What does the cftc do

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36 189 views | 24 May. 2020

In this video you will

In this video you will learn how to read Order flow, specifically the COT report which is the commitment of Traders, to find the best forex trading and swing trading opportunities in the market. You will learn how to relate the order flow to what is going on from a price action perspective and technical analysis perspective.















Winston Malisa

Please speake about fundamental analysis

Boiki Motaung

Thank you man?


how do i get a cot report like yours?


is he logan paul ??

Kvsh King

Nik I'm having trouble finishing my COT data setup. I'm in process of linking it to Excel but i need help completing it. Please help me

Franco Jefferson

Great video, always excellent content well explained. Is there more reliability for the COT data against the USD, as all the currencies are trading against it?


Where do you find the COT data about USD? on the CFTC website i can see all currencies data on chicago exchange apart from the us dollar.

Kevin Londeka

Please make a video on how you extract the cot data to your app. Please. Ive been trying to automate my own data on Microsoft Excel but I cant. Please help.

Abdulsamad Adams

What's the best time frame to see this reaction with price action

humberto benavides

currency futures are considered 3 months or with what horizon? or what time frame is applied? greetings and thanks

Akid Haris

I've been trading for well below a year now. Love your knowledge, but 680 euro for the course is way out of my league. Guess I'll stick to your free content ? Maybe when I've made the same amount of profit from your free content, I'll buy the course.

King Hosea Belton

LET's get it!!! God bless you man!

dawood hassan

now i understand cot data ..but i gues you should tell more about cot data in deep

Mokhine Tholo

Wow, your knowledge and expertise about the market are powerful. Thanks man, God Bless you. A sentimental report on DailyFx is also useful to use it as COT analysis?


oh my gooddddd!!! When i heard your voice, I was like "I know this voice", ANd then I realized I commented on your video in trading view saying you must be a good guy cuz i hear a dog barking in the background lol Hi! great to see you here too!!!

Nasir Khan

Can anyone please inform how can we bring that COT table? Do we need to subscribe to his membership in order to get one?


Cot reeport at us dolar , the chart at eur gbp

lubega ratib

The content is always amazing!

J.R Junior

Where can we find your cot report?.
I know you can find the COT report on the CFTC website, but yours is just much cleaner and organized.

rajitha wedisinghe

Thank you.best vide
o.I love this...


I like the video, it has a good information but I disliked it because you addressed it from the chart point, you didn't give detailed information from the COT.


A Trader FX Question which COT report would analyze for the US30, and the S&p500/usd ? Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction

Naveed Hussain

wherer i can obtain cot data plzzz plzz tell me

Ayazola Mpeluza

What app is this???

Puppet show

Wonderful just wonderful the insight is priceless thank you can't wait to join and learn the right way

Eric Pei-Yu Chiou

Can someone tell me where to get the COT table shown in the video? It seems straightforward from the video but I simply don't have an idea where to get it.

Reuben Tshangela


Kirk Koershuis

Since COT comes out Friday from info on Tuesday, isn’t that too late??

John charles

Ur mentorship is too expensive for average joe

Faiq Sulaiman

Very vital information thanks so much for your efforts

Manjit Singh

Omg after 10 years later I know how to use cot, great men keep it, outside all r stupids, but u r the real men out of those People's.?

Wijtha Gayan

prefect ?

Israel Prince

Please share the link so we can have access to COT data


Great Vidz @UC-vGMbd-jPqGpsuaObDHvmA Trader FX Question which COT report would analyze for the US30, and the S&p500/usd ? Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction

Paul. A

hi bro one question how often do contracts expire and how do you know when they expire? thanks

Khoa Dinh Dang

oh my god. Perfect value


He even not show us how to read the cot he came with his exemples easy to understand but we want to read the CME group calendar men , come on!

Rowan Noah

Just admire your videos and cot report do think u could mybe help a guy out with getting access to it please

Trenton Main

Can anyone help me ....where do you find this "COT" I have been looking everywhere

Bonum Elejere

Hello @Transparant FX Academy.
Please can I get Your COT data collectively ?. Please share it my email: [email protected],com

Straw D'Cap

Where to get access these data??

God'sgift Ejeshi

Pleas can someone help me on how to sign up to trasperent fx

Abdulsamad Adams

This reaction of the price action to the order flow, what time frame should we be looking at to see this clearly


hou and where i can find the cot data i found that in internet but i don't get it

Timothy Kamalu

Question, On the pair are you using COT data for the base currency (ex: EUR) or for the quote currency (ex:GBP) if the pair is EUR/GBP???

Tipu Wahid

thanks ??

اب احمد

the most great analyising video ......?✌

Valentin Dima

Many thanks for such great informations! It helps a lot!

Abimbola apapa

Hello boss. How do I get your COT repot app please ?

Marcos Nathan

Awesome as always

Kingsley Obase

Wonderful lesson bro. Your analysis have always been detailed and explicit. Keep it up and continue sharing the brilliant ideas.

Bradley Mogate

how do i download the cot app does anyone know?

George Lokko

I think the key component here is to know the direction of the market to determine where each scenario plays out

Vission Thinker

who thinks ,he looks like jesus christ?


Hi, can u please do one on how to get access to these reports

Nader Afifi

do i need password to activate the COT chart? isn't free

Best Stunts

Bro suppose market is in an uptrend.. N longs ands shorts both are closing what that does mean??

Sooraj O

How many years of datas are ideal for COT report analysis?

Akan Kubayi

Man dropping gems


Thanks for the explanation, very well explained.
However, I do prefer to check the cot reports at www.cotreports.org as they are easier to read and compare! Keep it up!

michel van haren

Hey man maybe you can help me out ? It look really interesting to look at what funds and banks do with COT data but ... am I correct in your videos your using Non-commercial data ?

Shouldn't we be looking at commercial data or am I missing something ?
Anyway back tracing the cot data now and I made a Non-commercial file and a commercial one so should figure it out but anyway.

Roozbeh Behzadmehr

Thank you so much, How I can have access to COT data? What is the web page address?

Idonin G

Thanks a lot for this rare information. Could you pls also let us know how this COT can be accessed . That would be highly appreciated.

Dimple Dimple

Can anyone please help me. Where do I find this COT report? I have been looking everywhere


Your lessons are super! I am struggling to get entry points in the 4hr chart, like getting in the nick of time. Can you please touch base on that

Cojo Matlhola

how can I access your COT REPORT ?


Transparency Fx Academy I thank you so much for everything. you open my eyes to how to be responsible trader . I pray you get all your blessings.

Ayazola Mpeluza

How may I find this application to have a view of the COT???

Paola Duenas Primo

Nik my question the COT data everything is traded against the USD but what is the USD traded against then? great video by the way, I try and watch all your videos!

Leye Timi

Thanks sir. This is technical especially to retail traders. May I ask please for how long have you been trading. And what is your advice to retailers who are still struggling in this business

Jordi Arista

ahaa I know how to build it. thank you for the video


At some point I'm sure hedge funds will figure out how to manipulate the COT report because they're all bastards

amro azzazy

wow great ideas

peter karanja

hi on that topic on the commitment of trader what should you expect when there is the addition of both longs and shorts or both longs and shorts being closed at a closely similar figures

Reuben Tshangela

Cover NASDAQ100


On the EURGBP pair you showed in the video they were adding shorts but they were ALSO adding LONGS what does that mean?

willah chikopela

How do I get COT data

hadi desire

Just I can say it is booooomb , fantastic

Mohamed Jailani

This is the first time i saw someone explaining COT in such a simple way. He is a genius. Keep doing this good work man.

mike marquez

You explained the COT report in a very simple way. No one is doing what you are doing. Question: When I see monthly weekly and or fail charts at major S/R levels, Ids this when I want to start looking at the COT report?

Siyakha Tshangela

Top class my king

Dave Focus

Very good stuff


Perfect explanation

Samuel Njoku

Hello please can you help put a link on we we can get COT Report so we can use it....?

vhutshilo mulaydzi

But how do we hv that app

DUAL 777

Damn. I had no idea that Owen Wilson traded forex.

André Campbell

How do I calculate the net position for Cot report?

Hunter boy

How can i use Cot it is free

Chris R

greek god

Warren Mwangi

Thank You for everything man. Your a freaking professor

M Oyepeju

Nice video. Where do I find the commitment of traders (COT) within Tradingview.com ?


How can I get the data


Awesome content! Looking forward for more. Subscribed.

lord master

yoa are best thanks bro

MTD Bass World

Where do I get the cot report Sir if I haven't join the mentorship program yet.

Reddy NR

Thanks for nice video. Have a nice day.

Matsimela Ignitious

How do you determine from COT which one between euro and gbp is strong??

Md Nizamuddin

Eur usd
If eur cot report is bearish
And usd cot reoort is bullish
How i know that the pair go up or down ?
Which pair is strong and which is weak in two pair ? 1st or 2nd


Concise. Thank you, king.

Inferno The One

Very nice and clear teaching...Can you do a video on a trend reversal after reading the COT data thank you...

What does the cftc do

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CFTC SEC on CryptoCurrencies Blockchain 2-6-2018

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Virtual Currencies: The

Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The witnesses will be: The Honorable Jay Clayton, Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; and The Honorable J. Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

What does the cftc do

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HODLCast Ep. 113 - Who do you want as your regulator, the CFTC or FinCEN?

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The Commodities Futures

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) issued guidance on March 24, 2020 titled, “Retail Commodity Transaction” in Virtual Currency.

Short Summary: The CFTC grants an exemption from regulation if, (1) the contract is paid out in the same virtual currency as the contract was entered into, and (2) qualifies for actual delivery that takes place 28 days in the future. If CFTC jurisdiction applies, a Company would not likely be required to maintain its FinCEN MSB registration.





In 1971 Nixon stopped the redemption of gold for dollars to foreign sovereign states. In March 1973 the G10 approved arrangement for six members to tie their currencies together and float against the US dollar. This effectively ended Bretton Woods and introduced floating exchange rates. In 1974 the US created the CFTC. The CFTC is charged with trading oversight including COMEX where gold is traded.

The CFTC is totally corrupt and always has been. Their job is to ensure allowable gold price manipulation. They are paid to look the other way and only recently under severe pressure imposed a penalty on Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase. This has not stopped the wash trading of gold. The gold prices are suppressed, severly. Gold should be 10k and most who know the history and what is going on have tried to expose this. This gold price suppression did in fact contribute to the financial crisis of 2008.

Bitcoin was/is an attempt to introduce hard money and a store of value. It is no coincidence that BTC has been classified a digital assset and the CME is trying to control it also.

Dont ever trust the CFTC, EVER. They are top of the list when the guillotine gets dusted off.

BTC is not a digital asset. It's money, as much as the, printed out of thin air, fiat paper is.