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Nikola Facing SEC Scrutiny Over Fraud Allegations

12 556 views | 14 Sep. 2020

Sep.14 -- The U.S.

Sep.14 -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is examining Nikola Corp. over allegations that the electric-truck maker deceived investors about its business prospects, according to people familiar with the matter. Bloomberg's Ed Ludlow reports on "What'd You Miss?"

eugenestrawberry 18

Crash and burn

Jose L Hernandez

Who lied the most to the american people Trevor Milton? Elizabeth Holmes ?or Donald Trump ?????


Nikola is a scam.

Ghepardo GTS

Whatever NKLA is trying to do, Hyundai is doing it already. They already have a fuelcell SUV, they already have fuelcell trucks. Why are their ideas even groundbreaking?


The fact that SEC did not see this coming along with Theranos tells you how worthless the SEC ?, but quick to act on Elon tweet within 24hrs.


It's the Deal between Nikola and GM exposes the Nikola scam technology

Dieter Zerressen

GM got a potentially good deal and risks NOTHING except their reputation. I wonder what "due diligence" means to GM? Did any GM engineer go over to Nikola and pop the hood on either one of the two existing semi's to see the batteries and hydrogen fuel cells for themselves? That just didn't happen. No due diligence - none needed. However it does make GM look foolish and desperate.

jake Hawtin

I've heard people blaming the so called Robinhood traders for pushing Nikolas share price so high, but do they have the financial clout to do this?


Trevor Milton is a snake oil salesman and GM is desperate for snake oil.

Tofu S

If someone has money to invest Why the fk would you choose Nikola instead of Tesla LOL


Half these analysts are mentally retarded. There is no upside on NKLA, cause it's a scam.


Large corporations aren't magically immune from scams. Maybe GM is just happy to take 700MM from NKLA so they can upgrade a couple of factories and produce their own H.2 EV faster. Maybe GM did their due diligence and feels NKLA will be de-listed and sold before they ever actually have to produce a single Badger (but thanks for the $700MM).


GM did as much Due Diligence as Walgreens did with Theranos. They believe in the vision? What vision is that? The decades old vision by many manufacturers to make Hydrogen powered vehicles. Currently there are also countless technologies to make Trucks more efficient and emission free. Actually Hyundai is now the first to produce Hydrogen FCEV not Nikola!! Hyundai are making and selling REAL trucks not PUSHERS.

harrison wintergreen

Funny thing is how truckers, those actually in the industry, knew Nikola was a scam from day 1. Milton had ZERO idea about how long haul trucking actually operates. E.g. he seemingly thought truckers get paid by the weight of deliveries ? when it's actually flat rate or hour/mile rates.

Another example of white-collar college educated 'experts' getting fooled by smoke & mirrors. How many experts got hoodwinked by Theranos and Enron?

Theepan Raj

Nikola calling the SEC to complain about HindenburgRes is like a meth lab calling the cops to complain about a noisy upstairs neighbor.


GM + BOSCH are SCREWED. They are fools for moving forward with NIKOLA and fools for dropping NIKOLA. It just shows a new level of incompetency for the whole industry. No one has said NIKOLA has any tech that is proven. No one. Not even NIKOLA.

All this illustrates is how far these legacy OEMs are behind TESLA, Porsche and LUCID.

Good luck selling an NIKOLA EV that IS LAUGHABLE to the consumer. What a joke...

Niklaus Zbinden

They are not really 'partners'. They just hope Nikola can use they hype-money to buy from them.

Con Man

The next Wirecard


Have you seen the list of companies which signed up with THERANOS?...hellooooooo!

Blue Sky

So the next question is whether or not NKLA will be delisted.

Felix F

"We believe in Nikola" In other words "We believe that Nikola will cut us a check for our services, we do not care if Nikola is a scam or not."

Bernard Barry

They’ll support Nikola until their equity grants vest. It’s so obvious.


Nikola is in the process of producing its short shorts

sam park

Forget NKLA and grab your shares of ASPS before market crashes for 10-15x !

J.J. Man

Nikola being DELISTED from NASDAQ is the only next step. This vapor company needs to be made an example out of like Luckin Coffee.

Odvar Donald

You cannot trick people into investing in your company based on false claims. First, you have a revolutionary battery and fuel cell technology now you are outsourcing it all. What are people investing in? This is a graphics design company with a market cap. of over $10 Billion. They plan to market a pickup truck in which two different companies will be adding a markup, at what price will they be able to sell it?

Peter Zerfass

"Analysts were largely positive...there is a question of what actually their IP is"...wait...WHAT? How the everloving Christ can you be bullish on something while understanding zilch about it?
Tells you as much about 'analysts' as you ever needed to know. If you can do totally fact- and knowledge-free analysis then the people who employ you must be the most cleuless humans on Earth.

Peter Chan

Shouldn’t this be earlier?

Archamus DK

the old dinosaurs are clinging on to nikola to save them. but its a false prophecy.


Ed has had it out for NKLA for months...


Scam, it's fools cells!

Rich C.

Gm did check them out and discovered Nikola had nothing. That's why GM will produce the truck using GM tech. There is no Nikola tech.

Jeremy link

Oh please GM stand to gain 2B

Wiz of Wall Street

So Trevor was keeing the stock up today...? 1.5 million huh lol Scam artist

Jim Hitch

The bigger the lie, the more believable it is.

Yul Olaivar

Trevor Milton is a " PUSHER "...


False reporting!! NKLA invited SEC to investigate the Fraud Allegations. Not the other way round!!!

Khuong Nguyen

I only see mostly negative comments.. did everyone short sell? lol..


Hindi report is a load of allegations, but as far as I can see Nikola didn't lie to any investor. A video of a truck going down the road while a company says they will make electric trucks does not constitute fraud. Is there some investor that was told a lie? Where are the numbers?
It appears to me that the fraud is primarily from the Tesla trolls claiming they are 7 years ahead in batteries when they just buy them from Panasonic.

Eric P

Theranos tricked industry leaders too. Why is the media trashing Tesla, even though actually have a working product, but keep shilling Nikola, who has produced nothing?

Rockstar Implementations

BREAKING: DNA tests have shown Trevor is Elizabeth Holmes' long lost brother.

Highlights Factory

And here we learn more about Nikola in its natural habitat - being on a roll.

David Liang

How are Nikola's "partner" companies coming out and saying thye believe in the technolgy...when Nikola has given up and is sourcing batteries and drive train from GM?????? Helloooooo

Khuong Nguyen

They have money, they have backing, they seem to be trying to do something.... dosnt matter if they faked anything or not, even by a little, ( yet to be proven at all ) in time, they will have something, that is if they dont completely miss manage this. Lots of people called Tesla a sham, made big short bets, lots of those people lost big, in the long run.... why?.... Reread this comment.. lol

S Linky

Once you have a high roller on board, other firms automatically think, well if they're in so are we.... If you go back through T. M's vids, tweets etc he has stated on Numerous occasions that Nikola HAS higher energy density batteries, (according to the recent statement to counteract Hindenbergs report, they don't but they're in development... so a LIE) HAS better Hydrogen fuel cells and have manufacturing processes compared to industry leading Hydrogen companies (they do not, again its a lie)... If Nikola HAS all these technologies, where are their IP Patents? and why does it need GM's Battery and Hydrogen cells?.... If they have no Viable Battery and Hydrogen cells then there is clear deception and the markets have been fooled, for gods sake wake up, look at the evidence....



Peter Broderson

Let GM answer the 47 questions if they did do diligence

Black Orchid



GM = Gullible Motors

Khuong Nguyen

I guess we will see in 10 years, was I right or all these negative comments.. I guess we will see.



Scott Lay

Trevor out Trevor not Elon lol

Marco Gonçalves

Fraud and jail

Wise Man says

A company with almost no real product! The only product is sales talk. Fake it till you make it...Nikolaranos hahah. Outsourcing EV pickup manufacturing to GM.. what a joke! This market has no lack of greed and guilable investors. Can't imagine those who bought at peak price.


Why is Citroen investigating an American company whose only presence is in California? Obviously it depends on the price of hydrogen and only regions with LOTS of sunlight will be able to produce super inexpensive hydrogen gas. Also regions with too much electricity like here in Toronto. We're so stupid we produce too much electricity and pay New York to buy it from us. Hydrogen gas production gives you something to do with surplus electricity.


Ed Ludlow looks Oliver Dake in "Billions"

Dalisu Ngobese

So as long as you meet your production deadline it doesn’t matter if you’ve lied and deceived investors? Wow SEC


Trevor is just a compulsive liar. Desperate to keep the hype train rolling.

"Oh yeah...we have 3.5 megawatts of solar panels on the HQ roof cracking H20." WTF ????

Who does that? Mental defect or Confidence Man.

2015 Yin

I am just amazed that it took SEC this long to investigate. SEC has a responsibility to ensure certain quality of the public companies. This is not a mismanaged company. This is a fraud.

Dieter Zerressen

This would be so easy to fix if Nikola stepped up. All they have to do is invite a few reporters to ride along in one of their semi's and let them peek under the hood. Show us the technology and show us the truck driving on a highway pulling a load and not just rolling down an include off in the distance. Until then you are a potential fraud.


This is so stupid. GM did appropriate due diligence to the extent that they had zero skin in the game, so they had need to do zero due diligence.

marks mopar

The stock is way overvalued.

Solids Metallurgy

Lol GM did its due diligence prior to partnership ? ? ?

Angel investor

Nikola to zero

Sec fraud

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SEC Investigates SAExploration for Fraud | Uncover Fraud

137 views | 19 Oct. 2020

In this video I talk to

In this video I talk to you about how the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigates SAExploration for Fraud. SAExploration Holdings has been accused by the SEC of perpetrating a $100 million accounting fraud that involved routing payments through shell companies so it appeared to be legitimate revenue.

My new book, Uncovering Fraud: True Stories About Fraud, Fraudsters & How They Got Caught is NOW available in eBook format on Amazon!


With more than 20 years of experience, I have acted as a litigation consultant, expert witness, forensic accountant and fraud investigator. I have consulted, testified and authored expert Forensic Accounting and Investigative reports accepted and used in civil, criminal and public inquiry proceedings. So in this video I am going to talk to you through the lens of a Forensic Accountant.

Contact me at:


[email protected]

1(888) 777-4416

#fraud #SEC #SAExploration

Tara 2daG

Interesting to hear about this public company fraud involving many people and some of the details you have described. I want to read more on this fraud case. Thank you so much for posting, David M.


This is my new favorite channel.

Leah Swift

Keep up the great content, I live in Canada on a First Nation Reserve and I have suspected of a huge fraud that is going on. I will definitely keep watching your content and have subscribed to your channel.


Man ....i am against so many peopel that use our name since probaly 15 year's back ....unfortunately relatives ...just recently one of my families member lie on his name to sell property in Mexico 1 millions dollar whit land and house....is millions of dollars.....now that knew that i know ..about thery fraud....they been threatening me..even on text.....anyways ..
Thanks .for your info..

Sec fraud

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Tesla's Elon Musk sued by SEC for fraud — Thursday, Sept. 27 2018

30 710 views | 27 Sep. 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for fraud, according to court documents filed Thursday.

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Tesla's Elon Musk sued by SEC for fraud — Thursday, Sept. 27 2018


A heavy fine should be enough, and no steps should be taken that could undermine the interest of that innovative company. Whenever there is a speedy action against any inventor like this then remember that person is doing something that is harming other's (Big Corporates) interest. Now the question is for everyone to answer!!!

Dublinfanofficial 1

Musk is a liar and thief . But nasa put him up to it . Soon after musk announced he was going to give ordinary people the chance to go to space they shut him down . You see nasa need a guinea pig to tell the public going to space is possible when really it's not and they know it. Everything they told us about space is a total lie. But now the public think it was possible because musk said he could bring people into space. So this takes nasa out of the picture and people think nasa are the still the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. So now musk will bring no one to space because it's not possible and nasa can continue the big lie . People still think space is real so nasa is very happy . He is collateral damage....


CNBC I don't get it, why not cut out the first FULL THIRD of the video where nothing was happening. Obviously, the video is already edited, might as well do a competent job.

Brian L

SEC = So Everyone Cheats


Elon's been a fraud, propped up by other people's money. Just being made accountable now.


Since when is 'considering' to undertake something a fraud? There goes ya freedom.


Musk needs to stop acting like he is bat shit crazy and start acting like a grown up running two successful businesses. He's going to end up screwing up SpaceX with all the trouble he is causing with Tesla. He's supposed to be launching people to the ISS, and he's on a podcast smoking pot? His side business is selling flamethrowers? I've always been a big fan of what he did with SpaceX, but he's e's starting to act more than a little unstable and it's just getting worse


4:52 it starts. SEC doing the devil's work.

LarryDEpic Gamer

This is dry.



Luka Milic


Nil Indef

LOL these two! The SEC is holding a press conference and they have charts with tweets!
It's funny, but it's sad.
Waiting for the CDC to quarantine my kitchen over an expired yogurt.

Lukas Dulka

OMG xDDDD I am glad i am not living in a country where people can charge you for anything you tweet on internet....

willem baartman

As far as I know the SEC due diligence process for companies announcing major stock movement actions are not based on tweets. Will be interesting to see how freedom of speech vs official communication channels play out. A lot more going on here than meets the eye. Musk and Tesla- behind you all the way!


It's ironic to see Musk in trouble but the POTUS tweeting emotional grumble and stuff without evidence all the time.

William B

"His actions show that he would do this again, can you please explain" No.
Witch hunt! There should be a punishment but barring him from from tesla and any other public company is extreme.


Is it me or anyone else can't hear anything but still amazed to see comments that says they could hear

Anthony Giannetti

Delaying the future over tweets.

Louis E. Romet

They obviously want to take him down. What's wrong with them. Can't believe this is happening.

Agus Santoso

Elon should start an ICO


Elon Musk is like Modern Jesus.
He came all the way up from nothing to huge achievements that can not be approached by anyone. Nobody nowdays can get near to what he actually achieved.
Now those motherfuckers in suits waited untill Elon would solve the main problems in making up the company so they can replace him with another useless guy who would ruin the company. Just like Apple got ruined;
No more innovation, Their only goal is to make money.

You are going to ruin that much achievements? Why would you.
You could just ask for some compensation or something. But killing one of the greatest companies?

This is crazy.
You should figure out alternative way to resolve this problem.
Elon Musk should stay leading Tesla just like before.
Otherwise the company would slowly die with the rest of the world.

Jean-Simon Binette

Who killed the electric cars?


The market does not react to any information miss. If you want to know how the market works, I give lessons...


Oh, so freedom of speech isn't a thing anymore. Good to know.


So many fans of Musk... yes I like electric cars and want them to be the new thing... I personally think H2 fuels cells are better in manner of safety as well as more energy efficient and less polluting, and I love space, including Space X and NASA and any other enterprise in that field. But Musk did do wrong. And is probably in the middle of more wrong doing, his last quarterly report showing a profit was fucking bogus, he had $700 million in outstanding accounts payable... meaning he hadn't paid is suppliers. I know some of his suppliers have actually discontinued doing further work because they weren't being paid. The profit of $300 million is actually in the hole by half billion at least. You can't keep accounting like that, eventually suppliers will demand payment and will additionally discontinue supplying.
He needs to raise more money. Don't understand why the board doesn't.
Anyway, people should put so much hope in few people... they'll always be utterly disappointed. It is all of us who must demand all business to change for the better, like going electric vehicles, spending more on space exploration instead of hundreds of billions on more bombs and destruction allying with dictatorships that treat women as chattel and still behead and disemboweling people for practicing their human right to protests or be critical of their government or businesses or whatever grievances.
Anyway, I think we'll be seeing more of this unfortunately. Musk has done the similar to Elizabeth Holmes with Thranos... promised way too much, didn't rely on actual experts, and is mostly doing what he is doing to make him feel god about himself, a form of narcissism... tell these people to stop using twitter and avoid the fucking media, and rely on their workers who are experts in their field to run the enterprises.


Elon's companies are creating new technologies that will put oil companies and tech companies out in the cold, it seems a little strange that this much hatred is thrown at him for how inivativate and beneficial this man is for our society,


It's a PRANK Bro!!!

Elisha Robin

Forget 2007 and 08 .. what dic is the sec sleeping on for allowing such high levels of leverage to exist in the market ...

Loose Skrewz705

Hmmmmm something reeks

San Coca

omg boohoo people are so fucking nitpicky. sad


Go Elon GO !?

Brian Ruff

You know Americans have no freedom of speech when the SEC can take you down over a tweet. It wasn't even an interesting tweet and if anyone thought that was serious then they deserve to have their pcokets emptied. This shit needs to go to the supreme court. The SEC is endangering the human species bc this could delay SpaceX operations as well and it's just a matter of time before a big ass asteroid kills us all.

Patel Vidhu

Elon musk is only interested in playing with finance. He makes electric car but he is not the only one who make electric car. He use Panasonic battery. Where is invention?


1) who will pay the losses of people that bought when he tweeted. 2) who will pay the losses of short sellers after he tweeted?

Kelly KitKat

The Word of God is Truth. Words which appear in the bible, kjv, are of divine origin - wherefore their meanings are not determined by a committee of men, but their meaning revealed to whom they are revealed. In contrast, words which do not appear in the bible, kjv, such as paradox or trinity, their meaning is set by committees - publishers of dictionaries, or academia. ... funding secured : financing available.... funds secured : financing done. ... am considering : don't hold me to this, but....

Andrew Romero

Sue Elon? Good luck getting past the giant Wall of lawyers

Crypto Info

Freakin bean counters,Musk needs to do some private investigating on these people, im sure there are skeletons in the closet. SEC, RIP!


I wonder if there is going to be counter suing of SEC for attempt of destruction of shareholders value? I would gladly join as a shareholder. What SEC is doing is outrageous.

Sir. Fun

He said concider...now he's being sued...but he never put time in truly thinking about it...i guess it's wrong.


He named the Jew and they went after him.

Vijay Ninel

Liar Liar, Cars on fire. (exploding battery).


Why bot stream 50 hours of static before and after the speech? Would make for an impressive 100 hours video


SEC - Stealing Elons Creations
Really America Trump wasnt bad enough news for you and now this ? How low this country is dipping especially after that podcast you can see how generally he is concerned about humanity and innovation he points out the AI concerns and what these money hungry but no let's take only human hope (I know there's a lot of great people in the world but Mr.Elon Musk remains top for me) and just break it over a stupid tweet shame !!!
How about you look in to how much Trump invested in he's social media service before elections do something that will benefit your country not damage it even more shaaame !!!
Mr.Elon Musk I hope you will come out triumphant and continue your lifes work !!!
God bless !

Emilio Arroyo

Please delete the 5 minutes wasted time

Steve Patterson

Finally, you do your JOB ! why not do this with the 500 other CEO's that mislead investors all the time at earnings conference calls?. Good work but now start being consistent.


What if tesla stock falls 50 or 60% and elon and the rest of the big shareholders takes the company private...is that legal?


dame everything was fine before joe passed him the blunt smh


my left ear enjoyed this



This is who Tesla really is. Two years ago, I discovered financial risks of going solar, Tesla had concealed from clients and employees. I informed the same number of people I had provided false information to, and Tesla sued me, saying I stole customer information.

Later, I proved that Tesla provides the world
full access to customer AND noncustomer
contact information in violation of their agreements with their clients, through their website. Then they deny in court, that the information is available, while its clear as day on a SCREEN! Then they don't deny that all you had to do to get access to 1.5 million contacts, ANOTHER WAY, is to communicate in a certain fashion with their presumably daft forum department. Own your faults Tesla.

Regardless, Tesla's false credibility, and political power, have enabled them to avoid accountability based on their sheer Goliath stature when contending with us as individuals. Every person that ignores what they are and what they do, drives their model 3's right off a cliff, pulling all of us lemmings behind with them. We vote with our pocket books as they say.


What a joke!

Tomáš Pártl

Now the big oil and legacy automakers will go after Elon.

Time to say sorry Elon. Pay your fine/tax.

It does not matter that everyone lies and people are dying because of it "Dieselgate" "Exxon" "Monsanto", they are too big to fail.

You have spoken on the twitters...


What a crock of crap!
Socialism squeezing down on entrepreneurship - is this honest?
SEC v. Elon Musk and Tesla.

Progana Data

What a dribble....

shalvin prakash

Jim Chanos himself said that was fraud, done on Elon Musks’ part. Nobody pays attention to that of course, whatever it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

My Vizion Channel

I think Elon Musk is a fraude.

Richard William Guilmette

LMAO at the tesla
fanboys... just drink your kool aid kiddos

Think Triple

Please Please don’t do that! You are destroying the future. The world after Steve Jobs is never such exciting before Elon Musk. And he is on the way to revolve the car industry! The fault he made does not deserve such a punishment which is at the cost of the profound goal benefiting the all mankind!!!

Sergio Bowers

SEC cares more about short sellers than actual shareholders!
Look at what the SEC just did with Elon Musk.
Elon makes a stupid claim & shareholders make money, short sellers who don't technically own the stock in the first place lose money, the sec flips out.

They are making him leave as the CEO of tesla for saying something that is untrue.

The only people who were hurt when he said that, were the short sellers, that's it, literally.

I see all kinds of CEO's put out fake news releases & don't get me started on Andrew Left, he straight up publicly commits slander on national telivison but is allowed to continue trading stocks & be the CEO of a company.

JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, he's still the CEO of a company that commited one of the worst frauds in history. Do you know how many times JP Morgan has been fined under his role as CEO? To many, way to fu*k!ng many.

Jamie Dimon lies & JP Morgan gets the biggest fine in history, 18 Billion, and he stays the CEO & the government lends JP Morgan money rofl. WTF

Check this sh!t out!

Here is a list of fines since the government took taxpayers money & gave it to these crooks.

Bank Fine, in billions
Bank of America $76.1
JPMorgan Chase $43.7
Citigroup $19
Deutsche Bank $14
Wells Fargo $11.8
RBS $10.1
BNP Paribas $9.3
Credit Suisse $9.1
Morgan Stanley $8.6
Goldman Sachs $7.7
UBS $6.5Keep scrolling down to see JP Morgan fines from 2000 until 2013, they've been fined more than 100 times since 2013 by the way! Jamie Dimon is still CEO.


JPMorgan Chase toxic securities abuses 2013 DOJ_CIVIL $13,000,000,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co. mortgage abuses 2012 DOJ_CIVIL $5,333,600,000
JPMorgan Chase banking violation 2013 OCC $1,958,450,341
JPMorgan Chase Bank anti-money-laundering deficiencies 2014 USAO $1,700,000,000
JPMorgan Chase False Claims Act 2014 DOJ_CIVIL $614,000,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co. foreign exchange market manipulation 2015 DOJ_CRIMINAL $550,000,000
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. anti-money-laundering deficiencies 2014 FINCEN $461,000,000
JP Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation energy market manipulation 2013 FERC $410,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2014 OCC $350,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2014 OCC $350,000,000
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO. banking violation 2015 FED $342,000,000
Chase Bank USA, N.A. and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. consumer protection violation 2013 CFPB $329,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank interest rate benchmark manipulation 2014 CFTC $310,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2013 OCC $300,000,000
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC toxic securities abuses 2012 SEC $296,900,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co., and EMC Mortgage Corporation banking violation 2012 FED $275,000,000
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. investor protection violation 2015 SEC $267,000,000
Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc. securities issuance or trading violation 2006 SEC $250,000,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co. price-fixing or anti-competitive practices 2011 DOJ_ANTITRUST $228,000,000
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO. banking violation 2013 FED $200,000,000
JPMorgan & Co. accounting fraud or deficiencies 2013 SEC $200,000,000
JPMorgan Chase consumer protection violation 2015 CFPB $186,000,000
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC toxic securities abuses 2011 SEC $153,600,000
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. accounting fraud or deficiencies 2003 SEC $135,000,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 2016 SEC $130,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank data submission deficiencies 2015 CFTC $100,000,000
JPMorgan Chase securities issuance or trading violation 2013 CFTC $100,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank economic sanction violation 2011 OFAC $88,300,000
Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. investor protection violation 2003 SEC $80,000,000
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. investor protection violation 2003 SEC $80,000,000
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. kickbacks and bribery 2009 SEC $75,000,000
JPMorgan Securities kickbacks and bribery 2016 DOJ_CRIMINAL $72,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. interest rate benchmark manipulation 2018 CFTC $65,000,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co. banking violation 2016 FED $61,900,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2013 OCC $60,000,000
JPMorgan Chase discriminatory practices 2017 USAO $53,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. mortgage abuses 2015 DOJ_CIVIL $50,000,000
Williams Power Company Inc. data submission deficiencies 2006 DOJ_CRIMINAL $50,000,000
Banc One Investment Advisors Corporation securities issuance or trading violation 2004 SEC $50,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2016 OCC $48,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2011 private lawsuit-federal $42,000,000
Washington Mutual Bank wage and hour violation 2009 private lawsuit-federal $38,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2011 OCC $35,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2015 OCC $30,000,000
Bear Stearns Companies, LLC mortgage abuses 2008 FTC $28,000,000
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. securities issuance or trading violation 2003 SEC $25,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank accounting fraud or deficiencies 2012 CFTC $20,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2017 private lawsuit-federal $16,666,667
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2014 private lawsuit-federal $16,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2015 private lawsuit-federal $12,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2012 private lawsuit-federal $9,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2018 private lawsuit-federal $8,333,333
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2017 private lawsuit-federal $5,707,279
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. consumer protection violation 2017 CFPB $4,600,000
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC investor protection violation 2016 SEC $4,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2018 private lawsuit-federal $3,000,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2010 private lawsuit-federal $2,492,729
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2015 private lawsuit-federal $2,400,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co. employment discrimination 2006 EEOC $2,200,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association banking violation 2011 OCC $2,000,000
Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc. investor protection violation 2006 SEC $1,500,000
J.P. Morgan Securities, Inc. investor protection violation 2006 SEC $1,500,000
JPMorgan Chase employment discrimination 2014 EEOC $1,450,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2012 private lawsuit-federal $1,195,000
J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc. securities issuance or trading violation 2015 SEC $1,084,210
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2016 private lawsuit-federal $950,000
JPMorgan Chase consumer protection violation 2015 CFPB $900,000
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC financial institution supervision failures 2017 CFTC $900,000
JPMorgan Chase wage and hour violation 2013 private lawsuit-federal $770,000
Bear Stearns wage and hour violation 2010 private lawsuit-federal $675,000
JPMorgan Securities data submission deficiencies 2014 CFTC $650,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank securities issuance or trading violation 2012 CFTC $600,000
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC securities issuance or trading violation 2015 SEC $500,000
Washington Mutual Bank wage and hour violation 2011 private lawsuit-federal $463,000
Washington Mutual, Inc. wage and hour violation 2005 WHD $404,982
Bear Stearns Companies Inc. wage and hour violation 2003 WHD $358,974
J.P. Morgan Futures, Inc. data submission deficiencies 2009 CFTC $300,000
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. environmental violation 2017 EPA $230,392
JPMorgan Chase data submission deficiencies 2016 CFTC $225,000
JP Morgan Chase Bank workplace whistleblower retaliation 2016 OSHA $203,323
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC securities issuance or trading violation 2012 CFTC $140,000
JP Morgan Chase & Co. economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $73,281
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Forum Temporary Services labor relations violation 2006 NLRB $60,760
J.P. Morgan Securities investor protection violation 2014 SEC $54,000
JP Morgan Chase economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $26,980
JPMorgan Chase Bank wage and hour violation 2004 WHD $19,373
JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA export control violation 2010 BIS $19,125
JP Morgan Chase Bank economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $18,094
JP Morgan Chase & Co. economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $17,303
JP Morgan Chase Bank economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $9,748
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. wage and hour violation 2008 WHD $9,622
JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA wage and hour violation 2009 WHD $6,996
J P Morgan Chase Bank wage and hour violation 2005 WHD $6,688
Bank One economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $6,682
Bank One economic sanction violation 2004 OFAC $5,500
J P Morgan Chase Family and Medical Leave Act 2007 WHD $5,008

Tikilicious TIKI



Elon is making history while you will forever have a video on the internet going against him.


gonwhatch thunderfoots videos


What goes around, comes around Mr. Musk! I hope you’ve learned your lesson. You deserved it.


F*ck these guys

Jayne Eckels

SEC should go after the real threats affecting our stock market, not Elon Musk. He remains in the light, unlike corruption that hides in the dark. I see right through the political power play that preys on profit. Thank you Elon and TESLA for making our world bigger and better!


Elon tweeted that he is "considering" going private. He never said that he had things wrapped up and that it was a done deal. There's no legal case against Elon. Considering doesn't equate to a done deal.

Chuanjen Chang

start at 4:20
which is a nice number

Teo Dor

This SEC stock manipulating circus must be investigated. Who is benefiting from this?

Mark Plott

CNBC being Investigated for Collusion with BIG OIL and the GAS car Industry.

Wei Zhao

Shame on YOU! SEC!

Buttery Skater

I bought at $255 and im worried. Rip who ever bought above $300

Jonathan Post

More snowflakes just gettin their feelings hurt


the sec is so incapable! this man has done so much for the us and the whole world. the most stupid thing is to slow him down. we should protest agianst that. i say that as a german citizen.

Jelle Vervaecke

These important people against Musk are merely dark people wanting to keep in force or paid by them or something. You know what’s up as you’ll feel what’s up..

droid root

This isn't a good year for Elon lol


4:52 Thank me later

Lovely Bala

I am kind of even more stressed than Elon would be now.
But I kind of believe Elon and think than he is gonna find some way. Hope for the best.

Jonathan Post

Lol screw da gov. Let the man do what he wants. He owns the company? Da fuq

Lars Pallesen

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, we see the full extent of Big Oil's power over this government.


This only shows how corrupt the US goverment is.

Jonathan Ouellette

Proof that someone does something good for the masses but doesn't benefit large corporations (or threatens) and now he did something sooo wrong. This world is so corrupt

Lietuva! Lietuviams!

Finally he got what he deserved. That fraudilant piece of shit.

Grymme Göta

All stand behind Elon! Dont let these puppets do the dirty job for the car industry.


SEC is like the FBI ... corrupt.


Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

SpAwN Of Australia

Pressure from Ice car companies, big oil and Short sellers had nothing to do with this right? (Sarcasm). And FFS he smoked a joint LEGALLY on Joe Rogan and even said in the interview that he does not indulge in pot because "Weed is not helpful for productivity,"

Where was the SEC in 2008 during the GFC and how many bankers went to jail for that SNAFU.


I love Elon but he is not a balanced CEO. There's a book called the EMyth and it says you need to pull yourself away from trying to work in your business and instead work ON your business. To unpack that, a lot of Technicians start companies, an example is a woman who loves to bake pies, in this case Elon is a passionate engineer. The woman who only loves to bake pies SHOULD NOT be running a pie shop. A good CEO is a balance of Technician, Manager, and Innovator. He is not delegating (manager), is is getting very involved (technician). He is innovating, but much of it in an engineering way (technician) because he designs and tweaks the factories but maybe at too small a scale, which is exactly why he discovered that he overautomated. I think he realized that a little to late in the game and maybe if he was overseeing at a bigger scale and seeing the forest for the trees he would see that earlier. And now the financials have caught up to him. He probably wasn't working with his financial leaders close enough nor the PR/marketing people. He probably abdicated those aspects to those people so he could go off and play his engineer role. I think he just overpromised with new Tesla models and put too much public pressure too fast on what should have been a private prototype for his Tesla business/production. McDonalds was a runnaway success because Ray Kroc knew how to engineer a business, he focused on making each McDonalds a self sustaining unit so he didn't have to run it, they run themselves. Elon needs to learn to be balanced and easy, maybe then he'll find funding comes easier and he'll become much more deliberate and precise, which is exactly what a CEO should be. I think is the root of problems at Tesla. Elon doesn't necessarily belong in a lower leadership role, he can fill the CEO role. He just needs to learn that this is a business and that calls for a different version of Elon.

Sid Michael

-Elon's tweet said that he is "considering" taking Tesla private at $420, there is a difference between the word "considering" n "considered" the word considering means he is undecided, but is in the process of deciding. people running the SEC should start taking English lessons.
-SEC cant sue Elon over a tweet, a tweet is not an official statement or a legal document. If ppl bought shares after reading a tweet or share prices fluctuated over a tweet causing investors to gain or lose money then Elon cant be responsible as twitter is unofficial.
-Why doesn't the SEC sue the short sellers? who defame Tesla to destroy its stock price... seems like SEC is working hand in glove with the short sellers! Its time to dissolve SEC as an organization. TESLA should sue SEC back!
Shame on SEC for taking Elon to court! I think the SEC should close its store! and be dismantled for good! and TESLA should sue SEC back!




Blah blah

Stephen Mann

A disappointing day for America. The SEC which is paid for by American tax payers to protect investors, is now trying to destroy their investment. In the filing it says that the lead representative of a sovereign fund had agreed to fund the go private deal on reasonable terms, Elon was going to discuss this with some Tesla investors and he thought it would be unfair to do so without announcing it publicly. However, the SEC filing is written in a way that is attacking Elon. The SEC don't want fairness or justice, they want to win, you can see them clearly avoiding a question about why they moved unusually fast to investigate Tesla.

There are so many other countries that would welcome Elon, Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City and the Boring Company without all the bureaucracy, lawyers and haters that are against innovation. No wonder all the other car companies left America.

Hang in there Elon, don't let the haters get you down. Take a break and travel a bit, you'll feel a lot better.

Guv09 yio

The SEC moved the stock down 11% Elons "Am Considering" Tweet only did 7%. Good job SEC.

Julia Walker

It is remarkable but true that if one secludes oneself in prayer and limits oneself in food, sleep, and interaction with people, while not allowing any idle thoughts to enter the mind, nor any passionate feelings to enter the heart, then very quickly one discovers a truth: besides oneself and other people in this world there is also Someone Else. And this Someone is patiently waiting to see whether we will pay attention to Him during our endless race through life. He is simply patiently waiting, because God never forces Himself on anyone. But if one continues to pray properly (here I must stress “properly”, in other words, without arrogance, and under the supervision of an experienced guide), then before one`s spiritual gaze remarkable phenomena and images begin to appear. (from “Everyday Saints and other stories” by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov))

Tea EarlGrey

So now we have to keep Twitter away from Trump AND Musk. Geez.


These people are full of shit.

Rimmy Blumpkin

Those SEC members should just be fired, there everything is fixed.

123 456

Who controls America? The tech companies with oil, and big pharma, big retail etc. In the late 1800s to the early 1900s the railroads did then big oil. This is no shock that the oil companies have wanted to destroy him from day one. He was getting a little to big and people were buying to many Teslas. Do you really think big oil was going to let him open up more and more factories? No way! This has happened for decades in the U.S and the world in many industries. Sad but true!


SEC in the pockets of the short sellers. You did more to damage share value than Elon's tweet. What a bunch of BS. Tesla is about to have record quarter and you decide to file suit now? Why didn't you wait until after Q3? Give me a break about the cannabis comment. I hope Elon counter sues you for the corrupt group you are. SEC is just a branch of Wall Street shorts.

Jeff Lowey

Elon’s tweets were simply explaining possibilities. I thought investors preferred transparency. WTF SEC?!?

Luigi R. Bedin

Nothing better to do SEC, uh? Helping colluded with carbon burning companies and oil lobbies, uh? ...shame on you SEC and people at SEC people judge and will not forget. And who is vigilant on SEC frauds? ...shame on you SEC!

Cali Ban

Jail secured?