Next pump and dump coin

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4 229 views | 8 Feb. 2021


Next pump and dump coin

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39 926 views | 25 Jun. 2017

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I this video I will explain you the best cryptocurrency trading strategy on the market. The strategy I will talk about can make you more than 100% per month but requires a different set of skills from you. You must have steel balls and keep calm over the long period of time. In this video, I will show how to make tons of money on pump and dump. Pump and dump are very popular in altcoins trading. You will learn what is pump and dump and its scheme.

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fuck that 100%. a guaranteed 5% is good enough for me

Rafael Valdivia


James Ponce

your an idiot. bitcoin was not pumped and dumped. do you have any idea how much money you would need to organize a pump on bitcoin and even ethereum for that matter. The prices dropped during the take profit phase and all the regular people who know nothing about crypto currency got scared. Plus the value of all coins went up when bitcoin skyrocketed so you can look at every coin before that and say its an accumulation phase. Pump and Dump only works on coins that have no real value. Sh*t Coins.

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מיכאל סורפין

dude good info now i understand my first mistake

Mauricio Marin

hello everyone I have the bot pump machine v2 for those who want to write me by telegram @ Marin7878 or by email [email protected]gmail.com

Daniel O'Connor

‪We pump and dump a coin 2 - 3 times a week, our last coin we pumped last night 146%. Our coin was OpenANX (OAX). We have over 50,000 members in our group atm, if you would like to join our group here is the link to it. https://discord.gg/NyXkp6‬

money bag

This link changed my life, the best pump channel.

Big Pump Signal

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Owen Walker

There is allot of good information here. If you can't filter out the heavy accent and concentrate on the information it's a loss for you.

Janice Kandle

Hi guys. I also joined a new pump group. They are new but looks great and they will soon announce they first pump date. Currently they have a contest to win 0.1 BTC. Help them grow! https://www.discord.gg/x54ZXpt

Saty K

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Kenn Tollens

Bitcoin looks like a pump stage now

Alfons Åberg

Funny how rght you actully were with your examples. Good job.

Tony Breann

CCTR is on the move been watching this stock for 8 years. Check it out. Has increased 150% in the last week.

Антон Цырник

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Ron M

Its a criminal activity, pos.


Pump and dump discord group with over 200k members. Last week we pumped DLT to over 500%

jalte boldt Hansen


Aaaa A

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Johnny Monroe

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Phillip Jacks

this groups doing a 0.8 btc giveaway.

its a legit pump n dump group. so you probably wanna join. even if you hate pump n dumps (i do), its a good way to track them n make sure you dont end up at the wrong end of one.

Adam Donnis

good group

Ravana Brahma Rakshas

this is THEFT you scumbag.

Raed Shumali

best thing to do at the moment is to pump and dump join us on the 35k members now so you can play the game right

Dinesh k

A lot of pump and dump group are scam only the admin gets profit others lose their money, but in this group it is fare for everyone, coin will not be pumped before the pump occurs, join now and lets create history :https://t.me/joinchat/EomB8xB7yprh2LH9M6aG4g

Fred Raz

Discord channels like this https://discord.gg/QDqMtJw have pump and dump groups so you know what coins are getting pumped and dumped seriously. They do it twice a week which is a crazy amount of $. You can also use this info too to avoid that pumper/dumper scam.

Official JoePH

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Jack Ciroli

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malwinder singh

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Super Hammock

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Nicholas Kent

Discord channels like this https://discord.gg/YaWRbQH have pump and dump groups so you know what coins are getting pumped and dumped seriously.

ANS Youngman

liked becuase your voice


In this group, we share pumps and dumps.
Newbie myself, but I'm actually making quite a few bucks.
This is an invitation to the group. (I will get 1 point for inviting you)


Well explained, sounds like chaincoin.

M Ak


dalibor x

I will add you to pump group with 15000 members

Sven Daems

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Taylor Montana

Thanks Cynthia for connecting me to @Robthin on telegram I got my tools just off recent it cool legit ?

Germán Coniglio

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Phillip Parker

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Imlerith Megaris

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Landon Stenersen

Starting a pump and dump soon


Best Discord CRYPTOPump group NO PREPUMPS ,invite only noobs welcome!

Moussaoui Leila

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5.20 is funyy

Bruce W

Pump group... Pump tomorrow at 1pm nyt https://discord.gg/QnHPf5P

Sercan Merih

https://discord.gg/bCS7xZ try this

Denario Research

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İzle Film

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Andrey Grushevskiy

this is the place https://discord.gg/BTxjh7

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guido gammel


Ariviyal Aairam Manigandan

Now ( bryan lin ) Will Sing a Song and Everyone Laughs Looool...!

PowerCheese LoL

The best pump group is http://www.PumpCoin.ml


I'm pretty sure that's illegal

Daniel Morales

Jeez, your voice game me straight up cancer, now I have to get medication.

David Toft Appiah

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bryan lin

Your voice is irritating

crypto inv

Tired of getting screwed by pre-pumping and unfair advantages? Look no further than our group made FOR THE PEOPLE!! 

Youtube Trending

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theroux can

Pre pumping makes pump groups unprofitable for those who take part, if you are going to take part in a P&D at least make sure you are in a group with fair chances of profit, this telegram group offers recommendations and ratings https://t.me/PumpListRatings

Daniel DeRoch

https://discord.gg/58x7XJp An awesome Discord group for doing pumps. Great people and great tactics. Everyone wins rather than the dump where the lower tiers loose money while admins prebuy before the pump then are first to dump giving them the low low risk while members have high risk.

nacho yrayzoz

hola buenas espero que al creador del video no le moleste que escriba este post ... lo escribo para informar de un grupo de pumps al que ingrese hace aproximadamente una semana y es un grupo el cual hace pumps and dumps muchas personas lo consideran fraude, pero desde que yo entre por lo menos en todos he salido victorioso, si es cierto que aun no he ganado mucho y pero cada vez voy obteniendo mayores beneficios, en el ultimo saque un 65% de beneficio. Y creo que es tan facil ganar en este grupo ya que no hay prepumps y por eso me uní a este porque me dijeron eso y creía que era una farsa pero despues estuve comprobando y que razon llevaban ! Bueno aqui os dejo el enlace por si alguien quiere entrar a probar https://t.me/UltraaNY



Soumen Bose

never believe on pump and dump there out of 100 people 10% people gain and 90% people loose i found a really effective group with expert signal as per analysis i gain more then expected https://t.me/ExpertCryptoTradingSignals try this and enjoy risk free profit 100% too 300% per day some times

michael fernan

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Jamie Baum

Telegram pumpgroup https://t.me/DayPumpers


Pump and Dump is shit and a no go moraly speaking. Since im in crypto i really hate this. There some Rooms in Discord where People gather together and Pump and dump a useless coin to make some profit. Often the only one who makes money is the creator of the community. Well heres an example https://discord.gg/NNNEcNR DOnt fall into communitys like that. Greetings


join this massive pump and dump group the profits are huge https://discord.gg/ftGR8Dc

Jefferson Monteiro

I knew a new group of Pump and it seems to be honest and fair, because it will be a draw on Instagram, join in to figure out how's work it.

brave frontier

Link>> http://discord.gg/HEcHhAJ
This group seems pretty legit, no pre-pump by the group.
In at the same time, out at the same time with the target price that the group will dump at so you will not buy at the highest price and get stuck.
Link>> http://discord.gg/HEcHhAJ


Hi Denario Research can you make a video about buzzCoin? i buyied like 70K Buzz for like 30$. If BuzzCoin gets to 1$ i make 70K no joke, no prank and no meme this is serious. I do not work for them and they didnt pay me to promote or something. I just want it to get too 1$ so i get the 70K. and everybody can profit from it. so please guys who read this put money into it 10$ is enough to make like 20K

Ariviyal Aairam Manigandan

Great Awesome Video Brooo…!

Dan Wan

PandaCoin(PND) Going for pump today night info from some group


Look for $DOLLAR International at Livecoin.net, Vindax.com and Finexbox.com. $$$ huge profit soon.


Greetings, we have created an app which will show you a list of all upcoming pumps.
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The PADL-Team

Money Prophet

https://t.me/pumpTea pump and dump group

crypto zoo coin man

I didn't know Borat made videos about this stuff.


https://discord.gg/B5fVZcb big group for you, try it!


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Next pump and dump coin

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Pump and Dump Schemes Explained in One Minute

78 399 views | 11 Feb. 2017

Since I've covered penny

Since I've covered penny stocks (which are frequently pumped and dumped) previously, it makes sense to cover pump and dump schemes in general today.

Nowadays, a lot of assets (bitcoin alternatives aka altcoins, for example) are pumped and dumped rather than just penny stocks. To be a good investor, you need to develop the habit of spotting pump and dump schemes and fortunately, this isn't very hard.

Let's put the pump and dump approach under the microscope today, shall we?

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Pat W.

I remember when doge coin was pumped and dumped this year and it was promoted all over tik tok and i knew the dream of it going to a dollar was some certified bs. And i like this cool dive into it


In this example I don't understand why those people just don't buy 10p a share like Peter did instead of £1 a share?


And then buy the stocks again with same 0.10 price

יואב מגידיש

Kids gotta beware in Minecraft these days

Alex Levin

I’m finna do this when I’m older

Tim Y

That damn peter.

Benjamin Chin

Do a video on gold

Sontapää11 Jokulainen

0:15 well like there are hydrogen cars you know? And water is 2 atoms of hydrogen to 1 atom of oxygdn mixture sooo.. yeah. Also you can electrolyze water to generate that hydrogen so there are cars which basically run on water already in existance.

IamBry - The Gamer

Elon Musk ?


Ye me thinks all crypto is a pump n dump , Wall Street needs to eat, and the North American market is sinking, people are want to invest, but crypto is fake, money continually gets pumped.into the cyptoconomy (ye I think I coined.that ) product yet it rises and falls on speculation/hacks/pulls/pumps and dumps and various communities vying for. control , and those that wish to become vultures and middle men. Until the plurobus unum luciferus coin comes out to rule as the sole crypto it is all a game.

Jose Espinoza

Gme & amc

your mother in law

Did Jordan Belfort invent this? He seems like a really manipulative fake guy. Very Charismatic and convincing though.

Spazatron 98

Time to make me my money


How do you differentiate between a Real Stock and a Pump and Dump....? Through SEC filings??

jus ded

This helps put the gamestop fiasco into focus


https://discord.gg/ejTzMX Come join my discord channel about PnD

Jonathan Sparacino

Legit new pump group https://t.me/elitepumpsignals

P de leonardo

Runescape Grand Exchange tutorial 2021

Notonebuttwo Othman

The whole crypto market is garbage ..


01:07 .. in crypto


Ummm is that what’s going on in XRP right now?

Simon Kozlov

He bought?

Dump it

Albert Mars

are pump and dump ilegal? if so how come they dony charge those ppl who go to the media to hype a company?

Merooj Vartanian

You Explained Perfectly

Lil pip

Hey, who designed the cartoon for this video? I'd like to use their services

Roger Sy

Can u tell me about "Mining city" will you suggest me to join or not?

Evan Nicholson

But if the "invention" is largely advertised by the owner of the shares looking to pump the stock, couldn't the actual company potentially issue a statement that the reports are false? In this case, how would the owner(s) of the other 60% of the company benefit from this to the extent that they would remain silent?

Azarilh Namu



As long as you dont have to go to prison, they do this very likely. Because creating something real is hard work. Selling ideas is free money for nothing.

Thiago de Paula

Too cute video to explain a very nasty situation... but I love it!

dennis _212

Basically how elon musk saved tesla

Oreo Pagus

"A totally unrelated shady thing the Times found in Trump’s tax returns from the 1980s is that he used to parlay his celebrity status into a kind of pump-and-dump stock scam.”
EVERYBODY KNOWS - Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
Verse 123:
Everybody knows what "shall furnish" means 
Everybody knows about IRS audits 
Everybody knows China doesn't pay for tariffs
They're paid by those who import Chinese products
Everybody knows to stonewall is to suppress
Barr grappled with the word “suggest"
Trump's pump-and-dump exposed 
Everybody knows

Alex Chan

Kind of like Tesla. Although they have the products, but it's super hyped up by the media and the CEO.

Im Not Gay

Peters a fucking twat

bayu pratama

Can't believe i almost fell into this scam

Dumb Genious

Is it illegal? I didn't think it was illegal to just mislead a buyer. At what point would it become illegal?


Would you think of making a video on insider trading?

Xiang Yu

Missed one part: Peter manipulated price by trading left hand to right hand. In crypto, this is called "market cap management".

Brian Anderson

So in other words, they're backed by false advertising?

Timmy's Investments

Crypto in a nutshell


As a investor, this is very fast way to make money. Buy quickly on low and sell fast before share price drops.


Damn you, Peter Schiff! You are so evil!


check this pump&dump group https://discord.gg/Ds26KHG ,
they even have a channel dedicated for posting pictures of rolex watches , gold stuff , expensive jewelry with money made from pumped cryptocurrencies

Chris Hunter

pump n dump group


Why do they buy from peter? Why don't they buy shares from the same place peter bought his? I don't get that point sorry


Well explained.
Happened to NuLink last year.


258% profit pump predictions : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi1MEFra-3Q

One Minute Economics

One Minute Economics needs your help! Please give me a minute (heh) of your time by watching the following video if you find the channel useful, literally anyone can help (either financially or by spreading the word about my work): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io04ckq1X1M

ann jan

Is TRON pump&dump?


If you invest in something because someone tells you it will make you rich, you are beyond dumb

Paulo Mendoza

Do you have a playlist for this or is it included in your current one?

Jose Lopez

Gamestop currently


vyond moment

Bain Number One

Gme in a nutshell


I'm amazed when I see new traders who don't know this is illegal, or think it's a good idea lol

Ravana Brahma Rakshas

it is theft. they must chop their hands publicly as an educational act for others.

Lavaboy 15

why would people buy from peter for the 1000 shares at $1 each. Couldn't they just buy the shares online at the same price Peter bought them for?