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Twitter Tried to Cancel Mr.Beast for a 2014 joke...

153 174 views | 3 Sep. 2020

Twitter Tried to Cancel Mr

Twitter Tried to Cancel Mr Beast for a copypasta joke...

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The full story behind the meme:


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Lady Cutlass



Its like how Twitter tried to cancel Genghis Khan, a man whose been dead for 800 years. Twitter has the iq of a fucking paper weight

Johnathan Blair

leave it up to gen z to cancel an amazing person because of a joke he made half a decade ago

Dasha UwU

Conan gray was almost cancelled cause he made a the two genders joke on Twitter years ago... I hate that app so much


I deleted Twitter first. Just a terrible place filled with terrible people. Twitter is the home of the keyboard warriors.

Wyatt Alexander

This is absolutely not transphobic they are using comedy to tackle a sensitive topic and issue and people can’t handle that because they are too sensitive get a life everyone trying to cancel others for things they have already worked on like their some kind of saint I’m sick of it.


I identify as ironman.

禁Snickers X Clorox

If you can’t handle a fucking joke than you should really not have the most toxic social media


How do people not have backbone. I guaranty that all those people claim the video is " Transphobic" unholy word by the way ?, probably know there's nothing wrong with the video and they just want to act like there special because they got "offended".

Person Guy

seems like people think it's supposed to be some kind of fun game to cancel everybody possible

Andy J Can’t

I never liked Mr Beast, I like him now. I stand with Mr. Beast.

hugh janus

I'm trans ftm and I hate people getting offended on my behalf


I don’t have twitter or Facebook.

Sebastian chaves

Leave my sire beast alooooooooooone

moogie joogie

Why does everyone hate DefNoodles lmfao

Pizza Boi

Twitter mostly has Home to the most insensitive Idiots in history


Hey that Dennis’ tweet lol nice

The Codex

Literally people will try to cancel you from something years ago..FUCKING YEARS AGO


kinda miss when beast was in his room telling us he would steal our cookies

Madison Smith

I feel like Atozy is one of the authentic content creators that isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I totally agree with all the points he made in this video about how content creators are constantly walking on thin ice, hoping one post from their past won’t ruin their career! It’s sad that people would rather focus on the negative stuff that happened YEARS ago rather than all the stuff he has done for people now.


2016* he even says it in the video

Mehe Ahmed





that example is so perfect oh my gosh ! this whole thing about digging up stuff about someone is not that smart and even is being desperate


I literally love defnoodles ?


I'm trans and I think its funny

Colden Buried

Yeah, one will do well to remember making trans jokes/race jokes ect.. time doesn't have a limit on that. Freedom of speech isn't protected on social media and this isn't freedom of speech. This shit can be a job killer.

Death DS

Good thing i didnt download twitter cus if i did i would lose braincells

DeepFried Oreo

Uhm, it's [Pa-pie-row-fobe] like a pyro. Papyrophobe.


so twitter will defend a "sad art school reject" who killed thousands of jewish people because he was misunderstood but cancel mr breast for making fun of how people can sexually identify as INANIMATE OBJECTS?????????

Arif Muzaki

Damn 2020 really is a doozy of a year, it got people digging up shit from past years just to make this year more interesting

Sura Cakir

This was funny nobody can change my mind yD

rami4470 rami4470

He thankfully didnt get cancelled and nothing happen


"You can't have humanity without humans" So we all aliens?

Beam uThrow

person: says something bad 9 years ago

all of twitter: hi how are ya


Only real ones remember the giant Asian sticker on the wall and the worst intros series

Kassandra O

The people in Mr beasts channel are most likely good or at least okay people if it took years for people to start canceling them.

Rawrxd2008 uwu

There has to be some kind of statute of limitations for cancel culture.


“I feel like we’re entering this era where celebrities and content creators are just permanently on thin ice.”
So well put!

Zaheer Sarang

Not sure why it is bad....

Bla Bla

Kinda the same with Shane he’s getting canceled because of things he did in the past yes I’m talking about the James and all thing too because that’s in the past too and I don’t know if you ever experienced this but there’s something called change, maturing and growth now you know, no need to thank me babe ❤️

Patrick Bang

i was dead at that OG apache post lol
"check your vehicle privilege" LMFAO


This would be dumb if he said it now but shit was different in 2016


Seriously people need to stop getting so pissy about jokes from the past.


Me: reads title
Also me: everyone getting cancelled

большой член

rick good vlone bad

Lewis Spears

Thanks for the kind words my bro, great stuff

Mikey Crowe

I thought it was a good joke and it's not trans phobic to know for a scientific fact that there are 2 genders 2 genders male or female and sometimes someone is actually born with both sexual organs their called hermaphrodites if a man wants to invert his junk to become a woman that's his or hers business but to claim that there are 52 62 hell even 4 genders is utter bullshit and I call those ppl Sciencephobes

Nathan Waddell



Imagine being offended by some Shit from 2014

I cry a lot Because I’m sad

When YouTube is so cooked u have to censor the word sex in sexually

poppeh 1408

Cancel culture is toxic you might have said something dumb 7 years ago and now you've educated yourself but cancelling s*x offenders, paedophiles ect is fair enough they deserve to be cancelled

Banana Bob127

Bruh did jackcepticye give you that lamp?


the helicopter sound effect during the reading was a nice touch lol


Then there are people that say "Kill All Men" but they've been quiet since the dude on tiktok committed suicide and they all said "It WaS sOoO tRaUmItIzInG" lmao, sad the dude had to do it like that but kinda weird they say kill all men and couldn't handle seeing one dead.


I love yall but him being generous is not really a defence for transphobia ?




I know I’m late but what if someone on Twitter watched south park


So he saves millions of people, helps the planet and helps tons more people, but he gets canceled for a mistake he made 6 YEARS AGO. WAKE UP YOUTUBE. YOU SUCK

moogie joogie

I’m not sure what Mr Beast does now as for content, but that video is 1) blatantly unfunny and 2) inherently transphobic. I feel like he shouldn’t be reprimanded, as it’s been 4 years, but if he were to make a tweet in support of trans rights I think it would go over well (: he seems to be well respected in the community and I can understand that he didn’t come up with the inherently transphobic aspect of the video on his own.

Dominique Garcia

I recently discovered your channel. I really like your style. You have a whole no bullshit kinda vibe going on for ya. I dig that. Keep up the good work.

Renner Ruiz

Yes do another video with lowis spears


what if we canceled cancel culture


ur camera shaking makes me feel sick can you please stop lol


Imagine attacking a guy who has donated over 20mil

Ella Elliott

this is making my head hurt

Sebastian chaves

So the gender form of government was angery

True CenimaSins

Says an offensive joke 6 years ago:

6 years later: LETS CANCEL HIM

Ishiru Taekakura

I've seen Def Noodles name around few times, he one of those type of people is he? XD He's clearly after cloat.

Destiny Corsi

The literal only ONLY thing mr.beast needs to be canceled for is his rape jokes from his earlier videos and the ones from 2 years ago...Besides that he's a good guy.

Andy J Can’t

I identify as a Honda Civic. Stop calling me gay !

Madam Gryffindor

People who are THIS retarded and sensitive has no right to be on the internet if they are like this....

Its Abdulla Film AS

it's funny as shit

Christmas Jot

It's a literal joke- I- these people are dumbasses.

Doom II Archvile

Now just picture how great things would be,if this kind of thing became law, with statute of limitations reaching far back.

Sounds like a lot of unnecessary chaos.


I personally think morgz should be canceled more than me beast


love the lewis snippit. !! good aussie creator

Jonathan Dotter

People get triggered over the smallest things because their life isn’t exciting enough without drama. In other words, they’re trying to get attention.


....well this is just stupid

C4tb0y L

Defnoodles is annoying

Kaz M

I don't care what Mrbeast did. But using the argument " Mr Beast HeLps SO MaNY PeOPle, and shouldn't be cancelled is stupid". His whole brand is to help people and giving money away, not to mention it's a business expense. Idk Jimmys intentions, but just because some gives money away doesn't mean they are free for criticism

Box Zing

I sexually identify as a box, ever since I was a little boy I love the thought of putting stuff and carrying boxes, Some might say that being a box is imposible and that I'm retarded but I'm having a surgery to remove all my bones and fold me into a cube. If you don't accept me you are a Boxphobe, Thank you for understanding

Player Pimp


Art By Megan B

People who get upset for being misgendered should educate others instead of labeling them. He thinks it’s okay to do that and think people who are gender fluid are like that.

Nasty Wolf Entertainment

My whole thing is cancel culture is toxic we give some people passes but not others he apologized and is a good person he also addressed it. Just leave it I wanna know what’s up with his company taking out that small business loan

Tanuk Hapangama

People should just move away from twitter, it is a paradise for fucking morons. Legends doesn't belong there.


I'm ashamed to be apart of this generation

Marco Trejo

I hate how people like bad presidents not saying who but get mad about a freaking joke


Everyone on the internet is so two faced.

Kaitlyn Gray

does it hurt anybody NO its it offensive NO so why are people going after him like I actually don't understand


this really shows in any mcyter's fandom. its fuckin messed up.

Em Jenkins

it is a crappy transphobic joke. but back then it was fine and common. He did nothing wrong. It was 2016 like omfg

Ishiru Taekakura

Twitter is just toxic in general over sensitive xD


You do know that everything from 2010-2016 was offensive humour right? Now trying to cancel someone over it

Soft Hugs

Although i don't think its transphobic its not for you to decide because you have never questioned your gender or changed your gender. You can't apologize or make it less serious than trans people think it is. If a trans person says it offended them then its offensive. And bringing up all his good doing doesn't excuse the offensive things he did. ITS NOT FOR YOU TO TAKE OFFENSIVE TO IF YOU ARE NOT TRANS. YOUR NOT THE ONE THAT SHOULD BE APOLOGIZED TOO


These people have obviously not been through the cycle of memes from 2008 to now.

Everything that's considered offensive now is something we joked about and posted on our social media accounts.

Nifty Missi

Good luck twitter, he literally has more subscribers than there are people on the entire continent of Australia.

RD Angie aka angelang83

Lol Def Noodles is extremely satirical. 100% of the time. It’s totally his brand, and it’s amazing


The most 2014 thing I've seen is



There needs to be an expiration date on when people can call people out for things I think. Like a year or two, cause after that there’s a good chance the person has changed, and if they haven’t then there would be more recent things to fuck people over with. This also should depend on the seriousness, but most of the time it’s just some community got offended cause someone wasn’t PC

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MrBeast LEAKS Dream's Face Reveal on Twitter!

950 908 views | 3 Jan. 2021

MrBeast LEAKS Dream's

MrBeast LEAKS Dream's Face Reveal on Twitter!

This video is most likely about Dream or MrBeast, both Dream AND Mrbeast are very cool creators, Mrbeast has been on youtube WAY longer than Dream, but Dreams success in the past year has been UNBELIVABLE, so I made a JOKE video about MrBeast LEAKING Dream’s Face Reveal, I love you both, Dream and Mrbeast.

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Love each and every one of you, and enjoy the video which is most likely about Dream and MrBeast!

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family friendly pg clean




Samuel Hernandez

POV: You looked in the comments to see if this is fake

The plush bros ultimate / me the same person

fake fAkE FaKe FAKE

GAM3 0ver

jokes on you bc i skiped to the end


You got rickrolled lol



Siouxx Alves #TeamSaN

i was expecting a rickroll


the second i saw that link i knew bc i know that link like its my life


subscribe now or bad luck for 69 years.

karthik donepudi


Dominykas xD

i did not fall for that because i know what link is that lol

Alim Plays

I knew that was coming. That was so predictable.

maksym kormylo


Noah Allton-Reynolds

The link Wes edited in anyways

Alex Dreamsシ

It took so long


This is fake


ALL THAT, just to get Rickrolled!

The Lighter

Wait jake pall stoped gaming vids right when dream started sooo is dream jake Paul

Myo Pa Pa Aung

Give me link too

That Typical Minecraft Youtuber

As soon I saw saw the link he was gonna type in I knew it was a rickroll I've memorized that stupid link by heart

Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

Plot twist: Dream is Bob Ross.


Jschlatt/idubz lookin ass

Charles Jayson Atienza

I got rick rolled for 2283 times and now its 2284 yeh im still happy with that cuz i like the song

TehBrianSpartan 40



That reaction tho xD



potato man

Knew it was a rick roll bc that just how it is

Ganesh Kumar

You just got rickrolled......LOL


i saw it coming I hate you im unsubscribing FYI i can remember that link from the billion other rick rolls i got

gianna skroski

Him:im not gonna be that disappointed if it doesn't show
Emd:shows never gonna give u up he screms WHAT!!!

omid seyedi

Rick astleied


Come on man the thumbnail looks fake

Roblox4 life13

I actually just guest what will happen when he presses enter

Syed Abdulrahman Hussaini


Tail Gamer


Aminath Shaifa Saeed

Dream Is My Luv ?

Cosmo Varney

I already knew from the link

•Trendex YT•

When he typed the link i feel like it was a rick roll and guess what i knew it!


When I saw that link i immediately jumped off my seat and screamed,"FUCK YOU RICK, FUCK YOU!"

Joel Soto


rukh samad

Damn i really fell for this joke

Alexis Avilanes

I Knew

ツSamuPro 099


Clem Ian

Huh I dont get it ;-;

surviv spectater

got rick rolled

zhilin He



Holy fuck he just got ricked rolled

tanvi Oodawonth

i not got rickroll cause i read comment

Ryland Carroll

no one likes your scam content


i memorized the link so it was no that suprising

Skorylo Wolf

looooooool, i knew what was going to happen from the time you typed the link xD. Good thing i stopped at the right moment ;)


1:57 thanks for watching my video! BTW Rick rolled!!!


. . . I just got rick rolled now I hate my life

Ferosiz Bg


Laimazing Gamezs

Yeh ok I just got Rick rolled that FINE!

Krystel Zen 2

I knew it was a rickroll



Kash KC



people of culture know that the link is never gonna give you up

BruiserCruiser but troll face

How does someone act like you



The Penguin Team

We will see him once in life

cheesy man

this is a joke right?

Zoey Blxue

"Dream bitch boi"

omid seyedi

That is so rude

Mister Maple Syrup

I recognised the link
You can’t fool me

Perhe Bang

Didn't got me.

JUST chill

Either the dislikes are for the rickroll, or they didn't watch the full video and thought it was a troll.

rickster.p Palacios

Fred Is Dream and quackity is Ugly af

fury destroyer

I called it

Professor Gingy

Ummm are you sure I thought dream hair is blonde the thumbnail shows a brown colored hair boy

Brad Baliram



I am a hater


I hate you

Goldie is my bestie

Lol i readed comments before watching video i will nit get rickrolled u dumb


Mr beast leaks face Dream: *Man hunt music intensifys



Fire Phoenix

I saw that coming


0:27 i am more for tommys tweet just found out what MILF stands for

Niksterv2 The second one


Penguin Playz

0:31 lol man can’t take a joke

CG - 2605

Rick is handsome quackity and tommy are the ugly one


U just got rickrolled by me

XxNaomi_ PlayzxX

Get rick rolled

Lilian Black


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hp 546

Fucking danm it got rickrolled again


I recognize that link...


I ain't gonna fall for that ;)

Le boiy

I saw Im gonna get Rick Rolled

cakeyj boi

the all know the great scam

BruiserCruiser but troll face

Oh wait dream is Jshlatt bruh how

Cookies Revolution

I knew it was a rick-roll

rukh samad

This is fake

Pastelz _Kitty _Gaming701

You've Been Rickrolled

Jack the Crocodile

Lol lol ? ?

YellowyJessa YellowyJessa

Plot twist: dream is a robot and has that face not a real face


i remember watching this 1 month ago and 5 days ago on sunday ?

laura king

nope i n\know thats rick astley

Mr beast twitter

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MrBeast Has Been 'Cancelled'

157 728 views | 30 Aug. 2020

I can't believe MrBeast

I can't believe MrBeast made a joke. This is horrible, we all know humor is forbidden in 2020. CANCEL HIM!


Instagram ➤ https://www.instagram.com/memeifyofficial/

Steam ➤ https://steamcommunity.com/id/memeifyofficial

Vine ➤ lmao you thought

this is unironically one of the worst dramas i've ever seen in my life, and I hope you fellas got as much of a kick & laugh out of it as much as I did.

Emanuel Lopez

So what am homophobic tf you going to do about it

Ohhh stinky

Evil=man who gives away islands and 1mil dollers

Kerry Young

I am offended that so many idiots are taking this stupid shit so seriously it’s just a stupid corny joke people I think it’s time to get over yourself’s and quit acting like such supersensitive overly emotional little bitches

Cawub Gamer

Me saying to my self if I could talk to the guy
Me: dude shut up cause your just mad so shut up cause if you don’t like it then don’t watch it geez

Snowboyhot 123

Guys i can't see a video casue it will offenses the blind community help

ssj3 jaylen

I fucking hate this planet the one person I liked and wanted nothing bad to happen it fucking happens I am so done with humanity fuck


Surprised they ain't canceling you ?they be pussys


Bruh, this was so funny. Make youtube great again


This same guy who tried to shit on Mr. Beast, is literally being shit on right now

AttackingCookie _TTV

I am offended by the video because I register as A-10 thunderbolt II and they didn't put me on the list

misandrist twink

transphobia is transphobia. he made a transphobic joke and he should apologise, this isnt up to cis people. no cancellation necessary


Why don't we just cancel Twitter? They be canceling everyone




i’m an “alt girl” and i don’t condone cancel culture

Lynn Sallo

i wish twiter canceld culture is banned

Josh Kam

Just Notist 11:11 Make A Wish?

Jacob Hathorn

Gen z is dumb


I’ve watched beast since 2015, and a lot in 2016, and being honest when I first watched that it was the funniest shit ever


i actually identify as a shirt myself

Banana Apple

See this is why I don’t have Twitter

Fahad Zwxctr Sta Maria

I hate different kinds of ppl but not all gay ppl.


def has change over the years ? before he makes reactions to stuff now it's new its becoming hes downfall


I don’t even know anymore

Babe Smirk

bruh, these people on the cancel culture are such snowflakes. I'm trans, and I love that video! I genuinely thought it was funny!!


I don’t want to live on this world anymore

No name Yet

I think we should cancel all the people keep trying to cancel everybody

Plain Bagel

Hey!! So since your cis you really don’t have a place to say if it’s transphobic or not! Just letting you know


these people are like "you cant forgive him unless youre transgender!" like yeah ok makes sense but you cant get offended if youre not transgender.

Corylin lmao

HEY! Stop breathing! That is incredibly offensive to dead people, how would you feel if you were a dead person and someone else was breathing beside you?

zachary hyder

Def noodles is canceled

TheMinecraftChallenger2020s 2nd channel!

I’m a fan of insquitormaster

Andres Vazquez

Attack helicopter

Hunter Thompson

Don’t like to use this word bc it’s cringe and used to justify dumb shit but goddamn these people are snowflakes


As a trans person fuck off do not drag mr beast into some dumb cancel culture shit

Ninja Kitty

Hey how about we cancel humans, they have done so many mistakes. Getting rid of them will solve everything!

Saffiyah Armyy

Ok so we canceling someone who donated alot to food banks,give ppl money,cars and stuff for free,planted 20m trees,for just a joke in 2016 which was normal in that time ,yeah this gen is fuxked up(Sorry if my english is bad)

Mr. Mystery

And how is it transphobic in the first place?

Caprina Buttram

I swear Gen Z is just ruining the internet

K1ll M3

Knock knock
who's there?
The cancel community

Phylicia M

At this rate breathing will be canceled by next month

Tenzin Lekstok

This true it's not anyone it's the media who does this...

*insert Music

What about the 60 sec in africa guy

He said the same thing


Lol imagine being offended at a true statement. Snowflakes.

Mr. Mystery

Notice every video he talks about people being canceled he’s playing this game idr the name of it mb

_ Fr3shy _

As someone who is genderfaun, wow, this is stupid



Kawaii Snail Senpai

I’m genderfluid and... dude I literally hate my fucking community oh my god. We can not make a SINGLE joke without being told “Omg that’s so offensive” like... shut the fuck up


I can’t wait for people to start calling Memeify homophobic because he said “gay keept” instead of “gay kept”...

BB Campbell

Someone solves world hunger, makes world peace,makes the world a overall better place,

Someone remember that thing from 30 years ago?


knock knock jokes are offensive to people without hands bc they can’t knock !!!!!

Manny Garmr

We live in a society

potato man

Knock knock

Whos there


Canceled who


Robot Mario

i had a trans gae bf and he didnt give a fuck


why would you want to do this to a guy that donates millions of his dollars to ppl in need and charities it's sad what ppl have become bc that is complete and utter bullshit


Somebody on twitter: breathes




GenZtards am I right?


His voice is annoying

Thelma Binz

Y’all can’t cancel mr beast cuz he has done more than any of y’all have everydone in your life

chac h

isn't this guy a satirical Twitter account?


??? this is sooo fuckin funnnny ?????

Bruh Moment

Shouldnt cancelling be used against actual serious things... like REAL pedos and REAL racists on the internet, not jokes made by people from 4+ years ago that have literally been amazing people ever since

Abiqaell _

this guy helped so many people and this is what y’all do ?

Jasper Gleam

i think the video is fine, but next time you should blur out smaller ppls names, because since you have a larger following people who post stuff they disagree with are bound to get harassed or something


There are too many softies that get easily "offended" in our world...they need to honestly seek help


Default settings gang wya


It’s confirmed you can’t live because of dead people


How the hell do you cancel such a big thing

Nova Hippo

I mean, it is hurtful and wrong

But he shouldn’t be canceled for something that happened 4 years ago....


Google thinks I'm a 80 year old bed sheet

Vincent Ulinski

Oh my god i could only watch the first minute i feel soo offended

Dontae Gomez

Can I say u suck and ur **dum

my hand

Y'all need Jesus.(not a crusader)
Ppl getting crappier

Artsy Homo

Oh wow another straight guy upset with your logic white people can joke about black people


guys, cancel air, it's not black


It’s so offensive to new mr beast fans that you watched the 2016 video smh


I’m trans and honestly, this shit is embarrassing.


as a trans person this is fucking hilarious. theres two genders lol why is everyone so offended


This reminds me of an image I just saw a little bit ago, where a bunch of people were going off at this girl for calling her now female farther a man in the video. Even tho the whole video was about how abusive he was and how he pointed a gun at his head and said if u don’t support me I’ll pull this trigger. Like bro, this is why people don’t support trans

Corylin lmao

Bro I'm gender neutral and the video made me actually laugh, I have a suggestion, let's cancel cancel culture.

Erin Lee

bruh ur speaking in this video? that's so offensive to mute and deaf people who can't hear what ur saying. i never talk to make sure im not offensive to them and everyone should do the same. smh

Chicken Wings

As a Pangender/Genderfluid person, I thought the joke was funny


peope that wuz here when memeify wuznt verified

Bella James

Hey guys guess what...



All a i care about is that bonetrousle is playing in the background

Martin Martini

People are so sensitive nowadays

king wither skull



What does canceled mean


I knew this was fake because he has over 20 mill Views A video just wanna see what it was

Anh Tran

Why have we not canceled the cancel trend???

Leigha Strobbe

The people who cancel him are dissapointing. I mean he has made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR CHARITY. This crap is stupid.

LampMan 136

When he doesn’t get cancelled


My lord, soon wearing sun glasses will be considered offensive to blind people


careful now. you might get cancelled :c

Nova Hippo

3:00 what’s worse. A white guys saying he hates black guys

Or a black guy saying he hates black guys?


Honestly he used to be a fucking asshole but he became such an amazing person he’s living proof that people can change and be better he is so much better now he went from making fun of people to helping them he’s wonderful!

tiny sheep fan

your not allowed to live, it’s offensive to dead people.


You know I’m being 100% serious here memeify is probably not gonna be too off from people getting canceled from making a fucking dad joke in a few years.

Dank Daniel

God these kids are trying to cancel every youtuber it’s litteraly 4 years ago