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Jaynemesis (ETORO'S MOST COPIED STOCK TRADER) | #012 Lewis Morgan Podcast

9 113 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Jay Smith, a self-taught

Jay Smith, a self-taught stock market and crypto investor. After beginning his trading career at the age of 19, Jay has risen to the top of eToro’s most copied traders, currently managing $150M in funds for his followers there.

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Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/31xBcqqBY92GHdWiGtkQYU

iTunes - https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/realism-podcast-with-reece-lewis/id1497353733

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0:00 Intro

1:08 Becoming one of eToro’s most copied traders

4:48 Investing in Bitcoin

7:51 His eToro management and strategy

15:43 Top 3 things to look for when investing

16:57 Nokia

18:33 Jay Smith’s portfolio

22:20 Gamestop, AMC, and WallStreetBets

33:14 The ‘silver squeeze’

34:13 Robinhood

37:35 Jay Smith’s trading during the week of the Gamestop situation

41:06 Economic outlook for 2021

43:21 Advice regarding starting to invest, investment apps, and investment research


49:04 Future trends for investing

58:28 Industries that will recover first from the pandemic

1:03:33 Safe, steady investments for dividend portfolios

1:09:21 Lewis Morgan’s portfolio

1:15:52 The Chinese and Indian Markets

1:17:34 Investment research

1:22:43 Disney+, Comcast, and Roku

1:25:15 UPS and FedEx


Great content, thanks for sharing

R B1987

Great content; really enjoyed this and look forward to more investment videos


Best podcast on YouTube

Matt E

10m on Disney that's a lot of Mickey ears!

Zenith Fit Ltd

This video is fantastic. Love the detail provided and information given out ?

Definitely inspired me to look at investing into the long term and the companies mentioned



looking forward to this!

Sean Harrington

This podcast will blow give it time, guests and topics are on point

About Things Podcast

Great topics, looking forward to this. We need more financial education on Youtube:)

Next On Netflix Podcast

Love the channel mate!!

Adil Iftakhar

great channel - keep the podcasts coming!

Rahim Mitha

On a killer streak, best Poddy for learning about investing, business and entrepreneurship. The time stamps within the conversation are super helpful as well!

Jeremy Chislett

Love the stock market and property content!

Luqman Babalola

Etoro Lord of lords.


Portfolio around 145-165m. Your a hedge fund on your own! fair play ?

Sidwell, Scott

Great podcast, the best bit for me is your genuine interest in what the guest is saying, whether that is in this one, or with Davy Price, Alan, etc.

Tam W

Really Enjoying the podcasts. Very informative stuff and some good people to follow. I'm still very early in researching the subject. YouTube makes it look like a no brainer. Everyone is winning but I'm very conscious of the overall statistics on stock investors.

Sam P2004

A good hydrogen company is afc energy, give it a look. I’m up 50% from it.

Alexandros Gkolnas

Booking actually is higher than pre-covid. I find it so weird.

Nathan Collins

Fantastic podcast?? for someone so knowledgeable & smart, Jay comes across so humble??

SJ Hussain

Class job Lewis - really enjoying the stock market content!


Hey mate, love the investment podcasts. what's your thoughts on disruptive innovation etc? have you checked out ARK investments?


Top tier poddy

The Anxious Investor

Another quality podcast mate. Surely you'll have some bitcoin of your own after this one lol?


What broker/platform do you use for your investments Lewis?


Great poddy, a little surprised someone who is as open minded visionary as yourself (and even took part in the historic WSB/GME movement - ie corrupt centralised control of capital - showing how the game is rigged for the lower socio economic classes) has no exposure to Bitcoin ~not even fractional. Hey, I guess that what happens when you make comfy profits and are a Buffet disciple ?‍♂️


My fav podcast!! Really really enjoyed this one. We need more investing ones please

Scom5 91

Casual 500k on AMC ? ?

Strong Programmer

Nice interview. Boohoo is not in etoro unfortunately

Sam Bailey

Breathtaking stuff this. It's amazing hearing two guys who know so much about business and trading. This and the Davy Price podcast were outstanding. Lewis, amazing work on the podcast and some fascinating insights on Boohoo - thinking of investing in them now.

Robert G

Damn, I really thought you got this one to talk about actual figures and not percentages! (I know it's irrelevant but it's still interesting to hear) Next time....

Edward Orton

Great these, keep them coming! Learning a lot about the markets ??

s h

Which investment brokerages do you use Lewis and what’s your favourite


I think Cardano will outperform bitcoin once it banks the unbanked in Africa. I’m all in on ADA

Dope Music

What I love about your platform is you are democratising valuable information successful people have and sharing it with the masses. This is very important I hope the viewers appreciate how fortunate they are to have platforms like YouTube and channels like this. Just 15 years ago you could not find this information. The Internet is slowly levelling the playing field.

Andre Marcao

Quality stuff as always Lewis ?? Keep the content flowing!


Poddys are gettting bigger and better Lewis! Which stock platform do use to buy stocks in Disney?

Hisham Mohammed

Love the podcast, just commenting before your channel blows up and I don't get a chance to get a reply off you. You guys talked a lot about what could be good trades in the future but what would have been interesting is to see what Jay thinks are overvalued stocks/ mistakes that a lot of investors make.

Aside from that, I wanted to say, how is your hair so good man? Also, I think you might be my fav podcaster because your interviewees have respect for you based on your past success rather than 99% of interviewers who have only ever interviewed successful people but not been one themselves.

I think you should try and get Chamath Palahipatiya on your channel. What a coup that would be. Before that, you could try Raoul Pal, he loves to share his knowledge. He's famously all in on Bitcoin.


Up the boys!

ish Patel

Brilliant podcast ?

Should release (percentage wise) all your positions please

Live The Dash

Its a madness about how cool you are when you talk about a £10m position haha!!

Lewis - the poddy is getting better and better every time. Really enjoyed the popular investor and this one. Great content & cant wait to see whats next.

Masa A

Absolutely one of the best and informative investing podcasts for a while! Really great info & enthusiasm man, keep on bringing this type of content, you have us hooked!

Paul Molloy Jnr

Great Poddy mate! Who is the guy shumaf (not sure how to spell it) mentioned at 56:56? Having no luck finding him on socials (assumedly because I’m spelling it wrong)

Jack David Wright

Loved the podcast as always Lewis! Stock trading is literally like adult Pokemon, and is easily just as addictive as RuneScape back in the day??? (if you know, you know), it’s the best thing I’ve ever gotten into / discovered!!

Kunmi Balogun

Absolute gems in this video


Love to hear about your portfolio and love the transparency
You and jay should def get some IPO!!!



Cameron Clark

Great watch Lewis, keep them coming!

Matt Harrison

Loving the podcast! Keep them coming Lewis??

Jonathon Freelove

Loving the podcast mate and this episode didn't disappoint keep up the great work


Great content. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose, but you seem to have adjusted your interviewing/questioning style slightly over the last few episodes and it’s a much better watch imo. Jay speaks really well too.


Love your podcasts so far! Great advice & knowledge shared on business & entrepreneurship! What is your opinion on investing in Index Funds?

George Peirce

Really impressed with Jay, down to earth considering his wealth. Made things very simple and honest about the current affairs, I love how he said he was actually at a loss for the week. Top tier podcast as always.

Jacob Persaud

This is first one of these podcasts that I've watched and it provides massive value so thank you. I know you have probably explained in older content, but what was it you did to make your money?


new to your channel loved this video im sure i will enjoy your other content is great. people like you two are the future of this country excited to watch you both grow

Lewis Morgan Podcast

I read all comments - So always leave feedback and smash the LIKE button to help push my videos ?

Dan Cavallucci

Another solid podcast mate !


Loving these pods!

Xander Davidson

This was really insightful. Think this poddy channel will grow massively within the next 6 months if you continue bringing on key figures in various ventures that are self-made. Keep it up man

jason green

Class guest’s you’ve had so far, another few young up and coming property entrepreneurs and business people would be great! Keep it up!????

Jack and Harriet

Jaynemesis is a legend. Am up 45% on him in just over 6 months!
Thanks for the vid was a great watch.

Sneeeaky Modeee

Great content! More business business related content please.

DG Goaillard

Quickly becoming as valuable as Rogan here brother. Keep it coming! ?

Robert G


Bor Luos


Justin Wilkins

Huge fan of the channel Lewis! Would love to see more property guests - really enjoyed your episode with Davy Price ?

ben finno

Great Poddy mate!

Something Out Of Nothing

thought I take the time to say thanks for the content, binged your channel like it was a netflix series ? ?

Giulio Ramazio

Cheers Lewis, great guests so far ?? thanks for putting this out

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1 824 views | 28 May. 2020

Vivek Singh

Hi Sir,
Your videos are nice.

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Tutorial cara menjalankan Aplikasi Neo trader di smartphone Android

1 165 views | 25 Sep. 2019

Neo trader Memperkenalkan

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chimp chimpa

Itu bonusnya koq 50 USD mba..

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Masalah nya aku tidak bisa daftar

Yusuf Almalik Saputra

Bisa pakai MT4 gak

BG jogja59

Fokus karo mbak e.. sik memberi tutor

Erwan Khalifa

Kak ko aku gak bisa mulai traeiding yah,
Maaf pemula jadi gak paham

Ragil Purnomo

Forex rasa binary ya

Rizki Ramdani

Kok saya gk bisa daftar

Rana El Bilqis

videonya sangat membantu, sangat mudah dipahami

David_danex Dayak Bahau

gimana kita bisa ngetahui klo tm yg qta ajak udh ikut lewat link yg qta sher ke dia,,,thk'z

kevin 02

Kok ama aplikasi yang sekarang beda ya. Menu2 ya Hmmm jangan jagan anu nii.

Dhizex_ Tv

kak ada grup ngak kak biar bisa saling share ing