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Ultraslim Travel Wallet Neck Holder Money Pouch by Zoppen Review

938 views | 28 Jan. 2018

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Zoppen Rfid Travel Passport Wallet Neck Holder Ultra Slim Stash Money Pouch


DURABLE & WATER-PROOF - made from 100% Nylon fabric, High-strength, Light-weight, breathable, long lasting and 10x lifetime than polyester for use

DESIGN FOR TRAVEL - Ultra Slim, Breathable, Visible moisture-wicking mesh back bag to eliminates uncomfortable moisture and heat, Soft adjustable neck strap could be allow you to adjust your wearing according to your storing ways that could be hang around the neck

RFID BLOCKING PROTECT - built with rfid material which blocks unwanted scans under frequence 13.56MHZ, Keep Identification Thief away from you and protect your personal information

EASY ORGANIZATION - three zippered compartments safely stores cash, passports, boarding passes, electronics, credit cards, ID card, keys, and smartphones and tickets

QUICK-DRY+ (Under Shirt Use) - with quick dry technology, the fabric wicks away moisture as well as resists odors, mildew, and shrinking, keeping you comfortable while on the move

Zoppen Rfid Travel Neck Wallet - Ultra Slim Stash Money Pouch

* Made from Durable Nylon Fabric

* Extremely slim and Light Weight

* Water-proof, Breathable

* Smart Storage Compartments

* Adjustable Strap, Multi-purpose using

* Moisture-absorbing Back Panel

RFID Blocking Security & Personal Privacy Protection

Built-in Radio Frequency Shielding Material (RFID) which blocks unwanted scans. E-Thieves will no longer be able to use electronic devices to scan over your credit cards or other personal information and obtain it through your bag.

Designed for Travel & Lightweight

The neck wallet is well-designed to securely hold your passport, cash, credit cards or electronically chipped passport, Also, This under-clothing travel solution offers secure.

Easy Storage & Flexible Loading

Three zippered pockets to easily organize your documentation and valuables, an ID window for boarding passes allowing easier security checks, also with a back breathable mesh, Quickly access your money, train ticket, passport, or other item, then swiftly tuck the neck stash back under your clothing and out of sight.

Adjustable Neck Strap

25 inches long and adjustable strap with a fastener to keep the strap at the desired length--not too short, not too long. The neck stash hangs comfortable around the neck and can be positioned directly on skin or in between layers of clothing.

Two Tone Belt Loop x 2

We provide 2 belt loops to hook your belt when you want to attach the bag to your waist or inside your pants.


Are you traveling to a foreign country soon, or are you afraid that you're going to get robbed when you go to Detroit?

Rhett Oracle

Pick pockets have to live off lint because this! Peace : )

Ultraslim wallet

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Allett’s Ultra Thin ID wallet feels like your pocket is empty!

12 476 views | 30 Aug. 2019

Allett’s wallets maintain

Allett’s wallets maintain a design ethos that ensures you can put loads of things in the wallet and it feels like it’s still thin. Amazing. Check out how this nylon ripstop fabric can change your wallet carry habits.


Allett Ultra Thin ID wallet - https://amzn.to/2Vuu23J

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Transcript for episode - https://bit.ly/30NeOWO


Allett Leather Original wallet - https://youtu.be/LmBBJDzlN5U

Allett Mule wallet - https://youtu.be/viPTzw10QGw

Allett Ultra Slim ID wallet - https://youtu.be/RaXR63Ej2N4


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Ahmed HishamDr

The fair price for this is 10-15$ max...

Dylan Lidgard

After looking at the XSTO, Elster, Trove Swift, and the Allett ID wallets I decided to go with the Allett. Thank you for the great videos. I went with this because it is the most conventional slim wallet I liked.

Inderdeep Brar

is the wallet RFID?


Besides Tyvek type wallets, have you found anything thinner?


Please review the Stealth wallet by Airo Collective


Oh no... a demonstrator pelican took all my attention away from that wallet ?

Bob Boberson

A channel for WALLETS?? Ohhh-kay. But I guess it's important; I'm here! I suspect I won't find any bad reviews here - as is usually the case with YouTube reviewers. Anyway, ALL slim wallets are overly priced. And yes, MOST fabric wallets ARE as thin as this item. Good racket.


They make fantastic wallets! Been using a leather original hard for over six years and it finally needed repair. Other wallets have failed much, much sooner with my duty-cycle.

Meat Popsicle

I’ve had the leather sport wallet for a decade and It’s been great.

Actually Clark Howard recommended it.


Could you review the leather version and the Big Skinny?



How is 30$ fair for such a wallet !? Its made of cheap materials, this should not cost more than 10$


I would like to say thanks to you for reviewing so many wallets. Based on researching your videos, including this and the video with allett original, I finally bought this one with leather option few months ago.

After few months of use, I would say this wallet is the best one I have ever had even compared to the ones which is much more expensive than this. Carrying so many things with me while still remain very thin is very impressive.


Do you think the leather version of this wallet is worth the extra cost?

Ultraslim wallet

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Review Dax Wallet - The wallet with a trick up its sleeve!

18 020 views | 20 Jul. 2017

We're back with a new

We're back with a new review! Watch the video here or read all about it on my blog: https://goo.gl/497Ykn !

Visit our website https://slimwallets.com/ for all the latest news and reviews about slim wallets for men!

Music: http://www.bensound.com

LVNA lvnacanada

Where do you buy this?

Thái Hà Ngô

Please buy Dax version 2 they're much more perfect than this version

Pra Sith Yang

Dude.... then your damn music down so we can hear your voice!!

Jonathan Ngo

I just got my Dax V2 in the mail today, and it is SO BAD! The cards always shift and get stuck! You still end up having to fish out your card, so this wallet still has the same problem it was trying to fix! The material feels like cheap felt, even after taking all my cards out it still has trouble sliding back in place so the top doesn't even line up with the magnet to close! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!


DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! THIS WALLET IS TERRIBLE! I have had multiple versions of their wallets and they all are trash. The first one broke and the second one barely works.

Marz Gurl

Hi. I have the leather one. But I saw many similar designs but different brands claiming that it’s ‘dax’ wallet.How can you tell that it’s a real ‘dax’? Appreciate if you can clear my doubt. Thank you in advance .

Bayu Aji

your song is annoying, i can't hear you clearly. maybe use more subtle, relaxing song with low volume

penrose designs

Not sure why is everyone bitching about the music. Just on subs guys. Or you can suggest it nicely