Tasmania currency

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Tasmania vs Northern Territory, where should I go for study or PR??

1 428 views | 23 Jun. 2020

MN vlogs it's a

MN vlogs it's a collaboration vlog do watch it till

Full video link is

Channel name

Abdul sammad


Navdeep singh


Fun Series

Bro make a video on comparison of Perth.???

Abdul Sammad

? ?

Abhishek Menon

Amazing Collab! Looking forward for more of these!

Ajay mahar ajju

Bhaiyya insta id kya h aapki

jonty singh

Awesome video ?

lovepreet singh khalsa

Paji tasmania ch apa no rent te mill sakda koi house ja fr koi room kise nal ma te meri wife ne rehna aaa one room hi mill jave kise nal paji jrurr daseo manu

Rajwinder Rajwinder

Good initiative to give info. ???

priyanka kamboj

Hlo sir. Any update when skilled visa for offshore is going to reopen


what the hell are you speaking?

Garry Sethi

Ik video geelong te v

Sukhdeep singh

Congratulations sir on 3k...ur videos are awsm.?

Raminder Singh


Tasmania currency

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Unboxing a Package from Tasmania

7 861 views | 8 Sep. 2018

Want to see our reaction

Want to see our reaction to trying vegemite for the first time?

If you like this channel and want to help out:


Owen Ward

we still notice spiders but dont shit ourselves when we see them. When i moved here from canada my first job was a pest controller so that helps get over the canadian fear of spiders..... you slay thousands of them..... the rest spread the word. Always leave one survivor to tell the tale hahahah

oo f

Remember kids, if a koala starts assaulting you sexually, get the pommel unscrewd and you're halfway there for salvation

mister roboto

I can see your green screen. Australia not trying to kill you but it will kill you eventually, maybe.

Ninja Hombrepalito

XD I can imagine an Australian looking at you two and laughing thinking "that's not how you eat that", lol.

Hans KC

*Singing* Koalas in the rain...

Darth Nychta

could send you sweets or something from Britain uwu

Rennis Tora

Oooooh, speaking of Australia and liquorice, have you ever tried Australian liquorice? I've had some over the years that says it's made there, no clue if it's an actual export though (I live in Canada for reference). The style of it was specifically soft "Eating" liquorice (what else would you do with it?), the brand was called Capricorn.
"Capricorn - Australian Soft Delicious Liquorice" Is the wording on the bag, was able to find an example on google when I looked for it, they make other flavours of it too, though I personally can't stand any kind of liqourice other than black/traditional.

A. O.

Most news prints ads and newspapers are printed in soy based inks

Er Oktar Tonga

Jumps out a Tazmanian devil :P


Hurra! Unboxing video!
Buuut, wat the hell is vegemite?


do canadians still notice polarbears?


Good thing there wasn't a Quokka in there

Stefan Forrer

vegemite is basically yeast extract? well, now i know to avoid that stuff like the plague...

Just A

2:22 - when the weed is extra dank.


-It's so tiny!
-Yeah, I mean... It's all you really need
-Well, yeah... still
-It's well shaped, I like it. It's gonna be very interesting to try out. Just need to... haft it... and then see how it works out. It's pretty.

( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Lee McGann

Vegetarian is an old Indian word for lousy hunter.


When i get some money I will send to you a pack of Brazilian sweets


On the subject of liquorice, I used to have a pack of fisherman's friend salmiak, I liked it a lot.

Edit: at home we eat Marmite, we mix it with cheese or butter on a toasted bread.

pan liška

best couple on youtube

Nathan Beale

we notice MOST spiders. And don't forget, that's extra keratin as WELL as protein in that there spider :P

The Keeper

'We could run half the bloody planet on Soy and Hemp'



Great that you make more videos with Devan again :)


Our life expectancy is about 80-85 years. Congratulations on surviving Vegemite on hard mode, too, I don't know too many people besides myself who can handle it straight from the jar/tube.

Now we need to introduce you to Tim-Tams and Milo

Panda Time Tv

The scary ones are drop bears


Unlikely colab: Skallnanigans and Brave Wilderness ! I can see it now:
Coyote Peterson: We are about to enter the slash zone, in 1... 2... 3...
/gets slashed by Skallarin/
Mark: Are you alright?

And I'm sure Coyote would happily treat Skalla and Cara with the joy of freehandling a Tarantula and/or a Black Widow. :-D


That's ture. Australians don't give a damn about spiders anymore. There is so many things that could kill you, that all you end up doing is getting rid of the ones you can find in your home and get them out.
True Australians just play with those deadly creatures all day long ;)

Sean Cooper

Vegemite is good when spread on cheese slices or when mixed with butter/margarine in a sandwich but vegemite is also an acquired taste

Tria Maxwell

"Okay, it is extremely salty and extremely flavorful"

That's what she said.


I need to remember to pay attention to Patreon, rather than just giving my support through there. Seems like you've got some awesome people hanging out there.

Matthew Brown

Your wife looks so much like Helena Bonham Carter!

John Francis Doe

The only green mammals dye their hair from the outside, just like you.

Windhelm Guard

the funny thing about eukalyptus is that it is actually so poisonous that only adult koalas can actually digest it, until they are big enough baby koalas survive by eating the fecal matter of adult koalas.

also koala urine can spread chlamydia.

Ninja Hombrepalito

Am I the only one who thinks Cara looks so kawaii at 12:11?

Jordan Clark

I had a bad experience with marmite it was unlabeled in my grandma's house and me being young thought it was chocolate spread I took a big dollop and spread it on my toast let's just say I did a spit take and haven't touched the stuff since

Tria Maxwell

Cara and Skall are so cute together.


Hey Skall next time Cara complains about smelly seafood you could get a can of fermented herring ;-) Al tough you would probably be evicted for opening one indoors... Anyway it was a fun video and best of luck with finding a good haft for the axe :-)

King Scoops

Thin scraping of vegemite with cheese toasted sandwiches are amazing ?

James Austin

I'm not a vegemite person, but generally the idea is you put a thin layer on buttered toast, I believe to get the most out of the flavour. Also a lot of major cities around the world have stores for Australian ex-pats that sell things like Vegemite and Tim Tams that people end up craving and can't get anywhere else.

EDIT: Oh, as for the heat and things trying to kill you, there's way fewer deadly animals in Tassie and it's way colder climate down there (I grew up in Launceston until I was 8, then moved up to Adelaide where it actually gets hot). Go to Tasmania in our winter and it'll mostly just be wet.

EDIT2: The 95% Australian ingredients is the minimum number and the labelling is a new thing they put through a few months ago, but the 5% probably is the salt since IIRC we don't do rock salt here in Australia, only sea salt which comes out differently, so I think most rock salts are imported.

Tria Maxwell

"It makes you feel as if you were sexually assaulted by a koala"

Better get checked for chlamydia.... I'm not kidding. https://www.livescience.com/62517-how-koalas-get-chlamydia.html

Sean O'Farrell

As an Australian - can confirm, we basically don't notice ordinary/safe spiders anymore. They do a pretty good job at keeping the actually dangerous spiders out of the cities anyway, so you only need to worry about the dangerous ones when you're travelling the outback. Plus they eat Mosquitos, which are actually the most painful insect to deal with no matter where you are in the country.

Also, foreigners almost always make a mistake with Vegemite. The way it's meant to be had is that you butter a piece of toast so that the butter kinda melts in, then you basically scrape on just enough Vegemite that it catches on all the tiny "ridges" across the bread, but doesn't form a solid coat.

And Victoria, NSW and Tasmania are fairly cool during the winter - typical temperature range (min/max) for a winter's day is ~7/17 C.


Eucalyptus Vegemite? Skall going full overkill mode there.

Petra S

You two are so cute together

Haf Þór


Randy Clark

What's the difference between Vegemite and Marmite?


Question: You stated food restrictions... Do you eat milk-products? And do you like spicy foods? I ask because I make this 5-cheese spicy salsa cheese dip that I'd be happy to send you a small bottle of, but if your food restrictions don't allow, I won't bother.

Bilbo Baggins

You'll be the new Otzi with that copper axe head. Hopefully you will make a chalcolithic age style axe. That would be really cool.

David Raper

Lovely to see you both having a bit of fun.


YOU DON'T JUST EAT VEGEMITE WITHOUT TOAST!! out of the bottle is for advanced Australians only xD


The vegan police are arriving at the end there


Adorkable ^^

John Francis Doe

Acid free paper is not about the environment, it's about the paper not self-destroying in your archives.

Cameron Johnson

Yea scary as fuck spiders are a regular occurrence but you get used to them kinda like mosquitoes. Also you're a monster vegemite tastes like ass


''You can make anything out of soy''
Even a soy pommel?

Lee McGann

I am intrigued by Cara’s necklace/choker.... could you tell us about it?


Yes, yes we do notice spiders. We just respond less to them.

Apathetic Misanthrope

Awesome, you were in Tassie? Dude... Don't tell anyone, it's like one of the last untouched ecosystems left on Earth. #respectearth

Tipsyfish History

I love Cara's piercings.


Tasmania isn't all that hot because it is so far south. Right now it is 3C , though it is winter

Undeadboy22 2

Love these unboxings :) great to see you guys laughing :)

Mark Peeters

i live next door to a pet shop... i will send you a spider if you want...a big fluffy one

Ty Larson

Cute video. More videos of the two of you chattering it up would be great. Maybe have you guys try out something local to you and explain your home?

Bore Ragnarok

5:09 skal turns into Mike Tyson


As someone who lives in Australia, I can tell you we don't register spider much, still smash them with "news paper" if they get the wrong place.


Damn cunning them koalas


for vegemite, you have a very small amount on toast.. as in you should be able to see the toast through the vegemite

alot of people also have alot of butter with it and that gives it a very savory taste

Steven Smith

Do you know nothing about Australia, not everything has koalas on it........ Some things have kangaroos.


1kcal=4.2kJ. Just divide by 4 and you are set

The Atlantean

Heads up vegemite is fucking disgusting. You have been warned.


If you want Marmite I can send you a lot of Marmite stuff.


Some spiders can survive up to six months without eating so...


Turn this into the Skal and Cara channel, plz!


Someone send some French saucisson to these poor people before the rest of the world spams them with atrocious food.
Oh wait they don't eat meat. Maybe cheese but I'm not sure it would go through customs.


So the best way to eat vegemite is really hot toast with a tonne of butter and a very very tiny amount of vegemite mixed thoroughly into the butter.Or make a toasted cheese sandwich with a little bit of vegemite spread on the cheese before toasting. It's not meant to be a condiment in itself but an enhancement to other flavours.

The Atlantean

Aww, matching haircuts


Down in Tazmania

Steve Richardson

I would love to see you guys try some hot foods. Nothing lets you see the inside of a persons soul like watching them sweat through some ghost pepper

Aleksi Alatalo


Arthur Williams

5:23 It's not the size of the axe that counts. After all, you really only feel the first few inches... ;)

Martin Ahlman

We only have normal food in Sweden, like fermented herring, bread with blood in it, fish treated with lye... Hang on... I live here, and I love this food, but it might be just a tiny bit strange. Just a tiny bit...

Hariti Khatri

Skall isn't vegetarian anymore? I mean it's his choice, but... who would break over for oysters of all things? That's probably the least appealing food item on the planet.

Ashley Browse

Don't like the heat? Go to Tassie, or basically anywhere in winter.

Nuclear Winter

copper axe head potential steampunk axe perhaps skall ?

Unpopular Spirits

Australia is pretty safe actually. Shad is there to protect them.


You could run half the bloody planet in soy and hemp - Cara, 2018


Yeah nah we don't really notice spiders. Also you need about 4mm thick vegemite on your toast to get the full flavour.


Do you consume honey? My country has some of the worlds finest honey =P

I enjoyed the vid. Looking forward to seeing that axe head in action.




Ed Denoy

At home with the Rasputins.....

Dominik Doherty

Skall for the love of all that is holy try vegemite on toast with some butter well in your case vegan/vegetarian butter all you gotta do is make toast put a light layer of butter on and dab and I mean dab the vegemite around the toast don't slap it on like nutella it will taste much better that way I keep seeing people try it straight out of the container and it really annoys me cause that is not how you are supposed to taste it XD


I bet spiders would taste good with Vegemite.

James Forgie

For your information, Tasmania is basically Australia’s version of Scotland; it’s perpetually cold, rainy and damp, and vegetation grows quite well. I don’t believe they even have that many spiders there. Or snakes, for that matter.
And yes, pepper/spearmint is always excessively flavoured for some reason.

Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas

Skall: If not for the heat
Nah mate it’s not the heat it’s the fact that in Tassie there’s only one season every season in the space of an hour

Tobias Br.

Have you ever tried Siberia X-Tremely Red snus? Most brutal menthol I‘ve had so far XD

Mark Adams

Lol yall so silly

Cookie Dough

Try and do a package from Ireland or England

Kyle Jimenez

"well, we're armed..." LOL nice! XD



ö. . ,

Finally somebody does it right.
Fuck kcal.

Tasmania currency

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ऑस्ट्रेलिया जहां पत्नियों की होती है अदला बदली ! Australia Amazing Facts

695 487 views | 16 Jan. 2020

Strange rules


Strange rules

A country where boys hate Indian boys very much, but knowing this, you will be shocked and proud to be your Indian! And

And this country is so beautiful that everyone wants to go and settle in this country!

Also, this country is so strange that in this country there is also the custom of swapping wives, which will make you stunned upon hearing this!

In this video of today, we will learn some such facts about the country of Australia, after hearing that you will feel that it is a wonderful country, one must go to this country once!

So let's explore the world togo


As you all will know, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, located below Indonesia and near New Zealand, the capital of this country is Canberra, which is famous all over the world because of its enticing eyes and its official Language is English! Which is spoken all over Australia.

Types of food

Do you know that Australia is the only country in the world which is a continent in itself! This country is so beautiful that the island of Tasmania in this country is known for the purest air and atmosphere in the world! You will like the food of this country because this country is full of many Indian restaurants! But camel meat is very much used in this country!

Do you know that Australia is a secular country because there is no national religion in this country? According to 2006 census, 64% of the people in this country follow Christianity. The second largest religion is Buddhism!

Do you know that the seventh wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, which is the world's largest coral reef, is present in Australia, which is visited by people all over the world!

Fraud with foreigners

Boys of this country hate Indian boys a lot because the number of Indian girls growing up in Australia and the relationship of Indian girls to Australian girls goes on for a long time. Many Australian girls believe that Indian boys are very aware of their responsibilities at home. Huh

New things

Do you know that in a big province like QUEENSLAND of this country, wives are also swapped, it is here that every week a Couples Party is organized in which husband with someone else's wife and wife with a non-male Relations can be formed, it is only during the party that is why many relationships in Australia are seen to be broken! That is why India is the most civilized in the world and is known for its culture, what is your opinion, please tell us in the comment box!

And then you will be surprised to know that despite being twice the area of ​​the country of Australia, the population of this place is less than our Punjab state, as of 2017, the population was 2 crore 46 lakh which is 10 times that of our Uttar Pradesh. is less!

Money exchange

Australia has its own currency Australian DOLLOR which lives around 49 rupees in India, the lifestyle of this country is considered very rich!

About earning

If I talk about earning in this country, here are all the work according to the weeks, your salary is also available in weeks, your ROOMRENT also has to pay in weeks! Speaking of AVARAGE Weekly Salary for the entire country of Australia, 1605 DOLLORS are available per week, which can work legally for only 38 hours a week, which means there are 6400 Australian dollors a month! If I talk about the expenses of Australia by month, then you get a private shared room of $ 800 per month and food will cost 500 $ on month and mobile cost on 50 $ per month! Transport and others utilities assume spend 1000 dollors! If you know how to cook food yourself, you can save $ 250 a month.



If I talk about the hostel charge in this country, then you get a good price per night for Rs 800 and a start hotel from 1300!

About girls

But do you know that due to decreasing population in this country, classified ads are released in which boys are looking for relationships with girls and girls are looking for relationships with boys, for example, if I take the name of one website. LOCANTO.CO.AU find couples by writing!

Taxis & flights if a flight from delhi to perth of Australia is added, then 1 month before the round trip falls in 24000

So friends, there were some interesting facts about Australia country. How did you like this video? Please tell in the comment box, along with which country you want to watch the next video, also tell us if you liked this video, then write it if you did not like it. So sorry I have full faith in you that the channel has subscribed itself, if not, please subscribe and press the bell icon then friend In today's video, that's all you get again in a new video till then Jai Hind!

Authour Credits

Videvo.net, Kiril Dobrev

Video by BIRDI from Pexels

Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels

Video by cottonbro from Pexels

Video by Guilherme Chimenti from Pexels


Videvo.net, Kiril Dobrev

Video by BIRDI from Pexels

Keshav Naidu from Pixabay

Amar yadav

acha laga video

Heman Kumar

मेरा भारत महान है

TS bundela

वीडियो बहुत अच्छा लगा

Tikaram Acharya


Keshav Kainth


Sudip Sarkar


Rahul Chouhan

हिंदुस्तान की झलक सबसे अलग

mubin shaikh

Australia kaisa janeka kya process hai. Australia placement ke bare me jankari chahiye

Navnath Salve

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swapnil mali

Mera bharat mahan

Krishan Mishra

Hindustan our like is my country


Mera Bharat mahàn

Raj Yadav

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Gaurav Kumar


YO YO fans

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दीपक सिंह छपरहिया का पूरा वीडियो इस लिंक से देख सकते हैं

Raju Singh Raju Singh

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My love india

Rohit Sharma

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Mahakaal gamer

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Sanjay Thapper

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Aye haye nazar na lage mere desh ko ?❤️❤️

Lavaji Raghav Sonagara

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Anurag Gour

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deepak kumar


Mayank Singh

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Kaleem Khan


Naeem jutt

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technical jio0o

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Amit Kushwaha

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Jitendra Kumar

India is great desh

Ankit Kumar Sahu

Ha bharat desh sabse acchha hai

Dinesh Kumar

Join vestige

Mukhtar Ahmad

I want citizenship of Australia. I will do job in Australian melatry.

Silvia Anastasya


????? ????

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenis rlifmdl!r

jackvictor firewing

india me v aisa hota wife swaping

M Rathore

Good luck video Mahesh Rathore

Sachin Wahane

I love Australia

ahtesham saudagar

My whatsapp number send 7743908447

Rahul Yadav

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Chandra Shekhar

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Mangat ram Sheokand


Jai Maharashtra

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Vipin Maurya

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Shanker Rathod

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Dk Pictures Bhojpuri

दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके देख सकते हैं एक गरीब कैसे बना जीरो से हीरो- दीपक सिंह छपरहिया
दीपक सिंह छपरहिया का पूरा वीडियो इस लिंक से देख सकते हैं

दिलदार मीना गीत


Ram Kumar

Sare jaha se acha Hindustan hamara

Jaspreet Singh

Thumbnail Change kr Sale ?

Ram Krishna

वहां प्रधानमंत्री को मां बहन की गाली देने की आजादी है यदि हो तो मैं जाऊंगा क्यों कि मैं कांग्रेसी हू


सारे जहां से अच्छा हिंदुस्तान हमारा है ???????????????????❤️

Sadhu Shailesh

I love India India is great

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bharat goswami

Search and read more on your Google Type https://koashal.blogspot.com Health Tips (experienced), Educational Tips (experienced), Riligious stories, social stories and many more visit once.

Shubham Kuamr

Bhut acha

Gaurav Mittal

हेलो दोस्तो में गौरव मित्तल हु मुजे कपल के साथ 3 साल का exprince है थ्री सम सेक्स का ओर cuck old सेक्स का ओर कपल swap पार्टी आपकी बीबी या कोई शादी। शुदा औरत बॉडी मसाज चाहती है बो बी आपकी जानकारी गुप्त रखी जायेगी ओक अब तक कि लाइफ में 15 से ऊपर कपल साथ मजा मस्ती कर चुका हूं आप मेरे ग्रुप में जोइन होना चाहते है तो लिंक से जॉइन हो सकते है में 29 सिंगल हु ग्वालियर से ओक
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Mangal pandey


Uma Kapil

Looks like you feel very happy to talk & display the prostitution here in Australia. You show your venom while commenting on the life style & relationships of Australia.

But it is very dismaying to see that your this policy is not O.K. in those places where prostitution is going on in the presence of CBI- Police & they are also in the possession of their videos which were installed by them also. This double standards are not understood. Again, it is not understood as to why the prostitution is permissible for those who approved the installation & it is not o.k for those who were being probed stealthily .

Surprisingly, a great length of time has lapsed. It is being observed that not only the prostitution is being practiced in Gov Office where CBI present but also highly criminal activity for the prostitution is being allowed. If in a mutual way prostitution is going on then perhaps it is o . k but it is being allowed & appreciated in a criminal way. In addition, it is being hidden from the public.

In fact, all the positive & successful results which have emerged for the assault Cases are being hidden. On the contrary it is being informed that this is being told ,it is being permitted & this is happening because of Government instructions.
I was flabbergasted to see this in writing that people want to enjoy like this while cbi is there in the Office.

It is not understood as to why everybody is so kind to the criminal offenders.

Therefore, uniform policy as being shown by Australian graceful ladies should not bother you so much. And, you should know that Marriage & blues bonds are both o.k. You should be fair to your own thine self. You allow this to happen here as described above while you are raising accusing finger on other parties is not O. K. If blue ones want to enjoy like this that should not be your problem.

If you want to eradicate this evil, you should have shown the positive action where people are doing the evil prostitution as stressed in the above paras. There high--up & Police was always feeling very eager to cover up the culprits knowingly. It in the wake of timid & deliberate betrayed attitude, the thread is falling apart in the passions & loving hearts. You can't blame anybody for your duties & this simmering which you yourself have started.

It is appreciated that a uniform policy is adopted & practiced everywhere in India.

Pushpraj Gurjar

भारत माता हैं बाकी सब देश हैं। माता का अर्थ है पाल पोस कर बड़ा और योग करदे गौ माता ओर माता सब देशों में माता नहीं ।

Sunny Pal

Bharat des mahan haiii sir g

Jai Sheee Mahakal

*Very nice*

Rashid Sahil

Indian https://youtu.be/wy2wzKR2A9c

dadu khan

म**** झूठे मैं भी आस्ट्रेलिया में रहता हूं कोई प्रॉब्लम नहीं है भड़वे कुत्ते कमीनी झूठ क्यों बोलता है

Nilofer Khan

Proud to be Indian??

Kakadva filadelfia church

Thumbnail chenge kar sale ?????

Anis Ansari

Yr only 12000 ka open hua he