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Sky Striker vs. Mekk-Knight Invoked!

351 views | 10 Feb. 2021


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gurkengottyt

Discord: https://discord.gg/rgaFUW5

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gurkengottyt

Ojama Gelb

Immer wenn ich nen Sky Striker sehe, muss ich denken, Junge such dir doch Engage mit Shizuku ??

burkal 1337

Sky striker best deck let's go. Und die random Personen waren auch ganz ok

Tim Culemann

Ich seh gerade, dass du endlich die 1000 Abos geknackt hast. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.


buuuuuuuuuuuuu invoked sucked

Mask TV

Statement des Tages. ,,Ich Gewinn sonst nicht, hab ich doch vorhin schon im Deck Profile gesagt" Xd

Looks Fuller

Glückwunsch zu den 1000 bre ✌??

Der Duellant

Alles Gute zu deinem 1k Abos!

Kebab Klatsche

Kommt heute wieder nen Stream ? Finde die sehr unterhaltend

Clana Card Opening

Ihh, Invoked?. Sky Striker ❤

Team Trish

Hahahhaha erster ihr lappen

Team Trish

Deck Profile bald da lul W



Team Trish


TK. Koloss

Road to 1K herzlichen Glückwunsch ???

Mr Hibo

Glückwunsch zu den 1K ?

The Stranger

Kommt das Deckprofile auch dazu :D?

avarizia _

Die anchor sind nicht alle secret. Schäm dich

The Raim

Zu wild diese Skilllastigen plays mit Sky Striker



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Power Up: Empowering Black music creatives

2 368 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Misteeq singer Sabrina

Misteeq singer Sabrina Washington speaks out on a new initiative called 'Power Up' which has been set up to support Black musicians.

40 Black music creators and industry professionals will be supported through the initiative explains Power Up's programme consultant Yaw Owusu.

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Liebe Campbell-Roberts

# DefundSkyNews

Michael Britain

It's never going to be Mainstream is it...

Declan Hanson

Help me I’m a victim blah blah blah

En dios confío

Empowering division

Independent Mind

Fk off with your agenda we can all see it.


Its the media that create and keep racism going!


Perhaps it's not the colour of skin that defines the success of singers/bands/artists/actors. Surely it's talent at any given time in each industry. Of course being racist is wrong, but just because they've been turned away isn't automatically someone being racist.

Joe T

imagine if a white musician set up an initiative to only support other white musicians

mark dance

Why does it have to be “ empowering black “ why can’t it just be empowering musicians?
And why is it always black racism ? There’s racism of every genre always occurring

david nope

Sky ..promoting racist views where there are none..openly supporting a facist Marxist political party in preventing murder of blacks then blaming whites killing police looting destroying property burning cities and screaming RACIIIISSSST at anyone with a different political opinion...odd black music everywhere, racist overtones, gang culture knife crime...she wants to ban non black music no doubt..racist woman racist news channel ...of she wants equality then why are so many blacks in the music industry ..millionaire types as well. Disgusting racist report..get rid of equality laws ensure the best get the job ..stop box ticking...and having a hate filled man anti UK anti English pro EU presenting this vile rubbish..stop racism defund the BBC defund sky

Matt C

He s right it does seem strange.

Truk Er

There's way more black people in music considering they only make less than 5 percent of the population
That's not equality that's discrimination against white people

jordan pilcher

The bbc have cancelled themselves with their stupid lefty wokeness

Darth Vader's Dad

Black's don't want equality they want supremacy.


ever hear of rap?

simon brown

Does this woman live under a rock ? Im pretty sure Ed Sheeran once slept on the street and plus he's not exactly a Peter Andre or One Direction look alike, , Gin . . . . Mike Skinner couldnt sign and he made his groundbreaking albums at home on his laptop. FIND another way to get their music out ? , , , stop, stop simon.

Mark Pepper

The liberal middle class do like to indulge their pets.

Irene Teare

This reporter is a devil...


More nonsense from Sky News when they aren't scare mongering.

The Odd Dish

Dont care dont care dont care.





There have been many great black musicians, Scott Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder and Wynton Marsalis to name just a few. It was a very long and steep decline from them to the black "musicians" that are foisted on us continually today.

Robert Fidler

There is so much "Black music" on the TV, Radio and Streaming I have given up listening to mainstream and just play the stuff I like to get away from it.

Calum Stewart

I'm so glad that woman at the start pointed out that she is a black female, otherwise I would of had no idea!



Carl skye Jacobson

How do black artists need more support,theres more black artists that white making it ffs

Ciara Jones

There's so many coloured artists, JAYZ and BEYONCE are Elite's.


Black music is crap its always on the radio.

Liebe Campbell-Roberts

They are finding 'victims' and bombarding us with upset. It's a trick to cause division between people. It's called 'critical theory' and it's a tactic. Don't fall for it we are all one ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?


Power Up: Super Mario has tested positive for Covid!

Paul Shutt


Parveen Gaddu

Please please please for the sake of humanity no more WAP songs


Music has always been diverse - I dont understand?

Matthew Chandler

Who are your real masters SKY?

eric lovelace

The shadow banning has gotten ridiculous now. Why are sky news so afraid of debate?

Simon Haque

Is Sky News a dedicated racism channel now? If they’re not bashing Brexit, they’re saying the country is a terrible place because white people are irredeemably racist

Joe Whittle

Typically trying to make an issue where there isn't one.

Malik Rahman

'People of colour AND black' is she now dividing people into sub-minorties. Isn't that what the whole agenda is against? Is she supporting black or other minorities? I'm lost? ??

Ivan Popowski

well, i am just waiting for the word "black" to be offensive - i have no idea why it's not already; after all, it would mean that they appear much darker than they are, including how the host does not even appear to resemble the colour white. perhaps it's like global warming - people support it to look cool (or stupid?) and create revenue streams like Mr Gore - and that's such an offensive surname too!!


Next thing we will get told, metal music is white-supremacist and should get cancelled.
Its coming guys.

روتين Ass fun


Rb Jj

I hope they do well but im so sick of the white liberal left obsessing over things like things lol they are obsessed with race its pathetic


More blatant racism from lie news.

John Smith

More virtue signalling BS from the woke globalists of Sky (fake) news.


Isn't this just a twisted form of segregation? Highlighting one race over another so they can proceed to succeed while others are left out, also, theres more races than just Caucasian and Black... Why aren't we pushing for all other races or better yet why dont we all just stfu about race in general.

Before some simpleton comes along, no, i am not Caucasian.


That sigh and tut at 0:59 is classic white male reporting about black females


????? nooooooo. Why not make a seperate channel for this sort of thing???? I just want to hear whats going on in the world. Report the news

Ximena Zea

Tired of the same BS!
They have problems with they own faces and skin.

Sam t

W** lives matter

Calum Stewart

Can we get a program for the racism faced by white rappers now please? And before someome thinks im being serious, I am aware and making fun of the fact that it is equally as pathetic as this is. I'm OVER FOCUSING ON PEOPLES SKIN COLOUR NOW SKY!

The glitz and the glamour

Just go all out on mix breading that's what I say

Ian Patrick

Always the victim


This fits the Sly News agenda

Carl skye Jacobson

Black this black that,its almost sounding racist if blacks want unity why they making the whole world dislike them by seperating themselves from all others,backwards

Jon Wiz

Why be in a continent that not your ethnic homeland ??? UK belongs to Anglo Saxons ???

Ed Ek

BS. There's talent right across the board, regardless of skin colour.

Same Fake Comments Section

So trying to stop racism, whilst simultaneously CREATING racism by excluding white people and helping blacks only.
Can we have one for WHITES-only?
Thought not, nor should there be.
This is yet more media fuelled ad state sponsored racism and divide and rule tactics.
SHAME on any black people who have anything to do with this outfit.
We need to know the names of all involved.

Ian Patrick

What about white Chinese Indian Pakistani people

Humanity Not Found

suck in those twitter likes

Ciara Jones

What about eminem? Was made fun of for being a white rapper.

Darth Vader's Dad

Black Privilege.

Black Economics TV

Glad to see this. People assume there is no racism in the music industry. Not true. Top Black music artists make it despite racism, not because of the absence of it. It’s an iceberg out there. For every successful black artist there are 200 others who have not made it. We look forward to seeing the change that Power Up will make. Thanks for Sky News for covering this.

Joe Keyes

Sly news and their woke agenda, nearly as bad as the BBC.

Darth Vader's Dad

The rise in racism in the United Kingdom started because of some BLM Neo-Marxists and the continued need to knee to them.
#alllivesmatter ✊?

eric lovelace

2/3 Any question of grants or funding would be laughed out the room, your application forms thrown into the bin or maybe even handed over to the pol ice for a possible Ha te spee Ch viol ation. The Media would utterly refuse to promote your organisation other than in a totally negative way, citing it as yet another example of W raYy -cism at work.

Daniel fisher

This is segregation. Exactly what Nelson Mandela fought against

julio rosa

Soundtrack: "Cry me a River", by Julie London.


I need an example of racism in the music industry that white people don't go through aswel.

Liebe Campbell-Roberts

They are finding 'victims' and bombarding us with upset. It's a trick to cause division between people. It's called 'critical theory' and it's a Marxist tactic. Don't fall for it we are all one ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

Paul Shaw

It's a shame this wasn't around sooner, then the Jackson 5, Supremes, Shirley Bassey etc would have had been recognised for their talent and been successful.



kieran 8

Oh here we go again ?


I have no care or interest for black people's rap crap, i'd much rather listen to white made music :)


Nobody CARES. Nobody likes music cos of the artists skin colour or Sexuality they like it cos it sounds good. Libtard


Ah yes, melanin levels are directly related to creativity, SkyNews.

D Fluke

Jeeeeezus this is all sooooo tiring and irritating....

The Cooper Tech Kid

Is this a joke!? Oh wait. It's Sky News. They deal exclusively in fairytale news.

Neil Savage

The Sly News presenter is no longer needed. He should resign and his position should be given to a black presenter.

Sid Snot

This is not racist ?


What a absolute load of crap, it’s based on if your music is absolute garbage.

XHugh JazzX

Shut up.

Andy Fisher


eric lovelace

3/3 My only question is; when did we become second class citizens in our own society?

paul clark

The only colour in art that matters is what is on the canvas or wall not the colour of those creating it. Sadly the world is not colour blind and the media want to keep it that way. Why cant they just be artists not black, white, pink or yellow ones.

Richard Humphrey

Seems a bit racist.

John Doe

Black black black, white white, black black, says the racist leftists.

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Light Spotted in Sky Following Likely Missile Test off Florida's East Coast

73 507 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Credit: Christopher

Credit: Christopher Escobar via Storyful


To purchase this video for media use visit http://video.storyful.com

For Storyful Newswire subscription inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/storyful

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Storyful

Alex Reed

никакое это не нло, обычная луна в облаках просто


Calm down it's only a space x launch.

Роман Сазонов

вот где мой квадра коптер

тетя мотя

это ракета летит из кореи

Олег Баринов


Global Predictor

This is FAKE

Авиабилеты - дешево

Это ракета со ступенью

Сергей К.

А я погляжу с мыла сюда народ понабежал глянуть на НЛО, а оказалась простая ракета. Даже ролик так называется )))) Падцталом ))))

Ваше Величество,

чем дело то кончилось???

diamand PS

и что тут страшного ? обычная ракета ...

A og

its starlink


Here's a video on ACTUAL Trident missile... check out the time stamp at 5:45.....
(Note the long defined smoke trail. )



\\\ mars

над морем?))) это комета какая то летит или еще что то!

Shamil Hache

I saw this too I was in homestead when this happened ...then it suddenly disappear...looks liked a proximity fuse missile ..then I was at home fort Myers and on wink news there was the anchor describing it as a US Navy test missile which I went to their page to get the link but they don't have it ....