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1 903 views | 29 Mar. 2015

Max Keiser outside Hoxton

Max Keiser outside Hoxton News. StartCOIN giveaway @Treweracafe & Hoxton News. Thats FREE MONEY. Yes you read correctly. Get down there NOW.

David Sparks

What a dummy. Should have shilled Bitcoin instead.


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Would I Open My Own Coin Shop? | Precious Metal Bullion Bar/Round Online Dealer vs Physical Store

543 views | 10 Nov. 2019

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Video Upload 1365 (Season 4, Episode 250): Don't You Dare Stop Smiling!

#Silver #Money #PreciousMetal

Eric McCutcheon

As much as I love youtubers personal creations, there’s no way in hell I’d ever consider paying nearly double spot. I have no problem paying a slight premium, but not a high premium. It’s for this reason that my stack only contains genetics and Maples since they’re the lowest premium government bullion coins available. P.S. you posted a WRX in your video! ❤️ I, myself, have a 2017 WRX and a 2019 STi.

Kumaran Kumatan

Hi sir i have some old coins for sale :-)

Dave B.

I on a regular basis flip silver. It pays for my stack. I can easily at see myself owning a coin shop at some point


No for the same reason you do not buy stock of the company you work for. Already have too much invested in owning precious metals. Plus that assumes that you do not like the job you are doing already or that job does not provide sufficient revenue stream

Jake Smith

You're right no one would go to Jersey even if you did have the dopest coins in the Tri-State. ? I am going to get into bullion grade sculpture casting. ? Lost wax/PLA silver, copper, and one day gold!

Mykie DYDSS 2

Would YOU ever open your own coin shop? ? Why or why not?


Great Video! Anybody even considering such a thing can always do a few small shows just to check the whole thing out. Did a show yesterday, had a good show. Some of the best advice I ever got was, "If you want to see if you are on the right track then do a show." And along the same lines,
"Just because you think something is cool doesn't mean anybody else does."

T.J. Speakman

Hey Mykie, As you may know I travel and can"t keep up with the videos but, as always I'm on a binge. This does and may not tie into this video but, here's what I've got. I would not open a coin shop. In my 40+ years of stacking I don't know enough! Here's my other thought before I run out of BW. Everyone should figure their round trip expense per OTZ. Include shipping, travel, time sent. PLEASE don't get me wrong but, count this in. then you know where you really are. As for me I buy every month. Peace.


It doesn’t make sense for you to open your own coin shop. Your numismatic knowledge is quite lacking. If you’re willing to read and do proper research about rare coins then yeah, open a LCS. If you only care about bullion and overpriced Perth coins, open a “We Buy Gold” shop instead.......


I have owned many 'shops'.  Two supermarkets, three video stores, one laundromat, an ice-cream parlor, have done rent-to-own, have rental apartments, owned a semi, have flipped real estate....Would I open a coin shop?  No way!  Think of the volume you'd need, the margins you'd have to reach to pay the help, the rent, the inventory you'd hold, the market fluctuations, and the traffic flow through your location.  You'd have to set a business plan of how much you expected to profit, annually, and back that in reverse to determine required  weekly and daily sales.  I think if I were a retired hobbyist with a building already, and didn't need to make money, sure.  But a person starting one out to make a living?  Nope. Sales volume and gross profit are the backbones of any retail business.  This one is too thin and too risky.


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How much I make in my home based coin dealer business per month - Keys to My Success?

13 380 views | 24 Jan. 2019


#RecessionProofInvesting #CashForCoins #TreasureInPocketChange

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Mr, Boo Boo 1972

Good for you BlueRidgeSilverhound. :)

Ray Turner

You are Absolutely Righteous about Not finding any key dates. You are on the same track that I've been rolling down for many years. I haven't givein up any info about the off Planchet Errors that I've found over the years, witch go into the Hundreds' ss ' "Why The errors I've found & things ive learned about coins would surprise even the oldest and best talented Collector.
Have a good one in the West brother
I'm keeping the East covered as best i can LOL"
Later bro

roger martin

Don't know if you sell a lot on ebay but with them wanting tracking numbers it is almost impossible to sell any items under $20.00 and have any buyers willing to pay the $3.75 shipping. I package securely but when there is no tracking buyers continue to scam me and say they never receive their item. Hard to make any money anymore.


Thanks for a no-nonsense informative video.

Bryan Sauls

What you make is your business. No one should judge anyway ! I happen to like all the information you provide.. thanks man

Bezo 816

How in the world can the US Mint know about a coin release, plan a coin release, and still end up on back order till May?!!!!! Sooooo glad I got mine in , and have had confirmation of shipping. Do you think that will add to the flipping value of the 5 oz coin??? Being that the next batch of them doesn't ship till May????? Thanks again for the heads up...keep doing what you do!!!


Really neat video. I’m a Young Numismatist, and I’m trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Would you suggest a numismatic career?

Gold Scorpion

I enjoy your videos

Neal M

How long have you been doing this? How did you get started?

Element 47

Do you also collect dice!? I do. I love old antique dice! Anyways, thank you for the video, as usual, buddy!

Teresa J

Enjoyed it. Thanks

Terri Suitor

Love and appreciate all your perspective and knowledge on this hobby.
Don’t mind the haters, we all just ignore them. Bless their hearts, seems like a miserable way to live.
Thanks again BlueRidge!❤️?

Rick Pearce

Does cleaning destroy the value?

Lynn Schmidt

Your such a expert, and trusted teacher and real person with your business! I feel blessed we have a teacher like yourself! Great video... ⭐?????

Ian Stevenson

Where do you sell your coins primarily?


Very nice planchet error congrats! enjoyed the video thanks

2A Enthusiast

Wheat pennies are one of my favorites, and I try to pick some up regularly. I have had some interesting finds mixed in with bulk purchases.

Silver Dragons

there is money to be made for sure you just gotta put in the work!! ??

Blue Silver

Thanks for all of the informative videos. I'm new to this and I've learned a ton from your videos.

Antuan H

nice work . your videos are gold . I have found gold because of you. it just makes cents . hand over the bag$$$$$. ha .

Kim R

Good advice. I have found some neat stuff in a few rolls I got at a bank near the county courthouse. Made me wonder of folks didn't cash in what they had that you wouldn't expect to pay fines. LOL I'm going to go back soon to get more. I am a casual collector at the moment just getting back into it after being out for several years.

Kuntry Gals Wofford

Ur awesome at what you do. Between tree falling on your home cudzoo being on your power lines.and you have to watch a video 15 x to understand what that saying because of internet going out. My dad passed away then tree fall they also, not counting convid been a ruff yr tried get to a coin show but got canceled bc of covid. Tried tictock and could not hear what people are saying. I mean this with respect. Thanks for what y'all do .

charles adkins

great collection check out my coins type in te coin cabinet i have 52 vids on under charles adkins

David Tilley

I didn’t think that video was bad enough to take down. I liked the new box.

tobias jenkins

I'll give u 2$ a roll

Scott Hall

Very good information. Thanks.


I am a new collector all your vids are so informative for me

Blast Cat

First comment and also great video ❤️❤️

Si Mathison

Did you get the Apollo 11 5oz today. I appreciate the info. I got some too.

X-Ray Games

what should i look for errour wise

Coin Lover

Table scraps wow somebody only in it for the money no wonder he’s having bad luck respect and learn the hobby before you try profiting

Mr, Boo Boo 1972

There's definitely a profit in those pennies. Shit... just finding one error.. boom. Paid for plus profit.


Your my boy Blue!!! Great video as usual.


I love this guy. He does not hold back. He gives it to you raw. I love the information. Thank You

Master Of Cents.

I would love to talk to ya about my three Lincoln’s that are off metal. They all have extremely different metal content I had them tested with an XRF spectrometer. I think you would enjoy them. I just don’t know how to contact you a little more privately.

TimaciousDFiftyThree _

I like your videos keep em coming

Jen G

Great video! Really enjoyed it.
P.S. Beautiful picture of Lake Tahoe in the background, by the way. :)

Shannon Salter

Can someone tell me who the diss was about/to?! I know it was a year ago but IDC I must know!!! Lol

NGCoins love

Thank's shopping this vedio from yfreind in ytube of Morocco


How did I miss this video? I enjoy searching and I just made my first purchase on a graded proof 1980 S pr70 quarter, for a fairly good price, I believe. I had only made purchases on some coin rolls and mint set coins. Hopefully I can start making a good graded collection as well..

Quintessence Productions, LLC

Love your honestly!

D Reese Coins & Hobbies

Haven't started on buffalos yet - those were great! Loved the 1917 "environmentally challenged" one! I like to collect the off-color coins. I'll buy that one from you - tell me how!


Nice man thanks

Terry Bennett


Penny Haven

Great video! You always give me something new to look for. Thanks!

Terry The Goddess

Why not just get PCGS coins? Verify with the serial number?

Margaret Stoner

I absolutely love your backdrop. Once again...
Thanks for teaching .I am also thankful for "astronaut Apollo coin video. Once again....you aced it. Thank you.

tobias jenkins

Hard part is finding a good dealer to start

Harry Porter

As always, I look forward to the next video. Love the education

tobias jenkins

I love coins and silver rounds bullion,all I do is watch videos and do research on coins ,there is no coin shops in my city ,my plan is to get one started !!


Sweet mini-hoard...thats a T-bone with 7courses...if that's table scraps,I would eat that everyday:)-RR.

Silver Heist

Thanks for the info. There is a lot to learn to play at your level.

I scored the gold Apollo 11, the JFK set, and the silver dollar. All proof. Looking forward to your follow up.

Common Law

Oh Blue, Thank you sooo much for sharing with us the monetary success possible in coins and currency. I needed an easy way to stay home and this is it. I look forward to the continuing education courses you offer and value every one.


Not bad for one roll of nickels !! Good Luck in your hunt on the wheats !!

Cena Lanier

love your videos. Great into.



charles adkins

great video i would like to do what you do i have about 30000 coins i could sell and i would like to start making videoes

James Durstine

That's a ufo landing

tracy reed

If I have a 1977 and 1967 and 1981 and 1990 and 1993 is those worth anything just asking Thank You in Advance.


Awesome video my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Angie N

Hope you show us what you find. Love your channel. ?

michael riggins

I was doing big deal help person was looking through junk sliver found 5 1938 d halfdollar and 1868 s quarter and 1795 halve

Troy Walsberg

Thanks brother.

V Yes its me

I think you are swell BlueRidgeSilverhound! Varieties are so much fun! I love those buffalos too! WOW!You know your coins that’s for sure!?Great Video!??????? ♈️

Ramon Juan

Thank you BlueRidge excellent video and info . Watching you go through the coins and listening makes it a little bit more easier to understand and try to memorize.
The 1938 I would have thought PMD see you have the years and knowledge that so many coin hunters want . Keep up the great work BlueRidge

crazy mator coins

Third sweet

Michael Schamlng

I find that you as an, inspiration.
I thank you for your videos.
1 suggestion, Boy Scout modo, BE PREPARED. I KNOW YOU'RE EXCITED. Please sit down and have the camera steady, please.
Once again, you are very inspiring.


I plan on selling eventually, for now I'm coin roll searching and buying for less than value I hope, mainly from Ebay. I've gotten some really good deals, usually when lots aren't advertised very well. Still looking for a retirement coin. lol

Mr, Boo Boo 1972

I bought a V.D.B. 1909 for a buck bk a few months ago.

Erik Munoz

Can you make a video on making money on older half dollars

Ramon Juan

Hello BlueRidge Well another great lesson in coin knowledge especially in explaining The difference between errors and varieties . And how the buffalo was damage not PMD and explained how it happened cool thanks again for your help ???

Jonathan Fish

Thanks for the informative video! I love the way you are teaching us about this wonderful hobby, Blue Ridge.