Verizon store hours

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262 960 views | 22 Oct. 2018

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We decide to buy Jayden the new iPad so he can learn and download cool educational apps! We also buy a new iPhone XS Max! To our surprise our 1 year old gets kicked out for destroying the store! What do you think he did? Do you think they let him back in? Can you guess who got the iPhone xs max? Comment below what kind of phone you have and what kid of apps should we download for Jayden!


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Verizon store hours

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Tiffany Haddish Struggles During Live Hosting Gig

54 837 views | 8 Feb. 2021

After Tiffany Haddish

After Tiffany Haddish admitted she didn't know what "vamp" was as she was asked to fill time during Verizon's live post-Super Bowl concert, Sangita Patel, Graeme O'Neil and guest co-host Jam Gamble react during ET Canada Live.

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That whole thing was a hot mess!

madree p

I thought vamping had something to do with drag queens lol. I thought she was hilarious regardless. My sense of humor is similar to hers and I can always be counted on to say something inappropriate in times of stress that makes everyone laugh. My 15 year old son also does it and through him I've learned it's a survival tactic. He has learning disabilities and has a hard time in school with grasping new concepts, and moderate to severe anxiety. He has developed the skill to make everyone laugh rather than admit that he doesn't know what the hell is going on. My friends and family think I'm incredibly funny but I can't translate my kind of funny into a script. It's all about the situations that I find myself in. When I'm trying to be funny it doesn't go over as well as it does when it just comes out.


Is it me or is this the funniest s*** ever. Tiffany said 'I thought 'Vamp' meant be a vampire or vamporate'.... ????????

Prince Quince

“she not ready” ?? lol jk love tiffany

Teacha Tami

Tiffany is just great. I love it.


She’s actually not that funny....don’t get me wrong I like ?? Tiff but she’s proven time and time again girls trip was overrated! She does good in film but not live.

Carol Cruz

Loved it! True Haddish style

Sizzurp R

There is nothing going on between those ears ?

Janice Sims

We've all had our off days when nothing turns out right, no matter how hard you try!

sweet savage 88

F bomb faf lol lmao she rfr !!!

Sharron Dark


Candice Walker

I was expecting a different type of “struggle” she did her thing

Ro Ro

The producer must have been a hundred years old to use such an old word like that. I don't understand why they keep hiring her because she proves to be so unprofessional but it's their money, not mine. ?

I Love My brothers!!

Theyre lucky its not mariah carey!! ???

Angel P



You guys could use a different title.. that was not a struggle

Queen Victory

They knew what they were doing, but she’s “Vamp” all the way to the bank lol.


I had to cough lol

cvs miss

She looks a Mess.


If she would’ve completely froze, didn’t say anything, kept asking them are they ready or what should she do. That would’ve been a fail imo. She was confused and caught off guard a few times and she was honest about it, while still keeping the crowd entertained. Making the best of the worse, she passed imo. ??????


Sorry, people need to get over it I love this women , acting like you heard th f**k before.

God Loves Gay Show

I love TIFFANY HADDISH...she could have stood there and just posed with her facial expressions and I would be totally entertained....I guess we should says to Verizon..."THEY WASN'T READY" for Tiffany Haddish. <3

j bru

Tiffany is not funny?

Juan V

Her "struggle" is the vamp lol. Love her!

Breanna Jenkins

i think she handled this amazingly well.

Eoghan Ryder

I think she handled their lack of communication very well, how was she supposed to know what to do without any preparation?

Purple Unicorn

This is not her fault, technical issues are supposed to be handled by the tech ? Tiffany cannot do EVERYTHING.

Ashley Marie

I am CRYINGGGGG of laughter

Black Spider

As someone who deals with Verizon on an everyday basis, their lack of organization isn't a stunner.

Lise Hachey

I love Tiffany Haddish....I remember her talking about how she still looked after her family while living in horrible situations....and she doesn't hold any bitterness to her Mom who wasn't able to look after her due to mental illness.....she's an angel in my books.

ECW Network

Much Love to My Girl Tiffany. It Still Funny To watch.

Latoya Cole

They screwed her over.


Lmaooooo that was hilarious!!!!!!

Tiny Wooo

She still done well love her

Henrietta Raphael

She didn't struggle.

Sophia Loren Coffee

She was awesome ???

sanchez73 day

Other than her performance Tiffany looks good with this hair style

Robert Francis

Oh please Barbra Streisand drops the F-bomb it was funny asf!


☀️?Classic Mercury Retrograde !?


Smh...love her but this is what happens when you don’t hire people with experience in these things....luckily she’s lovable and can get away with it

Shelly Shelly

I haven't laughed this hard in years. Thank you my depression went away for a minute it or 2. Why did I laugh so hard? Lol!

Not So Obscure

Tiffany is NOT funny


She still did the dang thing lol

cloverleaf tv

Lol Tiffany for you

Queenie Pennington



It was funny

Chase Blue

I like Tiffany haddish, but we let her unprofessionalism slide way too much, even if production was at fault as well.

Lona Turner

I love Tiffany...I don't give a dam if she struggled!!!

LadySweets Lime

Llllloooollllll hahaha Poor Tiffany it's not her fault. The production should have been more prepared for her and tell her on time everything she needs to know!.


Katt Williams was right!!!!! She ain't ready son

sweet savage 88

Love her!!!


We have a different meaning of vamping...lol

Audrée & Jamie

Tiffany started the gig as a queen and my girl still a queen.

Tatiana R

Oh nooo production is at fault !! How can you throw her out there and say hey be funny smh

Yvette Torres

Tiffany is a professional entertainer. The internal and behind the scenes operation was a mess. Show Tiffany love ?

Ralph Jackson

I'm sorry, that was so funny and I think she did a great job.

Kirsten A

Blk people don’t use words like “vamp”...they should’ve been more prepared, but technicalities happen and perhaps they should’ve practiced in case things went south and clearly they did.


y’all when she said vamp means be a VAMPIRE i literally died!!!! ?

La Tonya Greathouse

She looked soooooooo good who cares ??

Mala Waldron

"Vamp" is actually a musical term, it means ad lib or improvise .... Ohh mannn, I can't believe they put her on the spot like that!

7eighty se7en

She held it down ?


Why is she saying thotiana like that.. ???


That’s what makes Tiffany, Tiffany! Funny and real! She did great even with the F bomb!

Maria Do Couto

I think she was awesome absolutely dealing with amateurs❤️

Lazy Lacy

I know shes mad but im crackin up!!!

White Diamond

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Tiffany is so beautiful leave her alone.

John Douglas

ET cañada sucks...always belittling African American actors and actresses...smh...


I'm the coolest lol

Access Professional

Love you Ms. Haddish! You are a real one.

Elle Elle

That was freakin hilarious!..minus the cussing?
We’ll get over it.


Well she filled the extra time didn’t she? Maybe not in the conventional talk about the same thing in different words type of way lol They should have been more prepared. I found it funny.


Lol I love her.


Y’all keep trying to make fetch happen. Tiffany isn’t funny!

Tiffani Farrington

I think she's great! I love it

Nae Nae Smithe

HEY!!..That's ShowBiz!! She was just being her and it just didn't translate.. to some and maybe not the network. It was probably something new for her and they could have done better!! I still love her..At least she gained another experience and memories..so know where she can improve!! ❤?? Tiffany!

Douglas Armstrong

note to anyone: don't host for that disorganised ignorant production company ... love YOU Tiffany☆☆☆☆

michelle turner

She not funny or nothing hate seeing her on anything

Ava Langrin

I am so sorry, but Tiffany Haddish has turned out to be the most overrated comedian (next to Kevin Hart) in the business. You mean she couldn’t tell some jokes or a funny story to fill the time? When I was introduced to Tiffany in the movie, Girl’s Trip I thought she was a new refreshing talent. Since seeing her stand up and her repeat the Girl’s Trip character in several films I am not so sure anymore. ????

Lona Turner

She's struggling...but she looks good?

pendleton north

Hilarious. She did fine. Lol.

Lazy Lacy

"..more cool!! IM THE MUTHA FUCKING COOLEST!!" ? This was halarious!

K Deloris

She was funny as hell???

Domino Reigns

They did her dirty however, she did wing it well.


Obviously she doesn't have live chops. She's usually funny I don't know why she wasn't and unprofessional. I'm glad she didn't have to fart otherwise we would've had to listen to farting commentary.


? she's halarious!

candi miller


Yvette Torres

Btw, "vamp it up" is a very old phrase used to fluff it up.

Peace & Namaste

I looove Tiffany! I love her even more when she F’s up!

Enough for E

Tiffany is the freakin BEST!


That’s what makes Tiffany, Tiffany! Funny and real! She did great even with the F bomb!

Ken Williams

I guess she ain'ttttttttt ready! Stick to what you do best Tiffany, doing stupid coochie jokes and dreaming about goodlooking white men that don't want you.

sweet savage 88

I gotta cough !! Don't want to but i had to there. I did it!!!!

Paula Farmer

Love Tif, but this was a bad combination of the a breakdown in communication on part of the director or crew (vamping?!), and her lack of experience in hosting. Just cause someone is an actor or a comedian, doesn't mean they can be an MC. Some can, but clearly Tif should just say no.

Courageous Color

Tiffany is amazing!!! "Vamp" is vague. She did a good job!!!

Sophia Loren Coffee

I definitely know what Vamp means... Improve classes we had as actors make us amazing!

The Amber Nicole

Yes to the Black Women taking up for another Black Women period. Meanwhile the other chick trying to compare herself to Tiffany and being negative. #blackgirlmagic

Tofu Tofu

Reminds me of Mariah Carey's NYE performance. Think it was 2018. Emotions ?
MC kept saying
" It is what it is " then just sat down in the stage. ?❤️


We Love you Tiffany..

Emanuel Lawton

They mean you need to show more attitude.

Peaches Jeter

Whoever don’t know what vamp means that’s short for vampire ?‍♂️

Verizon store hours

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Niki and the Collection of new Stories for kids

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