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Grandpa's Skyminer: A Skycoin Story

424 views | 3 Jul. 2020

In this children's book

In this children's book set in the near future, a little girl learns why the world needs the Skywire network, and how pioneers like her grandfather (or you!) helped make it a reality.

Skyminers are the backbone of a new encrypted and private wireless mesh network called Skywire, courtesy of the Skycoin Project. Learn more at skycoin.com/skywire and skycoin.com/skyminer.

You can buy a physical copy of the book, or an e-book, at https://skycoinstories.com


It's a dead project. Why will people use skywire instead of starlink? People are too dumb to use skywire let alone setup their own node.

Freedom Unchained

Where can I buy the book?

Ge Ski

This is great! Keep up the good work fray

Skycoin Moojie

So good.... awesome job, and such a great message.

Ryan Barnes

Great Job Fray!

Not MacroBusiness

Another great video... nice work Fray!


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Skycoin Review (Skycoin 2019 - Ethereum Developer's Review!)

7 308 views | 6 Feb. 2019

In this Skycoin review, I

In this Skycoin review, I am sharing my initial thoughts about Skycoin 2019. Skycoin is touted as the new internet for a new world and is taking on the privacy, cost and efficiency concerns with the current state of the internet today. Skycoin Skyminer devices are being built and used in the real world on the testnet. Is Skycoin the solution that will bring internet 3.0 to fruition? Let's hash it out!

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I am @hashoshi4, let's hang out!

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2EDnBjp

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2CvViW8

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ECkecO


?DISCLAIMER: The information in this video is an opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice, nor does it represent any entity's opinion but my own. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. I am not guaranteeing you gains on your investment and the content I produce is my own personal approach and strategy that I’ve had success with investing in cryptocurrency.

? This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. Most often, I include links to products when I do product reviews, but I will never push a product I do not use myself and totally believe in! The commission I receive for clicks is directly reinvested into the creation of great content on this channel, and I thank you for your support.

Skywire and Skyminer are both a part of the Skycoin blockchain ecosystem are very ambitious in their own right. The bitcoin-based Skycoin is part of the Skycoin Fiber blockchain on which dapps can be created.

#Hashoshi #HashNation

Baardschurft's journey to zero

Maybe Flixxo also is coin you like. RSK Rootstock founder and Popcorn Time creator in the team.


Thanks for the well balanced review. Ive been following skycoin for over a year now... they also have revenue streams and are in talks with power companies, governments, etc. to solve real issues and develop infrastructure. The potential is huge. I have them and elastos at the top of my list. Thanks for making great content!


Any chance of doing a follow up review.... especially on CX skycoin blockchain language? seeing as you a developer you may be into it yourself

johann DSouza

Mate this is so thorough, I’m definately doing more research

Anders Alm

Would be great to have a comparison of Skycoin and Elastos


The hosting device looks similar as Holo as well.


The most well-researched and well-prepared review of Skycoin to date, very nice!
One thing that caught my ears though, is that you said Skycoin is a Bitcoin-based token.
Skycoin's code base is written from scratch in Go, so I'm curious in what way you would consider it being Bitcoin-based?

Thuis media

interesting. Never paid much attention to Skycoin, now i will check it. Allthough you gave me a head start. Thank you
Very curious to see your take on NEO and its Nep-5 projects.
Others TKY DBC


Skycoin just released Skywire mainnet! The world desparately needs this. Can't wait to see what lies ahead as development rolls on

Dakota Keeler

So this sounds really interesting. Though I have a few questions. 1) The cost of the unit. Granted its still in the prototype stage, but $2000 is too much to justified jumping in. 2) I have no desire to learn a new language. Could others be ported 3) Web assembly support?


Hi, I bought skycoin last year and have my details but where do I see my coins? last year I viewed them on the web but but there is no sign in on the webpage now? where do I sign in and see my coins? Thx

Tomi Laitila

I am just amazed how you where able to do a quality video like this in 2 days!? I used 1 month to gain this knowledge you harnessed in 2 days.

Jeremy Bryce

Great overview - subscribed. Saw this on /r cryptocurrency and it currently sits at 0 upvotes with comments and tons of likes on YouTube....bizarre

Christopher Mitchell

Nice job - tricky to know the future. Does anyone actually have a skyminer or is it dreamware?


What kind of camera do u use ?


Don't skycoin is a joke, stick to top 15 coins guys

Mr Squiggle

So sad to see this shitcoin being taken seriously.

Pablo Caso

Don’t like it. I remember all the skycoin ads on all the YouTube videos I clicked on a year ago. Also competing with substratum and elastos. Nothing original.

Jai Hallam

Great review mate!

The most comprehensive Skycoin review to date. One thing you didnt touch on much is the massive DIY community. Check out Skywug.net (skycoin wireless user group) for parts list and instructions for the many versions of DIY skyminers. The most dedicated user community in crypto. Whaddup Skyfleet


Great review. Very thorough and concise. Impressed you could soak everything up after only 2 days of research and turn around a quality review like this. The Skycoin project is so wide in scope, it took me weeks to to fully wrap my head around it. In fact, I’m still learning more as I continue to follow them.

The one thing I want to point out that I think you overlooked is the DIY aspect. They’re not building everything first hand. They have a big DIY community and a lot of people are building their own Skyminers. There are already nearly 10k nodes online.

Victor Popov

This is like iota, if they will deliver, it will be THE standard, for whatever the vision is, because the vision is great. Altough maybe in around 5 years, right now its just a dream

Per Remme

this is probably my favourite skycoin review. great work man.


Wow! I finally found a YouTube channel I can really learn from. You certainly know your stuff! Thank-you ?

Alan Walker

MPLS is good, but SD-WAN would be the better solution.

Patula el duderino



such a pro. great video as always!

Mac Lovin

Great review. Really lookin forward for an update later on!


Alex Magonet

Awesome presentation

David Forrest

Hi, what are your thoughts on this project a year on?????
By the way my name is Forrest (Foz) and my gamer name is Hashim or Hash, believe it or not..!!!
Great Videos...Thanks Foz..!!

Jason Daniels

sounds too complicated and expensive for those who want to run the miners to make the who ecosystem work. Substratum will just run a node on your PC and boom you become part of the ecosystem and you earn SUB


I have no damn idea how SkyCoins price is so damn low, it really baffles my mind. I guess there was a lot of FUD and bad media surrounding them for a while, everything that’s been disproven. But I still don’t get it! It’s one of only a handful of projects in the space that are actually AMAZING and actually WORKS! Honestly, I know many people say this about many coins, but seriously, get in while it’s this cheap – criminally cheap. This coin will absolutely blow up just as Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other coins have done in the past. GO GO GO!


Much appreciated ?

happeR Productions

Hashoshi > Ivan on Tech. Ivan is so overrated.

jm Morgenstern

How do I resell skycoin skywire skycoin maybe you can elaborate on that I would like to hopefully be able to resell the skywire part of it I need to become a member of Sky coin or whatever what's the or where do I need to sign up if anyone can get back to me especially the person making this video cuz I apparently he looks like he has a lot of knowledge if anyone get back to me with this just to be very much appreciated thanks have a blessed and wonderful day I'm going to investigate the person was making the video I missed his name I don't know if he actually introduced himself but whatever God bless

Margo Rowe

I like the art..on wall..opening scene..????


Awesome review! I've been a Skycoin investor and supporter for many years now and I really appreciate the thoroughness of your review and the time you put into it. This video will educate more people about this amazing project and shine a light on it's possibilities. Get in while it's cheap folks! The mainnet launch is coming very soon!

Jayden Debono

Really good review, if you like this project you should look into Nexus Earth. They just released their tritium code to github for review and have actual partners with LISP and vector space to launch their mesh network and micro satellites in space. I'll let you make your own mind up. I'm not affiliated in anyway to the project but they are a direct competitor so it's worth a look into.

one aryf

Last two years, I think filecoin too want to solve this type of problems, until now not much can be heard of it. This will take many years to realize the ideas.

Stuart Austin

Really intelligent and thorough review. Thanks!

K. Soze

Sudo sent me...


Great review Hashoshi. Really enjoyed it. Go Skycoin! Wow!

Euphoria Project

Brilliant review! You did well with the amount of time you had to research.
one of the keys to creating the new internet is inspiring the DIY community which is why Skyminers and Skywire antenna can be built using 3rd party components!
So much to love about the project, over one year of research and I'm still learning!!


Can you do apollo review??


A brief comparison to Elastos was expected.

Paul joseph

Again excellent video could you talk to us about the similarities and differences between skycoin and substratum, look forward to your thoughts Maybe do a versus thanks


Like the idea, but veeeery ambitious & long term. To me the idea of Substratum (decentralized VPN) seems most promising for the near future and very likely to get realized. Anyway great review, finally understand the idea & scope behind the Skycoin project.

sarfaraz khan

Nice review sir
Can u make a vedio on halving .what is halving .why its happening .will it effect market or coin


Mate, this is an awesome review. As you said there is so much to the Skycoin project it would be impossible to cover it all in one video. But what you spoke about you got right. I'm impressed with your understanding and you also taught me a couple of things about a project I've been researching for months now. Excellent work.


Wow, I heard things about Skycoin before, but this review really explained all the hype. Skycoin is unquestionably one of the most exciting and pioneering projects in the industry.

Mynor Portillo

You bring a great point!!
I hope they see it too.

dolo gore

I think they reduced the burn from 50% to 10 %..........Ive had skycoin for a few years and hold 3 million hours so pretty excited and very patiently waiting.........seriously considering buying a skyminer

Scott Daly

Is skycoin going to be part of the oneweb project??

Major REX

Mehh to many coins... why not use eos or even holo


Good review ! Man, I got so burned with Skycoin (thankfully I didn't get that much), the price has crashed so much compared to other crypto since September. But I wonder if we'll see a use case for Skycoin Hours soon as they've been promising it for some time now. Not even McAfee's Skycoin tatoo has helped bring too much awareness of the project :-)

Sound Studio 1010

if you watched this video and bought skycoin then probably you lost most of your money. skycoin lost two thirds of its market cap in a few months.


Burn rate is only 10% coin hours now

Bar 439 Carla's World

Bro, the new miner costs 1999$, right, but you'll ve rewarded in a period of 24months and getting back 1999$ in sky through that period. Starting now at these low prices of Skycoin, it's a nice chance to get way more back than 1999$... Imagine you've received the first month like 100sky, and it goes up to 5$ and more later, means, you'll have 500$ from the first month alone. Boooom

o Beef

sudo didnt sent me...


Skycoin releasing three mainnet launches this year! Triple mainnet = CX programming language integration with blockchain that can create anything not just smart contracts.
Obelisk and Skywire mainnet launches too

philip dru

coin hours would increase logarithmically not exponentially

James R

Is this guy still an Ethereum Developer? If not he should leave "Ethereum Developer" out of the title. Otherwise, it is clickbait and very misleading.


Great review man. I learned a lot from this. Thank you


Mainnet will come, and it won't be a hollow launch like Cardano either, antennas are being assembled and posted as I type.

Not MacroBusiness

Excellent review! Just a slight clarification... it's not necessary to buy an official 8-node Skyminer. You can build a cheap single-node DIY Skyminer yourself for only 40 bucks. But if you do buy the official miner, you're guaranteed full payback of your 2K over 24 months on top of the normal rewards for running a node. The benefit of buying official is that Skycoin boxes up all the parts and delivers to your door, which is easier than trying to source components individually.

jonathan russo

Nice review you should do a review of Plutus Playground and the other test nets for Cardano that would be a really cool video! Thanks for the great content.

Mynor Portillo

Build a dope Dapp!!!!
I dare you!!!!!

Robert Robinson

What are your thoughts on MOAC's MicroChains? Is this something that companies should leverage to scale in a more effective way?

Ge Ski

Just started watching! Super excited to see your take on Skycoin

Naoto Nakajima

Hi Forrest! Another great video.
Skycoin is totally new to me and I feel like need to learn more about it. Sounds like the next generation of internet and I assume it will fit with one of my business plans. Yes, I got my notebook and pen!!

Grin Bin

sounds good as a concept but what enterprise level organisation would adopt this type of approach ?


Skycoin....let me get my notebook and pen.

Srinjoy Chakravarty

but why kidnap your CEO and take his crypto?

Crypto Chiefs

You should do an update video for this project they have released new products and are releasing new products soon

Mynor Portillo

Thanks for putting this out brobro.
Well said and engaging.
Loving the detail and the technicalities you brought to mind.

K Hon

Thank you very much for doing this review, its really good. :)


What do YOU think about Skycoin? Having just learned about the inner workings of this project in the last two days, I'm curious to hear your thoughts!
?Check out the Hashoshi Merch collection for the #HashNation community: http://bit.ly/2Q3tfA0

Jose Velarde

Hey man, we actually have a group on Telegram for people who are interested in Developing projects on CX, I can pm you the link if you're interested.

Blockchain ASMR

Great breakdown. I'm from the Skycoin community and you really nailed a dense amount of information and really did well in hammering it out in a concise and logical manner.


You can build a DIY Skyminer for less than $40 [before trariffs] The SkyTeam uses Telegram join the chat

Mazda MX3

Hi Hashoshi, Skycoin just released the mainnet for their flagship product Skywire. Please take a second look!

Mr Squiggle

What do I think? I think SKY will die. Telegram members are leaving in droves. The so called mainnet launch did nothing for the price. Sudo is a nutter and Synth belongs in prison.


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Top 10 Things You Should Know About SKYCOIN

3 252 views | 17 Jun. 2018

This video is an entry to

This video is an entry to the Skyfleet community video contest and is a very general overview of the SKYCOIN PROJECT.

ALL topics can be researched in further detail on Skycoin's website, Youtube page, and white-paper.


Skycoin Official Website




What Is A Skycoin Skyminer?


Skycoin Coin Hours


Synth on the Skycoin blueprint for global blockchain adoption


Synth Speaks: Skycoin Ecosystem Launch Conference Keynote, Shanghai 2018


Synth Speaks: Tokyo Beyond Blocks Summit 2018


Created in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

Made with Envato

Additional Graphic Assets from Adobe Stock

Music: Audiojungle - SummerLoops - Energetic Beat


Voice Over provided by Deevoice


Sout ron

Great job!


Damn fine video!
I can't even imagine the work that went into animating this whole thing!

Abraham Con

The fact that you don't have to mine is one of the best features ever for a blockchain movement and the opportunity to sell excess bandwidth, storage and computational power is exactly what a low scale investor would look for in the crypto biz. Bringing the whole system closer to the end user is what I consider to be a guaranteed success

Jason Daniels

sounds too complicated and expensive for those who want to run the miners to make the who ecosystem work. Substratum will just run a node on your PC and boom you become part of the ecosystem and you earn SUB

K. Soze

Sudo sent me...