Red coins

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Super Mario Sunshine Switch Red Coins of the Water Ricco Harbor Episode 6 - 3D All Stars

6 404 views | 20 Sep. 2020

Check out my Super Mario

Check out my Super Mario Sunshine Switch Red Coins of the Water Ricco Harbor Episode 6 walkthrough for Super Mario 3D All-Stars. See more guide videos at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMmhstpr6cwNX84Mpr6GZJUJ65XwdzPKm.

Episode 6 of Ricco Harbor is the first and only coins hunt challenge in the docks. Red Coins of the Water is a bit different to the ones in world 1 where you were free to roam around, so you’ll need to switch things up a bit. I think this is one that will stump a lot of players, whether it’s finding the red coins, working out how to get to them all or how to get the star at the end. For anyone wondering how to get off a blooper, this video is for you. It’s not all good news, but at least you can see the fruitlessness of the task.

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I Always Died during this Mission on the Gamecube; I Never got that shine Sprite!!


I have died after getting all the coins 5 times because I keep hitting the thing that the shine is on

Waleed Abdulrab

This was such a royal pain in the ass. Even on the Switch. As soon as I got good at collecting all the red coins, I died a couple times trying to land the shine sprite.


use the green blooper because it's slower and easier to control

Rebecca Herrick

I’m coming here to complain about how absolutely ridiculous this level is. I’ve collected the coins about 30 times and the game likes to just have me switch squids

Eagercheetah20 W

why isn't there a button to get off at the end because i got the shine sprite and i died trying to get back on the dock and it's not fair

- Hyper -

This level is bullshit.

Sammy W.

This is so obnoxious omg, like the red coins are easy, it’s this bullshit with the shine that’s gets me


By far the hardest required shine in the game.

Mattmojo 105

I didn't even know you had to hit the button again like in the hotel. And this one looks really annoying! Thanks for the walkthrough though.


Tbh this shit is worse than secret stages


Thanks! The way you showed to get the last coin, is what I did and it finally worked.


Why didn’t they change the name of the episode to “Too Bad!”


This shine can birn in hell

Over Foxy

lol i was expecting original game footage but no finally someone making a tutorial on 3D all stars


This sprite is so unnecessarily difficult. I haven't gotten it yet, but I've died numerous times trying to jump to the pier after collecting all the coins. Also awful is that it spits you back out to the overworld. What a pain in the rear.

EDIT: I finally got this shine. It was annoying to do.

Andrew Eiler

Poor game design that you must activate the switch before collecting coins or you die. After you collect the 8 coins you have to time your board landing perfectly to collide with the shine or you die.

So dumb lol

And Row

This mission is a troll


Bruh why is there not a way to slow down.


This level is so stupid. When I tried turning, it would barely turn. I died when Mario didn't turn when I moved the control stick. I also died when trying to get the star.

Red coins

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Super Mario Sunshine - Red Coins in the Coral Reef

17 243 views | 31 Jan. 2011

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Pakka Pets Channel

Thanks so much! This helped a lot! ?

Roblox 2.0

Thank you would help me a lot

Goomba 456

I'm playing this game for the first time and this helped a lot! I couldn't find that one at 2:17


I came to find a coin after finding my GameCube in my parents house


Great job...I'm sure this will help many first timers on this game!

Luis Bonilla

Do you guys know how to swim underwater?? I tried to ground pound into the water to swim under and it doesn't work

azmy muhammad zaidan


Christopher Rojas

Best Oldest quality gameplay on YouTube .

Eli Pinedo

Welcome switch players

Eyy Dooga

Man watching this at native resolution is crazy. I can't believe we used to play games that were this blurry and horrible looking.

Thank god for Dolphin Emulator and 1440p upscaling!

Seth Arsenault

Lmao the game being released on the switch has brought many here


i hate the fish coin so much it swims away from me and can also clip through the reef

Red coins

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Super Mario 64 Bob-Omb Battlefield: Find the 8 Red Coins

92 200 views | 4 Feb. 2010

Super Mario 64 Star

Super Mario 64 Star Guide

Course 1: Bob-Omb Battlefield

Find the 8 Red Coins

This is the video star guide for the Nintendo 64 title Super Mario 64. This star guide will cover every star in the game including secret stars and 100 coin stars.

This video covers the fourth star in the game and the first Red Coin star. This star could be tougher than the rest if you don't know where to look for Red Coins, but easily one of the easiest Red Coin stars out there.


How you unlocked cannon?

Pure Xeno_

this game is dogshit lol


0:20 R.I.P Mario

SonicFan 91

Who else is here because of 3D All Stars?



The moth in your wall

2:14 epic trown

Solomon Lopez

Thanks man. Trying to 100% 3D all stars


Good Old days

windows 10 home edition

Thank you


I did get no.7 in the cappy mod without using the Canon but not 8 so I have to capture the sign and then climbing up the mountain and then float to the red one AND I GOT IT
ALL OF RED By falling down to 1up

PC Masterlord

Thanks man :) i was stuck on the coin under the bridge for like 20 mins lol


thx bro i dropped a like


What Red coins do? To get the star you need to defeat the King, plus cannon is blocked with a pink bomb sign, i tried talking with them but it doesnt open, tf is going on

Manuel Cervantes

Thanks I was stuck with one on the island


Crazy good quality! 0_0


i was stuck with 6 the whole time

Shield Scrub

@MartyTurco093 I feel so sad for you, since you can get it for free. :l


People about to flood these comments


I'm playing an emulator, thanks.

Micheal Karvelas

wait for me the cannon blocks are friendly bob-omb blocks or something

Fancy Lines

1:34 Remind me how to open that hole?

faith cross

Thank a lot!!! I didn't realize there was a red coin behind that gate. ??

ARY I Tursia Music

Thanks hahaha im playin the switch version now


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who's here because of Super Mario 3D All Stars?

yeet skeet

Thanks Dood,I forgot about the Coin on the chomp - chomp chain.




There's no cannon by the heart for me tf

Sonia Smith

How do you unlock the cannon?

Accidental Mistakes Podcast

Hey guys guess what,

I’m here because of 3D all stars

alice fish

I didn't know you could run up the hill