Sonm vs golem

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Return of the ball | The Quest for Varian - Tangled The Series

11 668 views | 10 Dec. 2017

From: Tangled The

From: Tangled The Series

Season 1 Episode 19 - The Quest for Varian

Tmi: 17:50

Aired: 9th December 2017

---Wil's Commentary---

Rapunzel is crying.

Didn't expect it happenening so quick.

And a bond between owl and Pascal begins to form...

Sonm vs golem

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Buy SONM or Golem Supercomputer Before 2018?

44 686 views | 28 Nov. 2017

In terms of supercomputer,

In terms of supercomputer, what project are you looking to buy, Golem or SONM? Who has the most upside headed into 2018?


talking about more room to grow and marketcap is stupid, the value of the coin dont have nothing to do with the marketcap,

Lone Wolf Always Walks Alone

SONM wallet?

Елена Танич

Цікавий проект)

Altcoin Buzz

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I truly believe SONM has some really great things that they are working on behind the scenes. I went to the Consensus Coindesk website for the upcoming conference, and it absolutely blew my mind that SONM is a Title Sponsor plus they are marketing in other areas at this conference and the price tag was $150,000+, plus they are speaking. I mean, I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw, but any company investing this much in time, money, etc, has to have something really huge to offer and are looking to make some very powerful connections!!!
Here is the site: https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2018/sponsors/


Buy golem

Ahmed M

Max Kordek is no more showing in their team on SONM website


Golem ICO collected about $10 million

SONM ICO collected almost $50 million

With that in mind I'm pretty sure SONM can deliver their product much earlier than Golem.

CryptoCoinsBlockChain Alerts.

Hi Jeff. You are a REAL ROCKSTAR. Highly Undervalued. RESPECT SIR.

TrinidadLink Live Repairs

Golem has been launched.. It's April 2018

andreas busch


Karri Kakkunen

Thanks for the early tip. Sonm seems to be a real winner. They have a countdown currently on their website for 25th of December about alpha version release (3 months ahead of time). As a programmer, I think that their service will be more usable than other crypto cloud computers. It is much more general purpose project than, for example, Golem. Using linux virtual machine provides much faster integration than having to code your own logic. Also the market cap is still way lower than Golem, event if the project has higher change to succeed.

retot ri

They both look awsome man thanks

Owen Williams

pop stopper coming soon

Simon H

just invest equally in both, atleast one of them will climb atleast 100% so you already made back your money on your other investment, eventually one of them, if not both, will definitely climb over 1000% it's a nobrainer in my opinion, 100-500 in both, low risk, high reward

Money - it is easy!

Crypto is unpredictable, often sad for some people...

Danish Zulfiqar

Great find. What do you think Who's tech is better?

Сергей Кабанов

Did you try to mine coins in Telegram? ??? http://t.me/CashRobotsBot?start=LbxnBtOe ???

Panda Rojo

Golem has brass. And more advanced product.

Mo Ch

Good video, I invested in both but more heavily in SONM as for the basic reasons you evaluated, plus its on a dip the ROI is in the negative, just seems like a great time to pick it up.


Raiden Network will moon after solving Scalibility problems of Ethereum! Also Electroneum is going to be huge!

Trevor Chichester

Lol who is this hack? Wonderfully descriptive information man...so, SO informative. Take a second to think about what is spewing forth from your mouth when making an analysis please.

Marcus Wilson

Golem is on Exodus, so that tells me something as well

NikolaS NS

SONM is better.


All in GNT

EX evil


Matthew Kilgore

What about iEXEC, I think it’s called.

Nathan Ryweck

Golem has been around longer and held its own for longer son it is lower risk. So many fly by night coins these days.

Tagheuer Woods

iExec RLC is greater than these two, they have a decentralized marketplace already in use and the first one in the market

Kekoa MacAuley - Instagram Growth Coach

Love your videos man! Keep it up:)


Great vids, I have invested in so many coins by now. If you had to pick 3-5 coins for 2018, which ones would they be? Once again great honest vids.


Sonm vs Golem. Both good, but i will pick sonm, great development team and they keep their investors updated with any new projects coming. My prediction by mid February or early March, sonm will catch up to Golem and surpass them and will hit: between 0.50 or 1.25 $ by August 2018.

Chris Jong

you said in one of your videos a couple of days ago that golem would go 8 a 10 times up in 2018. You still believe in that prediction right now?

Crypto Kay

Does anyone else find it odd that at the time of this video, SONM's circulating supply reflects what the current circulating supply is, one month later?


I should buy SONM (picture cat with paper)

Art Chavez

2:03 RIP i died?


I don’t know why but I love listening to Jeff’s videos ... only about 3 people I can tolerate that does this and Jeff is 1



Василий Васильевич

Project competitor TON!
Soon will be secretly launched
GLOBAL PROJECT - "Cerebral sorting" (WORLD PROJECT Cerebral sorting)
Plans to raise funds (1/3 of the RF budget); partnership with: GOLEM, TNB, MIXIN,
The PRESALE token (presale) "FSVS" on WAVES platform
is released token sale: WAVES/FSVS. BTC/FSVS. ETH/FSVS.
The smart contract will be on the WAVES platform. LOOK ATTENTIVELY.


Golem is f'ing great ! but there is a sleeping giant, ELECTRONEUM, huge ico, highly dedicated team and a great working coin and app ... once the mobile miner is released expect the price to go up many times :)

Ivana Dodlek

2:02 im dead also

Clifton Avil D'Souza

Golem Already has Product.does SONM has??

Faisal Bhatti

What about Elastic?


if bitcoin corrects after it hits 10k, how do you think altcoins will be affected?


Yes, sure...But...... what about $EDO @eidoo_io looks like a solid investment great vision and transparency, only 10M supply. Buy it before it goes to moon. $BTC $ETH $usdt [email protected] $RPX


Finally somebody is recognising GNT the future computer

Alvin Manning

SONM is going to be the winner. As they mentioned in their "Definitive Showdown" blog post, Golem is trying to recreate the wheel when it comes to platform, whereas, SONM is not. This, along with a very capable team, is allowing them to drastically outpace Golem.



Moron pushing SONM???. Golem will prevail.

Al DeTrolio

you were wrong about the short term of golem vs. sonm... golem KILLED IT... and will continue on up to 1B market cap from here...

Matt Collins

Looking to get an exchange account to look into alts. Any recommendations on the best one to start with?

Oleg C.

Can anyone sort out the difference between SNM and GNT in a nutshell? The technical side.

Green Ethiopia

Who is going to buy the coins other than the traders and for what purpose? Is it free to use Sonm or Golem computer if they are open sources? How many coins is needed to use them as clouding sites or computing?

jerome Williams

Go SONM! Better project, platform, features and services. They are more up to date and advanced. They are now partners with HP, AION and STORJ. They are going to sky rocket this year. The others are behind and have a long road map. I just purchased more SNM today and also hold AION and STORJ as well. Newer, lower MC, SC and MS. Massive gains ahead. Cheers!

Sonm vs golem

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Sonm at TC Disrupt SF 2018 — short video recap

291 views | 17 Oct. 2018

Inspirational and

Inspirational and energetic video, just like our days at the conference ;)