Neo tracks

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Mindscope Neon Glow Twister Tracks 360° Set

155 836 views | 2 Dec. 2015

Mindscope Neon Glow in

Mindscope Neon Glow in the Dark Twister Tracks 360° Loop Set with Light up race cars. Choice of sports cars, emergency, or city vehicles. Tested & Safe for 3+. 5 Neon Glow In the dark colors.

Purchase Online: http://www.mindscopeproducts.com/products/neo-tracks/neon-glow-neo-tracks

Neo tracks

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Neo Soul Backing Track in Dm

475 751 views | 20 Mar. 2018

















Composed, played and produced by Sebastien Zunino


You may use this jam track to exhibit your personal musical skills in a non-commercial recorded video or audio performance posted on-line.

Appropriate credit with a link to the original track is appreciated.

This Backing Track is provided for self-educational purposes only. You may not copy, publish, distribute, extract, re-utilise, or otherwise reproduce any of my tracks for your own personal or commercial financial gain, or use as a basis for creating a derivative work.

For commercial licensing or live performance licensing information, please contact me at [email protected]



Sebastien Zunino, unless otherwise stated, is the owner of all copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the products and their contents. These products and their contents remain the property of Sebastien Zunino and, when purchased, are licensed to you only for personal and private non-commercial use and not for re-distribution, transfer, assignment or sub-license. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved.

FirstSon's Motif

Very Nice track!

Aurelio Valério

My guitar play Neo Soul...Brasil


It´s wonderful soul!!!

Carlos Magno

tres tres bien

Earl Wilt


Karttikeya Attri

Man I keep coming back to this.
Never gets old. ??

paul michel

nickel celui là

Liza D

Thanks so much for this! :-)

Massimo Primiero

Awesome BT in my opinion when one listens to a BT and can't wait to take the instrument and play on It, surely It has been done a good Job.

leah lee

Omg really good ..! ??????


so good. I watch your vids daily to jam with. one of the best on youtube!

Soham Saha

this is perfect I love this thank you so much man!

Sebastien Zunino

good vibes


Great Sébastien , je me suis bien éclaté merci top!!

Atomic Mark

So I'm having trouble using backing tracks like these to progress. I'm not exactly sure how to use the scales, numbers and notation (as seen on the track to my advantage. The best I can do is learn the chords and try an play along with the tracks. Any and all help is appreciated.

AntiTroll Patrouille


Richard Rogers

Hold on to Peace

israel gonzalez

O.O this how "loyal - Chris brown."


I am finding that the G minor pentatonic works where the D minor did not. But if that was correct someone else would have noticed it before. Thanks ….

Alex Mathew Mendoza

Thank you, this was really fun to jam to.

Radio Caster

Bravo zunino très joli

Franco Sarachu

Listening to this at work, can't wait to get home and pick my guitar and synth to jam over. Awesome track

Panos Katsoulis

Dear Sebastien, I wish you Health, Joy and Happiness for 2019! Just a while ago, I uploaded my improvised jam on this beautiful backing track of yours. With all due respect, I would very much appreciate your comments on it. Thank you so much, once more!

dani nugraha

The journey tom misch?

Sebastien Zunino


Sasha Garcia

that intro almost begs for a saxophone <3

Dana Everhart

Hey my Ol' friend ,checkout on my soundcloud "Memorial Dazed and Confuzed" improv over this BT. I hope your and your family are having a Great Holiday Celebration today?

Mitchell Mills

When it comes to wrenching out an emotion with music, you do it over and over again.

Bruno Levasseur

https://youtu.be/tESViX8ZkRs , inspirant! :-)

urban wizards academy

Uh, why do you have to use the black chick for the cover of Neo soul and not a guitar? trash move, bruh.

Maria Calabrese

It’s exactly the same from Tom Misch’s “the journey”...

Alex AAG

Hi, i did i little jam over this track , i hope you like it

Charles Peb

Thats thé smooth soûl ... so good . Thanks

Ivan Balini

Thank you Sebastien for this awesome backing track!
Here's my rendition, hope you like it --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW4wayJsV1s

Evan Fields

this is the best backing track there is its full of soul and feel this is great to just listen to on its own!

Maria Calabrese

You copied it

Renee English

Would you do a back track on Chris Standring Liquid Soul?


good jams on this one!


nice !!!


Vraiment tres utile quand on apprend !

Panos Katsoulis

Greetings from Hellas! My name is Panos Katsoulis and I am a big fan of yours. Excellent work, excellent backing tracks, excellent sound! I've spent hundreds of hours working on your backing tracks (especially on the Santana style ones). For this beautiful backing track, I would like to ask your permission to make an improvised jam with my guitar on it and uploaded it on my youtube channel. Attributing, of course, the credits to you. I have to clarify that I'm not a professional musician and I don't intend to make a commercial use of it. It's just my hobby and my deep love! I would very much appreciate your reply. Thank you very much.

AntiTroll Patrouille

excellent merci sebastien

jake sauvy

Cool!! Les meilleurs BT de Youtube!!Bravo l'ami!!!

Franck Maury

Vu plusieurs de tes leçons .excellent. Là 1er backing track que je découvre : une tuerie, ambiance supafly, beaux mouvements de voix, groovy excellent pour bosser. merci pour ce que tu partages.

Evelyn :3

those chords tho lmao

Mr. Free

dont look at the pattern on screen, close your eyes and whistle something then play it all slow.

Gustavo Tourn

GREAT !!!!!

Jeremy's Rock School 365

Nicely made. Thanks man!!

Bobbie Oinam

Nice one . Loved to jam along

HeartQuake_Travel inside

Hi Sebastien! I tried one of my songs on this base and I do like it! Is it ok for you if I use it with no commercial purpose just to accompany my voice on my channel? I will credit you! Thank you so much

Freddy Lopez

Your tracks just get better and better. Very soulful needless to say. They stimulate aa lot of creativity. I'm a fan peace

James Wilson

You da man..great groove. Thank you.

Apollon Sound

nice !!! i love this kind of neo soul backing track !!!

jeralds music theory

Very nice. I would love to use this on an album that would be wonderful and would give credit. Real nice


J adore ! Quelle qualité !

Miguel Centeno

I wanna see someone playing this beautiful track!!!! I go for it.. haha!!

Bayram Hamdi

beautiful ! love it

Petar Šimčić

This is magic!

Pierre Grosjean

Merci Seb toujours aussi terrible ! Tu pourrais mettre les positions d'accords en diagramme aussi sur tes vidéos ?

Neo tracks

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Off-road Overpass! - 3D Printed Model for Magic Tracks, Neo Tracks, and more!

11 166 views | 6 Jun. 2017

You can find this model on

You can find this model on thingiverse.com.

Check it out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2368955

This is my first created 3D model "Off-road Overpass". I had no prior experience with 3D modeling, so it was quite time consuming trying to get the desired results.

The dimensions allow for the model to be printed with the monoprice select mini 3D printer.