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WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg appears before US panel to defend digital currency plan

7 112 views | 23 Oct. 2019

The idea behind

The idea behind Facebook’s new digital architecture is to send money with ease.

The CEO says Facebook will not launch Libra unless it is fully supported.

Al Jazeera reports live from Washington, DC.

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the android has returned

Mike N

He can’t afford a good haircut?


facebook is spaming ads like no tmr, no option to stop all [email protected]#% ...... my friends and relative post is less then 1% of what ads I get spam daily.

Vitaliy Fursov

is there innovation in money transfers? BS

cujoe Mblakka

The power of the government, to create money should be place in private citizens hands, who this Russian guy think he is. Same people created the communist systems.



Derek A

Mark Of The Beast Currency! This man is pure EVIL

Ed notstated

Proving that the inmates run the asylum.


0:30 - 0:35 : So no safety guarantee at all?

R A R E V A L U E O0

This dude is nuts , he can put his coins up his ' . But thou the populace will love it as much as they do instagram, ignorance and superficiality rules .

abdul jabar


robert starkey

he shuts everything thats truth down

Tanzim Hussain


golden arrows

Yes Facebook will block your account and keep your money just as they block your fb accounts anytime they want. Also they will have monopoly over money which is not a good idea since they are a company whose main purpose is to make profit. They can't be a guaranteer. Let money be controlled by the govt. Regulation can only be guaranteed by government.

Reda farouk

بيقول ايه اعملو ترجمه

Shehroze Islam

Why does my ear hurt and I am at just couple of seconds more than 2 minutes of the video.

robert starkey

facebook is just a tool for satan to spread lies and sexual immorality and mark is leading the demoncrats with it

Yongbin Song

His look is so weird whenever I see him, and hey young man you are just one of those who want to dominate the world even though you try to persuade with seemingly rational argument.

Arasu Arumugam

Another conman on prawl isn't he one of the richest in the world.....how much more he needs....is he trying to mint money.......OMG....

Inez Qtaish

Inez Qtaish see li

bigboy bitcoin

When he said his company don't control libra. That was a joke ??

Maria Hidalgo

Would not surprise me you are behind the virus too!

The New Natives

don't worry god will destroy their plans , before he lets Satan's little helper , put a mark on your hand so only those who have the mark can buy and sell with it,
and put brain implants to connect virtual abomination reality for mind control and slavery ,
to the false system of the unholy beast.
thank god for their destruction , the greedy and power hungry who seek to own.

Ehsan Khaibar

More lies from another puppet of the evil.


Huge self-serving promotion/infomercial.

Krishna Raj Bastola


Go Johnny Go

Looks like Mark is not a member of the Elites.


Wait how is this different from any other cryptocurrency? Far as I know cryptocurrency is not new

That Cute Bird

Keyser Sozeberg

Rahat Nawaz

Mark ZingerBurger

That Cute Bird

He has the eyes of Rick Scott....

Pepperoncini Kiss

Thief and liar.

ioan pena

Does he cut his own hair ?


“The idea behind Libra is that sending money should be as easy and secure as sending a message”
Which, evidently, Mark, is not , in your platforms, since you collect data from them to advertise. Lol.

John Torres

If you don’t like facebooks ads. Don’t spend so much time on Facebook . I can’t remember the last time I saw a Facebook ad. I only go there once or twice a day

Sohale K Rana

Mark bedbugs mark pokerbugs???

willbur 420

What an evil looking man

Mark currency

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DCUO Test: GU:94 Massive Mark Currency Overhaul!

17 399 views | 22 Apr. 2019

A look at the changes

A look at the changes coming to DCUO with GU:94 which is presently on test server.


time to quit for good.

Ragen Mass

Oh forgot they eventually pulling plug on the game so there's obviously no need to run old content woohoo

Quantumboy ii - DCUO

This game is dying update-by-update

Buddy Green

All I hear is waaaaaaaahhhhhh in this video and in comments. I feel like you do more harm to this game than anything else i.e. healer sc video.

James Miller

Why don't they just have one currency for gear, period, and then make it a item lvl requirment to buy the next set? I imagine the main reason they don't wanna do this "or one of them anyways" is well then you'll just buy the top tier gear and go from min item level to max in one go, just make it so you have to buy the next step in gear tier before you can buy any higher. People will still be grinding the same, it's just that if you ever feel like doing content in an area, but that area is a few tiers lower than the current highest, you can still get SOME kind of progress. I don't even mind if they would make it more expensive or anything. Just for the love of god, stop having multiple currencies for pve gear.

Also, they REALLY need to not level cap your ability to get them in lower tier content either. Maybe give you less, sure that would make sense. But ZERO for old stuff if you are already past it? Hell nah man, that is a BAD idea.

Mike T

god dammin i never finished the riddler gear in riddled with crime


They just killed off the older episodes. No reason at all to run them, except to get the missing feats.


Another nail in the ⚰️

Scott Brinson

Couldn't you just create farmer alts to keep at the lower levels and earn those OP collection pieces, then pass them to your other toon?


This sounds like Daybreak is trying to throttle players into playing this game for the next two weeks to get their player count up to show they're still relevant to Sony Execs

D Santos

So in short...once you've done your daily's for new content (unless you stocked on reply badges) you're done playing DCUO until reset cause you cant farm Mark's from old content. Perfect. ?


"Hey we still have a lot of ppl playing this game. How do we knock off a good amount of lower cr players"

"make the old content irrelevant and not grant marks"



good job with this video, very informative and easy to follow

Shumunya Cho

Seeing new skins in the game is a bit refreshing. Now if only we've gotten more new hairstyles, but I guess that can wait. As far as Source Marks, it'll now be more easier for my alts to get other style feats & a faster CR Lvling.

Mk2017 K

Rip people who are still missing op collection pieces from rwc and aoj such as Complex Crime Scene or Faded Joker Card. Newer people who will be running it will most likely won’t even have the feat to get those to drop.

Demego Nightshade

Why do ppl say the something the live steam says just repeat what they have say ?

Joseph White

This is quite unfortunate if you are bringing newer people into your league. Now you get nothing for running all that old content with them. I have yet to see anyone explain why this is a good idea. There are a lot of older players returning that need those older collection pieces. This really craps on those people too.

Per Steinar Sørensen

This game will be dead, devs ruin this game. it is so hard for new people to doing old content, but dc is so fucking greedy company and all they think about is how can we rob people for more money, but at the end dc will be dead and game shut server down. i been away from dc almost 3 years and i see how this is going. many in list have stopped play and game need many new player for survive, at europe side villain side is bad almost no people and u can shout hours for do a alert. if u not spend houndreds of dollar u never be max cp. dc can be fun but more and more u play u feel u beeing scammed, and when u played a few months as max cr u so bored and first u will do is delete game and so new 3 years break.

Josh Mast

Marks of Victory were supposed to get rid of all the old currency and streamline things. Here we go again. They will come up with other stupid stuff and come up with a new mark in about a year. This game suffers from the same repetition over and over again. This game wasn't alt friendly before, now it's even worse.

Malik Thomas

Dc not trying to die out wow nice

Joshua McGee

No random source mark drop in older raids like marks of victory used to drop sometimes?


? in some cases but this could actually be fun starting over collecting marks getting old op pieces hummm. Running with people of the same cr.

Roctiv Gaming

Will the new gear get reduced or will the chest piece still cost 90 marks?

Extreme Absolute Wrestling

has the game got better

Phil Jay

Honestly no rewards for older content is a horrible idea.. Your gonna kill the player base even more down ..and returning players like me who skipped a few years want some reward thats relivent for the time spent in game.. I dont see older content paying nothing out working long term..

Christopher Flores

Where the heck is this vendor at first heroes ?!

Eric McIntyre

I dont understand why they want to make older content completely irrelevant. If I could earn source marks from all content, I would run ALL of the older content. I enjoy the grind and I am sure there are others too.

Grace Gracy Boo

They hardly que up at the vilian side. Heroes next...?

Mixel_Pixel YT

This is so stupid just keep the currency’s separate

Mine Flameblade

How will the new source marks affect new people coming in? Would it be easier to level?


What bout marks of influence...do they count as well


Quick question? Why are ALL the high levels wearing those ideous materials? It looks like shit! Before most of them didn't have any personality and all looked the same but you could at least see something. Now it's soooo ugly and i see this everywhere i go! Why are you using this? You find it cool? Maybe its for the prestige? Seeing players being entirely black or plasma looking. Just wow! It hurts my eyes its soooo ugly

J Howard

If u have enough sp u can just take off some gear to drop ur Cr...?? i guess that's my Loop hole

Otia Tyreas

How do u still play it


i still wish they'd let you pay to switch your faction, from hero to villian , villian to hero


They need to make it back to where you can literally solo the older raids and alerts without a problem

Savion Tyger

Everyone add me “Aais” and I got some og names to sell

Kiid Clock

So Chill idid a Recon wit my toon Lt Faora HuuL and in doing ace chemicals and stryker island and gotham wastelands dailys i discoverd u can earn source marks doing those contents .....Deluge content doesnt give it Titan episode dont give it but Atlantis content does...thts odd to me .......so jld content and Atlantis content are not the only episodes or content giving source marks....for any1 who needed to know that u r welcome....

Johnnie Terrero

Any Chance for a 2019 Gadgets DPS/Troller setup and Loadout? I keep getting nerfed and having similar problems to the vid you posted about lower tiers doing more damage. Tried many loadouts, flipping skill points and everything I could think of.


With that 210CR bump a while back and the source marks. Old Content Ques gonna suck even more.

Puzzle R6S

Impregnate me pls?


3:59 New Universal Gear Vendor Preview/Discussion
7:04 Currency Conversion Overall Preview/Discussion

Talia al Ghul

I am replaying the older content to farm for future Source Marks. :)

Matthew Welch

Just got the new update. Haven't really played around with it yet. I do like the new skins, though. They're more updated than the classic skins. All my male toons look so angry with the classic African American skin. The new African American skin looks a lot better. The universal vendor was down when I logged on, but this vid was helpful in showing me what to look for. As for the others who are complaining about this update, it wouldn't matter what the update was, you'd still find SOMETHING to complain about. My main is CR257, and my legendary ran out, can I still level up even though my membership has expired with these new marks?

Obi-A1 kenobi

The currency change is one of the things that killed dc in the first place now they do it again years later wow


Does this effect quarks by any chance

Amzzy Amz

Hello can u please do a Quantum dps and troll loadout

Ragen Mass

Op items probably be available in booster vendor

Dallas Ray

This is just another way to slow down gameplay and grind. Maybe this will help with high cr's steamrolling low level content and turning off new players but I highly doubt it will. You get atleast 1 max level in every alert between t1 and t6. I mean if you want somebody else to play the game for you its great.

Wild Doggo

This is gonna kill the game

kano punk



One question: everytime you open a cache (Time Capsule for example) and you have the option to choose Quarks instead of any item, are you still able todo that?


God and 999,999 is the max , imagine all the resets/ runs u need to max out

Deadly Raver

If they will up the ignore list to ten thousand names, It will be the best update in the game.

Tvrtko Krželj

What about elite gear? Do I still need to do god of monsters and olympus elite to get renown coins to get the elite amazon gear?

Otia Tyreas

Dcuo is super dead

Jay 5

I don’t think day break understand that there hurting there self this update is going to make the game even boring ??‍♀️ new players will have less people to play with smh...... going to be harder to max Artifact to


Doomsday raid? Tribute?


Not bad not bad kinda to late again just like the skin update but what the hay its good to see they do stuff still

Dark Mugetsu

They should bring back that bonus system for running alerts,duos, daily onto newer older content and on raids, and make 1 random older content per catagory reward source marks no matter your cr and maybe include a variant where you are cr restricted to bring back the fun challenge of said content but now it rewards double the marks as an incentive but you run either the reg or cr restricted version and not both cause both versions will be loot locked then.

(pls like so others can see and maybe post on forums I am too lazy to do that lol)

Mister Misanthrope

Lame change unless they drastically increase mark rewards for CR relevant content.


LMFAO this game is beyond dead!!! Daybreak screwed themselves being money hungry and and shitting on people in their community. They made the game f2p pay to win and repetitive. But they put out trashy ass content and with those time capsules you have a 1 in 100 chance to get what you pay for. LMFAO not worth the time. I'd rather learn about childbirth..!

Sniper Wolve

Does this affect PVP marks?

James Boxall

The year of the alts to farm for old collections and styles then for those like myself who won’t pay for replay. This is going to make it very hard for those who are low level to group for anything.

Jessica Bell

I gave the video a like, but dear gawd this is the worst change they've made in the year I've been playing. I've made it to 387 SP but I definitely don't have everything. For hard-grinding but newer players like myself, this is a nightmare change.

Jiffah's channel

I was super stoked for the change until you said the old missions won't give marks. I went from great excitement to anxiety. Goddammit Daybreak.


"cleaned up text messages" ??????? like they're arent other ways to get the point across ???

sherrod mayberry

When does this drop again ?

Just No

There should be Walk In for every dlc except last 3 too, hard to gather 7 more people when this game losing them every update

MrMack for the win

Killing marks on old content will not make any players ever play those content so if ppl need help and they are not well known like you are they will be SOL(shit out of luck)


I don’t mind the change as far as the new currency goes but no marks for past content because I’m End game is pretty wack!


I actually think it’s better for the old players coming back. Me in particular, because it’s cheaper with the source marks to get the old styles and everything and since we are grinding to get back to max CR we will get a lot of source marks just from doing that. So idk imo it’s a little better.


Well R.I.P. artifacts...


With this currency change, now making it irrelevant to run for us end game CR's, the older content is gonna be even more dead than it already is, I feel like this will kill the game off even quicker

Psychotic Bob

Screwed by DCUO again.


great video ! at CR 270 can i run atlantis and get sources? or only the very last JLD? what is "most recent content". tier 9 instances? where is the EXACT frontier? and what about duos and alerts? is it only JLD or what. thks. ALSO if we have like 500 marks from past dlc, we would be able to spent sources to JLD vendor? get full gear very fast (i already have, but wanna know : somebody that is CR 253, but have like 600 marks from past content, would be able to buy all JLD reg in a min)


For me I have had to give DC a break, just feel they take one step forward and three back, like the issue with currency, I like alot of the older content but now it's just becomes pointless to run now which now becomes a problem for new players trying to run older content as now older players will feel it's pointless, wish they would make it stat locked in content so your not op in older content.

calin m

0 update...pvp need update...pve elite with 7tank need update....100sp vs 300+sp need update....this game need fix...


Would marks of valor be combined into source marks as well?

Jabari Safari

What about the elite gear. For example the Owlman suit from Earth 3. How do we get elite renown or is it still the same?


obsidian how can i talk to you privately

Mister Misanthrope

I still have marks of krypton and other very old ones. I wonder if those get converted too. I hope not. I purposefully didn't convert those back in the day to keep them like a personal collection.

Goober Gaming

R.I.P Vendor 00 and other vendor in his vendor family :( i dislike this change

Miss Sinister

this gamer is still pay to play so....fuck this game lol

Chris Van Horn

This currency change is Bull shyt

Fringe Wonder

I'm looking to getting back into dcuo any tips/something I should do?


hey chill could you address the artifact glitch I've tried to tell them about it and if they can fix it and i never get a response

Wreckless cat

Lol i clicked on this because i played this game since beta and it should of just stop and should've gone 4 years ago and all that new content is just money grab but yeah nothing will make this game better....graphics...movements...game mechanics...and paying monthly lol i moved on to destiny 1 and currently on destiny 2 and compared to this it just became a joke meme to me


It's already a pain in the superman's ass to run old content because people don't queue, imagine now...

They should make people WANT to run older content and not forget about them.

Geez, It's clearly rocket science to the dev team... ?

Bobby Anderson

how many source marks for catalyst cache ?


Only getting source marks on relevant content is a really really really bad idea, the q for lower content is already bad. I mean there is no reason why I should run lower content now. It's just stupid I thought they just replace source marks instead of victory. Who comes up with this idea its like they wanna fail on purpose.

Celestial Ether

Wow...this is f'd so no higher levels running low lvl raids so lower levels won't have a shot on 8 player maybe even 4 as so few bodies will be running it will be like 1 or 2 queues per day.

Amzzy Amz

@ObsidianChillDCUO please do a Quantum dps and troll


Smh. They did this crap before when they made everything use marks of victory. And because of that they doubled the price of vendor gear. No one will run old content like before to at least get marks for their base. What they need to do is get rid of ranged CR drop gear from duos, alerts, and raids. No one wants to run new content for marks while supplemental gear drops are from two dlcs ago. Ranged gear should be used only for events and open world missions.


SMH I was gonna come back but then I heard Him say you can only get source mark from current content lol. DCuo tries to fix shit then make shit worse classic DCUO. RIP DC

Noah Bawdy

Thanks a lot for letting us know this.

American Senpai

If they want old content ran they should do weekly old raids with current cr difficulty and reward us with source marks. For example Black Dawn and fortress of solitude and then next week they could add two other raids

is this name taken

Definitely didn't think of those cons. Thanks for the video but now I have some very important questions and I'm wondering if you van help me out. Firstly, catalyst cashes. How do you thinking source marks will affect the economic value of the caches? I currently have 100 of them that I've gotten buy using up my MOV, now do you think I should sell them for about 400k a piece and make my quick cash before update or you think the update will make them more expensive? Secondly do you think having this very cheap new gear will negatively impact endgame raids? The way I see it new players can easily buy they're way up to a high cr, yet they're SP won't go up as quick, that means you'll have some who will run JLD alerts at cr 250+ yet SP less then a hundred. Granted JLD content isn't hard but having 3 low SP dps will surely add some time to the runs. I would love to see your views on this if you can, or anyone that's reading this, feel free to answer me or point out other cons


Great vid, really helpful
Im wondering, since all theses marks are going to be a single one kind like they did with mark of krypto, war etc back in days, could players unlock styles feats even without the dlc or gear like blackhawk will be locked unless the player get the dlc or membership?

mesut sönmez

I am an old player of this game. Dropped around 2016. So my question is “Is this game worth to return?”

Mark currency

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FAKE CURRENCY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 164)

2 154 012 views | 22 Jun. 2018

This FUNNY VIDEO will make

This FUNNY VIDEO will make you laugh Russia 2018 World Cup is still on. please download KOLA BOY song by onyx here: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1402061184?ls=1&app=itunes AND https://markangelcomedy.com/kolaboy-by-onyx/. Don't forget to also get LAFFWELLA APP here https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... Please subscribe to Mark Angel Comedy Official YouTube Channel: http://goo.gl/gnzgW3 http://www.youtube.com/MarkAngelComedy GOD BLESS YOU, WE LOVE YOU. Enjoy!

#MarkAngel #MarkAngelComedy #Emanuella #DenilsonIgwe #NigerianComedy #NigerianComedy2018 #Chukwuemeka #MentaMusic

Manoucheka lafortune

who wants to call (mark angel)

Kaunda Andreas

love you guys from namibia

Reshanna Khan

Kbrown beat him up ?

Saeed uzzaman Malik


Dylan Tung

Stupid he spent fake currency

Claudette Moses


Lungani Khubone

So why you complaining about.


So funny


Mark can you make that tackle Kbrown's signature

Sebril Arengh


Hema Ramnarine

Lol nice video

stone9 YT


queen aest

1.4m view but 25k like only? btw nice video

Soshana Mitchell

Lol a wonder if a mark buy the goods wid fake money

Aniruddha Roy

800 thousand naira is 1,57,556 indian rupees. It is just equal to minimum 1 year house rent of 1BHK apartment in any metro city in India.

Nana-Akua Twum

There is no mark angel comedy which I haven't laugh before

Beyond The World

??? more than funny

Iris Burch

" I spent the money" kick his butt good. I love you guys, you are so funny.??????????

aks lakhnawi

The Rock Bottom

Sebastian Yawson

He gave him a rock bottom

Anne Bates-Edwards

Wow that all I have to say..............................


800,000.00 naira is $2,200.00 U.S. Dollars but ok, go ahead......

Salif Smiles

They've found it in crazy love

Eng Bihagaze Milele

You crazy pipo Realy you make my day ??love you

Wendy Mendes

I spent the money ????

Céléstin NT.

???? Kbrown is so funny!!!

Winie Emma


Hwang Hyunjun

And is name is Johncena


1;32 ,k brown weldone Sha k brown k brown black boy oooo

Thapelo Daniel Mohotsi


Otu Ebube

? love emmanuel comedy ?????

Agnes Mwsura


Elizabeth A

Your show is amazing I can't just stop watching it

modder hacker

K Brown has powers to beat him and energy to beat him ??????????????????????





Sharone Dandajena


Stellamaris ezeagu

OK I will win

David Godwin

I have spent it

John fitzgerald micheal

1:33 hahahaha, you killed me with that

Samuel F

I don't even understand why he was angry if he spent the fake currency

John Delva

wwe rock bottom move

Samari Moses

Kai Kai Mark angel
All the way

Glory be to GOD

K-Brown ?What a spare like Roman Reigns ????

ToKSiX zkie



Can't get enough of this video!!!

Irene Matlala

Jesus Christ ?????? what happening

Besukhoyi Medeo

Make some video relating to society..not only for jokes

nick plays 4 real

Mark angel is trying to dance ???????

Josephine Sangma

Very nice



Neema platnum wasafi tv




सागर Raturi

That is rock bottom

I think i need Jesus

He spent fake currencies

Its Bubbly

Did he actually fight him

Gina Guite

I just died at 1:33 playing WWE sound in the background with K. Brown using Big Show Style????

Rosalea Mamokete



Cherry Fillings



Me: Why is he complaining then?

Sam Jones

Jesus Christ ?????

Bello akeem


Veruna Harry

mark angel u ain't got moves

James L


mingyao wu


Sipho Gregory

You want to kill the man but you
Got your money back ????????

Agu Herriatta

Cant stop laughing.... Love you guys from US


My money ohhhh ✋?????????????

Mariyolla Kostka

Did he really get beaten up???


I was not expecting that rock bottom, too funny! :)

fairus abd wahab

Where the Ebeneza street?


Wow k brown smash

Deneisha Dennis

Who watch while going through the comments give this comment a like please Edit thanks for likes I didn't expect so many likes i appreciate it. I am soo grateful

Kwaku de mum son

Hahahahah k brown u turn to undertaker

Janice Minja

i just watched a video that had the same same ending part (K Brown hitting and the man who always wears the hat), same people, different video (called Ebenizer Street) ????

Zaneta Achunine

Jesus christ

Maureen Otasowie

Very funny????.

Unknown Unknown

M from india.....
I daily watchin mark angel comedy ...u are all guys s bst?


???? he is so angry, but then he spends it. ????


Huge love from Arizona


You are mad

Guardian Anxgel

I can't stop laughing ????

epicgamer fortnite pro

Rock bottom wow I didnt even know that the know wwe

mapsize hasan

lol.. make some more oga hehe LT to the max

Wiser Lindsay

Good job K brown
Allyuh like if Kbrown did a great job
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Samantha a kid

Missing Clip

Izyan Hashim

Dose sucsess dad have a twin brother

Moimoia ___

Wrestling of KBrown

Kaunda Andreas



800,000N is 1,118.56 pounds


Nice music vid

Reynilio Uchale Jr

800K naira is 118,800.00 Philippine Peso...

Tinah Komane

Gud comedy

Wangs Last

Who wouldnt get irritated after all the nagging he did. That smackdown though???

Bobby Cruz

Undertaker chokeslam

Roselyne Mumia


Kum Geokeng

Family of wacanda

Seevid Production

Lol is he Mc prof?

Qtpie games

Ooh~ Plot Twist

Jeremiah Fiifi Awotwi

I can't stop laughing ???????

Felician Tilya

At the end of the story K Brown was like, you know what....