberts

Dr Sadie is a beautiful lady.

ZX Rider

I guess it gives a new meaning to the term "buzzed".

jesse weed

fake ass cbd its bs and not real

jesse weed

she needs her big head busted

Ray W

Heard the show. She sounded hot. I was right. Hello Doc...

Kevin King

I miss listening to you guys in the morning on eagle 102 in dubuque iowa. Cant get that station out here in seattle wa

Michelle Hinzman

I like how Josh is the only one that is taking it serious. Good for Josh

rob morrison

Dr Sadie is smoking hot ?!!

jesse weed

windbag to assbag tom


She needs to demonstrate these products for V.I.P. menbers...am I right, fellas.

Sadie allison

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Sex therapist Dr. Sadie Allison - full interview

17 837 views | 1 Jun. 2014

Sex and relationship

Sex and relationship expert Dr. Sadie Allison answers questions from callers and the crew about sex.

Hailey Luder

i don't like it slow. I like bondage and i like it rough! I love porn!

Camil Serapian

yes yes i am offended

pig let

No I think kids are doing things younger and I think it's a bad thing I know many people who had sex for the first time at 12. 12 years old. A child. It's horrible


Is Dr. Sadie available for sex therapy/ couples therapy sessions? We are looking into premarital counseling and we have some things that we would be interested in speaking with her about!

The Line

very good show!


I like that Dr.Sadie Allison admitted that she was uninhibited and open about sex. Its the person's attitude toward sex that will determine whether they will be satisfied or satisfying to each other. Sex and sexuality is a state of mind, orgasmic or good sex may be the goal, but if neither lover has a benevolent ideology about sex then the influence of a positive sex experience will most likely not happen.

I think it's shame that Dr.Sadie Allison chooses to do interviews with immature, ridiculous, sex-undermining radio personalities such as Rover's Morning Glory. I'm not against humor or trying to make sex talk more fun or comfortable, but this was just too immature in my opinion.

Paul Blart

I thought it was worth mentioning that there's a private group in Austin and San Fransisco that has a unique culture called sfc (sexual fox culture). It emphasizes friendship and sexuality without intercourse.