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"the NeXT blues" - on LEGO MindStorms NXTs

919 195 views | 2 Dec. 2008

First of all: I didn't pay

First of all: I didn't pay for all this myself! The MindStorms phenomenon had it's 10 year anniversary recently and through my involvement with MindStorms I was encouraged to do a new music video. The materials were borrowed on the condition that the MindStorms team could use the result it if they wanted too. The "band" is inspired by another YT featured robot band called "the Trons" and this is the LEGO version of it. The melody the robots - and me dressed in NXT colours - are playing is called "the NeXT blues". Please note the lights in the keyboard. I though about making a semi-circular keyboard like J.M.Jarre's. But it's hard to make a circular interface from square bricks....

Xinyu Wei

very cool! brilliant idea!
guitar was open tuning!?

Wooden Vxgina

This is the best song ever!!! I love it

Stern Bevers


Brent Breault

Lego piano is jacked up

Elkin Cardenas

i like it. it's got this weird sort of machine soulfulness

John Sinkiewicz


Cameron Coughlin


Donkey Kong 64 is the best video game ever


The Adventure Biker

This is awesome!!! Very creative!

Fredo Sinsemilla

blues? this sounds just like a lee perry dub.

Croix Suhy

This is the best!


181 minecraft Player 

Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls

Hands up for this video!! It was a fun watch. If you are interested, check out my videos of an excellent female vocalist. Guaranteed to soothe your ears, and your eyes =). Enjoy your day!


I remember seeing this years ago and just came back for nostalgia sake lol


"Not quite my tempo"  *throws chair

Grzegorz Lukaszewski

Somehow nice - sounds a bit like a very drunk orchestra - but still nice ;-)


Electric LEGO band(-:

Jason Waterland

I think its awesome!!! :-)

Zak Farley

This sounds as good as my music covers on my channel... Rubs Hands That'll get the punters in...

Martin Rätz Jr.

Really a GREAT job!!! The NeXT blues theme you play on the keyboard (I did note the lights - wonderful!) in 1:21 and in the end is a very good composition. I've just notated it by hearing and made a simple guitar arrangement. It's nice to play. You should register your copyright for this piece.


song name???

Eddy Schraa

Super de duper goed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galaxytab 2

Cacat lagunya woy!!


Get your shit together piano the recital tommorow!


OMG you could do so good if you had feeling for music,, this SUCKS BIGGG TIME

Kirsten Mulligan

First part sounded good. :)


3:30 well

Karen Troup

osum cool

Peter H.

its so very cool !

oliver nilsson

nice you have have do all great.:)

Mustafa Dinç

system good, muzik bad : )

Joost van den Bosch

nice men i,m think so cool

Diego Arduíno

Very funny! I liked it! 


that force. how long did it?

Stefan Stopko

könnte ja auch als echtes orchester genutzt werden xd

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

holy crap!

Kyriakos Vakianis


AJW Encounters

Amazing set up and great effort though I feel you may have a little too much free time.

Adrian Gali


Dingo_ 77

I like the song, no kiddin. Amazing work!!

Cleisson Gomes

@nelio quintela  olha que bacana

Jenn Missell

This stuff is really cool

Bogdan Luca

Lars Ulrichs' drum teacher...


NIce very nice

Михаил Лапыгин

какой кошмар


OMG no hobbys? xD NICE JOB!!!




Ich musste so lachen xD

Klingt echt fürchterlich, und doch lustig ;-)

ABER: Respekt vor dem Aufbau und den Ideen die dahinter stecken, thumbs up bro :-)




This is just like animusic , Way to go!

luciano maccione

i love how everything sounds so raw! sounds really cute, cheers!

Adhi Pambudi

i'm waiting for metallica song :D


Superbe !!!!


Portal 3 Confirmed

Levi Jacobs Reid

this is dumb


tat is cool!!!

Asier Muñoz

its very cool but it didnt sounds perfect but is awesome i wont to do that impresionant

evil leadguitarist

i don't probably understand why people dislike such a great invention

justyn krupa

bad music


So thats how the sounds if robots playing musics.. scarry

Asier Muñoz

sorry of my english im spanish :D :P

Andi Beef

very nice cool$

Ezio Boscani

This remembers me Animusic DVDs :)

Daniel Tan

Good idea but bad melody. Changes keys while the chords stay the same


keep you day job


Lol nice, but humans still do it better.

Urs Baumann

War sicher ein riesen Projekt

Lu Ferri

@4:07 bontempi organ :D

The WorM


Jimmy Jennings

Speed the durn thing up and you got robot Van Halen

Iaz Cobain


dragonforce guy


Eric Smith

Anybody watching in 2018?


Guess Jjust Pieces Of Plastic CAN Take Over Humanity

Rhys Boddis

Very good

Stern Bevers



This Looks very cool but my ears are bleeding

91 productions

It’s a robot band ?

Aidan Ames

In one way, you could call it a "one man band."


leave him alone he is 20 times better than the rest of u


wtf its really awesome


Je l'ai retrouvé haha

MB Command Nerd

Damn that’s amazing! I can’t stop watching this. It’s like an Animusic video in real life! NXT bricks are amazing! Also nice job making the NXTs play their startup noise in time with the music!

Hello World

forever alone

Susi C:

You are very good at programming but the sound... I think I have to go to the otolaryngologist...

MB Command Nerd

Also, I believe all those flashing 9 volt LEDs are what keep everything in sync, with the NXT brick playing drums doing the flashing.


It's really cool and all, but it sounds completely horrible!

Juan M. Bonilla

OMG so depressing :'( haha

TMS·BRANDA / André Dumas



is amazing and awesome

oliver nilsson

and nice song


the beat was nice, but parts with the piano and the guitar, i coulve lived without.


better than nickelback

Канал Пудры

NXT пишется 

Max küther

besser kann  man es nicht machen

Pax Good

HAHAHAHAHAH! Thanks for this, it made me smile a lot.

Daniel Nestelev

This sounds like my littlesisters band :D


Bah music bad and my ears are bleeding.... BAD!

π is exactly 3



this is amazing


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Surprised bro with a new Star Citizen Cockpit! VKB Gladiator NXT vs K Comparison Update | 4k

282 views | 8 Feb. 2021

I surprised my brother,

I surprised my brother, MusketFuzz, with two brand new VKB Gladiator NXTs and my old VKB Universal Combat Mount Stronghold. While we assemble and Musket takes his first flights, I discuss what is new and different about the NXT compared to my VKB Gladiator K's and a brief overview of how it felt to handle them.

This video is not sponsored or produced by VKB and represents my own views solely. Enjoy!

Links to the product specs for the sticks and mounts below.

VKB Gladiator NXT: https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=gladiator-nxt

VKB UCM-S: https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=ucm-stronghold-stand-alone

Also, the TollerGames patreon is live! Help support the creation of videos like this and others by contributing what you can at https://www.patreon.com/TollerGames

If you'd like to stay in touch outside of the stream or youtube, you can always tweet @TollerGames to hit me up OR in the TollerGames discord, TollerGames' Beach. https://discord.gg/WmWXcgx

Thanks for watching and all your support!

If you join Star Citizen please use my referral code for 5000 bonus aUEC, and thank you!


#Review #Joystick #StarCitizen

Pat Lally

end made me lol, thumpz up

Passport To Nowhere

wholesome, Enjoy!

Jake The Mad Gamer



Nice ??


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Unboxing the VKB Gladiator NXT (Premium Right)

1 958 views | 16 Nov. 2020

Well, I unboxed my new VKB

Well, I unboxed my new VKB Gladiator NXT Premium Right... not much to say. Oh yeah, there's a fail montage at the end.


0:00 Introduction

0:15 Unboxing

0:40 Assembly

2:42 B-roll

3:30 Fail montage

4:00 End credits

Subscribe pls!!! Thx :)))

A.k.a. MadOfficer392/HyperGalaxyHoover


Your bumper fix helped so much thanks dude

Today At Alton

Nice B-roll!

James M

I'm so sad you skipped the cable through that black tube piece like damn. I am stuck there.


Nice Xbox bumper fix video!