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Can Luckin Coffee Stock Rebound? ($LKNCY/$LK UPDATE)

2 061 views | 6 Jan. 2021

The Lead: Why Luckin

The Lead: Why Luckin Coffee Stock has a the rare chance to make a comeback after being delisted.

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About one year ago, Luckin Coffee was trading at $50/share and was being taken highly seriously as a rival for Starbucks. After a massive accounting scandal, where it was reported that Luckin fabricated their sales figures and lied to investors about the true amount of their losses, the stock crashed. A lot of people kicked Luckin to the curve and nobody talks about it now on youtube but I never completely forgot this stock.

Now after a month where Luckin Coffee has doubled in share price and investors see a light at the end of the tunnel, I want to take another look with you guys at Luckin to see if there is ever a circumstance that could make this company worth investing in.


Luckin was billed as the Starbucks of China, but the futuristic version of Starbucks. The company is based around mobile technology and efficiency. The locations are cheap, easy to set up and lightly staffed. They bet on mobile savvy consumers, the younger coffee drinking generation.

Scandal and Fallout:

Scandal: In early 2020, there was an internal company investigation that revealed the Luckin COO Jian Liu and employees fabricated $310 million of company transactions. That amounts to around 40% of projected sales. As a result of this scandal, Luckin stock fell over 90% from high’s in the beginning of the year.


Investors assumed that Luckin would get slammed with punishments from regulatory agencies that would drive the company into bankruptcy and send the shares into worthless level territory.

It looked like they would. Luckin got delisted on June 26, 2020 from the NASDAQ and shuffled to the over the counter markets which are much less traded and harder to trade.

Luckin Stock fell from a market cap of nearly $100B to just over $2B at the end of the scandal, something like a 98% drop in share price.


The Current Status of Luckin Stock:

Here’s where we’re at with Luckin.

Luckin Coffee reported having around $780m cash on its balance sheet as of late June, 2020. Subtract around $190m for fines and penalties and that leaves the company with $590m in cash.

Luckin essentially solved a lawsuit instead of being financially crushed beyond repair for lying to investors. So now what is really left of Luckin and their infrastructure and presence in China?

1) Luckin Coffee Achieved overall profitability at the store level.

a. More than 60% of the stores that Luckin has are profitable individually at a store level.

2) The Joint Provisional Liquidators examination of Luckin say the company should become cash flow breakeven in the first half of 2023.

3) Sales reach between 1.01B and 1.88B by 2023 that will be up $603m from this year.


?Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are entertainment purposes only. Any stocks discussed on the video are not to be considered “investment recommendations”. Unless investments are FDIC insured, they may decline in value and/or disappear entirely. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.







Mark Hall

Love Luckin Coffee!!! I'm up 237% @ $2.89 a share. They are too big to fail, too many employees and stores. The SEC gave them a slap on the wrist (they do not want LC to fail). I'll be buying more tomorrow and won't sell it until it reaches the $30's, if then.

carlos danger

The NFT option is a literal game changer. Ultra looks great, I will have to check out what they are up to in the future. I would like to sponsor your videos and quite possibly your patreon broadcasts going forward if that's something you'd be interested in. Keep up the great work this is great to follow.


Also as we wait for the Coffee ☕️ numbers to go up , they sell a huge amount of tea drinks as well !

Rochelle T

I'm excited to see this project grow. I'll be watching.

Hot Girls Video XXX

Very happy ?? ??♥️❤️

Peter Hogeveen

Sounds awesom! I bought a little bit as well :)


Got in at @6.90 and going up!!!!

Freerk Bethlehem

But will it run games on Linux.

Nek L

And.... it’s gone

SuckaPunch Entertainment

Where do I buy tokens?


i subscribed instantly when i saw this video's title. Weather Luckin can come back or not, it does not matter. You spirit of research and presentation into this matters.


U remind me of a smarter an cooler Ali a ? good vid btw

Ballers Anonymous

what do you guys 5hink about the report. Is it gambling or a smart play.


i hate needle references!!! lol

Hai Lu

I still don't understand, what is the risk? Is it bankruptcy? That would be the ultimate death sentence. Which will not likely to happen. They have too much money on hand and selling alot of coffee. Not a dead company. If a scandal of this magnitude can't kill it, nothing will. If bankruptcy was to happen, it would've happen 6 months ago not now. So where is the risk?


Pretty bullish on #Ultra as well. Everything about it seems great, im just slightly worried if there is gonna be a REX problem or we might see too few block producers which end up being triple A studios, whom will insert policies on the chain to keep little studios out.

Khad din

Hi thanks so much your videos are great. Do you have any videos for beginners?


Very interesting concept and I really liked your earlier interview with the two founders. My only concern is the degree of centralization with this project. Apparently token holders will not have the ability to vote on this chain, rather Ultra alone will authorize all the block producers. I understand the need for performance, but I'm concerned that censorship-resistance will suffer. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Thanks for the updated review.

Xiao Yang

Need to talk about their internal management fight. There was a letter jointly signed by senior management to expel company CEO and Chairman Guo Jinyi who replied it was a conspiracy of former founder John Lu and Jenny Qian. Invest if you have insight on that.


the eos.io ecosystem is wild and its just starting

mr. finance


Penny Gaff



Long since 1.6 dollars ? ?


Regarding minute 6:10 you are telling something wrong. The text says "port games FROM platforms such as Steam" etc. But you are saying: Port games to Steam, Xbox, Ultra and also universal SDK as well. So that's a big difference.

Ballers Anonymous

Videos is good BUT anyone with an 8th grade video has read this. What about the bond holders, what type of options do they have, share dilution, dates... who's buying lucking ark black rock... Read the sec files its extremely tedious but that would be something ORGINAL. C- we already kniw all this shit, we need nitty gritty.

Dave Adams

Hey man! Good to hear from you! I wish you health for your mother and hope things gonna get soon very good! Cheers!

Vince D

Hi MDX, I'm a bit worried that Ultra is too young compared to Enjin that has already a lot of users and a solid community. What does Ultra do better than Enjin in your view and could they survive together in the future ?

Exoteric Betelgeuse

Can NFT be used to implement a paywall tied to BTC or USD that can be used to find little tasks for low income people. Play as an NPC against subscribing gamers or strategy games to find business models that click with unexplored monetary protocols in supply chain logistics or stabilize coins against collateral with manageable aspects of gambling where you cant lose your shirt but make money in strategy . I need more. ? Prospectors got me thinking about Obama phones and sovereign derivatives funds. God Speed my good dude.


Good place to buy...US friendly exchange?

Lin OVE3

Thanks. enjin competitor ?

MDX Crypto

Which features excite you the most about ultra?
Ultra: ?https://ultra.io
UOS Tokens: ?https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ultra/
Ultra Telegram: ? https://t.me/ultra_io

The Mixed Hippie

Where can I scoop some of that UOS?!

Igor Famin

Hello! Lucky day! I like your new review and analysis on this topic. You know her well and are well versed in her. It’s good for me to know. You tell interesting, cheerful. Cryptocurrency theme is one of my favorites, so like is a must. You have not met with the cryptocurrency PRIZM (PZM) before? If yes, then write, please, what do you think about her and what are her prospects. If not, then you can pay attention to it, of course, if you have a desire. It has advantages over existing cryptocurrencies. For example. She has an official state registration as a computer program for computers, created to pay for goods and services. There is a mobile application that can use the details or a QR code send coins. The highest level of wallet security! PRIZM will change the planet. The theme is just wonderful. Change your life, study and get a coin to all good luck!


tipped you about 100 quid, keep up the good work, cheers


No one is going to use this. Project abandoned, no more commits on GitHub.

Kelvin Janssens

Sounds awesome! Still, I am gonna stick to bitcoin.com games, they are easy games with easy earning opportunities of BTC, only a few games are reliable& can be trusted & that's one of them, & as if an investment purpose I believe cwv.io would be great in future, we can create games, apps of any use, all this with advance blockchain3.0, a firm like it has got the high scope in the feature!

Perfect Linguist

Great video thanks for sharing. If you had to invest in one, would you pick ENJ or UOS?

Mell Pearce

This could be massive ??

Lk share price

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? Luckin Coffee Stock Valuation? Let's give it a try, despite the trading halt. 瑞幸咖啡 $LK

5 919 views | 7 May. 2020

Luckin Coffee (瑞幸咖啡 $LK)

Luckin Coffee (瑞幸咖啡 $LK) Stock is still in a T12 trading halt. However, I will attempt to valuate the company based on the facts we currently know - and also by making my own assumptions about the extent of the fraud and consequences for the business. What could be a valuation for Luckin Coffee right now? What could be the future of the stock price, when we analyse their business?

In this video I will guide you through my detailed napkin business case and try to find answers.

You can find the Excel sheet for download either on Patreon or via https://network.dongxii.com/

? Please consider to support our channel and become a Patreon and help our channel throughout this crisis and enable us to create more content: https://www.patreon.com/DONGXii ? THANK YOU! ?

You can also find us on Linkedin:



For exclusive access to our DONGXii network please dm us directly on Linkedin - thanks!


Our Twitter:

http://twitter.com/_mm85 (Marcel Münch)


Our Website:


Disclosure: None in our videos is investment advice. Trading stocks is risky and can lead to losing your investment. In our videos we talk about our personal experience and own opinion and it is not advice to buy, sell or hold any stock or securities mentioned.


We are China-experts and are constantly testing innovations coming from China. On our Channel we decode new trends and technology and analyse their potential to take off. For more about China's Hidden Champions also check out our other videos:

?More about **NIO**







?More about **TESLA**



?More about **Byton**



?More about **EV**



??More about **China**






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Gibberish Mike

Thank you for the research and clear presentation

Helin Feng

like your video, thanks for your insight research


I can do simpler market research. Have you been to China? Have you tried Luckin Coffee? If the answer is no then dont invest in the stock. I live in Boston MA and Chinese people only eat at authentic restaurants in Chinatown and not the Americanized Chinese fast food joints in other neighborhoods. How many Chinese investors do Luckin Coffee have? Why is it trading in US stock markets?

DONGXii - The China Opportunity

Let us know in the comments which stock price you are aiming for, in case Luckin will trade again. Are you aiming for a high multiple (still convinced?) or you think it is properly valued with the current low multiple due to the uncertainty, missing trust etc.?

Danny M

the convertible bonds are trading up to 32.5 now from 10 in early april, i see some saying this may indicated a value of 16+ being that they're $50 convertibles. Do you have any insight on this?


CEO and COO luckin coffee fired.


Great Video! What do you think about Luckin Finesses there numbers with selling a lot of electronics to pump up the revenue?


What happens if it is delisted? Can we get the shares back?


When will it be open for trade again?

Ray Rodrigo

LK to resume trading on 5-20-2020

Michael Su

As an overseas investor, this is exactly the problem I have investing in Chinese startup companies. First of all, it is the transparency problem because the financial statements are not subject to third party audits. The second problem, one from overseas cannot actually experience the product. Have you go to LK coffee and actually take a look at the foot traffic? I heard it is pathetic because my relatives in Shanghai told me so (I grew up in Shanghai but moved overseas 26 years ago). The third problem is LK confirms an opinion I have with the Chinese startup listing in the US. It is nothing but an easy way to raise capital to take advantage of US free market and trust in general. Why do you think the VP of China is involved? Because there is 1.7T dollar worth of Chinese stock is in Jeopardy and US will tighten the listing criteria to fend off the listing. China's big loss for easy money grabs from US taxpayers.


There was a time I was up so much, I have 20 LK shares at 22.92.....when it reached 50 I had 1000 bucks, and thought about cashing out....I remember saying "Naaaaah! This is going to the moon, Sbux or even more, I'll hold long term "..... Now I'm sad. Thanks for the video :)


what is the point to stick around with this shady stock? each time to look over the shoulder? I lived In China and the mentality is a concern.

Drayton Wheat

I'm out at $10

umar sheikh

Looking forward to the next one

AI Smart Products

Can you please give a short Luckin Coffee update.

Investigate a healthcare stock named Curevac. Thanks!!


Jianan Wang

Would you be willing to do an update based on the report by the Joint Provisional Liquidators that were published today?


Here an interesting video: https://youtu.be/MSBYO_Q8xko
$0,60 for a coffee, with expensive locations.. hmm ?


Nice video. It would have been interesting to see how your analysis ended up if you had made only the most conservative assumptions, i.e., assuming that all positive changes after the last audited financial are fictional and further, that the Q4 figures (due to COVID-19) dropped by 70% from levels reflected in the last audited financials. I think these would be the most reasonable assumptions.

Alex Wu

$0.02. Here are my 2 pennies. EY won't complete the annual report, no other accounting firms will take it, get delisted by Nasdaq. Bondholders take over and shareholders screwed. Why? Go check Sino forest case, Muddy water: checked. Ernst and Yong: checked.

Max _

The problem is that for example blackrock has been able to buy shares, so I expect the price to open around 6$


If I buy the stock and they delist from Nasdaq, what will happen to my stocks? Probably loose all of it, but even before that the stock will be $0 right?

Mike Daniels

A conviction of fraud of SUCH magnitude makes the valuation ZERO. YOU CANNOT BUY SHARES OF LIARS AND CRIMINALS. Their fraud destroyed livelihoods, the fraudulent mgmt destroyed pension moneys, in times like these this calls for a capital punishment, any such perpetrators earn a personal invitation to a BBQ party on the electric chair. Madoff should be sent an invitation to that BBQ party too.


AMAZING analysis!

umar sheikh

If fraud is equal to or less than 300m we are all in for a treat

Thien Le

I hope the cash reporting was not fabricated.

Easy Dreams

Chances of it going back to $20/share any time soon?

AI Smart Products

Also check out CODX

danny iskandar

Thank you for the in depth analysis, I have been buying the LK stocks since 2-3 days ago and also today, I think they are way undervalued ... you are right this is an opportunity to become an angel investor.


let me see the skin in the game first

Scott Gibson

Good video, can you please do a comparison of JD and BABA?

Greg Diprinzio

For the investor, a triple threat: defrauded, money held hostage, and ADR fees inescapable.

Duong Tran

LK traded on 5/22 closed $ 1.39 after hour added $.04 to $1.43 good to go if you right ....thanks


In my opinion, they were planning to use AI to create new products and services based on the information gathered through the customer's data. Which was going to differentiate against competitors, but they fail to get as many trials from customers as they thought they could, or the repeat for that matter.

Oleg K

U get it wrong. Its not the point. They got some cash from affiliated corporate clients aka selling coupons. For the costs they have made many suspicious transactions. Its 100% money laundry scheme.

Dr. Smart Finance

Great and very insightful video! Thanks a lot!

Thomas Jose

I really like the way you have structured with most realistic assumptions. great work and thx for sharing the latest update on LK.

Lk share price

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KGN Chathuranga

ooooooohps! meka "my self" youtube video ekakne

Kushan Rashmika

Ko ithuru video?

travel with sri lanka

Deyak danaganna thiyenava

Bvt Perera

Oya game play niyamai aiye

Kasun Isuru

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Ahm Gunasekara

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Nadun Ishara

Ane aiye spider man 2017 game thawa review akak gennako ane ...........................

Janith De Silva Weerawickrama

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imthi •••

Oyata boru kiyanda bea ???

travel with sri lanka

Godak hoda vadasatahanai

n b


Thushan Themiya

A/L iwara wela karanna hoda ekak wage.

Shares LK

1.Direct FN app eka thawama use wenawa.
2.Dan Dividends Tax ekak thiyanawa. Thawa transaction cost ekak gewanna one trade karaddi.
Mama share market eka gana witharai videos danne. Oyata one sup ekak dennam. Keep it up brother...

Tharaka sathsara


imthi •••

Nice video

Awishka Malli

chathuranga vaz

Niyamai aiye ... thankyou soo much ... oya godak hodata explain kara... me Mage 1st time eka Kotas welada pola gena dena gathu...

Gehan Yasanka

දිගටම කරගෙන යන්න අයියෙ...

Thisara Ramesh

Elama ?

M.k.p. Iranga Raj

thx for this video. I like enter this filed. update more video. p l


try ekak denna asayi ilaga video eka ikmanta damu gihin baluwa site ekata therenne na

Rameesh jayawardhana

thanks dilshan aiya video ekata,,


නෙට් කැසට් එක කියන්නේ මොකද්ද

sampath kumara

Good luck brother. ..

travel with sri lanka

Deyak danaganna thiyenava

madushanka dilshan

Mama rathnpure stock market ekt enna help krnwd mata


ilaga video akath ikmnat one


Thama CSE eke invest karala da thiyenne ? Mey chamimda kiyana kena thama ennawa da ?

sajini ranjana

Thnk uu sooo much ayya. Godaak asa hithuna . Try karanawa oyage video godaak watiwi issarahata?❤

Karaoke LK

එතකොට IQ වල තියෙන CFD කියන්නෙ මොකක්ද,මමත් 18 වුනාම බලන්න ඕනෙ

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Top5 Facts


Wickmal Fernando

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Pubg hari ruls of servival gamplay ekak hari onaaaaa.....

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Nadun Ishara

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Ayye cse eka gena video tika digatama karagena ynda.thank you me video walata. Sunday with chinath hema sathiyema danda puluwannm.

Lahiru Gunawardhana

බ්‍රෝකර් කෙනෙක් නැතුව අපිට තනියම ඉන්වෙස්ට් කරන්න බැරිද?

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S.B. Bandara

suppaa ee


Bro me cse series eka digatama karan yanna thawa cse gana wagema world famous traders la ganath danaganna kamathii.

Genius MIND

apit invest krnt brd dn, 1000wtr dla.aduma10000kwt dala brd kyl poddk hyl blnwko

Akila Madusanka

Cryptocurrency kohomada karanne

Praven vlogs

Hm ela bn thawa me wage evaaaa dapanko

Sasandu Garusinghe

Books on investing:
1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
2. Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham
3. One Upon Wall Street by Peter Lynch
4. Beating the Street by Peter Lynch


මේක කරන්න ලැප් එකක් ඕනමද නැත්තන් ෆෝන් එකෙන් පුලුවන්ද

Tharusha Gayashan

Dilshan ayye oyawa contact krgnn vidihak kohomda



Thala Remixed production - තාල.

ඉතුරු ටිකත් කරමු මචන් පරක්කු නැ??


Machan day trade karana kauruth innawada?

Vimukthi Sanjaya

Ko anithwa

Romelle Ashmini

What should be the age limit to purchase shares or to start up a account


YouTube views = stupid kids. meke ekek hari comment ekak liyala nehe

Dinesh Namal

Market capitalization eka honda companiyaka digu kaleena ayojanayak wedhihata 5m wethara dammata kamak naddha


Supiri video ekak???


Aiye MLM gana poddak kiyanawada

Saween Udayanga

Ai meka ekin nawatgthuwe wade awul da

Dungeon Dogs

ko palleha mkuth dala nane :O

Bvt Perera

Aiya oya gava i5 possiser thiyanava

Pushpe Bro

Old is gold ❤️?
Me myhub ta thama mm kemathi ❤️
Me wage video danne nette ai ???

Tharusha Kule

ko numbers nene puluwannam denna ko

Danushka Ruwan

Niyamai malli wadagath serious ekak tks for upload