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Save Your Money! // INSANE Studio Headphones under $100!

656 521 views | 18 Jun. 2016

Everyone loves the Audio

Everyone loves the Audio Technica ath-m50x but these are the best headphones for under $100, no doubt! Perfect for Music listening, monitoring and professional studio use.

SONY MDR-7506:

UK - http://amzn.to/28LIG5h

US - http://amzn.to/21rtmoJ


UK - http://amzn.to/1Pz10mj

US - http://amzn.to/1tAWDD1


UK - http://goo.gl/agjUiJ

US - http://goo.gl/agjUiJ

Outtake at the end!


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/tremblingwater

Google+ : http://google.com/+AshTailor

Check out the awesome dbrand here : http://goo.gl/cA3S3G

Amazon Affiliate:

US - http://amzn.to/1o2x4HT

UK - http://goo.gl/qkLqHv

As always, thank you.


Ob-1 kanobi's ftw


Crazy bro!


Nice presentation but to look at you with that rude and ignorant toothpick is very nauseating. Please trash the pick.

Chris Maruma

OB-1 Discount code?


Personally, I found the 7506 more comfortable than the CB1.


If people love the M50x but want to go $100 or less, consider the M40x; which are actually argued to be better sound quality than the 50s. They come in at $99 or lower on sale.

Another consideration is open back vs closed and your application. For gaming or simply listening (even mixing) either is fine and many prefer an open back. But with an open back you get sound dissipation (which can be a benefit for certain listening uses). And this my actually be a problem when RECORDING. So if you are doing vocals, for singing or broadcast, you may at times experience feedback through your mic (or it picking up the sound being played in the headphones), so a closed back would be more suited for that purpose.

It is about intended use, much like picking the right mic. Condenser mics are fantastic, but super sensitive, and Dynamic mics are also fantastic but more direct user oriented (picks up what they are aimed at, but not so much other things). I have used both, and there is a reason why in a general broadcasting situation dynamic mics are seen most. With the condenser mics I was always having to try to isolate and eliminate external and environmental sounds. Not the case with the dynamic. So again, much like the open back vs closed back headphones issues. What is your actual intended use, not simply whether they sound good or work well.


Jim Gavioli

What an awesome video! I'm subscribing now! Man, just watching your videos is a masterclass!! Mega Kudos!!


?I can see me jamming out with the closed back headphones oh yeah?


Came here because of my ATH-M30X. So fucking uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour.

Brandon Key

These headphones broke on me, so I managed to get the other CB-1 pair. After about 6 months, the left earcup simply stopped working. If they would dedicate just a little more to build quality, (maybe even driving up the price from 80 to 100) then these would be fantastic.


Pls can the be used to edit vocal instead of monitors

Peter Onger

Thank you for this useful video

CB-1 have 50 mm drivers

Sun Set

Does it have deep rich bass?

The Nout

Ironically, the sound on this vid is pure shite. Or am I the only one getting this constant HF noise?

Jays Geronca

CNET Review - "They've been around since 1991, but the Sony MDR-7506s are still great sounding -- and fitting -- headphones for less than $100." SHOP HERE - https://amzn.to/2HZA1VT


I couldn live with her u need a sound proof room.

REX-E Music

What the f is in your mouth and why


I need to only mix vocals (processing , eq ND all) and I have a budget of max 2500. What would be the best headphone? Please guide someone



Kirtish Gaood

Which song is it in the very beginnig?? Please do share if anyone knows....?


You're trolling, right? 7506 are literally the worst headphones you could wear for audio mixing. You are NOT getting a "flat" sound as you claimed. The furthest thing from it.

Rob Spookhouse

Closed back please and thanks if I won. I need monitors asap for a project hence looking at monitor vids. The ones you are giving away blew my mind when I saw the range they put out. Best wishes. Rob

Khaleq Zulfiker Ullash

Review your wife ???


Beautiful editing.

GinGer Liam

What is girlfren?

LifeLike Imageworks

Thanks for the review. I have been looking for a great studio headphone that won't break the bank. I have had a hard time finding a quality review. Your review is informative and the production value is top notch! Thanks man!

Noémie du Cimetière

you assume only men look at headphone reviews.


Hey man, which one of these would you say could handle bass from a moog synth the best?


How df do your videos look so amazing? What camera do you use?!

Floppy A

HD681 superlux?

Frank Feng

While Apple is getting rid of the headphone jack...

FakeUchiha 117

Would you still recommend these in 2019?

Radio Paulie

"Under £100!" -- Amazon Price £93 lol

Hector Saucedo

Looks like he has a nail clipping on the side of his lip lol just a small joke ❤️

Kevin Morrice

the m40x has a bit less bass overall making it a cheaper and more all round headphone

alessandro boraso

The Sony mdr absolutely are not flat sounding headphones

lot joseph

Greetings from Nigeria!!!!


I’m subbing just for the quality and effort here. That said Audio Technica ath40x FTW.

Dwayne Vigilante

Lol I like this ???


2 years later which ones do u prefer???


They should have called those, OB1 KNOBI


Great Vid .. Kudos on the comedic relief and keeping the attention of the viewers. Gonna have to check these ob ones out!! That would require you sending them to me!!! See what I done there?? Keep up the great reviews and video editing. Now go cook your nagging girlfriend a dinner for her help lol


Status Obi-Wan?


ok, the beginning is too relatable, hope my bf buys one of these soon lol

Raj Sahab

theres some food leftover stuck on lower lip bro.

Ravnit Deshpande

Sennhiaser best headphone
My budget is 2000 rs so which model of sennhiaser I should buy ???

Jobim G.

I know someone who won the mixing contest just using ATH M40x. Now I’m using ATH M40x.

Pandora 2426

Thanks for the great video. Just purchased a pair of the STATUS AUDIO CB-1.

The sad latte

Ob-1 kenobi ??

Eugenio Mirisola

There’s some food leftover on your lips, man. Brush your teeth and wash up before the video

Random Coyote

Used to have a pair of these Years ago, Nice headphones and I liked the retro looking design too bad these go for more then 100$ now lol.


Wtf is that lip thing

Robert Cooper

Great English bro. You got a new subscriber

Ronit Debnath

Audio Technica MTH40x at this price is the best.


Someone likes the True Blood zip effect.


I keep lying to myself thinking I can mix with two pair of headphones... It's sounds good to the untrained ear.. but naw it doesn't ever sound crispy. I guess I will have to cave in...

Pastor Yoda

0B-1 link is messed up

Mateus Rapini

Thanks man!!

Bendegúz Úr

The editing, the camera work, and the whole quality in itself is absolutely stunning, take my like and sub!

Aashish Dhamapurkar

Y you stopped creating your quality content for us... We need it ...come back !!!

Ali Vira


R Sean

I saved $24 on CB-1 with discount code STUDIO30


Subbed, great shots, and fantastic color grading and editing especially for a review video

Wendy Drinkslove

What is that intro

Father Fintan Stack

Man, those sped up hand gestures are really distracting and the "zeeeeeop whoosh" sound is annoying. Great review, but really, those things aren't needed imho.

Huni Buni

I don't think the CB-1 hearpads are made of genuine leather, there are some review photos on amazon showing their wear and it looks like pleather, where the plastic pleather layer wears off from the fabric base layer (YUCK)

Francis Tan

hey how do i get status audio delivered on SEA countries?


Is the giveaway still on , plzz I need any one from those three

Supreme Lord Commander

You got something stuck on your lip!

Donavon Shakespeare

I’d be like come hear this first lol

the last time I showered was

Producer with girlfriend struggles

Ahmedzhan Aymuradov

mdr-7506 =top. Use'em from 2008

Hey U

@ 0:01 Name of song, please?

Garrett Ederer

Like the video man! Good quality. :) I have a question: Does anyone know a good headphone that has bluetooth and also can connect with a wire. I want to listen to music from my phone but also connect to a yamaha keyboard.


i dont love the meth50xrl

Kilo Mind

I have a big head so


Nati Junior

Love your presentation..like + subd


There's something on your mouth. Serieously.


Or you could get 9 earbuds like me ?

Jeremy A

Dude that nose piercing needs to go. You’d be allot more handsome. My buddies gf says

Dr D.

Thanks, I just got mine (CB-1) just an hour ago and it does sound great. 106 canadian $ via amazon. I'm impressed, I'll use it mainly to plug in my guitar amp. Thanks a lot!

Kalebe Marques



track id on beginning


I know this is a rather old video, but what if price difference between the CB-1’s and 7506 are minimal. There’s only a 10$ difference in my neck of the woods. Which you you pick? Thx


Is his intro Loss?

Peter Olexa

What are the best headphones for editing / listening (have got great sound quality and bass and stuff ...) but are also good for gaming ( have got good picturing ) within the range of 100-150?

Nadeem Leon

What the fuck is on your lip


Sony - Bass is not balanced its too low, I have koss porta Pro & ATH M40X both sound balanced frequency ⚖️


I bought these headphones because of the great quality in the video, nice job Ash. HOWEVER, I found these headphones very standard, so overpriced for what it is. ?
Just a well advertised product with good advertising techniques. I realised my mistake when it came in Amazon packaging.
I'm aware this was years ago, maybe that was my mistake but I recall better audio for less during that time ?


starts at 0:50

Grip Phillips

Open back for my studio please


Hi, I am looking to get my mother a pair of headphones to go with her quite high end Yamaha clavinova digital piano, do you stand by these choices? £60 mark would be great, cheers


What's the song that plays in the background during the review portion?

Alejandro Suazo

Sony MDR almost make 200 Mhz to 80Khz... are a real trash for studio.

Knowan Idea


David Ryan

Yeh save your money and skip these shitty cans!

André Hansen

Does the OB-1’s have the high ground?? Ahhh another happy landing?

Patrick Smith

I would really dig the closed back for my small studio!


i have the sony mdr 7506, pretty decent headphones, better quality than those crappy overpriced gaming headsets

Isk to dollars

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Dil ka dariya beh hi Gaya #song lyrics #Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage, kabir singh new song, Romentic song

2 860 401 views | 23 Nov. 2019


Song Details:

Movie: Kabir Singh

Singer: Arijit Singh

Lyrics: Mithoon

Music: Mithon

Starring: Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani

Dil ka dariya beh hi gaya

Raahon mein yun jo tu mil gaya

Mushqil se main sambhla tha haan

Toot gaya hoon phir ek dafaa

Baat bigdi hai iss qadar

Dil hai toota, toote hain hum

Tere bin ab na lenge ek bhi dum

Tujhe kitna chaahein aur hum

Tere bin ab na lenge ek bhi dum

Tujhe kitna chaahein aur hum

Tere saath ho jaayenge khatam

Tujhe kitna chaahein aur hum

Baat bigdi hai iss qadar

Dil hai toota, toote hain hum

Tere bin ab na lenge ek bhi dum

Tujhe kitna chaahein aur hum

Tere saath ho jaayenge khatam

Tujhe kitna chaahein aur hum

Waqt ne hai kiya humpe kaisa sitam

Tum bhi bezaar ho barbaad hain hum

Jaane kis raaste mujhko le jayenge

Bedisha ye mere dagmagate kadam

Saath deti parchaaiyan

Aur meherbaan ho rahe gham

Tere bin ab na lenge ek bhi dum

Tujhe kitna chaahein aur hum

Tere saath ho jaayenge khatam

Tujhe kitna chaahe aur hum

Tujhe kitna chaahe aur hum




I hope you like this song lyrics.please keep supporting like comments and subscribe my channel for latest update???

Poonam Negi


Balkesh Sahani

I love you preeti


I love the song

Manoj Kumar

I love this song

Rashmi Raut

Whose are here after breakup ?

Riddhi Gupta

Guys if u miss anyone so listen mee I m listening because my sis was singing but now I realise that I miss my brother who lives in Mumbai and me Delhi he is mine fav. brother but I don't know sometimes I m his fav. sister or not and he didn't msg me hello hii how are u nothing sometimes I think that why he didn't msg me always my brother if u think that I m also his fav. sister so plz reply I will be happy if u are a brother............


munia akther aisha


I'm Aayush

This song touches the heart ♥ when someone who cares in our life, make us happy, be there in every condition and he/she disappears suddenly from our life. The thing that let's after that is their memory and nothing else...

Reena Giri



I love this song
Mine favourite song this is

Afraj Ahmed

It is one of my heart touching song ❤️❤️❤️

Tejkumar Shukla

This is my favourite

Harish Manali

Feeling song

Gazi Family

My favourite song.....??????????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????

Wrth Dfhh



I Iove this song

Amar Nag

Life is like a game when we win and when we lose

Samreen Shahzad


Darshan Singh

Heart touching

Deepika Bhasin

29 jan 2020?

Jaya Shrivastava

My favourite singer in male - darshan raval , arjit singh and jubin nautiyal and female - dhvani bhanushali and neha kakkar

debi kash


Dhoni Yogesh

Single hun phir bhi break up wali feeling aa rhi hain

Bithi Das

I love this song ❤️ ?????????

Shreya Satpute Aster

My favorite song ?

Alikhan Alikhn

Nice bro ??

Tarunchouhan Chouhan

It's best song in the t

Padum Lal Dost Aashu Patel


Sisiliya tiru

I love this song from my heart I can't forget this song if I sad I listen this song


Love Song ♥️♥️?

Shweta Mehta

I love this song very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Akshara Khawshi

I like this song tooo much

abm Niaz


Mayur Seth

This song is for my life..
for all the struggle..
& for my all achievements..
I really Love❤ my life.....
Thank you God....
For giving me such an awesome life..

Bazila Fayaz


Vinod Harale

Very very nice???

faiz khan

I love you song

Muan Simte

Kidney touching song bro..??

Shweta Mehta

Awesome song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sk Tin

..i tihs Love song ?????

BK ki baaate

तेरे बिन अब ना लेंगे एक भी दम

Imroj Alam


Samreen Shahzad

love sonnnnng

Ganeshi Saini

Heart ❤❤Tounching song

Simran Koirala

love this song????

Rupali Jadhav

delicated to nilmesh shelar

Tune You

Please support my channel

Manish Kakodiya

Heart touching song

Shreya Satpute Aster

Kabir Singh

Usman Ali

I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????

Nirposing Chetry

My favorite singer Arajit Singh ❤️❤️



shaon 22

My favourite song ???????

Bang Boro

I love you ?

priyanka tibrewal

Very emotional song and heart touching too yar

Arpita mukherjee

Mind blowing

Sarah Oman

I am ugandan but I love this song so much


Kabir is best than tiger shroff

Mehedi Hasan

I hear only for crying???

Somiron Das


Reshma Suryavanshi


Ishba Kaleem

My all time favourite song what a painful voice of Arijit Singh ???❤️

Ruksat Naima

Love this song ??

manthan balki

Hart touching

Stephan Hansda

Very sweet song ??????



Ajoy Das


Abdul Sajid

I love this song ??

Meenu Arora

Loooooooove This Song And Heart Touching Song

Arafat khan

Miss you miss you

Jyoti patel

Love you ??????❤

Gulzar Mehdi


Ishrat Pervin

❤️so so beautiful song .

laiba qureshi


Rupali Jadhav

Really true song

Dimple Gupta

I love this song

unstoppable riders

Heart touching

Ayong Konyak

Wow my favourite song ❤❤❤❤❤???????

Waheed Abbas

Heart touching??

Riddhi Gupta

And don't cry because of some one if he or she loves u so they will realise that they have to come back to u or if they don't realise so anyone will be ur I wish that u all get a very nice life partern so don't worry.........

Be happy and safe at home.....


Sana Khan

Really very heart touching ❤️


It remember me my life time pain. But I hear this song for crying.

Harish Manali


Subo chkzz

I Love My song

Sangita Bhabhor


Jay Roy

Nice sogh

Rajesh Chetri

Nice song

Barnali Das

How many of you are listening this song more than twice ??
Let us know by


who wactcing after 1 year like toko

shivkumar kri

Nice song

Soren Kuri

I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ryan Wolfie


Mehedi M.Rahman


Deepa Mahapatra

Really mind blowing song...my favourite song,.??????

biplab das

I love this song

Poonam Tripathi

I like this song

Lodhi Khan

Love you ?? love you Kabir Khan

Juwel Joy


Md joynal Mulla

Love song❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nayan nama


Isk to dollars

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"Dil Mera Muft Ka" Full Song | Agent Vinod | Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor | Pritam

102 334 415 views | 28 May. 2012

Click to share it on

Click to share it on Facebook - http://bit.ly/DilMeraMuftKa

Dil Mera Muft Ka" is the first mujra song of Kareena Kapoor's career which opened to whistles and an encore. This sensuous mujra track is choreographed by Saroj Khan, song is from action spy thriller Agent Vinod starring Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor in the lead role. Enjoy this official film version & stay connected with us!!

Set it as your Caller Tune SMS AGVD5 to 54646


Buy it from iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/in/album/agent-vinod-original-motion/id507087427?ls=1

Movie: Agent Vinod

Singer: Nandini Shrikar, Muazzam, Rizwan, Shadab faridi, Altamush Faridi, Shabab Sabri

Producer: Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan

Music Label: T-Series

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Ram Kapoor, Others

Director: Sriram Raghvan

Music Director: Pritam

Lyrics: Neelesh Misra

SUBSCRIBE T-Series channel for unlimited entertainment


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محمد زاهد حسین Mohammad Zahid Hussain

Empire of india. Taimur tughlaq

GaanaamruthaVarshini Music School

2:12 . Omg I thought it was taimur.

Avani Bharadwaj

Kareena doing kathak like bhangra and gidda. No grace.

Reviews with NA

Who is listening in 2021 ?

Na Han


Samaunissa 786

Ya hotai hai aslii mujra ..warna tiktokers Kya khaak karaty hai?????

Abhishek Khairnar

Aggresive karina??

sellami amel

هه انا الي بالقبعة ههه

Faizan Khan

I like this song ?‍❤‍?

dev's all in one YouTube channel

Taimur ki mummy or papa #dilmeramuftka

Sahitya Medi

0.55 for bts fans ???

Ravi Bajad

Kareena is best always ??

Abulrhaman Jutt


Gaurav Sagvekar

I love you nandini mam ??????❤❤????

Sarbjit Kaur

Can't take my eyes off kareena lovely


WTH are there so many slits in her blouse? ?
Messing up the whole design! ??

kulsoom syed

Kareena kapoor Khan ❤

Hina Khan

Anyone 2021

محمد زاهد حسین Mohammad Zahid Hussain

Muft. निःशुल्क. Free. مُفت

Sikandar X

Kabhi warning kabhi muft me to me nhi le rha milawat ho rahi h ???????????


Yes very nice song

tastiest food recipes



Who is watching this in February 2021

Gaurav Sagvekar

Freefeeling and outstanding singing ??????????????????????


Omg Wow Wow Wow


who's listening in 2021

রহস্যময় পৃথিবী 211

O Nice

hina tariq


Nguyenngoc Phucgiang


Priyanka Das


zarah madari

2021 anyone♥️



Doquoc Baotran

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

Mo. Shabaz

Kareena bo***

Yogesh Sharma Official

This song has been sung by Malini Awasthi then why there is wrong name...

Pandu Pramodh

Hottest actress in India kareena no one match her hotness

Nikhil Kumar

Its humming same to raftara ( lucifer) song humming...


#Pritam Awesome Hai Yaar...
Mujre Wale Songs ka Alag Music Rehta Hai Bt #Pritam ne Hatke hi Kuch Bana Diya aur Wo v Awesome...


Kareena fantastic

Susan Jackson

Karina reading these comments: ?????


6m more

Windows Gamers.

Who is still watching in 2021.

Varun Chaudhary

Kareena is best not blue one

Never last

Kitna bara hai inka dil

Tabasum Jan

Movie name kya hai ...?

Harikrishnan P R

Ohh b***s ?❤



Sikandar X

Abhi ye Kiya tha wo ad video jo gane ke bic me aati h ?????????

Nikita Rai

Kareena Kapoor ❤️❤️❤️

Hamzaali Alikhanhamza

1:02 what was that??

Arshad Rana

Kia bhat hai

sarah yt

شكون دخل على جال 106 ??

Priyanka Das


King His Hair King His Hair

Kareena kapoor so sexy



Ahm Ed

What is the name of the movie

Soma Mb

This girl with kareena is also in that song aa re pritam pyaare..

محمد زاهد حسین Mohammad Zahid Hussain

Empire if asia. Taimur lang

Mairaj khan Mairaj

Nice this step dil ke dukaan daar hai aur bhi to ham thoda acche hai sab hai farebi

كيندا يعقوب

wonderful song ?

Sou Sou

Kapoor ?I love you from Algeria

beatitudinem bonheur

For god sake don't bring their child here.... Enjoy the art and performance

Siddharth Moon

Kareena Kapoor's look's extremely Beautiful ?

fahan sait

U got married saffena how can I
I never understand u doing.

anand mawatwal Vines channel comedy central

youtube recommended me this video after 8 years anyone else.

suat mutlu


Alipt Shrivastava

Tbh girl in blue is doing it better , she is great

Alexa Carlisle

Does anyone else think that girl in the aqua colored dress sounds like Rihanna?

minahil rana

Ye to Pak Army ka uniform ha

Insha Khalid

Mst song And dance also?

francis augusto

It's her profession and she's doing her job. Bringing her small kid into comments section is really so cheap..

Munna bro

School life yaad agaya

Obhi kya din thi ah nostalgia

Shantanu pratap Singh

Dekh tamur tere mom dad

james watson

Is this the greatest tit show in Bollywood history ?

Juhi Parween

Pink Vale ka deres nice

riya meera

Omg randomly found this song. Now I'm gonna die of nostalgia ?

Chandana Ghosh

Dekh taimur teri mummy

Siddharth Moon

This song is Meraclous ? AF ?

Abas Almousawy



Iska kai kuch muft k hoga

Mandavi Mishra

It's unnerving to remember such mujra setups actually existed !


Who is listening ? this song in 2021❤️

Aicha Ziyane

Wonderful musique and dance ?✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Ali Shaik

Kareena Kapoor ??

Sham Khan


Gokul P

0:54 i think there is an hindi add with this tune

Gopichand Sarwade

Listening till now in 2021?

Hülya Hançer

Love you pink ❤❤❤❤

Sohail Officail

Kawita koshel

Aditi Sadhu

Abhi kaise yaad aagya ye song

Kunwar Sardar singh

Taimur on his parents .kahin aur jaa kar gamd maraiye

Deepak Verma

Be pure and beautiful

مصطفى رجب

هل يوجد عرب هنا ?

Meemee Moomoo

Itne bade?

Richa Kamal

Taimur ke papa taimur ki mummy ko mahfeel mein nachwa rhe h

Trisha Aaliyah

Lōvë u Dea ?Kareena ????

Prapti Ghosh

2021 main kon kon dekh raha hain??

Numan Ahmed

What is movie name?

كيندا يعقوب

Karina is more beautiful than the girl who wears green I heard that Carina and Seif liked it very much, so the director brought them together in this movie.

Tanisha Singh

agent binod