Iou sushi

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Mukbang | Part 2 Highest Rated Sushi ft. Seafood Boil!!

2 837 views | 4 Jan. 2021


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#mukbang #sushi #seafood #seafoodboil

Crystal A. Davis

Another great video King!


Can you do a muchbang where you talk about your football career, so they can put some respect on your name lol..did you play against Carson wentz or did you leave before he got to NDSU?

Stay Eatin' Bruh

let's get it!!

Joel Baker

Everything looks delicious. BtW yiu have such a beautiful smile.

C Ryan

just do the ASMR King!

samoeun moul

All the food you ate they are delicious but to much talking

Marisa Trotto

Oh to be that noodle

Matt Collins

Not even a giants fan but f&*+ Doug Pederson. What an embarrassing display of coaching

Harmony Jones

The food looks so good king? keep it up??


Yasss, my dinner partner nowadays ?

Deborah Miller

Love Crab Sushi!! It Looks Amazing!! U Are A Big A Plus!!! Just Awesome!!!

Princess Rainezz

I wish someone looked at me the way king looks at his food


Craving sushi! Good shit

Zack Bennett

It’s the Washington Redskins. And the eagles suck. Gg though

Eliza Day


Juan Chavira

He said “ooohh man” you know its that delicious ????

PrincessYannca 18

First comment

Lois Mosley

Hey honey ??❤️

Erica Jackson

Honestly you’re handsome and plus a mukbang this is heaven as a friend perspective

Indu Williams



Congrats on the 12K fam. Keep the content rolling

PrincessYannca 18

Love you boo ?

Tyler Phillips

The channel is growing and that's awesome ? you really deserve it man, keep up the good work

Denzel Hudson

Food looks delicious as always ?.. Do you like Fried Chicken? Do a KFC, Popeyes etc. Mukbang soon.

Broo Blak


Cloggedtuba Gloggedtuba


Derek Demitri Gonzales

From Texas but I’m an Eagles fan. Let me apologize for the move that Doug Peterson pulled my taking out Hurts ??‍♂️. I’ve seen front offices tank before, but never a head coach. Horrible integrity move on his part

Broo Blak

Seafood boil? Schratz, we broke round here? what you doing balling like this?

Kenyon Franks

Eagles did y’all dirty! ?


Why do you need fiber after consuming sugar?

A.H. V

This looks so yummy i personally always pick brown rice if its an option because i always need the fiber so i understand the choice

Bobby Colon

Bro got a mouth full of noodles and still can’t stop talking ?? too funny dude

wisdom mensah

We have a place in Louisiana called Yama thats just like that place. Great Asian food great American stuff like fried chicken strips and stuff and seafood boils that are top notch


No sushi for me

Tamala s

Food looks so good ?

Iou sushi

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How To Make Dragon Roll (Recipe) ドラゴンロールの作り方(レシピ)

1 624 742 views | 6 Apr. 2016

Make dragon roll at home

Make dragon roll at home with crunchy shrimp tempura wrapped in nori and rice covered with a layer of sliced avocado. Drizzle with spicy mayo!


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8 shrimp tempura (Premade or Homemade - Recipe: http://bit.ly/ShrimpTempura)

1 Japanese cucumber

2 avocados

2 nori sheets, cut in half crosswise

About 2 cups prepared sushi rice (Recipe: http://bit.ly/SushiRiceRecipe)

⅛ cup (20 oz) Tobiko

For toppings

Spicy Mayo (Recipe: http://bit.ly/SpicyMayoRecipe)

Unagi Sauce (Recipe: http://bit.ly/UnagiSauce)

Black sesame seeds

Vinegar water for dipping hands (Tezu)

¼ cup water

2 tsp. rice vinegar

Equipment you will need

Bamboo sushi mat

Plastic wrap

Sharp knife

Instructions ▼



CUTTING BOARD :: http://www.cuttingboard.com

KNIFE :: http://amzn.to/1RyWLHg

BAMBOO MAT :: http://amzn.to/1TBkU5A


Music courtesy of Audio Network

♫ "Quietude 2" :: http://bit.ly/1XgmuZG

♫ "Set Free 4" :: http://bit.ly/1YewSkX


CAMERAS:: http://amzn.to/1QxqBLN

LENS :: http://amzn.to/21gmQ8D

VIDEO MIC :: http://amzn.to/1Tmi58m

TRIPODS :: http://amzn.to/1HUn1Xu

LIGHTS :: http://amzn.to/1I84kEk

SOFTWARE :: Adobe Premiere

Carmen J

Nice job


Just a tip... No need for plastic if your bamboo is wrapped in plastic ... ?

Bje Buuenrostro

Me quede dormida mientras hacia el sushi con esa musica

Nate Moore

There are at least 540 dickweeds in the world. We all know there are orders of magnitude more, but 540 of them happened to stop by here and give a thumbs down, for what reason I haven't a clue.

Vivi Phoenix

Step #1, buy lots of plastic wrap ?

Angelina CHUA

Used too much single use plastic to make a roll.


You dont use a saran wrapped roller on a saran wrapper

The Blu-Cthul

How did Japan do this without plastic wrap in ancient times ?

Света Капралова

Looks delicious????


What’d the point of this video???? There’s no recipe, there’s no methodology, you deserve more negative thumps.

Noble House Foundation

I love your Videos, on the dragon roll, but you forgot the tail and the head & Eyes !


20 ounces of caviar seems wrong

Robert Petrenko

Looks really nice but so much plastic film Oo

szymon podlawski

A bit disappointing, frozen tempura prawns?

Camila Vega

The avocado made me cry.... it’s so beautiful!

Glenn Vanzuylen

Beautiful video ?

Troy Harris

Nice try....This wasn't the best video, presentation is everything.

Samuel Nichols

I don’t like the unnecessary use of Saran wrap; seems lazy.


I bet using less plastic would make this video even greater!

Felipe Bravo

You make it look so easy!

Khana with Rukhsana

Amazing video Best of luck with your channel amazing

Santiago Munoz

Tempura ain't even hand made

Kray the Dork

What’s that thing called that you rolled it with

Elisa Pagnoncelli

At first I've read "Dragon Ball". Lol.

Olivia Christiansen

I am in awe at that beautiful avocado. That is the avocado that dreams are made of.

Egypt Clark

My mistake: Watching this at 1am

Reem Raghed

Why am i here ? I have finals ?

Wahumpura Gedara


ninja ni duwil kitchen 101

I like it very much

Norma Acton

Did your recipe and it came out perrefeeeecccct !!! Sooo good ?

Margarida Costa

I don’t have shrimp can i use salmon instead or the taste will be bad?


this looks very yummy!!

Blanca Esthela Olalde Bárcenas

Se ve bien rico

Ümit Yavuz

Sorry but so Imprecisely

Irene Kasapi

Κόρη μα'σαι σχιυλλόφτανη;


Kinda rough on the cuts

Janelina En Línea

Por favor en español, gracias


To me this isn’t a dragon roll without the eel



Benjamin Robert

2kg of plastic per roll?

Le Nguyen

Is the tokibo raw? It looks great ?

Cookie Acosta

I could watch you cut avocados all day woooww

el zhan

Отличные роллы


Did anyone try the recipe ??tell us about it. Was it good??


Demasiado relajante, excelente video ??????

Tran Family USA

so yummy

Claudia Rodriguez

Amo los rollos ??♥️??



Hsc Protein

Taste horrible! Crappy advice!

Nora Noire

It bothers me that they didn't wipe the knife between cuts

Leahan Gallon

Are dragon roll spicy

Umm' Salamah

what did u top [t with?


Great video, it looks absolutely delicious, but could you please let me know how you make the baked shrimp tempura all the recipe seem to be about deep-frying them?

Lucia Mekis Quijano

I love this video

chef Bon vlog

Look very delicious

hanouf alenizi

Can't get enough of watching this

Monica de Pao

Looks lovely. Pity about all the plastic being used ?

Ed Gepixel

No, no, no. Too much foil, and you squashed the avocado.

Wendy Triumph

She was suppose to wet the knife after every cut, she didn’t which is why it’s messing

Mark Andersen

holy shit, thats a big avocado


Bamboo mat.... that’s actually inside out thou....

David Wollard

Do you have a cookbook in print? LOVE your recipes!

Severiano Ortiz

That is one sharp knife.

Henry Fuentes Riccardi

Sushi is art, not science, I love sushi!

Prapaporn Saengmued


Kalvin Wei

It's perfect except for too much cling film...

Anthony Mazuchowski

One day I’ll be able to do this one day....

Roseline Campant


Averi Bennett

Your avocado is on x games mode ! Also wet your knife in water for a non sticky cut, learned it from a sushi chef from a fine dine restaurant


Wow... Its so awesome

Sakkapon Sripongngam

Ohh so beautiful ?

Lita Luknasay

never use aluminium foil when you cooking it´s unhealty

Diamond Aries

What is the orange stuff that's on top, Is it fish eggs of some kind? This looks good, I'm going to try to make it

Nicole mitz Lucena

Where can i buy tobiko?

Sir, Travis Troy Mignott

I can only watch this while eating sushi or it’s quite upsetting

Emelyy Reñee

Where can I find tobiko ???

Imma just google real quick

Lemme just head to Japan first to get a cucumber then no big deal


you sound korean?

Asenet Medina Miranda

Rico, usa bastante plástico, q pena

Mi Sharif

very neat

KsK Matsunaga



Lee GBee

Creative! Reduce the use of cling plastic please. Go green!


Absolutely beautiful video! I wanted to try to follow your recipe for shrimp tempura, but the one on your website doesn't mention baking it at all- what temperature/how long would you need to bake the shrimp for to have the same affect as frying?

Drunk Friend

Looks good but the cutting made me cringe hard.

Blandi Blue

This was brought to you by plastic film, every bit is too little.

Joanne Tay

the avocado wtf is ruined. when u cut the sushi, dont press it down. DO A SAWWING MOTION!


Once I went to a Subway restaurant. The guy made my sandwich so perfectly and with such care that not one single thing spilled out when I ate it. This reminded of that moment :’)

Kevin Magee

What did they say at the end?

Cocinando con Jesushi

Cocinando con Jesushi. Canal de sushi y cocina asiática

Munif Muhammad

that looks so gewd

999,999 subscribers with 4 videos?

I wouldn’t want to even eat that piece of art. Looks amazing

David Wollard

Except for the avocado it looks wonderful!?

Denisse Villanueva

What kind of rice is?

Mad's Diary

I definetly try your recipe thanks for sharing❤

Mez Asad

That was awesome ?

Jane Citizen

In Australia avocados half this size cost $2.5 each and are sold either hard as a rock or over ripened with brown spots. Can’t remember when was the last time I bought an avocado that was this nice, or ever ?

Kyle Djae

Thinner slice avocados and dont push down when cutting the sushi u should be sawing it.

meltem멜템 kanyılmaz

What is the difference between Japanese mayonnaise normal mayonnaise?

J&R Japanese Cuisine

I made a how to make Sushi video homemade Japanese style. If you are interested you can watch my tutorial

Luciano Mattielo

Now thats anime cooking irl

Iou sushi

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Iron Chef Dad Cooks Lobster.

284 117 views | 11 Oct. 2020



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601 King Street West, M5V1M5

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mountain Man

I love watching you guys interact. Your father is such a good teacher. Pay attention to him, he's giving you invaluable knowledge and love.

This Is Not The News

The hurt on his face when you said you ordered food

Slamberalert 69

I come here solely for the dad #daddygang


"Well I'm not telling you, that's why they call it secret" ?classic dad burn


You are lucky to have such a good and smart and chill dad, im jealous because mine is locked up for drugs and attempted murder. Cant really learn too much from a bum like that

Alex O

This man is the real-life Saiba Joichiro. If you know, you know. LOLOL

Elizabet Quina

Love this!!

strawme e

You should make your dad a YouTube channel

Arlyn Villeda

This man Hispanic he never gets burned

Kushed Out Vids

This chef has spent years in a kitchen his movement while cooking is so amazing and timing is 10 out of 10 glad this video was recommended ?

David Collin

get rid of the music pl


Ahh just the fact he made broccolini cause its you favorite, is sweet.

Victoria Gomez

Your dad has to be a Taurus

Zach Smith

I wish I had a dad

Alex Kim Fitness

I miss having a father

Kristin Jones

Pls adopt meeee

Kim Harry

Really glad I found this channel. It's definitely gonna blow up soon like Sam the Cooking Guy


The man must have asbestos hands! The way he picks stuff out of the pan is nuts!

Robert Selden

I hear Zelda music am I losing my mind?

Squirrel's Garden

I started tripping out at 3:29 when I think I heard the Final Fantasy theme ??

aj adams

Collab with Gordon Ramsey

Sam Law

With all due respect dude, I only come here for the food. TBH it sucks balls being a normal human and watching rich kids live. It's just annoying. You're just you man, no true hard feelings.
With that said, thank you for sharing the awesome food content.


i love that sink setup

Amanda Luv

I love the secret ingredient so beautiful
Also I would like to ask if he had any suggestions for leek and potato soup I finally got a handheld blender wand and I am excited to use it


your dad's a G would die for some of that food lol

Saucy Biscuit

that is a badass sink it puts my sink to shame


He didn’t kill the lobster first ah fuck it

Eitan R

Your dad probably cooks dog really well.

Amanda Luv

You should see if he’s willing to take trends and taking them to another lvl like the coffee whip cloud bread roasted sunflower ? etc

Dj Magik Mike

What a great father. Can truly see that he loves his son. Plus a amazing Chef

Nikki Mori

Ur dad is the only good thing about ur channel and it’s not even debatable


10:08 one of the most heartbreaking thing a child can tell a parent

cole goode

I think its so cool that he always refers to everything you like as "your favorite". You can tell he really remembers what you prefer or enjoy and pays attention to that stuff, and is excited to use it to make something you'll like. Maybe it seems dumb or forgettable to some, but its cool that he can show you he loves you in that way. I miss my dad who passed away a while a go a ton, and similar acts of kindness that he did really stick out to me in hindsight.

Michael Meade

Your dad is the Daddest man on the planet. Nice work on the videos keep them coming

Dan F

Hey your dad's not bad at cooking, maybe he can become a professional chef? /s ... how cool is it to have a dad who's a chef!!


You are incredibly lucky. Period

Never Rap Again

you’re the best brother

Joshua Barreto

How long does he take to clean all that up like my god lmaoo

Naz Ak

the tail is the best part

- NhcDjayx7

Like for a kitchen tour

Martin Zavala

secret ingredient..
what it it?
I can’t tell you that’s why it’s called secret

Meigh Khunt

That is fucking beautiful

Jessica Maldonaldo

Wow I just love seeing your Dad in the kitchen ...

Jordan Beem

The finesse is so next level ??

Arnel Torres

I love how he cook. Yo can I get you a beer?


These videos relieve me of my anxiety you guys have such a strong relationship and his cooking skills are so fun to watch.


i want to eat all of that

H & H

Imagine your friends or gf’s mom invite you over for diner and ask you if it was good not knowing your dad is an iron chef lol

Oedipus 69

Watching him cook stresses me out. He’s on level 101 of dinner cooking while I’m on level 3

Facetious Monkey

Your name is Jet Bent-Lee? Is your sibling named Yacht Rolls-Royce?

richard castro

how you gonna order food when your dad is a famous chef. lol eating good homemade food is the best feeling, but having an amazing chef as a dad must have been cool.

Amanda Luv

Such a beautiful meal

Malwreck Champion of Norath

I love this family.

Yamiley T

He looked so sad when he said he ordered food:(

Richard Johnson

Dad knows some fighting style. I can tell by the way he blocked the grees after he put the shrimp in. What kind of martial art or self-defense did he learn. I'm want to adopt your dad.

The Glamorous Life of Nae

I know that lobster with that sauce would be so good over a bed of pasta. ??

Angel Bermiso

You’re so lucky to get to eat that ?

God bless America Towler

Cant wait to try. Thank you!
Forgiveness! ??


These 1000 mid scene cuts are atrocious


Press F To Pay Respects for the red pepper @ 3:27 ?

James Cerami

glad I came across this channel. your dad makes some awesome dishes.

Rin 11B Airborne

I love your dad ? he’s awesome

Ashley T.

Your dad is amazing!

Frankie Flores

"stir, stir, stir"


Camera movement sucks! Makes me not want to watch the whole video.


drooling so hard now

vamp Valdivia

Best dad ever kinda inspiring too see that level of cooking makes me want too cook

Patrick Chase

Can we see you impress your dad with a meal? Turn his favorite meal into a fast food or turn his favorite fast food into a gourmet meal?

Kuya Leo

Susur "One-shot" Lee


Are you guys catholic?

russo thuga

The fallacious taste notably taste because judo expectably unite except a broken catamaran. curvy, cute iran

Senor Studly

I'm dad jealous

J Wizdum

Yo random but if you need Lofi beats for your background music I’d be glad to give you some! Noticed you use the same one which is a really dope one but just thought I’d mention

Connor Richards

Your dad is def a beast in the kitchen. I think it’s time for you to cook for him in an episode so we can see what he’s taught you lol.

Kyle H

This looks amazing, I wish I could try it

David Barrera

When is he gonna have his own cooking channel?!

Mike Jones

So lucky having an iron chef as a dad

doniven bernier

He is definitely a dope dad to have. He looked like he wanted to smack you for joking about ordering food

Julian Mastrapa



I want your dad

Russell Johnston

Going through all that trouble to make an expensive gourmet meal for my adult child who ordered take away would be grounds for late term abortion.


Great video. Enjoyed your dad's cooking and should ask him to start a YouTube channel on cooking :-)

Roxanne Stein

You and chef daddy are too cute together.

Also, he looks like that guy in a video teaching how to breathe to heal or something? I understand now why it’s so important to do deep breathing exercises. Been having to massage my stomach.

Haas Heet

You should do one on what type of kitchenware and knifes mr Lee suggests


Who does the dishes?

Alejandro Gutierrez

Dope: always in control .. timed perfectly. Looks amazing. Cheers

Armando Blanco

Is that Zelda music in the background?

David Boy

“This is just for you right? I already ordered food”
“You’re fu$*king kidding me”
Haha I was dying

Lonzo the Yorkie

Chef dad is a rockstar


Man I wouldn’t be ordering any outside food when your dad cooks all that ? ass meals!

Shaq Harris

That’s how a dad supposed to be ??

George W. Kush

why didn’t he kill the lobster before he put it in the boiling water

That’s fucked

Ching Per

ho mei ah

Trae Wu

I use to watch him as an Iron Chef he's been awesome since the beginning of time Facts

Jose Davila

This channel should be you and your dad making food bro. It's the content we need.


Forgiveness ??


This is like watching a regular cooking tutorial, but a troll commentating at the same time lol

Kelechi Loves Life

I wouldn't order anything if my dad was a chef and cooked for me like this ?? order why? ?

Castle Coatl

I want to hug ur dad. Thank u 4 being a dad! And. Feeding me with delicious food for free! Im cring. It was free and didnt spend 100s of dollars! U the best! U r so lucky.?

Tamim Almoulani

The dad must be a stoner, he is so chilled and dope