Stocks to short today

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9 stocks 50% return | best stocks to buy now | short term investment stocks | best share to invest

21 207 views | 7 Feb. 2021

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9 stocks 50% return | best stocks to buy now | short term investment stocks | best share to invest

today we will discuss about 8 best stocks to buy now . short term investment and high gain shares

short term investment with high returns | best stocks to buy now | best stocks to invest in 2021

these shares can give high gain in 1 week

watch full video for more details

future targets and stop loss discussed

short term investments with high returns

best stocks for short term investment







Hakkani Tajuddin

Bilkul sahi farmyard aapne.superb analysis.Thank u sirrrrr

Shikhar Gupta

Sir tata power kaisa karega future me

J.B. Group

Sir ongc will also go up due to ladak mou which is signed

Yusuf Khan

हिंदुस्तान फूड्स लेलो नेक्स्ट मंडे तक 30%


sir raymand ma invest kar sakte ha kay

Gunjan Soni

Good work ?

Abhishek Suman

Happy Birthday sir. God bless you.

Tanveer Rather

Also buy pnb gilts limited for divident..
Thank me later...

Vergina Mot

Thank u for the valuable information..God bless

Ankit Somani

Sir if I sell ioc on 9th Feb will I be eligible for dividend ? Or should I sell on 10th Feb for dividend

Amey Pal

Can i make small case of all these

Lucky Sinha

Nice information
And get well soon

Mohd Abuzar

3 week ke liye under 15k ke konse share buy kre ??

Juhi Bansal

What about Suzlon energy??

Sintu Tiwari

sir mera knr ka bonus abhi tak nahi mila aur 23 holding share shortage of holding share bata ker cut ker liye samjh nahi aa raha total 15k chale gaye

J.B. Group

Sir can you tell me why spice Jet will go up
Please ??


Sir please reply us telegram channel I'm sending screenshots


Sir please tell about RVNL

ranjan sharma

Sir Gail ka buyback nai aayega kya? I knw i ve already asked u this but plz update me as holding at 137 for last 4 weeks

Danish Mohammed

Should I hold greaves cotton? I have it at 90.20level. Or should I sell it off and invest in other stock?

Prashanth Satyanarayana

Thank you Bro...

SK Shanarul

Outstanding stock prediction sir..

Ajeesh Sudevan

Pls share your view about Federal bank & Southindian bank

Pavan Kumar

Hi Sharma,
I have paid for prime group fee can you confirm.

Anil Kumar Malik

Thank you Friend..how are you..your video came after long time...your advice always right...pl.select 10 stocks always...

Ram Chandra

Buy jump networks @11.65 target target 14 RS In short term.

Vijay Singla


Pritam Shirdhankar

Good information Boss!!???

Always Learning

L & T finance H ko 100 mein liya tha tab se portfolio mein nuksan hi nuksan ?

Hirendra Patel

Can u pls advise for Dollat Investment purchase @ Rs. 60.50, when expected good returns ?

Ranjita Dwivedi

Thank u sir

Saurabh Chakrawal

Can we buy EPL

All about Indian army

Sir IOC ko buy ker sakte ha current price per dividend ke liye

Sabitabrata Mondal

Nice information sir

N Ashok

Good identify sir.

uma devi

Pl. make videos in English, pl. pl......


Very good information..... And mostly your tips are profile brother...

But Just would like to how do you calculate% like 50 % etc....? Do you sum up the percentage ? Or do you calculate annual ROI ?

Shrikar Purud

Sir, I am getting knowledge from your daily videos .
I am very glad to watching u r videos .

Prashanth Satyanarayana

Take care...

Vemula Karthik

plz do a video on RBL bank and IEX


View on PNB


Astral pipes ka buying kab aayga sir waiting to buy?

veluri karthik

Indian energy exchange is in good profits

eda meghana

I couldn’t join in Telegram channel through the link , any problem with the link ?

suresh G

How many shares I can buy for Sail?
I'm new to stocks pls suggest ..which I can buy nd how many shares I can buy?

Vishwas Girish

Sir Can you make a video on NBCC ?

Hashim Edakkalam



Why is it like i have to pay 3.35% as fee whenever i buy any stock. And i have paid the platform fee also which was around 550/- on paytm money.

Like as today for a share of 305.8 i had to pay 315.37 on paytm money

Aise to if we will purchase for earning 4% profit we will only earn 0.5%

Please guide


should i hold hudco ?

Abhishek Suman

Thank you for your work and support. ?

Susil Kumar Behera

Sir what about Asian paint for now (short term)??

Stocks to short today

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IMPORTANT AMC STOCK UPDATE! + GME STOCK UPDATE | We Find Out Tomorrow! AMC Short Interest Report!

7 183 views | 9 Feb. 2021


IMPORTANT AMC STOCK UPDATE! + GME STOCK UPDATE | We Find Out Tomorrow! AMC Short Interest Report!

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We go over the amc short interest report, gme stock short squeeze, and amc short squeeze. I give my amc stock price prediction and my gme stock price prediction. We go over the gamestop short squeeze and gme stock short squeeze. Buy amc or sell amc, buy gme or sell gme. We talk about my gme stock analysis and my gme stock update as well as my amc analysis. I talk about what I think could be the next gamestop stock. I also talk about amc stock prediction given my amc stock analysis. Enjoy!

*These are all incredibly risky, and should NOT be invested in with money that you arent willing to lose. Please understand the risk here!

Stocks That I Talk About In This Video:

1. GameStop Stock / GME Stock

2. AMC / AMC Stock

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed it, please consider liking the video and subscribing to support the channel! We are on the road to 20,000 subscribers, lets see how far we can take this :D

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[email protected]


This video is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial advisor, CPA, attorney, contractor, lender, insurance agent, or in any way qualified to give anyone advice on anything. You and you alone are responsible for your decisions. I am not responsible for any decisions you make, or anything that happens to you or your money. Do not make any buying or selling decisions based on my videos or channel. Some things I say might not be true or be backed by statistical data. I accept no responsibility for anything you do as a result of my video or comments. There are risks involved with investing, as the stock market is very unpredictable. Past performance does not indicate future performance. All media is fair use. If you want me to take down content, please contact me via email located on my channel “about” page. If your complaint is valid, I will be happy to take it down. If you need advice, please contact a qualified CPA, CFA, attorney, insurance agent, contractor, etc. or anyone who is qualified to help you with whatever you need.


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. Affiliate commissions help fund videos like this one.


missed my chance to sell at $17 cuz i fell asleep. Next day it went to $8. regrets.

Steve Caron


Nick Gant

Hold and wait to go up how much. To $20 again? Learn to cut losses and move on. It’s part of the game. It’s stubborn to “not sell at a loss” not all stocks are winners. For example my mom had xspa 2020. She was doing well.. then lost all but $86. Moved it to ZOM now at $1700. Sometimes it’s better to cut and run


100% agree, I think its a simple math game, miss report and take a 2 million fine or report the actuals and lose billions, totally lost all confidence in the market and the regulators.

Cyborg Soda

Down 2 grand. Definitely holding.

Debra B

Slow bleed to $3 by Friday.Consider it tuition for all the newbies who got fleeced.

Hester Dawna


Peter Hsu

Holding, Baby. All the way. If Amc goes lower tomorrow I'll grab some more and go long.

Don Cladmier

What do you think about SENS? People are saying it’s going to go way up


For me, I already lost a lot so either way I am keeping it. Maybe when theaters come back it can go up again. I am just going to hold it forever until I get my money back.


I'm down 85%, but holding strong lol??


It will be manipulated but regardless the squeeze is still gonna happen, most bought and held stock on RH as of 2/5/21

Debra B

People have already moved on. Look at the volume daily. Slow bleed

Miki S

Appreciate your work and the American flag ?? if things work out w AMC, I'll buy you some UA shirts in all colors ?

Kassidy Hunter

Only when you've sat with real anaIysts with years of trad!ng experience to their name and carefully briefed on how these market structure work, you'd just be a blind man trying to make his way in a city full of numerous equally blind people, from experience a dip in crypto mar:ket value is a very interesting yet advantageous part of how the mar:ket work, Btc and Eth(slight dip) can be attributed to the huge coin sales from investor of late. I've got a lot of crypto in my possession, but a dip has never been my problem, dips as this just merely provides avenue to acquire more trad!ng equity, trad!ng definitely ticks the dot. Trad!ng though is serious business that should only be done under the right strategy and gu!de, I've readily employed using s!gnals from trade anaIyst Jayson Brian while carrying out personal sessions with amazing returns, this way I accumuIate crypto trad!ng and buy from dips like this. You can easily get to Jayson on ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ ((@jayson_trade7)) ω???ѕ?ρ? +18053034263 for Crypto related issues.

Glynn Guzman

Not hating but I just got one ☝️ word to say my guy...”chapstick”

Frank Pruse

Thank you for the report

Juanita Denesik

I'm Alone ??


I just like the stock.

Richard Harris


Fuzel Shaikh

Think of it for a sec, these dumb youtube stock traders is the reason why you guys are so deep down fcked up with AMC loss. He's making money off your views on youtube and building his $$ and here you are, lost your hard earned money hoping to hear something positive form these guys who just make up shit. Let that sink in

Matt Herring

The numbers will be manipulated. If they misreport, then they can get fined millions. If the get squoze, then they can lose billions ??‍♂️???

Optimus Prime

Blackrock adding millions of AMC share just to lose it all??...look at the sign have common sense...u buy an expensive house just to sell it cheaper??...patience is the key here..this might take month even years...im not being hopefull for tomorrow short interest data...at this point look for a long term play...Hold ?️??...dont give ur money to those HF...

Workhorse Stock Boom

SENS video soon?

Hannah Nguyen

A big lesson that I have learned since jumped into stock market.

Will Schmittz

Currently down 5k in AMC. I hope they are honest in the report of Volume!!

Justin B.

Fintel changed all of their stats btw, that is faked. You should seriously take a look at trey trades. He covered it. I saw the change with my own eyes to not just the Friday Short interest percentage, but also the week prior. Lies from Fintel.

Will Schmittz



Can you do an update on NNDM? Trying to understand what's going on with their offering. Looks like it was recalled but they filed another that's similar.

Gary Walburge

Could you make a video on Senseonics? A lot of people are saying it’s going to 10x

danielle polun

nice vid


I just are the topping off of this pizza, anyone want my crust ?

Jason Polun Investing

I am working on getting back to all of the comments that I haven't yet, but let me know what you think about this!

Gain access to the exclusive Discord for early updates on my research, daily market briefings, and the $10,000 Robinhood Challenge! I also show all of my trades in real-time, and so much more!

Megan Paul

Patiently awaiting your 2/9 videoooo. ???? Thanks for all the insight.

Hatori Hanzo

Ahhhh...those bags are getting heavy to hold. Keeping hold it to zero.

Nate Sand

Remember diamonds are made under pressure so hold strong.

Kenkona Kokoro

Stop shorts borrowing your shares. You should un-enroll in the Securities Lending Income Program. You can find it on your Webull, Firstrade or other brokerage account's setting. That way you cut them off and not supply them with your shares. Take it back!

Kacie Wilderman

2:44 Beautiful ??love u??

Chung Chow

Just buy more average down your price if they bs the report

Nino Delgado

Good news or bad news tomorrow I’ll be holding

Arnold Kim

Fintel halved those short volumes exactly. Go look, they’re all EXACTLY half of what they previously reported. They couldn’t be less subtle.

Also, the short interest report tomorrow after hours may be doctored as well.

Harley H

Im at a big loss. Breaking even isn't good enough for me. I need moon stonks.

Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:10 bizarr

Xavier Castro

I think we all had the right idea but we didn’t anticipate all the shenanigans and manipulation. Yeah Jason, I got into it for the same reason as you. I put in gains from the first AMC swing trade so I’m good but I didn’t anticipate having to hold for long term. Still holding and yeah I’m down pretty good now. I was thinking of averaging down but nah, I rather put my money somewhere else.

GamerDudeEpic z


Evelyn Oliver

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

June Bugger

Could you make a video on Senseonics?

Sweet Mango Limited

This madness is taking too much of my time ! U making a video tomorrow after the short results ?

andres el honrado

Stocks rose on Monday, extending advances after stocks' best week since November last week. The Dow added more than 100 points, or 0.4%, to a fresh record high, and both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also reached record intraday levels. Bitcoin prices spiked more than 12% to a record high of more than $43,000 after Tesla disclosed it purchased $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency and may start allowing customers to use Bitcoin to purchase products. Popular Stock analyst Dr Rodrick Jonathan warns stock traders not to mind the new rise and trade with caution because the new strain of Covid 19 virus is going to put a scare into the economy and the Stock Market in the next 3 months, For now you can only make profit by trading your stock with a strategy instead of panic selling, or buying bubbles, for me i advice you to multiply the little you have with Rodrick's strategy, i was able to make $60,000 with $10,000 in 3 weeks with his stock trading strategy, reach him on telegram Rodrickjonathan orWhatsApp+1(66O)474-OO3O,

Will Schmittz

Did they just yeet the float report

Kayla Reynolds


Another Jacob Rant


Adam Leach

Thanks I was looking for the report and couldn't find it. But now I know where to look. Much appreciated ?


Very informative

Ray Nejmeh

7800 shares @6.40$ holding to sell limit of 25$

Pop Squash

Senseonics video?

Alfred Omega

Bought dips on AMC and SENS today!

Dex F

nothing is gonna replace seeing movies in theaters. thats at the heart of american culture we will hold till we die. good luck shorts

ruy silva de freitas

CHEK ist ??? didn't find anything new. Would be nice a update. Thanks!



Manu Teo

Love the info, you should teach us apes how to lower your price per share, trading with the pdt rule, and growing your share holding while lowering your cost average. I'm not a financial advisor in just an idiot. If you don't know what I'm talking about comment below. I'll explain what I'm doing. I started 74% down. Now two weeks later I'm only down 30% with 21 added share averaging $100 a share. I bought in at $320 originally


I know you are going off of statistics, but you cannot identify or calculate the magnitude of what's going on here. AMC is not dead no matter what the data shows tomorrow and that's facts. Diamond hands baby

Stocks to short today

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How to Short Stocks the Smart Way (2019)

27 436 views | 11 Oct. 2019

If you’re gonna short

If you’re gonna short sell low-priced stocks, there’s a LOT you need to know first. It can be a highly profitable niche ... IF you understand the limitations and really take the time to master this strategy.

? Subscribe for more free Stock Trading tips: YouTube.com/StocksToTrade

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Stock Trading 101: A Day Trader's Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_v3GMkKCjk&list=PLWWz2BSabm3bG64ohfJ-CnnVTjLCWwvei

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StocksToTrade Software Tips and Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiTi-chHNyo&list=PLWWz2BSabm3ay_lvQC9JN_1niB78bI7ga

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Let’s start with some of the limitations of short selling ... Have you ever tried to short a stock, but the order was rejected? First, you need to have a margin account to short stocks — for every broker. A cash account is a great tool, but you can’t short with one.

If you have a cash account, contact your broker about margin accounts.

Now, one of the biggest pains with short selling is actually borrowing the shares. Remember, you’re selling something you don’t own, so you have to borrow it. And you borrow the shares you’re going to short from your broker.

Once you have the right to short those shares, you enter the order and take a negative position. Unfortunately, especially in low-priced and volatile stocks, your broker simply may not have shares for you to borrow.

And it may or may not be your broker's fault...

Many brokers simply don’t want you to short these stocks. So they won't even try to get the shares. Why? It's a risky strategy — especially if you have a small account and are new to trading. They view it as basically handing you a loaded gun, and they don’t want to do that.

Now, obviously you can lose money buying stocks, but going short leaves huge potential for massive losses. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories of blown-up accounts. If you're short, a stock could go up 100%–300% or more. So your losses can be staggering. But if you're long, the stock can only go to zero.

Make sure you fully understand how to short. Know how to approach it and stick to your risk-management plan!

#StocksToTrade #ShortSell #StockMarket


*Tim Bohen teaches skills others have used to make money. Most who receive free or paid content will make little or no money because they will not apply the skills being taught. Any results displayed may be exceptional. We do not guarantee any outcome regarding your earnings or income as the factors that impact such results are numerous and uncontrollable.

You can lose money trading stocks. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. You understand and agree you will consider the important risk factors in deciding to purchase any of our products or services.

Faulk Smash

Whoa spicy new intro music before the intro music

Tim Lee

Not easy to short, as hard to borrow when stocks are moving fast.

marcus lefebvre

Hi, how long can I keep a stock I shorted? (1 day, 5days, 20days)
My view is there is a surge on good results and the next day (or a couple) people take profits.
In other words how long will the broker lend me those shares for?

Samuel J

nice information about shorting,

questions: is it possible to have a CASH account and a MARGIN account? , i do have a margin account, but sometimes for long held positions, such as for example 2 weeks, id like to use a cash account to avoid paying interest in the margin account,

thank you.

shahbaz Ali Khan

U r very nice person explain everything deeply thanks bro

Артем Заянчковский

Thank you!)

Vum Pau

i am new to trading and still learning. i purchased stockstotrade today and wonder how i get the software. i don't see any keyword say download its just showing me the lessons. i want to paper trade for my practice but still can't figure out how to get the program.

be bo

Will shorting a stock count in the volume count?

mark brown

Hey, is Typically easier to find shares to short with large cap/mega cap stocks vs low/mid? Like if I wanted to short aapl or msft would I typically have no problem at all with a margin account with any broker?

Greg Persky

E*TRADE really let me down on denying me a short on my margin account on a Nasdaq stock with a decent float size. What trading platform would you recommend as I short 2x to every long in $1 to $10 stocks

Kenneth Adimmaonye

Hi Tim, how do I know a low float stock or ticker when using STT scanner.

Loreal L.

What a likable guy and presentation. I’ve always stayed away from shorting from lack of knowledge but as with all things in trading, it’s baby steps to learning. Start small, get the rhythm of the trades and you’ll be shorting in no time.

Today I shorted myself on a bank stock I’m holding given the 800+ DOW correction on 9/3/20 and it was quite profitable and I simply reassigned the lot since I’m FIFO with the broker. But pure shorting is another animal to wrestle. I’m ready to learn more so it’s no so scary and a welcomed opportunity.

doody fly

Why you short a sock when you are able to buy? What’s the benefit of short selling rather than buying the stock?

Sonny Crockett

I've done pretty well with shorting, I'm very rigid with my stops, but it's tough to get shares on the ones that are the juiciest. I'm wondering, what are the setups that shorts get eaten up on the worst?

Brent Armstrong

Love your videos man can't wait to join the team, gotta get my bread a little more tho ? i actually was trying to buy a put option and made a mistake and short sold a put option and the mf rocketed. I was so confused as to why I was making money and the stock was rising. And that's how I learned to short stocks accidently making a 236 bucks lmao

chuck B

When you short a stock how do you know how much you will be paying to borrow that stock when day trading?

Evan Hall

Not yet, but I want to

Erick Cervantes

Is HTB mean hard to borrow? And if so, what’s the best way to overcome this ?
Thank you

Limon Karim

Margin account sucks cash account sucks unless you don’t have money

Michael Bradley

Great video I have learned a lot from the break down.


Im a newbie and will definitely not be shorting stocks anytime soon. Very useful information. Thanks!

razzy p

Not ready for shorting yet ..but information useful.. cheers!

Andy Salo

I have never shorted a stock yet. Taking trading one step at a time. Still studying, thanks for the info. I am thinking about impeaching my broker.


Looks like you guys got a really nice camera and got rid of the echo issue. Thanks!

Jeanpaul Towers

thank you

Justin Richardson

I shorted GLYC back in 2017 of May when it ran 5$ to 17$ and blew up my account. I stopped trading for a while and am now getting back into it

Rhonda Britt

Yes,tdameritrade would not exacute otc . Another time thought was covered,was not. Learn everyday,,real money real mistakes. Like gravity what goes up must come down ,love shorting

Samuel Muhia

Does stocks to trade show number of shares shorted on a stock?

James-Ervin Berry

Great job. I actually shorted a stock on accident and made $60. So I had to come do some research.

craig harrison

I am trying to find failing stocks to short
Any suggestions?

Motivation Mindset100

Please Answer! I am trying to find a broker to short hard to borrow shares overnight my current broker has x5 fees for the first night what has x2 or less???


Have you shorted a stock? How have you done?

Nick Slates

Thanks Tim


= margin account


Step one for shorting - don't.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.