Price of dabs

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25 700 views | 24 Jul. 2020

**21+ Educational Purposes

**21+ Educational Purposes Only**

**Nothing For Sale**

*This video and it's statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or ailments.

NugSmasher was founded with one idea in mind - Rosin Made Simple. We're here to offer an abundance of information that we have learned from years of experience by supplying our viewers with educational videos regarding medical marijuana.


What was the weight


why do i enjoy watching people do things with stuff that i get paranoid hard from?

Paul Bashir

Better than the XP?

Johnny Autoseed

Oh the overpriced pos company claims theirs is the best, what a surprise...

eduardo garcia

Se la saben amigos

Jj Tt

Thar was horrible get sum better flower next time

Tony Valenzuela

All that for 1 hit ? ?

ny 9th

Who’s on the beats

Tony Grind

Can you smoke leftovers from pressing ?


So it's not Resin it's Rosin?

I got Live Resin too? ???

Chris Gutierrez

I love the editing in the video, very informative good job ??

Deez Nits

What’s the name of the song

Sin -X

Those yields are horrible for the amount of bud being used.Not a fan of micron bags if you prepress your nugs like in a pill press or some kind of presser it vastly reduces plant matter and your yields are bigger those bags are a waste you'll lose a lot of rosin being trapped in the bag after pressing


Doesn't show how loud the press is..

Michael Chambers

I'm so ready

Nic Brown

Very nice video! I liked it!

Brandon Paul

So I'm wondering if you can wash the flower in water to remove chlorophyll and other impurities with water first a couple times before pressing if that would give a clearer rosin?


Dont put the dab in the hole of the titanium banger..you sucking the dab true.

Mark Owens

Got it!!!!

BillyBoy710 Aka Allah

Just bought it few hours ago got next day shipping I’ll update you guys hopefully tomorrow or Friday

Stunner Mane

Looked weak lol but it was flower not hash

Malkia Firauni

Im just now learning about dabs so im new to this part it looks like earwax. Honestly i think i might go the route of growing my own. Look up Leaf app yall if your interested in doing the same. Also search 2 chainz most expensive Leaf. Its pricey but hey im going for it.

Medicated Reviews

Thanks NugSmasher we appreciate your videos it encourages me to do more Reviews for our channel would you be interested in sponsoring our channel with your products please let us know we are also a subscriber


Tip from someone who has one don't use bags it fucks up your yield

Alexander Keys



Ive owned a mini, an X, and now just ordered an OG. For those considering the X i really didn’t like it. I had better returns on the mini. I sold my X and am waiting for the OG to come in. Nugsmasher makes great products but the X and the fact that you can’t adjust the pressure isn’t a good option imo

Weedman Smoker

This automated press looks like it doesn't yield much. Jmo

Brian Lorenzo

Seriously man can you guys start going live more often and for longer, eventually the chat can be like a gathering place like a miniature 420 gathering

Subbing to everyone who subs to me

Look at my name

Price of dabs

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Concentrates & Dab Guide 101 - TheHiCulture

371 167 views | 26 Feb. 2019

The ultimate guide on

The ultimate guide on dabbing and getting the most from your cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts. Everything from types of concentrates, to the material of your nail and dabber.

If you enjoy the guide please let me know. I plan on making an updated dabbing guide as techniques change.

I'll be making a much more in-depth, step-by-step, how to, instructional video for dabbing in the future. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


00:47 - What is a Concentrate?

01:07 - Types of Concentrates

03:09 - Temperatures

04:10 - Dab Device

04:41 - Types of Nails

05:21 - Heat Retention Cores

05:30 - Carb Caps

05:47 - Dabbers

06:10 - Close Up Supply

06:43 - Dab Rule #1

07:13 - E-Nail Dab Demonstration / Size of Dab

08:27 - Quartz Banger Dab Demonstration

09:32 - How to Torch

11:57 - Cleaning Nail After Use


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehiculture/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHiCulture

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHiCulture/

nick k

You look so freaking hammered, hahahaha... but, good info, thanks!

Brandon Williams

Have you tried budd-hub.com ? Dude it was so easy! I got my order delivered in 20 minutes and they had a ton of products to choose from. Literally the hub of bud. Haha

Dj Mercedes

Thanks bro I learn alot! I needed this video 2yrs ago lol

War Against Myself

Terrible bong imo water was hitting your mouth

Sam H

I know barely anything about dabbing, basically what I just watched in your video and the little I have read on pot websites is all I know. Where can I purchase the quartz setup you had, and about how much should I expect to spend on all the equipment for the setup?

SGT Haze

Didn't that Q tip just suck up some usable product?

Amy Griffith

This was very helpful. I’m just starting to dab and really felt I been wasting more than I should but I’m glad i come across this video. Thanks!!!

Olin Chischilly

I survived my first dab

Emillie Landa

I’m barley learning and just got crumble how does it work?

YouTube Spinnerz

Bros cap don’t even wrk the ball is supposed to spin so much faster

nickolas fredrickson

Hey I just wanted to say is someone who worked in the community, the one criticism I have for this video is I would never tell somebody to dab RSO in fact I would recommend strongly against it because it is made with isopropyl alcohol, the type alcohol that makes you go blind when you ingest it, and well ingesting it orally it's not enough to harm you vaporizing that and putting that into the lungs can hurt the little avolas that make up the inside of the lungs. Again I would never recommend and would recommend against dabbing RSO, ingesting it orally is perfectly fine and is the intended use, also I would point out the RSO is the most powerful product on the market currently in concentrates, and are mainly reserved for cancer patients HIV patients because the potency is so high it is very good at treating intense chronic pain that those patients suffer


Did you learn anything? Want to know more? Let me know here, or on social media @thehiculture! I'd love to connect with the community and get your thoughts.


l'am old school just roll one puff puff pass

B.L. Strohmeyer

I'm an adult, late learner as far as marijuana goes. this was like a dummy's guide for dabbing. I screwed it up a million times before I saw this video and after the first time I was set.

Don L

what temp does cbd and thc get destroyed at? Hot dabs aren't enough to do that right?

Chief Yamaha

That Cat must get baked just being around this dude
Munchie time must be on an apocalyptic level for the local birds in the area


Awesome video. I have a unibrow you got a beard brow

Ricardo Palacio

Cat sold me ? have a new sub ?

Alan The Salamander

Clean that reclaim my guy. Good bud.

Tamaria Henderson

Commenting because those 3 sixes don’t sit right with me

Candy Cruncher

You need a nice wax pen

han banan

for my first dab ever, it was really hot like red hot, and i started sweating, crying ripped my clothes off... it was ridiculous

Jack Gale

Bro you are seriously the most knowledgeable dude i seen yet

Danny & Jalen

Crazy you can be that ? and speak so well ?

Raelynn Schlack

Can i use a nector collector and smoke sand? What can i do with sand


Get the fuck out of here with this PhD in dabology shit. Smoke a bowl with your friends and watch The Harder They Come.

Alvin Alberto

Man are u a weed chemist? Love all the information ℹ on your video ? good job bro.. ??

Alec Gross

I think I’m getting a contact high from watching this guy talk

ernesto garcia


Cru Jones

That’s too much work! Just give me fire ?


Do you ever do anything on just heat ups and cool downs for certain type of bangers? I got a one with a white bottom still struggling on how to get the best out of my dabs.

Learning Channel

Excellent tutorial.

Dillon Smalley

your cool dude where you from

Janet Alonso Bloss


Zach St

Dude thanks for the tip about temperature it really makes a big difference in the intensity

Angel Vera

Great video, really helpful . Its legit and official.


Were do you get the concentrate from? U.K. is this legal?

cat becerra

are u a capricorn ?


This video taught me nothing

Allen Johnson

Clean your damn piece before filming.

David B

Concentrate Kitty?

Punkpixie 23

Kool. Thank you ?

Tarissa Ruthanne

I hope y’all keep the dislikes at 222 lol

Paul Cox

Hot glass, butane torches how we don’t burn our houses down I have no idea


That first banger looked like i was pulled out of the Gowanus Canal!


Back in my day it was an apple or paper, and if we were feeling fancy, a coke can.

Jonathan Hernandez

Solid Video.

Alberto Martinez

What about the puffco is that worth getting instead of the e nail

4ES Mp

I didn't know about terp pearls and I just seen bro take a dab n I'm typing this like ?

American Honey

Interesting content

john wickk


will west

Thank you!!

Richard Dick

Even watching this got me stoned

Dominique Does Life

Aww your kitty looks just like my [late] Pebbie. I miss her so much. Getting to see your gorgeous kitty cat was like getting to visit with Pebbles again.

quinton stubbs

Yikes clean that thing


thx homie

michael m

?? Dope dude


Anyone know of a site I can order online that is regit

Sean Flora

I appreciate your straight forward approach to knowledge of the subject. Although you're clearly lit like a Jackolantern you don't sound like an after school special version of a stoner. Plus love the rigs. Whats you're favorite cap style?

Nicholas Medlin

Do not dad Rick Simpson Oil, you will cough so much. But it gets you soooooo baked

Kellie Grase

Lol he got some good medicine! Wowza medical marijuana is such a joke.

Gregory Maddox

Half-baked my ass. He's twice baked. His voice change after each dab.

Delilah McGillivary

My high ass rlly just said “hey dylan” when he said hey guys

Tim Bambulas

Thanks for the information

Mr. Deez

Never buy a thermal one. You cant clean between the walls.


So I can use it in my pax2 if I want?

Marcel Boyer

Lots to know eh?


I have that exact same Dab rig/bong.
But mine is dark green.

Joshua Furlong

only 7.1k????? bro deserves more this is some good shit.

Angell Simms

He truly fucked up....damn

Shirleenfishel Fishel

Finally a helpful guide for us new to Marajuana and it’s uses. This is the most valuable video I’ve found. And I’ve been searching for over 13 months

Crazy Manwich

Neat but a lot of steps.

Donny Brasco

What a fucking deadbeat

Larry Dunn

I learned to heat top of banger.

Unique Touch

Great tut my brother!

Evan Bermel

I learned something about dabs, and enjoyed listening to a guy explain it who was definitely stoned in the making of this video. ?

Random Guy

Totally thought you were Ed Bollion (sp?)

Mayra Gonzalez

Watched 10 videos. Kept fucking it up. Saw your video, got the best dab ever


hi, culture ?

Brian Medina

This dude straight up boring


Damn, guy has a PHD in weed.

ash G.

About to take the first dab ?

B. Dank

Thats a pretty sweet rig with all those water chambers going all over, where did you get that one?

Пупочный Катышек



what type of E-Nail is that?

Purple Haze

If I pewdiepie was a stoner

Angry Pete

Are you blowing in that thing or sucking ?

William Simon inc.

The wife has been experimenting with dabs for medicinal purposes and all i know is the old school techniques of getting ripped, after consulting numerous sources both personal and via youtube, this is the most informative source i have tapped! Thanks for taking the time and for all the tips!Ha! had a temp gun the whole time! Genius!


Thank you man. Sadly you are the only person to breakdown this process in such a simple and informative way. Should be easy to describe but no one can do it except you of course.

Gabe Rozenberg

CLEAN YOUR RIG. Please? And maybe get a catcher thingy?

Helena Reynolds

use some carmex


just like my cat a true stoner lmao i love smoking concentrates while watching vids of people teaching newbies how to smoke lmao great video i will be subbing lol

Jive Afro

Lmao this dude is gone....

Henry H

The second the camera went back to him and how fried he is ? that sealed the like for me ? haha

Jimmy Alonso

Been looking for a video like this, stopped smoking around age 16. I'm slowly but surely getting back into it, flower is starting to get a little too expensive from dispensaries and my tolerance is getting pretty high. I'm 6'0 and weigh about 240 so by body mass I require a little more, as well as metabolize everything a lot quicker than most. But anyways, thanks for this again for uploading this video! Smoke easy

AJ Joyner

I shared it twice.. bangers huh? Nicely done

Angry Pete

Can you eat that honey on something? Like toast ?

Spencer Funk

Don't do drugs kids. Immature way to solve problems ;)

Diego C.

Good job

Emilio Dominguez

Your quartz nail gets me really cringe lmao I know it's still hittable but geezz you gotta clean that right there my guy nice info tho!

Price of dabs

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What Dab Tool Should You Get?

12 846 views | 8 Aug. 2019

Checkout my updated video

Checkout my updated video here: https://youtu.be/Hj3JGbRmIdA

In today's video I will be showing you my collection of dab tools (aka dabbers), what the tools are good for, and which tools I would suggest for you. I cover stainless steel as well as titanium tools, and which tools are best all around, which tools work best for which concentrates, and any downsides to the tools as well. Dab tools are used as a clean and safe way to measure out and take dabs, and can also be used for other smoking uses. Towards the end of the video I also share a quick tip on how to clean your tools!

Although not mentioned in my video, honorable mention to Happy Daddy Dabbers and all their designs, great company!

~ Follow me on social media for more content, updates and information! ~

? Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RobertOrganixx/

? Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/Robert.Organixx/

? Twitter - https://twitter.com/RobertOrganixx

Hippie Butler Dabber Section - https://bit.ly/2Sh0ZP9

5pc Dab Tool Kit - https://bit.ly/2Zh1OsU

For Brands, Sponsorships & Promos ONLY: [email protected]


For some reason the first time i saw the "spoon and pick" tool (probably about 2004) i instantly called it a beaver tail XD , so dumb.... but everyone of my friends calls it a beaver tail and has for many years. i have way too many glass dabbers.. and now that the game has moved to sauces and batter like rosins i hardly use em anymore :( . That's a nice little collection of metal dabbers! i have quite a few of them ( amazon is great for these if you want a budget option since they are almost all re-purposed from manicuring, dental uses etc.) Great vid man!! Keep em coming there's always something new to learn :D


Dope video!

Zuraia plays gachaverse with journey

Too harsh ?

Some Young Broke Dude

I would love to see you review one of Canablades dabtools. I really want to buy one off their Instagram page but they’re a tad pricey. But they look SO COOL

Gerardo Cruz

This guy has three hands

Fletcher Watson

New to dabbing, got enail/rig on father's day. I can see myself having a collection like yours, i've got 3 alread one week in. Lol. even the metal generic one everyone has. Good vid. Mighty check your channel out now. I got one too..need subs. I have 63 i think. Ha. Good info bro :)

Bobby Soza

Good review brotha nice video and good information...

Christopher Rupert

Love the Travel kit, great video. Nice collection Dab Dab.... #StayLifted

Toni the Maltipoo

Thanks for the video!!!! I've never tried dab. I just vape my stuff for medical reasons. This was a very good information video. Take care!!!

Harrison Schapelhouman

Awesome man I just got w nug smasher so pressing my own rosin


I just play dabsketball and throw it in my rig

Da Homie Gnomie

Nice video brother thanks for the info..

garys aquatics

Nice looking dab set. I have not dabbed yet I have not made it to that level yet ? also thanks for the sub I tagged you back ? great content I watched 90,% of your videos so far so good nice press you have as well thanks again bro ??✌️

Phil J.L Fig

Dam it looks like a lock pick collection lol ?

Liam Cole

Yeah it's a actual arrestable charge for possesing burglary tools..lol which they may say these look like


The heated dabber is for super thick chunks of Shatter, mostly for people weighing/packaging grams it makes life easy if it's 40º f in your work-space and the shatter is flying all over.

aaron stelmach

I got the bakers wax tool set, comes with 3 EXTREMELY high quality tools and a metal case for 25 cad

Benoît Mercier

Where did you get your favorite dabbing tool (shovel)?

Mountaineer 3O4

I wanna buy one of those skillet kits ... do you recommend them both or one


Clay sculpting tools. Lol

thecat'sinthebag andthebagisintheriver

fuck bud you sound chill af glad to have subbed a while back now im going to actually watch,Cheers Brother ,Use The Smallest Tool Or If Your Doing Dab Of Death Go For Big Dab Pen & Find Me More Sub's Lol Im Doing The Same For You Got 2 Or 3 Pll Subbin To You Much Love & Respect