Rank 9 xyz

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GOD TIER XYZ THUNDER DRAGON! 9 GAME STREAK! Constellar Ptolemly + Heliopolis (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links)

13 968 views | 11 Jan. 2021


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/duellinksbd

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DuelLinksBestDecks

Channel member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ5Zbeo-XN0Un648J9foa1Q/join

Donations: https://streamlabs.com/duellinksbestdecks

Discord: https://discord.gg/KEVWWrn

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/DLBestDecks


Code: https://duellinks.konami.net/att/00eb6f4ba902a51b6fc3f6102e3066796c7bf46d7b

Skill: Level Duplication

Chaos Dragon Levianeer x3

Thunder Dragonhawk x2

Thunder Dragondark x2

Sphere Kuriboh x2

Thunder Dragonduo x1

Thunder Dragonroar x2

Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn x2

Aloof Lupine x3

Charge of the Light Brigade x2

The Melody of Awakening Dragon x1

Vermillion Dragon Mech x1

Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder x1

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis x1

Constellar Ptolemy M7 x1

Number 25: Force Focus x1

Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon x1

Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh x1

Matthew Breach

I went 0-5 with Thunder Dragons. I've tried 2 Roar, 3 Roar, 2 Sphere Kuribohs, 0 Sphere Kuribohs. I always get off'd before I can do anything. I don't know if it's me or the deck is just bad.


Tier 0

Skull Servant

That opening hand is why you should play Power of the Guardians instead of 7 Chaos Dragon Levianeer

The Last Skywalker

So he pulled all them dragons in the box then drew them all from the deck... that’s some bad luck


Would you say this is a duel links best deck

Austin Mattus

God tier?! Those are fighting words for the banlist


pov: you are not first

edit: plz heart me dlbd :(

Peve 753

Never was a big TD fan in the past but oh my.. this playstyle looks so much fun might actually end up using my dream tickets to get me 2 hawks (already own 1hawk and 3 roar) and dig into the new box since its quite a banger. This deck reminds me of my LS-Levi-Synchro deck i always played on ladder before the nerf


Thunder dragon is nuts thanks to M7. I made king of games yesterday exactly with thunder dragon pretty easly, i dont use your list simply because i prefere using 2 M7 instead with level dupplication also since this deck mill and book of moon is coming in to the game a prefere using stegocyber simply because you summon from di grave hawk eff and when you overlay him the card would be not banish and you continue to save yourself against direct attack. If stegocyber would be flip face down he going in to the grave and would be not banish as well.

My list uses spell specialist as skill because for a better opening hand since the deck bricks sometimes as you see on the start of the video (i see a brick yesterday more unreal of that...) thunder dragons is strong for M7 and honestly can be played with a lot other skills.


5:52 WTF

Gebrina Divva Meuthia Zulma

I know this day would come :(


I’ll still be play synchros alongside xyz, surprising someone with a quarion is just far too fun


That windows sound effect, amazing XDDD

That said, this is the sort of deck I always fuss over, so I give you a dislike! (Mentally, obviously)

Video 6 asking for triple Kickfire Fire Kings.

I think the biggest thing I'm getting out of this video, is that somehow, fucking Sphere Kuriboh is still worthy of showing up and infurate me.


5:50 :0

A. M.J


Master Peace, The True Dracoslaying King

Pro tip, instead of Onimaru run Stardust Dragon.
Protects your whole board, not just himself.
Doesn't care about Fiendish Chain.
Can be used as xyz material when you want to push for game.


Yet i still play TD with see u later with synchros and get top 8 in tournaments i mean what...

Già Rô

why no digital bug content? :(

MoreOrLess Gaming

Is it worth digging for another Raiden, Hawk, and copy of Duo? ?


I wanna build this but I'm missing that last rank 5

chaser seven

fuck i only have one levianeer

Gebrina Divva Meuthia Zulma

Tundra is just too versatile, even karma cut is not enough to beat the damn deck :(

Gorodor Grinds


Matt Strachan

This got clapped by playmaker with blue eyes

Sjdw 31

Is thunder dragon worth it? . Have all the cards but just need to go through the box one more time for chaos dragon

Dae-Hyun Park

XYZ monsters getting better now.


Sorry for mistaking you as Dz**f. I can't believe that you're not Dz**f till i saw your face on Twitch XD


when are we geting our bug decks, we are losing patience

Huân Quốc Mạnh

Wow that megalith duel doe...

Mc Len

Welp ;3 Waiting for Komoney to Nerf Level Duplication by making it should have 5 or more monsters with different Levels.

The Nilo

Is necesari x3 dragonhawk??
Or x2 ??

Surya Rohith

I destroyed it with metaphys deck

Serzan Beytur

thunder dragon is pure cancer this is so much worser than invoked

Just Grimm from Hollow Knight

Would you recommend running all 3 of main thunder dragons or only 2 to keep the deck at 20 cards?

Rax Yu-Gi-Oh


Chintan Shah

Damn, I always wanted to make good thunder dragon deck. And I missed levaineer onlyaa. Now td becoming so strong that it will be nerfed. And by the way, dark dimension is the best box ever.

Umberto Ranucci

Wait so I'm not the only one who plays TD with Yuma?

Gaben van den Brink


El Tlacuache.

0:15 theme https://youtu.be/srnyVw-OR0g


I honestly don't know how people have been having as much success as they have been using Thunder Dragons. I've been using various setups the past few days including this exact deck and I get far too many bricks or deckouts. These Thunder Dragon Decks are prone to brick and basically NEED to go second or you're absolutely screwed. I've NEVER played a deck like this where it was SOOO horrible going first.

Joe Taylor

It's awesome ??

Nero DL

Name of the song at the intro pls

Peve 753

Might use my dream tickets to get my last copies of hawk. Already own 1. But Dkayeds list was using 3 hawk and you're using only 2. But instead also running 2 sphere. Are 2 hawks good enough and use my other ticket on another sphere or should i go the safe way and get 3 hawk for future maybe

Sog Jo

It's by far my favorite deck to play, and i'm so glad that i said "screw saving gems for Zexal release i'm gonna build me Thunder Dragons". And so i did do that when they were considered nigh unplayable, and it feels soooo good that they boosted them shortly after, feels like i actually made a great investment of my hard earned gems for once lol. And they will just get better over time. I also prefer XYZ by far over synchros because it feels a lot less devastating being disrupted.


What could I replace melody with until I get it?


I keep telling people that 3 Levi is brickville ?


I'm just waiting for the Thunder Dragon fusions to come whenever (yes, Twin Headed Thunder Dragon is already in DL but it sucks).

Rifa Rira

Everyone make a video about thunder dragon rite now. I have a bad feeling about this.

Please komoney, dont hit this deck yet. I just complete this day 1 weeks ago.


wow thunder dragons are used for everything except for fusion....

KekWait we dont have their fusion cards, Dead inside

5:51 wtf is that loom ?


yugioh duel bricks

hi there

Still waiting for galaxy eyes. Hahaha

Yaqob Yusif

How i can put 7 card in ex deck ?

Matthew Breach

Do I need 3 Chaos Dragon for this or can I run 2?


So at first we only have the normal meta Tier 0 decks that were identified by TeamSamurai, but now Duel Links has its first Tier 0 decks that were identified by Youtubers before any notable tournament. God, do I love these "God Tier" videos.

Mildway Fade

I just imagine to how i get levianeer..

Marco Antonio Fontenelle Teixeira das Neves

h o w did you win?

Mostafa Saleh

Looks so cool finally xyz top tier

Base Bass Forte

i feel like i can destroy this deck. challenge me.


Jonathan Soto

I love the part of the videos where you comment. Watching replays isn't really a lot of fun without the commentary. But that's just my opinion ??.

Luís Quevedo

Chulada de deck

EM Channel

Damn,i miss 2 levianeer and 1 hawk

Philip Penkov

Me, still waiting for Buster Blader and Ancient Gear support...

Varga Erik

What could replace 1 Levianeer?

Khalid Alkhaldi

TD dark limit to 3 and aloof lupine to 3 incoming

bakura_yami666 Santiago

that opening intro is epic lol

Huân Quốc Mạnh

Is the light lv5 thunder drag any good?


I was sad to drop my synchro toolbox for the XYZ but it’s just too good with this deck and level dupe. I’ll still be playing both versions for maximum fun.

Meista Lampe

stilll like having access to the synchro tool box, but i have to admit, while synchro can trigger the effects of the thunder dragons, it is way more consistent to to get access to your extra deck by using XYZ. ( Another reason for me still using may be the fact that i only have 1 levianeer for now....... gotta grind at least 2 to use it with "The Melody of Awakening Dragon")


I’m actually pretty sure you have a higher chance to find a duel links player that can read than getting that opening hand in the intro again.

Prince Ahmed

Is it ree of it worth it?

Miu Miuu

Only have 2 levianers and 1 chaos sorc for remplace other levianer it's ok?

The Fussel

is force focus generally a better turn one play than the rank 6 archfiend skull monster? the archfiend can protect himself from battle or card destruction by detaching one (two in total and not once per turn)


2 of each TD name.... kekwait

Explain yourself!

Deck name is extremely fitting tho,
Thunder best deck baby

Dan Alixie

Only 2 dark?

Leroy Jenkins

This deck will get nerved for sure in the next banlist

Rank 9 xyz

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555 views | 10 Oct. 2020

Maybe not right this

Maybe not right this instant, but this card could have a time to shine in the future of competitive yugioh:P

SUB 4 more news reveals:]

Totally Search Unscripted

Dude they literally made time thief support into a plant

Liam Atloc

I think this cards resource management is insane. Single handedly just broke Rikkas and gave Plants a ligetiment win condition!

kinda Goofy

I think by releasing this card it just gives Konami a reason to ban calamities.

eagle angel5

Did anyone just see the art and thought sylvan support? and the cards nice now idk calamities price but you probably use this if you can afford him

Rank 9 xyz

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Yugioh Anime All Chaos Number

105 700 views | 7 Feb. 2020

Gyro The Ge

So basically when you pack o’ punch an xyz monster.

Karyxura V

We call that childhood Fortnite kids




7:13 弱 体 化


Xyz Monster’s Super Saiyan form




One word from this video Red

weedle is op cute

Go, Chaos Xyz… EVOLUTION!

Big Duels Sevens

Chaos Number 101 and 104 are my favourites among the Chaos Numbers

Yuri Fusion

Hope ray victory forever


Zexal is the best yugioh anime. Number cards are such a magnificent concept...


its a shame that most of them suck ass

Justin Jones

Tachyon dragon definitely my favorite looking monster

min u


a random guy

The funny thing is that in the game utopia Ray is basically useless unless you have less or equal to 1000 life points

Damian Arbelo

Me encanta cuando dicen "Nomeronius numoronian", hay demasiado numero ahí.

Andrew Nielsen

They should be making Chaos Numbers they haven’t revealed in the anime.

For Example
Number C4: Numeron Chaos Gate Pancha
4 Level 2 monsters
You can also Xyz Summon this card by using "Number 4: Numeron Gate Catvari" you control as material. (Transfer its materials to this card.) If this card is Xyz Summoned: Banish all monsters on the field. Once per turn, during your next Standby Phase after this card was banished: You can Special Summon this banished card, then if "Numeron Network" is in your Field Zone, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the combined ATK of all banished Xyz Monsters.


I might not remember clearly, but why were the Arclights in pain whenever they brought a Chaos Number?

Alex Kln

For the sub in French it s not exactly like the same words in the version French but it s good



Nicholas Glover


abrahan balcazar

Xyz monster machine

Jorge Cruz

All Chaos XYZ Monster Summons

Télthia Xuánlù

Ahhh les Cxyc et les Numéros C....c’était si palpitant ! Personnellement j’adorais surtout Chaos Numbers des humains, on voyait que le rank-up drainait leur énergie d’une façon beaucoup plus visible que pour les barian (a part Gilag) ce qui pour certains ajoutait l’intensité du duel (Comme celui entre IV et Nash). Pour moi le Rank-up est plus....attrayant disons que le Clear Mind ou que la Super Polymérisation, y en avait plus....et pour certains paraissaient plus...dramatiques. 96 est un de mes personnages préférées uniquement à cause de sa voix quand il invoque des chaos Number.
Je m’égare. J’espère vraiment qu’un jour on aura de nouveaux Chaos Xyz en anime....m’enfin je peux me contenter des Rank-Up dramatiques des Raidraptor

son zaku worl

my top 3 chaos number one 107 two 73 three 6

Garnetore Gladiator

Why are the subtitles in French?

Justin Jones

Anyone noticed the similarities between the ignis and baraians the duel between yusaku and ai is very similar to the duel between yuma and nasch

Joshua Taylor

Who else likes the sound of mizels voice


Why did you even use that version of neo tachyon being summoned though?


6:18 レクイエムの召喚口上が1番好き 「我にすがれ…」が好き


Im not french just make it english

Arukoru Basuke

All Synchro Monster summoned with Synchro Monster as Material

Tomé Filho

Any card that Don Thousand summons is crime against any game rules!

Meriem Ameur



Number 106, cool number design, lazy ass name...



Alexis fabian Bedolla

Muy bueno él video






Also, what's the theme playing during Disaster Leo's summoning?



Nikola Jovanovic

You can make mega compilation of all summons of yugi,jaden,yusei,yuma,yuya and yusaku.Btw you are awesome

luis fernando santos narvaez

Emo xyz change

Andrew Nielsen

I think the creators should have these numbers become Chaos Numbers or Shining Numbers
Number 4: Numeron Gate Catvari (named Numeron Chaos Gate Pancha with 2000 ATK and 1000 DEF)
Number 14: Greedy Sarameya
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
Number 18: Heraldry Patriarch
Number 19: Freezadon
Number 21: Frozen Lady Justice
Number 24: Dragulas the Vampiric Dragon
Number 25: Force Focus
Number 27: Dreadnought Dreadnoid
Number 28: Titanic Moth
Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech
Number 34: Terror-Byte
Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula
Number 36: Chronomaly Chateau Huyuk
Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark
Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy (named Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Neo Galaxy with 4500 ATK and 3000 DEF)
Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk
Number 44: Sky Pegasus
Number 46: Dragulon
Number 47: Nightmare Shark
Number 50: Blackship of Corn
Number 53: Heart-eartH (with an ability to Special Summon Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon by also using Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon as material)
Number 54: Lion Heart
Number 55: Gogogo Goliath
Number 58: Burner Visor
Number 61: Volcasaurus
Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu
Number 70: Malevolent Sin
Number 71: Rebarian Shark
Number 72: Shogi Rook (with a form named Shogi Dragon King’s Rook with 3200 ATK and 2500 DEF)
Number 77: The Seven Sins (non-Rank-Up)
Number 78: Number Archive (Chaos Number form named Chaos Number Archive)
Number 79: Battlin’ Boxer Nova Kaiser (named Battlin’ Boxer Supernova Kaiser)
Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora
Number 83: Galaxy Queen (named Neo Galaxy Queen)
Number 84: Pain Gainer
Number 86: Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad
Number 87: Queen of the Night
Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord (named Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord with 3000 ATK and 4500 DEF)
Number 93: Utopia Kaiser (non-Rank-Up Chaos Number form named Utopia Ray Kaiser with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF)
Number 94: Crystalzero (named Crystalfinity)

Matouma Dorbor

But gimmick puppet giant serial killer really

Văn Tùng Trịnh

Xin tên phim



taco taco


luis fernando santos narvaez



Chaos number... 1000 da tou!?



Heitz Bastien

Pourquoi pas une vidéo toutes les rank'up card ?


8:49 That's a really smooth voiceline from Durbe-

Picture Of A Cat

Does anybody know the name of the theme that plays during Shark Drake Vice summoning?

Andrew Nielsen

I think they should have had these Numbers in the anime to become Chaos Numbers
Number 4: Numeron Gate Catvari
Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage
Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech
Number 44: Sky Pegasus
Number 46: Dragluon
Number 53: Heart-eartH
Number 54: Lion Heart
Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu
Number 94: Crystalzero

weedle is op cute

Chaos Xyz Evolution go brrrrrrrr

Andrew Verly

Where I can found yugioh zexal anime?

Alfred Hinton

I would like it if they made more chaos numbers. They made 2 of the 7 mytherian numbers chaos forms.




Best looking: Neo Tachyon
Best used: Silent Honors Dark Knight