Price of weed chart

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US Cannabis Stocks & Analysis (November 4th, 2020)

2 989 views | 4 Nov. 2020

This video reviews the

This video reviews the Stock Market Today and discusses the most recent price action in the market. Using Technical Analysis, we perform an indepth review of the action in the stock market today and provide you with our analysis on current patterns, developing trends, and our take on where the market is headed.

Our Focus includes

- Technical Analysis

- Trade Education

- Trend and Pattern Analysis

- Market Psychology

- Emotional and Mental Health


APHA buys Sweetwater brewing to enter US MJ market, we will see how the market responds to the dilution



ratwoodViktor hogrefeKomárek

Fantastic video ❤️No doubt, Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market has incurred some notable upwards momentum once again, right now the leading crypto asset is currently trading above $15,000 against the US dollars and the bulls are still very strong with great potential to see BTC bullishing higher. However a lot of people will want to sell the little they have which i see as a very odd strategy, rather i would encourage everyone out there to trade with the little they have with a working strategy/daily signals which i have been doing. I still see this as a good time to trade and make huge profits, i have been using Mr Davies O'Brien strategy/daily signals since the last bear market, increasing my portfolio monthly. With his strategy/signals, i was able to grow my portfolio to 6.2 btc with my initial 0.7 btc in my first month of using his strategy and this having been going on for 4 months now. Mr Davie makes you learn while earning massively. He can be contacted via whatsapp +44 7723 173885 and telegram @daviesbrien for crypto inclined concerns.


Dan, I've learned a major lession. I didn't set a stop loss, now I'm down roughly 50% on CGC with a $36 avg. If I sell it would be a 5kish loss. Thoughts? Ride it out, rip the bandaid off and take the loss? thanks

Chamandy Beats

without the senate control, gridlock may prevent anything from passing... interesting the CAD MJ Short squeeze today. Especially on the smaller caps, ACB, CGC, TLRY

Dont Settle

Cannabis stocks need community. No reason they should be down. 4 more states recreational. 36 in total medical. Delta 8 being sold EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!


Dan, glad to hear youve made mistakes and learn from them... I made a lot of mistakes and finally I am learning form them. I too started with MJ stocks. Luckily the environment was so conducive to learning, at that time. thanks

Brian Wehrley

me too

ricky stewart

Not playing Canadian LPS I bet you wish you could see 24 hours into the future though

Greg Martin

All cash, sold balance of pot stocks today, first time in months. I'll look at this next week. Thanks again

Raphaël Vallée

Thanks again, we are blessed and should be really grateful for those !

John Hanna

Since when don't you hold OTC stocks long term? Are you just trying to create volatility?

What about IAN and your other long term stocks you picked? You literal made a video about long term US plays called "intro to US MJ"

BTW these stocks are traded on the CSE as well..

Craig Williams

Thanks again ✌️ for YOUR PUBLIC service ?.
We can work together to supply the market..l want to communicate with you... Thanks again ✌️

Daniel C

Let's go NJ! Lol let's see how long it takes for the first dispensary to open up.


Harvy harv harv


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theodore Dow-man

These stocks do not exist under biden harris.

Public companies are not a thing under "Marxism"
(Blm antifa)

Mitch The Permabull

wish we could buy more of these stocks on exchange and not otc

Robot Gang #1

Does Planet 13 Holdings not count as an MJ stock to cover because it’s not OTC?

Price of weed chart

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A look at the different types of cannabis you can buy in Oregon

12 667 views | 16 Jan. 2018

The cannabis flower comes

The cannabis flower comes in many forms, here are a few options you can purchase in Oregon. (Video by Amanda Steen)

Ghost Liberty

Store prices are cheaper than black market here in lane county. Shatter/dabs are more like a resin or putty than a wax, typically.

The only edible you covered was chocolate, when there are many different kinds, including gummies and drink powders.

This video was very bland. Low content. Not recommended.

Matt Jacob

If you can't live without it(which may actually be true in this chemical's case) it isn't entirely inaccessible. But it will involve some work and I won't tell you any more. Start your research and you may piece the story together.
For your discreet purchase of drugs and strains such as:
- Adderall - Dexedrine- Evekeo- Vyvanse - Precocets molly- Crystal meth- Promethazine -Heroin - coke -codeine -rhypnyol
- Amphethamine- Xanax - Ecstacy - - - OG Kush- Lemon Haze - Purple Haze - - AK47- - Afghan Kush--Black Mamba--Angel dust--.
Deliveries are made via
All packages are discreet and double sealed for safety.
At all pocket friendly prices.
Contact :
@ganjah_farm on Instagram

ryan nyamz

what is the shelf life of weed guys???

Alex Grin


Price of weed chart

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Where to find Cannabis Seeds?

19 717 views | 29 May. 2020

Where can I buy marijuana

Where can I buy marijuana seeds?

Boy oh boy do we get this question a lot…but it’s totally understandable!

You can be stealthy about everything you do whilst growing, but many people feel like the act of getting seeds is the least secure part of their grow.

It doesn’t have to be!

Many growers choose to start their first grow with seeds they find in their buds, otherwise known as “bagseed”.

This can be a convenient way to test out your growing skills with little investment, but sometimes you get unexpected results as you often don’t know very much, if anything, about the strain or how the plant is going to grow.

The web is awash with growers claiming to have grown bagseed that was out of this world, but also and more commonly so bagseed that produced tall, spindly plants with low yields and weak buds. It’s all part of the bagseed lottery.

If you happen to know another grower or live near a medical marijuana dispensary, it’s sometimes possible to get seeds or clones from them. Several dispensaries and collectives will offer free or cheap clones or seeds to medical marijuana patients. If this option is available to you, you can choose your strain and talk to the breeder about how the plant grows. That way you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

But what about ordering seeds online? Is it safe?

Several trusted companies have been delivering seeds to customers for many years, and many more will start to do the same as marijuana becomes more and more mainstream.

If you need to find a specific strain for your needs, or desire a strain that grows a certain way (for example if you have a small grow space and need a strain that grows short and bushy), you will probably want to look into ordering seeds directly from a breeder or online seed bank.

Most growers these days start with feminized seeds from a trusted seedbank, and we predict this will continue for the foreseeable future even though the option to produce one’s own seeds remains ever present.

So, in answer to the question, Use bagseed (seeds that you find in your buds), get seeds or clones from a fellow grower, or order seeds online from a secure online seedbank.

We’d love to know where you get your seeds, let us know in the comment section below.

Make sure to Subscribe to our channel, so you too can become a cannabis expert!

Okie Tradez

seedsherenow or oregoneliteseeds ... i used to get seeds from sanniesseeds but US customs started stealing my beans so found the previous mentioned to be just as good if not better


I'm tryna find a reliable online seed bank site. What you think about Royal Queen seeds? they seem to have the most reviews at over 54,000. But I can't help but wonder if it's legit or if any of the sites are legit since my bro tried ordering online once and got scammed.

smart sales

Kush_fisher2020 on snap , I ordered from them twice and they are perfect . Be very careful
Of so many scams. Lol was shocked when it was delivered to me haha and when I opened the package even the dogs wouldn’t have scent anything ?


Seedsman son

Ben Buckley

Gorilla growing in the uk is a challange however worth while , illegal maybe however nature took hold and grew it i just really got enjoy the reward ?

Vishal Agarwal

I want by seeds in india

Growing with Mr.Blueface

looking good i am a subscriber of your channel would you subscribe to my channel thanks alot

Ekems gud team spirit

Cannabisseedbank.store Is the only reliable place I can recommend

John Balz Rudis

You can buy the cheapest seeds from bulkmjseeds you can choose from over 600 types of strains

wewqtrytryujkop qwewerfgtysaw

Am a marijuana patient tanks for the recommendation homies just received my package the second time I am ordering from California dispensary 420marijuanastore.com

Fazi Rashid

You never replied to my questions in an older video :((

Gaia Genetics

Hey Homies

I see people constantly posting how they need seeds. Yes their are seedbanks there is also small craft breeders aka people like me. I have 2 strains available our flagship Gaia's Fiyah (inhouse genetics Dosi Pie X ThugPugs Purple pug. We have 10 packs available for shipping were on the tail end of this batch and wont be dropped again till 2021. Also Thanksgiving we will be dropping Gaia's OG (Wine N Cheese X Eddy OG). Follow us on instagram packs are going fast no hassle easy ordering feel free to contact me. No this is not a SCAM this is what we do here at Gaia Genetics.

Instagram: gaia_genetics_
FB: Deezy Gaia

Hahsh Hshshsjs

Any legal website that ships to canada

Inspire Through Actions Calisthenics

Interesting video

Digital Rebels

I would personally recommend Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds located in Colorado. Their seeds are premium plus they have multiple ways to pay and worldwide shipping.


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is dedicated to natural health & pain-free living. Their premium cannabis seeds are of the highest quality, coupled with outstanding customer service. They also offer an impressive 90% germination guarantee.

Shyem music

I'm from North east tripura..
How to get cannabis seed....

Bo Rodgers

buy thc seeds and magic spores

James Lander

Weed here suck s not the same as the old pot wtf


I sale Quality Seeds Cheaper Then any other Free shipping in all 50 states 20+ strains Diamondjoeseedco.com

Bella fashion

Health And Beauty | Human Growth Harmon | Nembutal Pentobarbital | Steroids
Pharmaceutical Raw Steroids is an International Discount Pharmacy Meds Premium Online, dedicated to giving you convenient access to your pharmaceutical needs with minimum hassle and at reasonable prices.
Email: [email protected]pharmaceuticalrawsteroids.com
Website: https://www.pharmaceuticalrawsteroids.com/

John Franklen

yes in its bud as its in its budd i got the whole bud and wet it and germentaion process then i just planted them advice?

Jesse Medley

I sell marijuana plants in cups of soil after they reach 6 inches tall

James Lander

Don't buy midical pot guys

David Rrod

Do y’all know any legit ones in the us?

Aygeleyn Bregita

? bag seeds save lives ? still look for a discreet online seed bank that ships

Silviu Darie

Marijuana Seeds

Cutty Green


The BEST seed site imo. Ships from U.S. and has great deals and fast delivery

Bob technica

Do a best autoflower video

Daniel nolasco

Almost there bro, keep it up! I watch your videos everyday. Big fan.

Professor 420

i don't know why people shit on bag seed. it came in a bag of weed that you smoked, right? if the bud was good enough for you to purchase, smoke and enjoy then the seed is worth sprouting.

the worst part of bag seed is having to sex the plants.

Kalis Smith

Just receiving my package now for the 3 time am buying from California dispensary 420marijuanastore.com much love to them..

Erica MISS_E




Milen Karaivanov

favoriteseed . c o m good to buy from for usa and eu .


After all this, where is the top 3 place to purchase cannabis seed

Storm Foster

I have used a multiple of seedbanks and seedsman was my first love but now my heart goes to Quebec Cannabis Seeds | Canada Seed Bank | Made in Canada. Most legit place I have found with the best genetics when it comes down to seeds. Great prices and they send you quite a few free seeds as well. Fast shipping almost anywhere. Don't like sketchy seed banks

Kyle Hall

How can I get seeds in jamaica