Pesos to us dollars chart

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Jeff Bezos' Wealth Visualized

970 098 views | 11 Jun. 2020

In this video we take a

In this video we take a look at just how rich Jeff Bezos really is.

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It's one thing to be rich. It's a whole other thing to be Jeff Bezos rich. The founder and owner of Amazon has amassed more wealth than anybody else in modern history. As of this video, his net worth stands at an absolutely astronomical $143 billion.

Jeff Bezos' Wealth Visualized

Zimbelius the Knight

What a way to Show me i'm worth shit


Laughs in Elon Musk

Sathvik Malgikar

the three big things that happened .
PewDiePie vs T-series,
Jeff Bezos vs Elon musk.
the Pandemic.

Adolf Shekelberg

Point is your being Exploited!!!

Ek Shayri statusz

Elon :- "laughing in the corner"


Who here believes that Jesus died for them to go to Heaven when they die and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life?


Jeff bezos is very rich, but you also have to understand that just because he has most of a company that is crazy rich, doesn't mean he can spend that money. He doesn't have all that cash in his pocket or in his bank account.


Don't glorify this Con-artist

Blake Murray

This called me poor on so many different levels


Why would he not buy those sport leagues tho? he would easely make that money back from amazon as well as from those sport leagues

Liam Hartley

I did the math he could afford to put a glass sphere around the moon and fly trees there

Brodie Williams

He should use some of his money for poverty and curing diseases, etc

Hochzeitsfotograf Seychellen

The pile of Dollar notes would be 13,86 million miles high? Come on, what did you guys smoke? ? ? ? ? ?


Aaaaand there comes Elon musk xD

Pop Can

Why doesn’t he just donate to charities or do good with his money or sum

Thomas Reger

Skip to the visual: 2:57

Kenneth Wiley

0:34 then i guess you lack imagination, 1:05 auctually that does not make sense because where did jeff get the money upfront oh wait that's right he did'nt if you read his backstory 1:18 if you have difficulties with comprehending that amount then i guess you are really really tragic for your past generations of mentality or mindset on money you probably think $100 is a lot per hour no $1000 is normal per hour at least to me seemed, look no one genuinely think that that's impossible in practice and not just imaginary 4:09 impossible hah hahahahahahhahahaha these fools have no idea what business is all about it's about getting rich and becoming richer duh that's why people start up companies in specific industries or study there life's to real estate or stock market or combination. put it this way if you can't imagine the reality lit alone take some seriously who wants to make a billion or more a year then you need to do some soul searching and study history of industry's business dealings and find examples that proof the contrary to people

jonas chikri

*others*: you can't hear pictures
*me*: 0:23

Lazar Kokotović

Elon Musk entered the chat*


he could give me his pocket change and my entire life would be set

Muhammad Ivan

Nobody need that much money

Dr008 Darling


Blue Pheonix

Elon musk: hold my tesla


You have to be in america to stand a chance in any other country you have to be very well connected

Alex Chubb

My man BAER sounding official as fuck


Just so we're clear, that's his net worth that they are talking about. He has this great amount of money through owning stock. And if he were to sell all that stock, he wouldn't be as wealthy as his net worth. Most likely a lot less wealthy. Not saying he wouldn't still be a billionaire, but in liquid wealth, he does not have this much money.

the randomizer

my cousins best friends older sister is dating him


If he didn’t get paid his $81,000 for being the CEO of Amazon he probably wouldn’t even notice.

Jay Doherty

Queen of England isn’t a title

Bruh Buddy

The Queen still has the British people’s tax ,I don’t know why doh???

Mr. V1ct0r

Jeff Bezos makes 2,500$ per second (as of last year)
This video is 6:34 minutes or 394 seconds.
Jeff Bezos made 985,000$ in the time it took you to watch this video.

Let that sink in

Ben Sharpie

His salary as CEO is 80k? Seriously? A programmer hired at Amazon makes more than that...

Sam Galloway

simply put, his wealth is: 2 double chests full of full stacks of diamond blocks, 2 double chests full of full stacks of emerald blocks and an ink sack.

that is... in hardcore survival world

yeah, let that sink in.

Ken Kaneki

Elon Musk wants you to hold his beer

Nolan Love

Me who plays adventure capitalist: "pathetic"


Waiting for "Elon Musk's Wealth Visualized"

atomic kebabman

9yo: i’m richer.


Someone needs to update this video lol

Cody Capone

Elon has taken this title


"The human mind often has trouble contemplating a billion (...)" > easy it's 1 * 10^9
"(...) never mind 143 billion" > easy it's 143 * 10^9
"(...) remember, a billion is one thousand million" > you guys really think your audience is just a bunch of idiots don't you?


...and yet people are starving and dying because they can't even afford to keep themselves alive. This sickens me in every way.

Alex Caldwell

and his employees still get paid subpar...


Bezos got thick cash I got thick hair

Agnus Gertrudeson

Remember that Jeff deserves his money and definitely works 400,000 times harder than a brain surgeon.

Bro Crow

Elon musk: Pathetic

Draven Bourque

So bezos is worth about 190Bil dollars as of 2/21 and he could buy all of the sporting teams and still have dozens of billions of dollars left that in maybe 20 years time could really pay off

Moe Putterman

Actually if you stacked up 143,000,000,000 $1 bills it would go 10,000 miles high, not 14 million. Thickness of 1 bill is .0043 inches, .0043*143,000,000,000 = 614900000 inches = 51241666.6667 feet = 9704 miles. No idea what they were doing.

Sovann Thach

$143 billion vs cancer ?

Arton Ademi

Well Elon is the king

OC Lexus

shout out Humphrey ??

Qyuan Pan


Adam M

As of today Jeff Bezos has $192B dollar

NBG Nitro

3:26 a mere 122 billion dollars lmao

A-A Ron

It's been 7 months since this video and he's made 41 BILLION dollars since then?


Legends know Putin is richest


He could literally give the whole world 90k dollars. No joke.

Sebastian Thorup

This is just devastating. Imagine how many people that has to suffer, just because of a greedy grifter like these billionaires. They don't NEED this money, but they MUSt have it. Pathetic


the richest woman of all time is simply "the wife of"...
lol feminists would love this ?


If ur so rich just dont get a girlfriend ok? She will divorce you and ur fucked.

Sebastian Banda

Who else got an Amazon ad?

John Dean



146 billion dollars is amazing but happiness is priceless

ZuIrics RBLX

John D. Rockefeller was actually the richest person in modern history, with $330 billion dollars, however, there was an African Ruler that had approximately $400 billion dollars, but he lived hundreds of years ago, plus John D. Rockefeller's wealth is still going up.

Adam M

Elon Musk technically beats him

Squid Ward

What if Amazon stocks fall?

Brian Kim

Did Shroud's editor make this thumbnail???


no one should be this rich


if he would just give a few billion to world population

T. Williams

the real way he gets his money is aws and giving employees minimum wage

Rose :3

81k a year? Honestly, that’s not a whole lot. In places like Mississippi it may be, but in other states, that’s not extremely unusual. I would think the CEO of amazon would get paid a lot more.

Carl Ingels

All his Money is in his Amazon stock. Mind that this is not liquid Money he Can use. If he tries Selling his Amazon Stock the Price Will plummet. So therefore he cannot buy all those things mentioned in the video. Im not saying he doesn’t have a couple billions in investments that he can use, it’s just not as much as mentioned in the video :) but great visualization

Ubisoft GamingYT

He drives a used Honda

the randomizer

yo i met jeff bezos



I am Monika

Jeff Bezos: My wealth in dollars goes to the moon
Elon Musk: My wealth in dollars will soon go back to my homeworld

Djo1e -.-

We need this video but it needs to be Elon Musk


Still can’t visualize it imma need to see it in a room with nobody around just me and the money then I’ll understand

Josh willia

This is ONLY if he liquidated all his assets lol, he doesn't actually have anywhere near that money to spend hahaha


Jeff who?
-Elon Musk


Then comes the Tesla guy

Bacon D00



It was rude to assume I can't comprehend a billion.

Major Cbass

I want to know how to become his best friend. "What's that bro? You're tight on money? Here's a couple thousand"

Tim OSullivan

2:06 top 10 reasons u shouldn't get married


Elon Musk: "Hold my doge"

Aryan kumar

i am watching it after elon musk overtook jeff...

Nil Nil

He's still poorer than Elon Musk. Currently

gavin phillips

Yo Elon passed him lol


"500 million a year salary, something nobody gets paid for any job." the average top hedge fund manager makes a casual 600 million a year my guy

jonas chikri

1:01 that's 140 mil...


Just imagine how entitled his kids will be..... His kids, his grandkids, so on and so forth, will never know what it's like to work for anything in their lives. Just like their father. All that money came from an idea he had, but he's not working for it. All those desperate, underpaid laborers are. Capitalism is just one giant ponzi scheme.


That is 142 million. Not a billion.

Jeremy Cruz

Mansa Musa: laughs in pure gold

Taya Van

Jeff Bezos is proof that the system is utterly broken. A system that allows one man to hoard so much money that he would have to spend 9 million a day to spend it in a 100 year lifespan. To hoard more money than the GDP of 49 countries, and yet also allowed people to die from poverty or starving to death is the most broken system I could ever conceive of. He could end ALL homelessness in the USA and still have enough money to be set for hundreds of lifetimes. He could pay for cancer treatment for ever single person on this earth. He could end ALL world hunger. Why does he have the right to deprive everyone on the planet of the good he could do? Why do we allow one man to do nothing with more money than anyone could ever put a dent in spending in a lifetime, while people die from entirely preventable things every goddamn day? How did we as a society, as a species, let this happen? This is what rampant, amoral, unchecked capitalism looks like. People dying in poverty and dying for no reason while one lucky bald man gets to congratulate himself for being so "hardworking" that he became the ultimate exploiter on this planet instead of the exploited. Sickening.

thebaldgamer 1

5:34 they made it seem like 10 billion dollars is little ??

ffejetty a

4:35 woah £1 = $57??!? if i was american i would be rich

Noah Freedman

Elon Musk has entered the chat


What about adventure capitalist?

JG Productions_TN

Elon: aight bet

Joel Mogindol

Elon musk ?

Pesos to us dollars chart

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Deebow 08

Dang..aint gonna be worth nothing..I'm glad I don't have all my resources in that shit.

Pesos to us dollars chart

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Mr. Haze

Honorary mention step: Don't wait for others to travel go when you got the chance.

Maurice Branch

So tempting which Asian countries to go