Janet yellen testimony

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Yellen's Senate Testimony in Less Than Two Minutes

5 776 views | 14 Nov. 2013

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) --

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Janet Yellen, the nominee for chairman of the Federal Reserve, speaks about the central bank's monetary stimulus, the U.S. economy and financial regulation. Yellen, the Fed vice chairman, testifies at her confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee in Washington. (Source: Bloomberg)

einstein mentor

Ron Reagan stated he wanted transparency of the federal reserve,fed chair replied if you go any father we will bring america to its knees, a very short time later Reagan out of nowhere Reagan states beware of any president that wants the government to socialize medicine,,he exposed the plan of the federal reserve.now do your home work,,remember the reserve pissed him off,,research Reagan speaks out on socialized medicine,research Reagan warned us about Obama.from Obama own mouth he says it, research the federal reserve and Rockefeller,satanic,one world government, Rockefeller stating banks love war ,then you start to see the Vietnam war,Korean, Gulf War,Iraq,Afghan ETC,,, THE LIES THE LIES,,SADLY MY AMERICAN FRIENDS 9/11,,AND I CAN PROVE IT,,who did they come after with the patriot act,free speech,gun control,elimination of hebus corpus,nac come after american citizens,,are you starting to see the truth here? wake the fuck up.

The Trance Cartel

Just another criminal Yid trying to enslave America.

Tim Richmond

America - founded by geniuses, run by criminals.   Yellen is just the latest POS to be placed in a position of power.   God help us.


has seen some Meaningful Progress....what the frickin' Planet does she live on.
Again, these coneheads in Washington still can't ask the right questions, like how long is FED going to continue with this Ponzi Scheme !?!

einstein mentor

npw what do we do,,get all of them out,city council chief of police all the way up,they have been indoctrinated,,do not pay attention to party lines because they all are corrupt and looking to save there own asses,,ask one question and demand your current rep to address this,,will you prioritize and eliminates the federal reserve and all of its regulation,,they better say yes and do it,,our enemies are not who we think they are,,we have very little time,,the next election is the point of no return,,,,fema camps,,why? police drones, no border control,no enforcement by the police,masasteria,prisoners let out of prison,,25k illegals let out,,on and on,,in order to make the final transfer they must bring us to our knees and they wool,,food will be and is the bubble,,this time,,

kevin white

Janet Yellen is jewish, no surprise there who is involved in bankrupting the U.S. even further with their QE, money is debt, every dollar in circulation equates debt, usury is a crime the event of printing fiat currency and then charging interest on it. Those who control the money supply control the nations economy.

John F

i.e. Don't audit us! Just another criminal ready to take over the ponzi scheme.


1:27 i lol'd

Brit Stormy

@Cosmo Ray Ya... Janet Yellen doesn't have the "balls" because she is a woman; they have ovaries.

einstein mentor

our enemy isnt the dem or the rep or the blacks,whites Mexicans Chinese or the taliban,,it is not our neighbor,,it is our government,,period and especially the evil sob federal reserve,,the time has come people,,what are you gonna do mother fuckers,,

einstein mentor

please watch freedom to fascism on you tube,then you will begin to see why the government does nothing about illegals,borders,gangs, drugs. etc,,,and why obama stirs the racial pot ,,they want civil unrest,and a reason to take away our guns,,notice after 9/11 they came after the american people,,patriot act,wire tapping  free speech,gun control,arming cartels in mexico,,wake up. it is all part of the plan to one world government,,do your own research,,it is the federal reserve and i can prove it,,next box

Cosmo Ray

Yellen doesn't have the balls to admit QE is not working.

Janet yellen testimony

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US Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen testifies before Senate Finance Committee

15 964 views | 19 Jan. 2021


#JanetYellen #TreasurySecretarynominee #Stimulus

US Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen testifies before Senate Finance Committee where she stressed the need for a big economic stimulus to provide relief to Americans and stimulate the economy.

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Larry EarlA

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DON'T drive at all and work remotely.

capitol riot means a covid19 petri dish; we need another lockdown.
we have streaming and don't need to travel or go to a commercial theater and avoid
covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020), police killing nonwhites like George Floyd, and exploding RVs like in Nashville, capitol rioters bringing pipe bombs

Stephen Brown

Friendly reminder to change the play speed to 1.25x. Ron Wyden especially speaks slowly.

Personal opinion: His declining intellect is painfully evident in the snail's pace of his speech.

Michael McGregor

She is garbage

Pinche Gringo

12:43 start


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usb usb

Systemic Racism within Banking and Credit systems, overall limits the USA GDP full potential within the international markets, this is very unfavorable in Central Banking where at times overall, the bottom line is what matters at the end of the day. Bridging the wealth gap amongst black's and whites actually makes the "Central Banking a viable component to economic recovery and favorable when currency is being printed at -0.25% interest rates, the Treasury should take advantage of these rate's offered by the Central Banker's to repair and provide reparation banking to blacks to bridge the wealth gap which is overall hurting Americas international GDP%'s. Banking can be very lucrative when "Access To Capital" becomes systemically accessible to all, by limiting wealth gap banking practices. "Wealth Gap Banking Practices" should be FEDERALLY BANNED. FDIC insurance should be revoked to all USA financial institutions that does not participate in Black Reparation Banking Act of 2020. Currently "renamed" The FREEDMAN'S BANK TREASURY BUILDING, may or may not be able to implement Reparation Banking to blacks directly, without involving FDIC insured banks that does not want to participate in Reparation Banking for blacks and small black owned business applicant's

Happy John

17:07 "Progressy"

4:56 PM

Mr Dunbar

she was a hack 6 yrs ago and still is today

Janet yellen testimony

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Janet Yellen Maneuvers First Round of Congressional Testimony

255 views | 28 Feb. 2014

Federal Reserve Chairwoman

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen completed on Thursday her first semi-annual round of testimony. Two weeks after addressing the House, Yellen answered questions from the Senate Banking Committee. Yellen said since she had last spoken, more soft economic data would force the Fed to keep an eye on economic conditions. She also addressed when the Fed would pass new regulatory measures, and she reflected on her role during the financial crisis. TheStreet's Joe Deaux reports from Washington.

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