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Kurt Cobain: 10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

180 990 views | 5 Apr. 2019

April 5, 2019 marks the

April 5, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of #Nirvana frontman #KurtCobain's death. To celebrate the #grunge legend's life, here are some facts you may not have known.

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X i


Yadav Veerey


feral dog killer

And no death or suicide of a star since has had the same impact- good ol MTV- you are dearly missed

Xander Coyle

“The deathSSS of...”

Chris Steiger

How about Kurt was a girl and Courtney obviously is a male? Facts


Number 11. He was murdered

Harreld Dittenhoefer

F**k everything. Would I have loved to hear the songs he was planning on.

steve noe

Why is this woman holding her hands like that? It's weird. Did some corporate slug insist she hold her hands like that or she wouldn't get paid?


From being in bands in a small scene, dreaming of what other massive scenes of their day were to the people in them during the early smaller stages is interesting to think about. From what I can tell, Kurt seemed like the guy that probably hung out around all the bands during load in and they didn’t have the heart to tell him to fuck off until he started his own band lol. He also seems like the guy that probably was the late 80s equivalent of the dude that pulls up with a line 6 spider and a pawn shop strat but somehow still got a good sound and blew the nuts off of everyone in the crowd. I can also imagine he pissed off a lot of sound guys.


Such a high note

Sid Rim

RIP both legends who gave us awesome music!!!!


Oof I knew all of them


I fucking love Chris Cobain and Dave noveselif is pretty awesome to.


Some of this is wrong and you should not be perpetuating myths that are wrong. He never disliked Teen Spirit, he loved it, was even asked about it interviews about it after it became huge and never said the myth you are repeating here. If he hated it, he wouldn't have kept performing it years after its release, and in almost every show they played, including the ones in 1994 before he died. Also he never performed it wrong because he didn't like it. There were only a few times that he performed it in a goofy way and it was on purpose, and it was nothing to do with the song. On Top of the Pops, he was told the band would have to mime the entire song which would be played from a recording. Nirvana never did this before or since, and it is an insult to a musician like that to tell them to mime. Nirvana refused and a deal was agreed that the music would be mimed and the singing would be live. Cobain got revenge on the final performance by making the miming obvious, changed the lyrics, and sang it in the style of Morrissey seeing as he was on TV in England. Another time was at a festival in Argentina when Nirvana took an all female rock band with them as an opening act. The audience was incredibly rude and sexist, threw mud and rocks at the girl band and booed them. Cobain was extremely annoyed by this but contractually had to play. So he played a set in a comedy way by singing most of the songs in a joke way. He would start Teen Spirit after song and then stopped, and played the entire show without playing it to punish the audience.

Ay Byky

The thing for which you clicked on this video starts from 1:08
Thank me.


Heres number 11- he was huge below the belt


My understanding of why he would do mocking versions of "SLTS" live is because he and his band felt they did this amazing album w songs that had depth and all anybody want to do was.....play SLTP!!! I'll never forget what it was like when they got big and that year of my life. Going on a church convention w the Uniterian church and seeing people dressed differently than I'd ever see (like art students on LSD!) and the first time witnessing grunge. Guys and Gals were hooking up ....it was also the first time I'd heard "I'm still alive" by PJ. That song is kind of the anthem when I realize I'm old enough now to know quite a few freinds dead as well as parents, grandparents and celebrities. I don't know if Kurt killed himself or was murdered but I had a strange dream the other night I was in the house I grew up in and it was empty except for the street lights coming in the windows and there I was in the attic room where I lived thru HS playing one of my old guitar ideas that people always said sounded like a Nirvanish chord progression and then Kurt emerged just standing there sort of smiling and applauding.

Premium Steam

How would kurt even get near the navy if he dropped out of high school

Iron gamer

I hate nirvana

Jeremy Fielder

I knew all of these facts. How. Because I happen to own the copy of Kurt Cobains journals that you mentioned in fact one witch explains most of these facts. Great video though I really enjoyed it

Liam Suderman

The inspiration 4 the Nevermind album is actually Kurt and Dave were watching and documentary on water births and they thought it was cool so thats what they wanted the cover to be
And the baby on the front “Spencer Elden” if you can look closely there are the hand prints of the mom and dad in the water


People really don't understand depression like at all it's quite funny. Kurt Cobain killed himself because he couldn't stand life anymore, simple as that. No conspiracies, no hidden agenda, that's it. You can have everything, money, cars, massive house, a girl, a really successful band and depression can still hit you like a bitch

ORion Meade

Number 11: he didn’t kill himself

Alejandro van Bemmelen

It was murder!
Courtney killed her


But who is this fucking beautiful woman in the video?


It would be so awesome if someone close to Kurt could have released some of his unreleased music like X’s mom has done to show which direction he would have taken ?

matthew morton

Kurt killed himself on April 4th and was found dead on April 8th

Giorgio Muci


mag vera

But what does kurt cobain think about this ?

The Jägermeister

0:26 sImply


So... He sucked. A waste of money and time. Huge loss.

Diana Lovell

He loved animals because he was a pisces ? they all do!!

Eli Blake

Huh that’s mad, back in black was my first song on guitar aswell

Gu R


Laurie Sherrill

the y is in hoquiam behind my house

Filipe Matias

Fecal Matter was the precursor of Skid Row, Pen Cap Chew, Bliss, Ted Ed Fred and finally Nirvana!

Alex Evans

They always say the next album was going to be light but then I think about You Know You’re Right


If you listen to Nirvana’s Territorial Pissings, it has lyrics that have a secret message that says ‘when I was an alien’. That means he isn’t dead, he is being held captive in Area 51, we must save him!

I4NI Sounds

What are you doing with your hands? Hmmmmmmm.... ??

Maddison Williams

How much I miss Kurt? RIP man

Felix Alted

God i'm old, 25 years. i'll be 26 on the 30th

Filipe Matias

Back in 1991 the british band Nirvana from the '60s sued the american band Nirvana from the '90s for the unlawful appropiation of their copyright band name: Kurt Cobain had to settle and pay them $ US 50.000 dollars to keep using Nirvana as the name of his band!

Eldrickz Jaye

Spank thru was played by feca matter


Thor guy

bob roberts

I have heard about the mythical next album and that some songs where written down, so where the f are these songs? why has nobody gone out to record these even if not nirvana playing them, I still want to hear them


Grunge....... yeah men who smoke too much POT. Who’s so lazy they don’t wash & clothes look ruff.
These men once played an instrument & now as an adult smokes pot & somehow manages to string some songs together.

Yes No

I'd rather be dead than alive fuck you all I'm dead after this

[?] Question Block

damn it, we missed out on so much amazing music... luckily we still have a lot of Kurt's music

bob roberts

Where is this already written solo album? who has the tabs and lyrics? no proof then its just here-say

baba booey420

I'm born 10 days after his death day :(

Xenu Bless You

#11- He’s dead

Shazene Hussain

Knew most of these. I’m proud

Tim Orrok

@Loudwire I Already Knew All These Details You Described About Kurt Before Watching This So To Hardcore Nirvana Fans Out There Including Myself There's Nothing New What Iv'e Already Known For Years

Bern Cotton

If Cobain teached swimming why couldnt he swim himself? may something in the way....

OFF-Grid HillBilly Style

Here in 2020 saying Curt didn't kill himself

Filipe Matias

Courtney LOVEs Kurt's money!


April 5th is also my sister's birthday

Eric Warner

He didn't kill himself.

k a e l e e !

grunge is dead, it died when kurt did.

Kevin Richards

That dude was so young when he passed.

Rosemary Valenzuela

april 5th is my birthday and i feel so horrible every year bc kurt means so much to me and i really wish i would have atleast been able to be alive while he was.

Filipe Matias

Kurt was pretty much done with Nirvana by March 1994: he refused to play at Lolapalooza's bill on that year's edition for 10 million dollars and he was about to break up the band not to mention divorcing Courtney when he conveniently "got suicided" leaving her and many people with plenty of money in their pockets!
A dead grunge rock star is way far more lucrative than a live former grunge rock star who quits the multi-millionaire cash making band Nirvana simply to change gears and play in some obscure solo records on a completely different music style altogether!


I bet nobody knows that Cobain had a huge penis. Ask Courtney.

Tazjukie Gaming

Well Kurt's death. there was Facts shown that. where the gun was, the way he had the gun facing 1 way. the Gun powder from the shot was on the opposite side. makes no sense from a suicide. And when you look at the fact they said he had enough drugs in him to practically make it paralytic, not even be strong enough to pull the trigger. But it easily makes sense if you do not over complicate the situation. Kurt was drugged therefor making him paralytic, the Murderer, shoots him laying on the floor, the gun powder blows to one side.. he puts the gun laying down on Kurts body flipped to look like it was self inflicted. then had the phony made suicide note pinned up. the Funny thing is the Police back then didn't even start an investigation, as they say it's just another rock star suicide case closed. and all evidence was Destroyed, without looking for finger prints, properly analyzing why the gun powder residue was on the wrong side. And how anyone in that state with that much drugs pumped into there system making them a Vegetable, can be strong enough to pull a trigger from soo far down. didn't check prints on the needles either. back then the chances of getting away with this Murder was Greater than being caught for doing it. as you saw the Police immediately closed the case, didn't hesitate to look into it. It boils my blood knowing they Could not be asked to even have even tried and start to look into it. but it's way to late now to put this to rest. Evidence long gone, Person who made the murder long gone, lies over powered. there will always be 2 sides to this story. look into it and it'll make sense.


Always strikes me as kinda dumb that he allegedly hated Smells Like Teen Spirit for being THE song that launched them into superstardom. I'm not sure I believe that he did. After decades of playing the same hit over and over, sure, but he didn't even share 5 years on this Earth with that song. How sick of it could he have been? If it was me, I might be pissed that people only seemed to know or care about the one song I made, but I'd still be grateful that it touched the lives of so many people.
That's how I believe he felt about it. As for messing it up when singing it live, he probably just did it to have some stupid fun.


That REM singer is a turd for saying what he did about kurt killing himself just coz he didnt get to make an albumn with him, what a douchebag an he was sopose to be a good friend of kurts but goes to show he was only interested in profiting off kurt like courtney love, no wonder the guy died coz evryone just wanted to use him even the ones closest to him.

Pet Von Denner

o verdadeiro porra loka...?

The Black Queen

Jesus, turn up the microphone and lose the excess foam filters.

Luke Jezza

nobody here mentions he was murdered

captain unwashed 1

No.. Thankyou

Filipe Matias

FUCK Courtney Love a.k.a. Murderess Bitch from HELL!
I hope that cunt will get everything she deserves!

Valdis Freibergs

Cob Was out Bath Talks ,Took only Women.He wasn't Obsessed.

Ghionh Ghhkjbbbv

Kurt is a legend

Josh Noir

Facts actually start at 01:07
You're welcome

Antonina Cawley


Izzy McCafferty

Yikes a lot of these facts are deeply misconstrued

R. A.

You guys need to stop worshipping a guitar ayer who killed himself 20+ years ago.

Carlos Vicente Ramírez Cueto

More than with Laney Staley, much more things have in common Kurt with Jimi Hendrix: both sons of divorced parents, both from Washington, both left handed, both Fender guitarist, both singers and leaders of power trios, both 3 studio albums, both unique composers that chaged music on their own generations, both died at 27.


Fact 11: Kurt Cobain was murdered.

Phil Zolth

That was nice, how do you know all this stuff?


3.31 Why her voice suddenly turns male when she saids thankyou so much for watching

Violent Sloth

Layne staley deserves a whole bunch of credit

Sadie Adler

I’m a bit angry at him too :(


40% comment nooooo
50% comment fuck I miss kurt wawawawa
30% fuck sendijejejejdjejdjdndjd

Jake Jake

Wow that fucking sucks kills him self when he had a solo album honestly i believe anyone would agree when i say if nervana was still around they would still be seeing them today in concert

its Crimmy

If I know any of the facts I'm leaving the vid and not subscribing.


Layne was a better singer but kurt could play write and sing

father osha

Wish he got too record that solo album


Holy shit I didn't realize Layne Staley died on April 5th. That's crazy! I wonder what Layne was thinking about on that day? RIP Kurt RIP Layne, gone but not forgotten ?

Kris Frederick

It sickens me too watch Eric play Kurt's guitar. He was there the day he died and the last person to see Kristen Pfaff alive 2 months later. Hmmmmmmm

Bella Bear

You forgot to put in that Courtney wanted a prenup before they got married and then when Kurt got huge old Courtney was desperate to find a way to get out of that contract that is why she hired that private detective to try to see if she could catch Kurt cheating so she could get half his stuff in the divource. That girl was the worst life choice he ever made much worse than any drug he was addicted to.

baba booey420

Haha, the guy was mad at him for killing himself. What a shitty "friend"


I liked the lyrics from all the dead dope guys
It's like they were looking for the remedy of caucasian stress
Kind of like the black blues musicians did in their race time and era

Alex 0221

We had rehearsal on April 5 and we were playing teen spirt I had no clue

The 3rd Spokesman



Cut myself on angel hair and babys breathe


Whats the name of.the host?

yeetcs cs

Rip kurt, you're a legend

Jozef Jaki

Kurt didn’t die at the peak of nirvana lol... nirvana was Huge but they were going to get bigger

Skylab 13

t h a n k Y o u K u r t W e l o v e y o u

Mark yarm

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Pearl Jam Why They Stopped Making Music Videos After Jeremy

66 826 views | 28 Aug. 2020

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Today we take a look at why the alternative rock band Pearl Jam suddenly stopped making music videos following the monumental success of their 1991 debut record Ten which sold over 10 million copies. The band would follow up the album with 1993's Vs. and 1994's Vitalogy. It was a difficult time for the band since they were dealing with the tragedy of being rockstars and embroiled in a huge fight with Ticketmaster.



TWITTER: @rocktruestories

BLOG: www.rockandrolltruestories.com

#pearljam #eddievedder #grunge

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be informed everytime i upload a new video to my channel. So let’s get started with today’s story. Now perhaps One of the strangest things to happened in the early 90’s was that the alternative rock band Pearl Jam just suddenly stopped making music videos. Their debut album 1991’s Ten was a massive success selling over 10 million copies. To promote the record the band released 3 music videos for the singles Even Flow, Alive and of most notably Jeremy. They also did a video for Oceans but that sometimes gets glossed over. Now Even Flow and Alive were live performance shots, while Jeremy was the band’s first concept video and it would prove to be highly controversial. It would also spell the end of the band making music videos for 7 years. Now the first video Pearl Jam did for Ten was for the single Alive. Originally MTV was only playing the song on their program Headbangers Ball.

It was also headbangers ball who did the first ever interview with Pearl Jam on MTV. According to a fellow named Mark Reiter who was the product manager for Pearl Jam at Epic Records. He would claim the band would have a hard time appearing on headbangers ball because as he would state” they just didn’t think of themselves aligned with that kind of music.” And Up until that point in the show’s history headbangers ball focused heavily on metal bands and since the Seattle scene was something that was new not a lot of people didn’t know where it would belong on the network when it first sprouted up... The video for Alive would be shot at the Off Rap in Seattle using a friend of the band named Josh Taft to direct. The next video the band would shoot would be for the single Even Flow which was shot at Griffith park zoo in los angeles and the director was a guy named Rocky Schneck who you might be familiar with ss he had also worked with Alice in Chains, but the original Even Flow video never ended up seeing the day of light and the band would waste $40,000 after not being happy with the edit. The band would go back to their friend Josh Taft who shot another live performance vidoe. And this now brings us to the now infamous jeremy video.

According to mark Reiter, pearl jam had sent him the names of 5 directors that the band wanted to work with.on the Jeremy video, But Reiter would send the reel of a 6th director who they hadn’t listed and that would be Mark Pellington. Up until that point Pellington had worked with rap group Public Enemy and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder would tell the director the story behind the song with Pellington remembering to author Mark Yarm. “He told me the story of jeremy the real story of the kid. “He didn’t say what they were looking for other than the band didn’t need to be performing in it, which was good because i don’t like shooting drummers. Jeremy’s video concept was based on the true story of a boy named Jeremy Dell who was 16 when he brought a gun to his school and took his own life in front of classmates who bullied him at Richardson High School in Texas in january of 1991. Of course the video pearl jam had shot was highly controversial and MTV censors wanted numerous changes to the original edit. And Mark Reiter of Epic Records explained the problem MTV had with the video telling author mark yarm. In the initial video the kid who played Jeremy put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The band wanted it in, pellington wanted it in and for 5 days I went back and forth with pellington and mtv. MTV would come back to the label and the band and their management and claimed they liked the video but took a hardline stance against the kid putting the gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

And At the 1992 MTV video awards on MTV Pearl Jam would play the show and they originally planned to do a cover of the Dead Boys song Sonic reducer but the executives at MTV pushed the band to play Jeremy so they gave in once again. In the following night Pearl Jam would play the premiere party for Cameron Crowe’s movie single. And According to Kevin Backer who was the head of promotions for Epic Records he was at the singles premiere party but also said that Eddie Vedder was smashed beyond belief and took

Ivan Ostrava

PJ stopped doing videos in order to show everyone how much cred they had. But of course when you have to take measures to show everyone how much cred you have......it means you don't really have much. They should've concentrated more on making great rock n roll albums (YEILD was the last quality PJ album) instead of acting like victims of the success they actually craved. There's video footage of 'ol Ed practically pissing on himself with joy when TEN blew up. Make no mistake, he was overjoyed. Then when Kurt publicly called them out Ed got worried and started to pretend he was above it all. Now he lives in the most expensive exclusive part of Hawaii with his ex-model wife. Ed is such a punk rocker.

Tony FreeDrum

Have you eat melted butter in the microwave? That's how pearl jam makes me feel

Grey Matters

very valid reason. being misunderstood is exhaustingly annoying. one of the easiest ways of coping is to just detach and separate ones self from the misjudgment by dismissing all criticism, good or bad, as ineffectual. this serves as an offensive defense and comes with its own adverse effects. there really is no winning. it's a lose-lose.

William Hatfield

when you play for the Corp, the Corp owns you, do your videos for you not the Corp

John Doe

The irony I think is the fact they came back in 98 when music videos on the whole were on the deep decline.
Considering what happened with Jeremy though I respect their decision to take a long break from it.

Minor Influence

I understand the visual thing, but with my band I’d still like to make a music video. Music videos are like little movies. Sometimes you just want to watch something with music.

dan lavoie

Right about the same time that they stopped making good music.....


The only rock band more "precious" than The Smiths. At least The Smiths had a phenomenal guitarist.

Joshua Yeager

One thing is wrong in the video though: Pearl Jam never gave in to performing “Jeremy” at the VMA’s. They performed “Animal” off of their new album (at the time) followed by bringing out Neil Young to perform “Rocking In The Free World”

Juke Highwalker

The phrase is "Light of day" not "Day of light" kid...

Jason Wood

"Turn these lights down, Josh!"

Josh Taft. Friend of the band. I learned something new today.

Reel Tech

I remember when they were criticizing Ticketmaster. For giving themselves the ability to scalp their own tickets. And while Ticketmaster claimed they would never do that ... Here they are... Doing exactly that. And controlling every venue in town. And making themselves the only source, for tickets for these artists.
The Monopoly that they said, they would never create, or maintain... Is exactly the Monopoly... They created, and they maintain.


6:08 I think what Eddie said here was rather disrespectful. He also didn’t get permission from the family of the suicide victim.


Tecnically incorrect.

Do The Evolution was the last video if I recall, without using Google.

But the last video with them and and actual people yes, Jeremy was the last!

Johnny Simmons

Eddie loved to be celebrity strange, no more videos, then had the thing with ticketmaster, making it an act of congress to get tickets for shows, yeah he wanted to be neil young a bit too much, should have cut the liberal jerkwad weirdness, and do videos for your fanbase, and embrace it all! A true ego maniac! First dumb thing he did, which was the worst, let his awkward personality get rid of the rock star drummer he had, who really, made the actual best badass early years of their sound click! Their music was never the same after dave left!

Cory Moses

they released 3 music videos for their latest Gigaon album (2020) for super wolf blood moon, retrograde and dance of the clarivoyants (which has three versions). All the songs have one visualizier video which are like music videos but stock footage of nature is used. They have come a long way since amv and visualizers are much easier to create now than 20 years ago, it makes sense to compete unless others use modern tech to steal that experience of hearing the song without images.

Kelly Barthel

Pearl jam made a good decision since they stopped playing music videos shortly after anyway

Bob Barry

I always enjoy these videos, even when I hate the band!

Pinto PP Lx

I agree that having a video, kind a rob us the opportunity to make our mental "video" interpretation of a song...

KPX 1138

Singles...awful movie but great soundtrack


Who would eat pearl jam? I bet it tastes chalky.

Beyond The Beat Podcast

This video explains the story behind the dark lyrics of Pearl Jam's Alive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC35Msu_xZU&t=1s

The Brandolorian

That would have been awesome if they played Sonic Reducer.

Anders Eriksson

Ya easy to do after you have blockbuster videos to catapult you to the level where you don't need to do them anymore. Videos helped them become successful.

Alex Star

I listen to music and watch videos since the 90's and for my whole life I wondered why one of the biggest rock bands in the world never did music videos since early 90's. And I still can't really get my head around this bizarre decision. The thing is even if you hate music videos they really do sell the music and make it more popular. So for a lot of casual music lovers Pearl Jam ended after that Jeremy video, trust me I know what I'm talking about. There are lots of people who only listen to songs that have a music video and I can't blame them for that. I can't even imagine how many of their songs would've been much more popular if they only did promo vids for them. Oh well..


Is that the same "Josh" who forgot to turn the lights off?


I'll save everyone 8 minutes of their lives. Pearl Jam stopped making music videos after 1998 because 1998 was the last year the band actually put out a platinum selling album (Yield) in the US and it was barely platinum. Since then, the band's albums have struggled to reach gold.

Nick Oliver

It’s just a shame that every other album they have made since Ten sucks.

Tainted Fangs

The day of light? Or light of day.

roxxie s

But they have made videos after that lol

Charles roecker IV

I didn't even know Pearl Jam did any more videos after 'Ten', so it's surprising they did one in '98. What's shocking is they did the new video on 'Do the Evolution'--the worst song in their entire library, next to 'Bugs'.

shawn smith

I love pearl jam music but hate there politics

Patrick Smith

What a baby Vetter I remember an article in rolling stone where he went up to some kids camping ànd they were singing one of the songs off of ten and Vetter went up and was trying to explain the songs meaning or something to that effect. Well here is my question then if you didn't want all the admiration and success why did you join a band in the first place ? Let me guess you did it for your artistic purpose oh okay


Their music video Evolution was fantastic. It turned out to be all true.


I believe the correct answer is "by popular demand ".

Rob Canfield

How does the song go? "Video killed the radio star!"

J Wilkins

Thank god, they SUCK!!!!!


That drummers soul patch bothers me.

Ann Jello Brewno

The videos that Pearl Jam did make were kinda preachy.

Movement Graffiti

They were completely over exposed. Such a talented band, but I hated that everybody was such an automatic fanatic. That almost made me not like the band at all, but Eddie's beautiful voice and lyrics just can't be ignored.


I really like how a bunch of guys would come together to form a band, practice their asses off, play a ton of gigs for pittance, then finally hit the big time only to tell the world they don’t want over-exposure or that fame can be a drag. Sigh!!!

Tara Rhea

Pearl Jam sucks Eddie vedder is weird

Nyca van Koert

Eddie: “if it weren’t for music I would’ve shot myself in front of the classroom”

No one:

The people in the crowd: ”WOOH YEAH”


I can do without Eddie's over exaggerated facial expressions anyways, that being said I love their first three albums

Dali bad

Ahh..the 90s..they honestly were on to something..now it's just about looks n money..
And most everyone has their heads up theirs ass' they dont know that they're listening to shit from programmed robots.. with no original ideas in thier beliefs or "art"


@5:51 Trevor went from having a great time to instantly embarrassed. Eddie be like an alcoholic uncle.

Kurt Hanke

PJ should've been enjoying their success, instead of whining.

Also, their fight with Ticketmaster was idiotic and uncalled for. Go on tour, sell your tickets, and shut up!!

. Jason

Seeing it as a kid I remember being confused and thinking he shot up the class which is way worse than what was intended I think. MTV is stupid.

Uncle Matt

Lyrics don't matter unless the music sounds good.

Baba O'Really

Why do people do music videos anymore?


I am just glad they stopped making "music". Pearl Jam SUCKS!

mallow guy

It's evolution baby!

David F. Connor

Pearl Jam did it right, MTv died during the early 2000's anyways, at one point bands dedicated more time and money to music videos instead of their music. Pearl Jam still one of the few bands that have my most deepest respect as musicians, real art, not a clown show for tv.

Sydney Drums

I like PJ .. Vs was incredible.. but what’s with the arty face touching cool guy crap. Weirdos


I agree with Vider. I have never seen Tool. Can you cover the Fabulous Thunderbirds?

Don’t shoot the tarot reader

Do one about how and why they made do the evolution.

Rafael Bustamante Sarria

Damn, I remember watching this video as a kid and 100% thought he shot up the class

Roy Farley

Eddie is a good dude

Joel Highsmith

"I dont like shooting drummers." Its hard to not have drummerface....

Craig Raymond

Agreed about videos 100% Incentive to go see a live concert any day.

Destroy the liberal Machine Now

Um...no they didn't.

Frank Loesch

Pearl jam sucks ,they can't sing worth the shit

Fuqu Pal

Pearl Jam only had ten.
The rest was crap

Fernando Gardeazabal

why do you guys put on the music of this video like a far away telephone ringing? Am I the only one who hears it?
nice content though

The Sole Dweller

That choice made PJ all the more respectable as music artists. No good music needs the support of a video and that is what they proved all along their career.
PJ is one of the greatest bands in the rock history.


MTV's repetitive video rotation killed a lot of bands for me. it wasnt only them playing the same 6 videos all day. it was i never got to see anyone else's videos either. so i started resenting the chosen few bands they deicded to play the crap out of. i hate pearl jam because of this. they were just ok to me at the beginning. but after a million replays of Jeremy, i couldnt stand them.


Eddie would go

Just - A - Me

Him: That's the reason PJ doesn't make music videos anymore.
Dance of the clairvoyants: Has 3 music videos

Uncle Hunty

My stepdads brother in law produced the dance of the clairvoyants video at evolve studios. Kind of neat, I would've loved to meat them.


Hes on point saying you get images in your head when listening to a song in the dark, thats true, a video robs you from that by spoonfeeding you one vision to go along and then you cannot unsee what you saw the first time it played.
Kids, do music, don't do videos.

Rock N' Roll True Stories

Throws suggestions below and here’s the story of pearl jams tragic roskilde festival show https://youtu.be/T-WiduUIPDw

Voces del Río Río Urbano

This explains why Eddie Vedder remains Alive.

Thomas Nihil

The energetic band ended when they fired Dave and Eddie took control of the band.

chris nichols

As much as I appreciate the bands music Eddie Vedder is to me a poser...He put on an act for the grunge fans to appear more obscure and weird .I guess that was his thing ..

Jason Wolfe

I was a teenager when that video came out and MTV literally played it every 5 minutes .... I liked the song at first but wound up hating it because you couldn’t get away from it. MTV , the radio , it was on heavy rotation everywhere. I can’t imagine how bizarre it was for them.

Tate Van Cleve

I know I was in my early teens, maybe even still a pre-teen actually when Ten came out. Pearl Jam was my first "favorite" band of my young life. I remember I totally thought that the video showed Jeremy killing or actually about to kill all his classmates (them being frozen in horror & time, when the blood of the first classmate splattered on them) after being bullied relentlessly. It wasnt until I had seen the video a hundred times or two that I picked up on enough the subtly clues (esp his arm movement while drawing the gun) that I actually started to consider that most likely he had killed himself.

That being said I would have been frustrated too. Esp if you went to school with the kid & this is a real story you experienced & a good percentage of the population is totally confused about what actually happened.

Syd Barrett

Probably the same reason why recording artists don’t really do music videos anymore. MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore ?‍♂️


Ten came out when I was in high school, man I feel so sorry for all the kids who never had the experience of going out to buy an album, tape, CD etc. You had to locate an Indy shop to find all the cool underground shit (not saying Pearl Jam was underground.) I distinctly remember going to buy the first 3 Pearl Jam albums. The best is buying records, the art is so big and beautiful, the way vinyl feels and sounds. I absolutely love having millions of songs at my fingertips but nothing will ever beat driving to Clifton by UC and spending hours looking through the selection of music. Good God I'm old af.

Fred Hurst

Grew up spinning records and can really understand that idea of a song known for it's aural nature rather than being attached to a video, especially a concept video. I never cared much for those videos even though their are some very good ones. If I watch a music video I prefer a show pro-shot with a soundboard patch audio track.


We are not sell out! Free Eddie doll included with happy meal! Oh oh oh I’m still alive!

Lil bat Ashlyn

That song/video was so traumatic for me. My parents liked it and would sing the chorus dear God? Have PTSD thinking about it.

Neil Dennis

4:14 crazy that I haven’t seen this in 28 years, but still know this is the band gawking at Sharon Stone during her opening monologue on SNL.

ziggy pop

I thought it was just because their music sucked after Ten.

matthew mina

Isn't there a video called sirens

Miles S

According to Kim Neely in Five Against One, the band shot a complete video for Jeremy that got shit-canned and replaced with the one referenced in this video.

Robert Maynard

Thank God ! What's up with the gay hats


Singles was a bad movie with a great soundtrack.

Jolly Misanthrope

02:33. Didn't I see that guy on To Catch a Predator?


Eddie Vedder is a perpetually pissed-off prick.

Mark Smith

that's easy, because they sucked

Adia Rain

Do some fact checking, people, before you believe every word this person is telling you. I've found nothing so far that says that they stopped making music videos because of Jeremy. Everything I've found says that Vedder believes that the music video detracts from the music. he wants his fans to hear the depth of the music, not get lost in video images. This goes back to an interview he did right after they released the "Alive" music video in which he was asked how it felt being in a music video and he replied that he found it strange and wasn't sure he liked it and that he just wanted to get lost in the music.


You get a flannel, and you get s flannel, and you get a flannel...


pretentious jam should be their name

last Koresh

Jeremy was a punk though. He was weak and stupid and if he had any potential he would have risen above the bullying. He needed to be put down, thank God he did it himself.

Rusty Cage

They are not alternative, they are not grunge, they are the best rock band since debut album ten


Does do the evolution not count? TLDW haha

I Miss The 90's

I am loving this channel! It's been bringing back some great memories of bands I've loved. I did not even realize Pearl Jam stopped making videos for so long and it makes perfect sense. Been relistening to them all day now! Keep up the excellent work dude!

Nehpets Amenied

Pearl Jam: Why they stopped making music at all

Cal Travels

"Day of light" LMAO


Nobody wants to hear them whine, Nobody wants to see what they're whining about.

Mark yarm

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Retro is 17... Live @ Tall Trees Yarm November 2006

20 210 views | 15 Jun. 2014

Tall Trees Yarm - Retro

Tall Trees Yarm - Retro


Best weekends of all time ???

why man

that's how good you are mr taylor a full room right to the very end amazing I love how you make my feet dane thankyou x

Wade Eskritt

proper mint tall trees
awesome club gone but never ever forgotten

Ben Marsden

I remember the night well - First proper night out since serving away with the armed forces (Royal Marines 45 Commando ‘01-‘05) and had the time of my life! Thx for uploading!

Tony Montana

Few beers on board here, nudge, nudge, wink wink.

Matthew Chorlton

Breaks my heart every time I drive past what used to be this amazing place, just a housing estate now. So many beautiful amazing memories of Tall Trees and those crazy days back in the late 90’s and 2000’s. RIP Tall Trees, gone but never ever forgotten ❤️

tom paris

Cheers duck!

Free Spirit

What a place!! ????

leigh bowman

I got an awesome mirror from the broken up place my trophy for being the good dancer at the tree's, best years of my life up to now! ☺

john galvin

Who is that dj he gud en

Dance World

A part of me was taken when that place got bulldozed....my very first night club back in the late 90's....might be gone but I'll never forget the great times I had there....club M flows through my blood ?????????

Jon Bamford

Leeds house music is the best keep on dancing one love jon Paul bamford

Jon Bamford

Tune after tune love you always Jon Paul one love

ste sand


Red Beard

One of the best nights ever! Wish I had the CD from it still! Was epic as was the New year that followed! Spotted my mate Keany in the middle of Rhythm is a mystery!