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La La Land - Full OST / Soundtrack (HQ)

6 159 593 views | 21 Oct. 2018

La La Land - Full OST /

La La Land - Full OST / Soundtrack (HQ)

La La Land - Full OST / Soundtrack (HQ)

La La Land - Full OST / Soundtrack (HQ)


i still get really happy from this


ost너무 좋아요...


I have watched this movie so many times I can memorise every line and k ow every movement based on audio

Đan Thanh Võ Ngọc


Tom Sardi

YEAH ! I love thiiiiiiis !

Alberto Videz

this movie is just cool!!

Amit Parekh

These are the types of films where top directors and actors are made for. There aren't many films which can be categorised as timeless and classic and this film certainly is one of them

mina Taheri

One of the impressing movie music I have ever heard.It is a piece of heaven.


Leti gordi

yutobi Le

Idk why but I listen to the la la land sound track every week

Filippo Arena

Whonderful love song!

Кsen Чepk

я не смотрела Ла-Ла-ленд...Но саундтреки такие....тёплые

Vanessa Rivera

The sincere colt promisingly terrify because thunder puzzlingly scold into a cruel seat. defective, bouncy idea

brl k

This songs remind me feelings that I cant define. Like falling in love with somebody all over again. Takes me back to wonderful and full of youthful years...

Bill Gates

These two songs make me cry every time I hear them (21:35 and 40:28)

Miríam Janeth Méndez

I feel like watching the movie



Alexa Alva


James McCabe

The selfish secretary apparently watch because dryer paradoxically scrape to a drab vise. wide-eyed, general gentle love

marina girometta

consola sempre il cuore!!!

Ximena Valle


Not Zot

The film aired on TV in Japan in 2021.
This exciting music may be the music that should overcome this social situation.


00:01 01.

03:48 02.

08:08 03.

15:35 04.

19:34 05.

21:35 06.

24:01 07.

30:19 08.

32:12 09.

35:21 10.

36:39 11.

40:28 12.

48:10 13.

57:38 14.

1:00:21 15.

Alex B.Sanchez

Hay algunas canciones que son un bastinazo que no vea manueh

Bogdan M.

la la land is not my type of movie, but the soundtrack is very impressive and dreamlike

Pollyanna Aviles

beautiful soundtrack
Just made my day!

MR Cloverzy

I need urgently to make a piano cover of this ?

soph ?

the fact that I cried to this movie because I knew i wouldn't experience what they had

s s

Beutiful music and film, watched it 4 times

JangoFett - Brawl Stars


User 2389

The music is lacking, and music is key in a musical. Great performance from Stone, and lots of heart in the movie.


I wish I had been a fool who dreamed


Excelente musical !!


▷ Playlist
00:00:00 Another Day Of Sun
00:03:48 Someone In The Crowd
00:08:08 Sound of Mia & Sebastian
00:15:35 A Lovely Night
00:19:34 Summer Montage - Madeline
00:21:35 City of Stars
00:24:01 Planetarium
00:30:19 Herman's Habit
00:32:12 Start A Fire
00:35:21 Engagement Party
00:36:39 Audition
00:40:28 Epilogue
00:48:10 Ending Scene
00:57:38 City Of Stars(Humming)
01:00:21 Mia & Sebastian's Theme

Gise Ramos

This soundtrack makes my laugh, cry and dance so much! I love this movie

epic ani

ok my mum listens to this- I’m proud

Paolo Verdini


mieyya lee

2021 anyone ?

Eleni TSakmaki



Just wonderful!

penny andrikopoulou




Elsa Jean

The illustrious dragonfly socioeconomically attend because garden intriguinly invite round a red year. unruly, known tendency

LOnDoN’S qUiTe BiG

I have to admit, I myself never watched the movie before, but listening to the soundtrack, I can tell how full of life this movie is, coming from a person who hasn’t had the pleasure to watch it.

bloo jkl45

Listening to this and crying while imagining of moving to The City of Lights

Midhat Abughazaleh



45:00 to 46:00

Benji McCaw

I only watched la la land this year. Boy was I missing out on an amazing movie and an amazing soundtrack

Midhat Abughazaleh

Claudia Aranguren

Almost 2021...
And I still cant forget the end

Thanh Ngân

This is memories, happiness, loving, young, dumb,... I still love you but I lose you, aye.

Masa Yagi

僕La La Land大好き?




내가 한국인 댓글을 찾은시점엔 이미 마리아나해구의 깊이만큼 내렸습니다

Paolo Ingegno

Beautiful story,great actors,lovely soundtrack.Love it!

César Ernesto Pérez Jiménez

No les entiendo nada a los comentarios ?



Juan Larios

Why this kind of video has ads? How to monetize it?? What happened with de copyright?

Côme Planas

Thank you very much !

Salala Seven

Love waking up to this soundtrack and play in my head all through the day!

Elfie Burner

The fancy sunshine yearly excite because smoke customarily separate since a same coke. yummy, instinctive belief

Julie Hinojosa

I cannot express how much I love this film. The soundtrack is just A1, I will never get it over it. My favorite film ever.

Shalom Ann Mathews

It takes you to an emotional ride❤️


Reed Williams

This is the best musical I’ve seen in years. Maybe it’s my favorite of all. I love the emotion it invokes, sort of a roller coaster. When Emma and Ryan promise to always love each other it’s believable, and the watcher wants it to be true. The last scene is really the fulfillment of that promise. The look they give each other at the end says so many things. They’re really proud of each other for doing what they were meant to do and are happy for each other. And their love for each other is timeless and perfect. Such a wonderful movie!

Allie Silber

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"it's wool" - this is so good

Ana Ceklic

The tan corn interestingly suspect because degree ironically attract down a flat bangladesh. lush, guarded substance

The Day Run


Timothy Yi

This makes me remember the good times of summer where we had no homework and were able to play all day in the sun :(( nostalgia the fullest.


All those days when everybody watched and fell in love with this movie feels like a bittersweet dream in this pandemic era.

Claire W

idk why but I kinda feel nostalgic every time listening to the soundtrack especially from here 14:07

daniel felipe serrato espinosa

Enserio soy el único que escribe en español aqui like si aun escuchas esto en 2021

south western

Planetarium - the most beautiful movie scene ever ❤️



clara garcia

my favorite movie since i was 11

Lilian Cunha

This soundtrack is simply lovely!



Quỳnh Nguyễn

Tròi má ôi phim lày đỉnh qué!!! Bài hát cũng đỉnh theo ông Giáo ạ!





Aneta Nováková

This movie is a masterpiece!


Probably the only movie I want so hard to jump and dance to, even when watching it in a movie theater...

Julia Rech

this film is sooooo good

Anthonella Rodriguez

Best Musical Ever!

Divina Monzon

I forgot how much i loved la la land til early 2020


The worst musical, If not the worst movie I have ever seen. No chemistry between the characters, the plot was crap and it just went on and on. Worse than Carol.

I miss the days of the Moulin Rouge and Sweeney Todd - Classics.

Joshua Lee

The vengeful nut empirically observe because iron unpredictably number around a overwrought male. glistening glorious, open foxglove

Love Each Day

The soundtrack out shines the movie




I've seen the film several times. I lost count!

Zinou Gasmi


Thành Minh


Max It

Wonderful movie, it's amazing, soundtrack

Дмитрий Добрынич и Чудо Света

Great film, amazing soundtrack! When we listen this magic music first time we immediately downloaded it and listen 10 times immediately in a row!
Thank you creation team of all of this!


is anyone else constantly listening to this in the background of their live lessons?

Daniel Moses

This my intro to La La Land. It would be appropriate to give some credit to the composer, Justin Hurwitz, and the lyricists, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.


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Korean time to pst

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[M/V] Sam Kim(샘김) - Breath(숨)

9 440 137 views | 28 Jun. 2020

[M/V] Sam Kim(샘김) -

[M/V] Sam Kim(샘김) - Breath(숨)

tvN Drama It's Okay to Not Be Okay(2020) Original Sound Track - Part.2

Now Available on :

▶Bugs : https://music.bugs.co.kr/album/985928



Naveeda C.

2:44!! This song usually starts to play when the female lead feels alone or depressed due to having sleep paralysis... As mentioned in the drama, Ko Mun-yeong has an extreme depressive disorder which causes her to act reckless and different from others. The male lead frequently hides his emotions from other so sometimes he has really bad mental breakdowns which is when this song starts to play. That’s why one of the lyrics from this song is (3:05)
“If I could stay with you, that day would be my last” which basically shows how both of the main characters went through a lot, but when Moon Gang-tae is with Ko Mun-yeong, he forgets about all the tough moments and and enjoys Ko Mun-yeong’s personality. The female lead is so numb inside that sometimes she forgets to cry her worries and fear from her own mother out. Ko Mun-yeong grew up in an extremely abusive household so she bottled up all her emotions and Gang-tae was the only one who got to see the soft side of Mun-yeong! The plot in this drama is absolutely magnificent!! THIS IS THE BEST KDRAMA I’VE EVER WATCHED!!

Rini Yuliana


Rafael James Samillano

i miss this ??? anyone 2021????

Ziya Cecile

Daily listeners✅

Resharyna Armian

SPBU Mena 25 januari 2021

shinta nur akmalia

song of the yearrrr



N Yang

Who would of thought a boy from Seattle sang this song.

Mikhayla Cleghorn

I still can’t move on I’m literally crying. Hearing the osts of this drama just makes my heart melt. If u haven’t seen it yet please switch with me so I can experience it the first time again!!

ash lee

When I heard this sound for somewhere, I already thought about this drama

Rizki Ekaputri

29 Jan 2021

Naipaporn Vongtanakiat

I've finished watching the drama but still listen to this song again and again. Is this song on Spotify? I can't find it. TT

Kaneshiro Jack


Aline Dirane

I love this drama ♥️

Tron Hut


Akinah Hanika

Also do check Sam Kim's songs◡‿◡✿
you'll feel relax

Llory Heart Cayabyab

miss u, soo-hyun

Jessica Rodriguez

Amo esta canción, tiene una voz tan dulce, me encanta.

Dye WithU

I miss them so bad

Patty Sithanomhuck

2021 who listen?


yall be talking abt the drama and i can’t blame you, but what abt the song?

Nita Saragih

Kirain penyanyinya kim so hyun

winter wind

i am patiently waiting for this song on Spotify for 6 months


kangen :(

maya febriyanti

why this song not available on spotify?

Simonny Melo

O melhor dorama da vida ?❤️❤️??

Baby Breath

why I cant find this song on Spotify?

Lulu Khusi

2021 anyone?

Your Page

This OST just gives me feelings I've never felt before


this is my first kdrama and i fell into kdrama world deeply after watching this
still cant get over in 2021

Aysha Mubashir

Who's here in 2021? ❤️✨

Tri Joko P Sudarmo

love love love this song.


[Verse 1]
기억할게 너와 웃던 순간
난 기억할게 너와 안고 있었던 시간

[Verse 2]
그리워할게 어디서도 난 너를
그리워하며 기다리고 또 기다릴게 널

하루가 모자라 쉬고
또 쉬었다 다시 생각해
너와 함께 한 순간
그 모든것 하나하나 까지

넌 내안에 숨 쉬어 (숨 쉬어)
그리움을 뱉고
내 마음이 들썩이게
넌 내안에서 숨을 쉬어

난 모든걸 잃고 (잃고)
네 그늘에 숨 쉬어
그 곳이 아름다운
세상이 될 수 있던건
니가 있기에
[Verse 3]
늘 떠올릴게 멀어져도 난 너를
더 생각할게 그리워지면 질수록 너를

쫒다가 숨이 차 쉬고
널 찾다가 헤매더라도
지울수 없어서, 생각이나서, 다시 난 달려가
참을수 없는 그리움이 날 매일 네게 보내

넌 내안에 숨 쉬어 (숨 쉬어)
그리움을 뱉고
내 마음이 들썩이게
넌 내안에서 숨을 쉬어

난 모든걸 잃고
네 그늘에 숨 쉬어
그 곳이 아름다운
세상이 될 수 있던건
니가 있기에

어떤 세상이든 널 곁에두고
너와 남을 수 있다면
그 하루가 내 마지막이어도 돼
짧은 그 순간마저
넌 내안에 숨 쉬어 (숨 쉬어)
그리움을 뱉고
내 마음이 들썩이게
넌 내안에서 숨을 쉬어

난 모든걸 잃고
네 그늘에 숨 쉬어
그 곳이 아름다운
세상이 될 수 있던건
니가 있기에

Anjali Diwakar

I am just in love with her killer smile.

Nayla Alicya

i want this music in spotify please..

syiqin fadill

Why this song doesnt in spotify??

Rachma Fitria Daniathi

pengen nangis dengernyaa :"))

alya kembang ratu

My favorite song


????? ?? ? ????????? ???? ????? ??? ??? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ???'? ?????? ????? ???????? ???? ???

Ay yi

I miss this drama, I miss Ko Moon Young everytime


I miss this so much :((((


sam kim king of osts

chodijah maarif

Why i can’t find in apple music??

Evi Armand

I melted & touchable, look they are so baby face and lovely couple❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ismi Dariwulan

Start 2021 with this song...

Muhammad Hafiz

why this OST is not in spotify ?


나비포옹법 토닥토닥
오늘의 나 수고했어

Hoàng Phạm

Ai có thể cho e xin link mp3 hoặc nhaccuatui đc k ạ?

Hoa Tra

0:22 so sexy moment

Ta Man

0:22 I like

Lina Bieber

I come back here many times. The beautifully soothing sounds it has reminding me of a sunshine who has come into my life like a dream ❤

Ivo Gismi Lestari

ireally like how Gangtae staring at munyeong



Am i the only one who can’t find this song on Spotify?


My relationship with kdramas is on and off since I always stumble upon the cringey ones but this... this was a whole masterpiece. I can’t describe how much it changed me. It made me accept my negative feelings and the pain, face them and then move on. It made me more empathetic and understanding towards people. It made me wanna become a better person.

Gam Pmnw


Catt D

That deer tho..... I wanted to strangle him more than I wanted to kill KMY's mother. And I'm an animal lover lol my feelings for this are strong.

My Boyfriend Is Do Kyung Soo

Akhirnya gimana sih gw lupa ?


I love sam kim so much

Kaizoku AnimexxX

I regret that I watch this first because I planned that I will start watching plenty of kdrama besides anime and US series, but now my plan is over cause I can't get over and I no longer have the courage to watch the other kdrama because of this masterpiece kdrama!!! I hope it will have another season or they will make another drama.

Dev Raj

Best Kdrama ever ❤️?

Bang Ben

Gw ga tau dramanya tapi gw senang lagunya

Amelia Andani

Blm bisa move on sm drama ini?

Aakash Verma

You know what i am just reading the comments while listening the song most of the people are saying that they are feeling sad and can't move on listen one thing ☺️ it's okay to be sad , to cry ,to stay for little while longer cause it's okay to be not okay ❤️

Choco dude

I cried hard in the last scene of the drama when Sang Tae says "Moon Gang Tae belongs to Moon Gang Tae" in his cute way of acting!! Sang tae is a great actor! He portrayed that character the best!!

Cristie Therissa

Can we talk about my man sam kim's voice??

olas Olas

Love, love.

dini dalilah

One of my fav!


How can a song be so beautiful, I'll play this song on my wedding ?

Egik Yojana

again, it's sam kim's legendary masterpiece. so proud of you, kim geonji!


It is 2021 now... the world is somewhat better... I watched IOTNBO during major times of quarantine in 2020.

It has helped me heal mentally and emotionally. Childhood trauma and how it affects you as an adult... how you try to keep a smile on when everything hurts.


My fav ost in this kdrama❤️It's really warm and beautiful ?

Joan Mabingnay


Rute Aurelina

Voz linda de Sam Kim????????☺????

Fauzan Ramadhan

Jadi inget si dia
Dia yang mengawali dan dia juga yang mengakhiri

Astrid Yuliana

Like this song???????

Nuha Jannah

My fave ost from the drama :(

Freda J

Beautiful song.

รุ่งฤดี จันสีคง

Very good Music and Movie


cant believe its been 6 months. Still one of if not the best dramas out there!

Maria Serliwiyanti

Auw the twins couples :)


me arte el corazón vera llorar así en la oscuridad :_(


Aku balik sini karena kangen;))

Bundanya Velyn

My favorit song DRAKOR??????

Fika Fika


Irene Sousa


Edward Troy Ramirez

2:33 I cried at this part and that so rare for me to happen.

Shaikh Daud





I just recently watched this drama and I can say that this drama and Cloy are the best drama of 2020.

silent night

Indonesia 2021 yang masih nonton angkat tangan wkkwwkw enak banegt adh lagunya


My queen ❤️??

Sand Hanitizer75

Perfect storylines. I'm crying... Kim soo hyun, seo ye ji and oh Jung Se really an amazing actors. They and this drama deserves win more awards

Nhung Doo

The best Kdrama i have watched♥

Stan OT7 Purple Hearts

I've been searching for this song forever!!!??

Rhudal Syamsuddin

Sumpah, ini bikin baperr bgt. Lagunya bagus bgt

Thanyarat Kantha

I can't move on.

John Billion

Stan Sam Kim!

John Billion

//sad body rolls

Korean time to pst

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정승환 (Jung Seung Hwan) - Day & Night Start Up OST Part 2 [스타트업 OST Part.2] Lyrics/가사 [Han|Rom|Eng]

1 750 605 views | 18 Oct. 2020


By AlphaSubs

Translation by AlphaSubs

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Curious Cat ?? https://curiouscat.me/sign_alpha

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정승환 (Jung Seung Hwan) - Day And Night Start Up OST Part 2 [스타트업 OST Part.2] Lyrics/가사 [Han|Rom|Eng]

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST english trans

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST lyrics

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST MV

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST Live

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST vietsub

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST indosub lirik

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST thaisub

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST espanol

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST pt-br

Jung Seung Hwan Day And Night Start Up OST 日本語

Bae Suzy Nam Joo Hyuk Kim Seonho Kang Han Na Start Up

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST 가사

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST MV

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST 라이브

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST 노래방

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST 1시간

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST OST 커버

정승환 Day & Night 스타트업 OST

배수지 남주혁

Moona Haddad

I didn’t even see the drama but this song is making me tear up idk why

try marisa



I dont watch the kdrama but i know good music if i hear one

Nita Indriani

Tiap dengerin lagu ini jd pengi golosor ke lantai sambil nangis sesenggukan...


The whole song hits different at night tho, especially 3:32

Reem Mohammed

واو تجنن بدون ما افهم الكلمات بتخليني ابكي ?

Claire Dumadapat


potato shooter

this guy deserves more hype

adityalingga prathama

Eps 16, 1L tears :')

Camelion Dandelion

akala ko~~~~

Camila Moura

Nossa que triste?


currently not doing well-

Sintia Triasningrum

I am listening to this song again again and again ?

Dominique v


I've Jimin's lost jams

My fav song????...now he's one of my fav singers.... Just saw Jongho of ateez and him did a cover on If it is you... Thats song is sooo good.. They did soo well??????


صوته يحرك مشاعري مره اف


this song is for all the second leads ?

Rhona Angela Ranit

What app did he use?

nurizati 13

thankyou sysydreams

citra bcl

Diputar ber ulang-ulang tetep enak...suka dengan vokalis nya....


this song feels like a rainy day after a breakup, but in a really pretty way.

hyejoo’s bestie !!


Agustin Romero

Conozco a sabrina

lovedrama lovedrama


Ummu Azz Zahra

ohmygodd i just acknowledge he is the same person who sings because of you at kpop star!

Fly Fiu Gaming

Just finished start-up this song just left a big impact on me ?????

Gyan Rosario

Perfect music when youre overthinking thank u, u saved me??

bangchan best leader

sobbing asf ??

Haqimi Hamdan

Me:Every single part is marvelous
This Song:wait until 3:30

Renata Lumia

This song make me feel like the sad main character suffering from pain

Koo Koo

I love this song but bro i didnt watch start up coz my namlee heart is still broken, no one’s gonna move on.

Nahar Arifuzin


Lelouch Zusaku

Why im crying for no reason while listing to this. I feel all the pain i have though i Don't know where it come from??


From 0:42 , woow I'm in love with this part , it's so soothing I can't help but harmonize this part

Alma hafi

Gara gara fadil jaidiii?


My fav soloist boy ???


I'm addicted to listening to this song!

Christine Flores


taehyung partyyeah

whenever i hear this song play it feels like i’m the main character in my own movie and here comes the part where i start singing like in every disney princess movie ???

Fairuz Lia



This better play at my funeral

꧁iced ._.innit꧂

This better be played at my funeral or I’m haunting my family for eternity

Fitri Ani

Love this song... make me cry if remember start up...

Gabriela Tello

This song aaa and I feel I must watch this kdrama
I heard the first minutes and started crying a lot

Migz Mercado

Here we go again, checking the osts after watching the whole drama. Omg, why is it hard to move on. Maybe because we can only feel the love while watching k dramas and not in real life since we don't have a relationship lol ??

ilmi khaerunisa

Aaiii i love this song, but make me sad ??

Neo Games

Ight time to go cry?

Jecky Thendean

damn i like this music TT

Giestzerdsa R Jhifazetge



Essa musica-??????

DeadByDan uwu

My fav song from the soundtrack!

peh ci

Siapa yg ngulek bawang disini ?

keziah rios

i truly am in love with this song even tho it makes me cry every time i hear and listen to it no matter what. His voice is a one of a kind and it can really touch peoples hearts in many ways<3

Judith Tupsy

This voice???❤️


this is my comfort song, i can cry to it. It just makes me feel safe.

Paula Alvarez

As much as I want to like Mr. Han, I couldn't, he's just so annoying to me. I'm sorry


just listening to this song makes me cry... it's so beautiful..

Charmaine Esther

im crying in the middle of night?

anika -

this song never fails to make me cry

Kaitlyn Diep

T-T ♡

Viacheslav Vasiliev

The first episode, the fate of her father, hit me so hard that I considered not watching this drama any further.



Haqimi Hamdan

What is the kdrama title anyone?? Let me knowww


Why does this just hit different ???

Myriam Bélair

i heard this song on tiktok and i've been looking for it ever since. I'm so happy to have FINALLY found it omg his voice is just so beautiful


Perfect ??

Pxtato Chvps

I love start uppppp I love The characters I love koreaaaaaaaaa

I don’t want 한지 평 to get together with 달미 I want 도산 to get together with 달미미미미미미미미미미 lol I’m watching episode 13 right now lol

Sangamithra Karthikkumar

My godd these lyrics ...Have also made me cry...The chemistry between dalmi and han ji pyeong was the besttttttttttttttttttttttt of dosan ..I thought han will get to be happy at the end...But nope....I was literally crying on first and last episode...And also in between...These lyrics hits so hard for me...It's okay even if I didn't get likes...I just wanted to say this from my bottom of my heart ♥♥


Nathaniel Fanoy

Me listening to this song for the 62527161628292728181th time and crying because every lyric hurts as if i have a lover lol


팬입니다. 새해복만이받으시구 승환님ᆢ늘 건강챙기며 노래하시길^^??

Kiel Writes

still longing for Mr. Han :<


Ive listened to this song so many times that i know the lyrics and im not a korean speaker



Nathaniel Fanoy

Not me crying because of this song

you farted

#teamgoodboy they could've been so happy together ???

International Music

His voice like Kim Jong Kook

kat kat

Is this song being played in True Beauty too? I've never watch Start Up but I heard this song before?


His voice just makes me cry so much inside
It makes me feel so broken oh my god

Rachel Navarro

Anyone here cause of true beauty ??

Silly Sage


clarinha silva

this song brings such a relaxing and good listening vibe, I could listen to it 5 times a day, congratulations the song is perfect


This song always reminds me of Grandma and Jipyeong in the bus station :(

Kerby Angnas

Is it just me or the music has similarities with lee chan sol's condolence ost in the series graceful friends

alexYT salinas

Alguien me dice de donde es esta cancion? Algun kdrama?


Fadil membuatku dtg hari ini kesini kwkwk


what k-drama is this from?

Malou Villar

Until now I still wonder why Seo Dal-mi didn't choose Han Ji Pyeong. ??

I like Pumpkins


choco la

im so proud of seunghwan :(


Crying for the second leads who didnt get the girl.

Edit: I just finished true beauty. (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

Sophia Abiegael

this song makes me so sad


Очень красивый ост...

Henza Audrey

Kesini gr" tik tok?

Moochiee min

Why is this so good. ??? I feel so heartbroken even though I never experience being in a relationship.


This lyrics are so meaningful. I cried. But I cried even harder when I think of the first episode of start up. Lmao

Whiny Paola

Hermoso tema ?✌️ saludos desde Perú ?

Min Yoonji


toxido mask

Akala ko . . ??

ani kim

Don't play it if ur sad cuz it will freak your tears out of control
By the way I'm not even sad and I'm (๑´̥̥̥>ω<̥̥̥`๑) crying
Fuck this is a masterpiece