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rules? there r no rules

284 views | 14 May. 2010

pressure point moves with

pressure point moves with Master Moran click on the link




i HATE feeling those points..


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Therer is always help!

92 views | 20 Apr. 2012

Our video is based on the

Our video is based on the personal life of a guy who suffers from social anxiety disorder. In this video we try to focus on how and in what ways a person can seek help. This video is about changing the view of all people, to make people more understanding and friendly towards those in need.


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R. Kelly - Wanna Be There (Audio) ft. Ariirayé

913 164 views | 11 Dec. 2015

Download and stream R.

Download and stream R. Kelly "THE BUFFET" below:

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iBuffet?iqid=yt

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Lol Rol

WHOs listening during qarantine

Sun Ray

Soulful and soothing voice of Buku A. Very tender song rkelly.

Fun Goddy

Make sure she doesnt sign stupid record deals. She is great.

datgirl SAINTsational

Tears, I'm ready for new chapters in his life.... Relationships with kids, new music, new life... Allow him to REINTRODUCE himself, without snakes.....

felicia canada

Omg and here I thought I was one ☝? of his number one fans&did not catch that it was his daughter.....smh.....song is??? and I have ALWAYS LOVED THIS SONG

He Guards My Heart And Soul

I'm down with you Kellz. After the hell you've been through dodging industry manipulation and control of your money, and despite the multi billion dollar MEDIA machine controlling the minds of the masses with lies and false narratives, you're still trying to pick up the pieces. I did my research so I could know if you're truly a monster peeing on children and trafficking underaged girls. All I had to do was follow the money to discover the motives and who stands to gain the most by having you stripped and removed from society. I love you, and I pray for a miracle from God to get you past She Devil Gloria Allred, Criminal Extortionist/Embezzler Michael Avenatti, sell-out Liar Gerald Griggs and the Savage Savages, wicked sociopathic females like Lisa Van Allen, Jerhonda Pace, Faith Rogers, Asante Mcgee ... And ALL the rest (including your DANGEROUS ex-wife). I pray you and your children will find each other in the storm and grow through it.

Charles Byrd

And I listen to this song over and over just listen to his voice and his daughters Force she can sing her ass off and we already know what he can do



Ann Huff #THE DREAM Team

Love this I can't wait until you get back to loving your dad. As a mother, there's nothing more important than the love of your Daddy ❤️???????

Shonda Smith

I love this song ????????my king and his young brown Queen

Joel Fumey


Barbara Jones-Williams


Nothin' Nice

This song speaks volume❤


This just changed my whole views about Rob damn man.....free that man so he could be there for buku abi take over she can sang her ass off tho


Wow this is the SAME daughter that just called him a "MONSTER" . Don't worry she'll love him again.

Renee Green

A beautiful song , bring tears to ones eyes , praying for the Entire R Kelly family

CC Starlite

Like father like daughter a real beautiful voice so much great talent we love you R Kelly

Monica Carroll

2020 Powerful father daughter song! They sound so good together.

Lakeisha Mccall

Wow!! Who's here and shocked they did a song together because of Surviving RKelly? Im really shocked, but I love this song

Good Karma

Nice song but the reality is that he hasn’t “been there” for his family (wife and kids) because he stay chasing skirts and destroying young starlets lives

King Beamen

This album was yet another masterpiece by him but his legal trouble has ruined so much


Why am I just hearing this in 2020?!


2019? _

Iggie Sparx

This song is the Ishhh!

Lakendra Jones

jesus jesus jesus jesus thank u thank u thank u jesus

Melissa White

Love this real bad



Faye Lee


Mike Hunter

oh shit i didn't know that was R. Kelly's daughter singing with him that's good she's in the music buisness with her father i'm sure Kells schooled her about the snakes and the accounteds that try to rip you off who to look out for i wish her great success i love this song wanna be there

Chan Xo

Listening amongst all this R Kelly stuff ?

Mystic lady

She has a beautiful voice nice song

Fountains World


Felicia Johnson

! I wanna be there!! So beautiful! My favorite song on the his album! Your daughter has a beautiful voice! I know soon you will get your life back and you can be with your wonderful children again! And continue to produce your wonderful music! Love you! RKelly a fan always!

Lakendra Jones

lord thank u lord thank u lord thank u lord thank u lord thank u

Candace Stewart

My husband sent me this today...I love him so much!

Hope Burks

She has a neat voice, God bless her heart


??????????? Jan. 12 2019 ??????

Boba Licious

Beautiful father/daughter duet. Prayers to their families

saeeda hunter

Wow 2019

Mario Rodriguez

Omg ? really miss my daughters lord knows it’s the worst pain there’s is.

Lakendra Jones

man u got listen to the words in these songs they r for your glory

Patrisha Woodard


Jeroen Wellemans

I listen every day to songs of him. Every day i wake up with an other song of him in my head. He's music is unique in this world.

Penelope Burnam

This song is very uplifting for her to be calling him a monster now! Wow, praying for RKelly and everyone involved.

zack runnels

Happy Birthday to me. That GOAT♈

Ms. Cherry

I love his daughters voice... I hope she gets a chance at a long lasting positive career!

k. skyy the rapper

She has his talent that's for sure go girl

Kelton Harris

She sounds like a young ciara..She's bad..

Lakendra Jones

thank u for all your sermons in jesus name thank u

Tameka Washburn

????? love this his daughter voice is amazing!!! King ? of R&B

Qiona Clark

Beautiful song! By a father and his babygirl

Mr.Robert Broadway

Wow.truely inspirational

lauria crawford

Beautiful song ❤

Action Jackson

I love R.Kelly these hoes ain’t loyal



Charles Byrd

She ain't even came out her she'll yet and wish you really sing she's going to sing

Flawless by Lola

His daughter’s voice is soothing ❤️

Charles Byrd

Body say this dude is the greatest of all when it comes vocals he got it


Love this song.
Said that this same daughter is now calling him a monster

Tiger Cat

disappointed ?

Kay C

Omg!!! His daughter's voice is the bomb!!!

Sweets Blount

This is SWEETS?the song is dope as fuck ur daughters voice is a gift as well it takes a real man 2 say he's sorry 4 missed time and want 2 ?there now is what counts just give them what they need And what they need is u 2 ?there blessings 27th all and big up 2 u KELLS??ur daughters voice FROM SWEETS?

Flavia Gonçalves


Lakendra Jones

thank u lord thank u lord thank u lord

Fountains World


Alva Palmer

For a farher to express his love and willingness to repair a fractured relationship with his daughter through song for the world to hear that's commendable .

Khadejah Muhammad

Name a better duet....

Sunflower Pwr.

Everyone that loves RSK keep your head up and trust God.

Nothin' Nice

Beautiful dad and daughter they did that. Please reach out to your dad he needs you ?

Latrice Reynolds

Kelly so ice cold?

Lakendra Jones

eddie long im going get it

Merinaz Rodd

so sad


Robert's baby girl can really sang!

Lailonnie Tukes

That man love his kids but probably didn't wanna fight Andrea in court but I would've had her ass in court regardless of what she accused me of..

God's Child

I love this!

Been Real

The true King ?

King Kamehameha

Blood I Wanna Hear More From Her

madison wilkins



I don’t know why y’all thought I wasn’t playing with you about this man

Enri cicco

Someone have already fucked with this song in the back ground, because gadamn if it is beautiful

Dom K

King of RnB! ? Period! His daughter has a dope voice. Her and her singling love their dad. It’s def the mom pushing them to not speak with him. Smh. Sad

Keyla March

Another song I love

MsLRoscoe 2

Why were they apart in the first place? Didn’t they live in the same state? I don’t get it.

Flow T

Free Kelly. ??????????



Tasha Thomas

His Daughter omg!!! She has a beautiful voice

Judah Cochrane

His youngest daughter is cute

Snow Poodie

This A Dope Song They Both Wreck This Song Period Real King Of RNB Hes Daughter Has A Beautiful Voice She Have A 90s Vibe Too It

Tammie Williams

Aint god good

Kelton Harris

This that jam...Right here..

Elizabeth Bell

This is beautiful! ❤❤ I pray they will be singing together again very very soon. Prayers & Love for Robert & his children ??❤❤❤❤ #ISUPPORTRKELLY #UNMUTERKELLY #VINDECATERKELLY???

Criss Brezzy

Trick I’ll never get back with you.....

Hope Burks

R Kelly is good in what he does it don't matter what, God bless his heart

meek gwebu

inspires all the dads out there

cerna51 arfa

Things that I have to say to you
You need to hear
And I know we've got some rebuildin', oh
But I believe time will heal

Anything that you wanna do
Baby girl I'mma support you
And anything that you're going through
I swear I will be there for you, you
It's been so many years so I know it feels awkward
Know you had to tuck all of your tears in your school locker
And I understand your position
And why your heart went missin'
And things that you wondered

Oh oh-ooh
I know that you mad at me, thinkin' that I didn't care
Talk to me, 'cause

I just wanna be there
When you conquer the world I just wanna be there
But no matter how successful baby girl
When you need someone to lean on I just wanna be your shoulder
When you need someone to call on I wanna be the one to hold ya
I just wanna be there
(Be there
Be there, be there)
I just wanna be there

Call me back when I be calling you
'Cause I be feelin' like I'm stalking you
And I know you've got issues with rejection, oh
I'm just being honest, I know what you're thinking, never did I neglect ya, no
'Cause I love you too much (?)
And I would just kill myself before I do anything to hurt ya
One hunnid, all I ever wanted to do is please you
And I don't know what happened to us but I need you

I just wanna be there
When you conquer the world I just wanna be there
But no matter how successful baby girl
When you need someone to lean on I just wanna be your shoulder
When you need someone to call on I wanna be the one to hold ya
I just wanna be there
(Be there
Be there, be there)
I just wanna be there

I know that there were so many things going on
And there were some times I thought I wouldn't make it
But my brothers and me kept each other strong
How do I tell 'em why you're not there when I don't even know myself
I hate you, I love you, I do and I don't wanna see you
You tell us you need us but that we just need to believe you
My heart is broke, it's so hard to cope
And every night I cry out to heaven 'cause I need you both more
And sometimes it was easy to not say anything
My mind was at war, baby you're not the enemy
And it still feels like we're miles away
But I can meet you halfway 'cause at the end of the day

I just wanna be there
Be there for you, yeah, yeah
When you conquer the world I just wanna be there
But no matter how successful baby girl
When you need someone to lean on I just wanna be your shoulder
When you need someone to call on I wanna be the one to hold ya
I just wanna be there
(Be there
Be there, be there)
I just wanna be there

Leo Queen

Who here in 2019?

Nic Chris

His daughter voice is beautiful

Togzin Nhla


Zola Wisely Zarku



He is talking about stalking his daughter ? WTF