Static strike

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Path of Exile - Static Strike & Shockwave Build - 3.12 Heist League

652 views | 9 Jan. 2021

So pretty much after I

So pretty much after I watched the reveal stream for the new Ritual League I got kinda hyped and wanted to make one last... well maybe last build before the end of this league. I wanted to do something again with Static Strike and Shockwave since I played it a couple of leagues ago as a Berserker, this time around I decided to go for the safe choice and went Slayer. I think Static Strike was better before they made the latest changes to it this league, but it's still kinda fun with Shockwave, the combo has good clear speed and you get leech as well. The gear on my character is literally leveling gear that's like level 40 or something of the sort and I was doing a T6 pretty comfortably, except for the boss part which took a little while. This is not certain but I might try and make a Summon Raging Spirits build as a final one, or I might leave this one as the last one for the league, I'll have a think about it.

▶Link Download: https://goo.gl/1UZKFN

▶ Link Youtube: https://youtu.be/RNloVGsdsfU

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Matthew Lynch

Why is music so loud

Static strike

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[3.12] 격분10,인내10 정전기타격 공략 (Static Strike)

7 510 views | 4 Oct. 2020

공략글 -

공략글 - https://cafe.naver.com/poekorea/857657 , POB : https://pastebin.com/zvLGLuh3

*10.09 딜+생존 보완 동결 셋팅 POB : https://pastebin.com/9j6fLges

*10.06 생존형 노드셋팅 추가 (네이버공략글 맨 아래쪽 내용추가)

*10.05 딜부족의 경우 분기하는정전기타격 + 무자비보조 사용(연쇄보조 제외)

안녕하세요 새로운 빌드가 완성됬습니다

영상에서 다 설명하지 못한 부분의 경우 네이버POE카페 공략글을 참고해주세요


격분충전..+1 반지가 너무 비싼데 구입 못하면 세팅이 안되는건가요?


폭발화살때이후로 흥미생긴빌드였는데
어쩜 이렇게잘통할까요ㅋㅋㅋ감사합니다
궁금한건 여쭤보겠습니당!!

Matthew Lynch


Static strike

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POE 3.10 - Static Strike Gladiatior: Simulacrum Run ( Waves 17-20 )

2 649 views | 10 Apr. 2020

I was originally running a

I was originally running a max rolled Scaeva over the Saviour. Not gonna lie, it runs smoothly with just a Scaeva and Paradoxica, I probably could of done this deathless up until wave 19 or so.

The Saviour is a massive damage boost. The AI on the clones work very nicely with static strike.

Running OBS in the background kills my frames. So I reckon I could of done this deathless without it running.



note: very very new to this build, trying to min-max it is quite painful. I am following this guide:



How does Dual Wield work with Static Strike? Especially with Paradoxica. Does each lightning beam take both weapons into account? Or does it switch?

Polar Bear Seagull

Great vid, what is that a 24 ex voices drop? gratz!

Pass The Sault

What is that sorcery you are doing to pick up loot?