Money in the bank 2017

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Wwe money in the bank 2017 highlights

3 730 views | 19 Jun. 2017

Published by anuj jain

Published by anuj jain

Money in the bank 2017

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Wwe money in the bank full match 2017

22 139 views | 19 Jun. 2017

Published by anuj jain

Published by anuj jain

Lyrics 4 Stattus

Ese era de Sami Zayn...tampoco le dieron en de 2016 y no le dieron la oportunidad de competir en el de 2019 culpa de brock...ojalá le den el MitB 2020 a Mustafa Ali , Ricochet, o a Sami Zayn

arjun k


Money in the bank 2017

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AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura finally come face to face: WWE Money in the Bank 2017

274 539 views | 17 Jun. 2018

Two of SmackDown LIVE's

Two of SmackDown LIVE's hottest Superstars finally face off during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

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Frank Miranda

Only Vince can ruin a buildup to a supposedly great feud

Jerry Cole

Good match money in the bank 18


This was like seeing bruce lee v chuck norris in wwe

Name not Found

This video clip is from 2017

Mazen Mushtaq

From there..
Here we are main event of mitb for wwe championship !!
Aj vs naka!!

Hawa Abdi

AJ best

Kimi Martinez

And this was the beginning of the most overrated rivalry in WWE history


Mella is ads.

Underground Vagos

That was symbolic!

William Orellana

How many fake accounts are there in the comment section

Skeptical Cliffy

Shinsuke nakamura+ aj styles

My two fav wrestler fusions

Lorenzo Goode

They should have built the feud right there but this Wwe we're talking how much sense would that have made?

Amit Agrawal 320

aj style is best

Junaid khan

Wait a minute... Its a damn last year MITB match...Not their Singles match

Armando Gaming




Sasha Banks

phenomenal day

p d

Couldn't they communicate about what color tights they were going to wear Jesus Christ does everything have to be so cookie cutter these days?

Faiz Hadi

Plsssssss don’t do more rematch nakamura and aj feud is getting boring just end it off at mitb pls


And you guys ruined it

Tajhae Scott-Walls

Face to Face


Best Matche Guys..
That's Called A Dream Match..

murilo zaikoski


Pro Wrestling Tube

Means no mitb cashin tonight

Junmark Playz

Nice match ha????

Eric#1 Morrow

I'm a Aj Styles fan

AyeYoTraè Taylor

Wwe is so stupid! Blowing this moment.... wrestlmania main event match... damn you VINCE!

Chris Montana

Wooow surely I wish Nakamora wins it.?

Saibal Republic

Who's watching this after an incredible Last Man Standing match ?

Ousainou Jobe

Hey, do you remember when got sooo excited about them facing off at WrestleMania 34, but then got an average or sighlty above average match had into feud with matches that have bad endings that still leaves sour tastes in our mouths while they and at the same time, putting on matches that still can't top or reach the great quality of their WrestleKingdom 10, this making all that hype we held dearly of them having a great match was just absolutely meaningless!? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

David Ross


Adelia putri


Marion Jay Balan

I got click baited

Afsan Miah

Wrong date

Zack Wyatt

I don't care who wins anymore
I don't care if AJ retains
I don't care if shinuske wins

suraj baldeep kandera

Mitb will awesome


A shame WWE, their writers, dunn, and Vince ruined this dream match, probably on purpose with a chain of meh matches that ultimately made Shinsuke look weak because Vince and Dunn are racist to Japanese born wrestlers.

Jerritt Thomas

They’re both gonna get counted out tonight im calling it now

Aija Lewis

Where are his teeth

Rodion Kirkland

I was there!

Mukul Ekka

What happens next

Crackhead Ayden

Yes WWE, they finally come face to face.....since SmackDown Live just 6 days before this. (Along with the other competitors of course)

Sergio Osorno

This match better be there best to end this rivalry-

Rodrigo Grecco De Fretais Franco


Shinsekai Gakuen

.....aaand they ruined it

thepass 2016

WWE runide this fude I burn it in 2018

Mamta Soni



中村真輔がんばれ!! shinsuke lets go from japan.

Dale Harris

You could almost here JR saying "business is about to pick up."


Cant wait for mitb

addu addu



1 yaer later they become full rivals. Oh and btw I'm going to watch the Money in the Bank ppv tonight.

HT82 Smash

You have no idea how much I screamed when I saw this

TheDeshBhakt Plays

When you and your next friend see a dollar on the road


“Finally” come face to face... lol

Varun Hans

And then WWE ruined it by having Nakamura low blow Styles many times

Ifron Technology

Wwe could have use this rivelry like Michels-Heart rivalry.. But no, all Vince is focussing on now for 2 years so call diamond Seth Rollings and Charollete Flair...

conspiracion objectiva


Senor Chips

Then WWE somehow (as only WWE can) ruined one of the best instant classic rivalries with 2 of the best talents they have ever had.

Asha Pasha

At this point i hope that anyone from Raw M.roster wins the briefcase and cashes in on Brock

Crackhead Ayden

But like what a tease ending.

Marian Flores

Nobody wanted Baron Corbin to Win That Match ?

Akbari Syed

Wwe wanted to end this feud on MITB 2018

Chris Galvin

Where is Money in the bank 2018? Great video!

Douglas Snyder

So that's when the 'seeds' of the rivalry between AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura were planted.

Lance's Channel

I think we can rebuild this feud and see an iron Man match at WM someday


See, creative? THAT’S a crowd reaction

Yowie Wowie

I could watch these two all day

Suleman Ali

That typing error though


Who shocked by seth rollins loss

David Ross

Hahaha hahaha

Adrian Josh

Wait is this today? Or last year

Bolbii TP

Omg, congrats to Big E on winning the Money in the Bank!
He is getting the push, finally!

Omar Khaled

I love Aj Styles

Christian Kallio

2017: Oh boy I can't wait for these two to have a match.
2018: Please stop.

NHL 19 vincent

I like this figth

Jack Golf

We already saw this at wrestle kingdom for the IC title

Magio 908

Epic moment

Kowanza Lochin

why would they stooped the video when the good part was going to start

N Rakshit

Shinsgay and AJ's Face Expression are so intense.....WOOHO waiting For Tomorrow...


Who hates nakamura???

Ouali lachebi

Money in the Bank 2017!!??? i think that it's WWE Money in the Bank 2018

ALi alaraqi989014402720

Charlotte Flair انامعجب بكي بجنووووووووووون

Finn Bálor

Who loves Shinsuke Nakumura's Low Blows????


mitb don't even try to top nxt

M alejandro

Aj style is truh face of the company

Abhijit Bhattacharjee

this was an instant classic...

Steve Jokes

I miss this Nakamura

Myboys Bloodsoe

Shinsky Nakamura is my favorite wrestler



Naman Jha

Why their match is a last man standing? Why not a ladder match?

King Myer


Sandeep 16

Its actually wrong title on tge video
Its given as mitb2017

yl l

What time start money in the bank ladder match?

gacha rise

shinsuke nakamura will win the title


Wta fake

Myboys Bloodsoe

I'm ready

David Ross



We can't have any nice things, can we?


Leave it to WWE to ruin a feud.