Loopring wallet

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353 views | 18 Jan. 2021

In this brief screen

In this brief screen recording, I walk through using the Loopring Wallet to obtain Celsius tokens. Loved the process, super easy and smooth. #Celsius #Loopring #Bitcoin #CEL #LRC #BTC #Crypto

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Weston Nelson

Loopring Wallet!

steve doyle

Where did you go?

Greg de l'Yveline


Alex noname

had to play the video at 1.5x

Official YoYoGamingTv

Im so new to this i dont even know what you did lol. Any chance you can explain how the liquidity mining works?


This is the video Loopring should have put out so we can see behind the pay wall.
Thanks for sharing!


Can you please explain how to send the CEL in L2 to the celsius wallet? I read on reddit that some people have their token stuck by trying to send it directly from the loopring L2 to celsius network wallet. Is sending from L2 to celsius network wallet work? Thanks for the video

Manas Dash

how do u fund the loopring wallet with ETH ? just by regular transfer of ETH from celsius would work i think as they dont charge any fees . But then how do u get to loopring l2 ? is it automatic ? i mean if i have the ETH somehow in my looopring wallet then all i need to use swap to get CEL and then i can tranfer it back to celsius wallet i guess ? any idea how much are the fees to send CEL from loopring wallet to celsius ? your video was informative so thanks for the quick overview.

Molly Nelson

This is probably super helpful for people that are new to this!!

Loopring wallet

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How To Stake Loopring Coin

2 101 views | 16 Jun. 2020

The primary purpose of

The primary purpose of this video will be to show you how to stake Loopring coin and earn protocol fees, but I will also briefly clear up some confusion regarding the "fee less" nature of the Loopring exchange.

How To Register on Loopring.io (01:08)

Explaining Registration Fees (02:30)

How To Stake Loopring Coin (03:05)


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Jacob Meloni

I just purchased $LRC3L today on #MXC_Exchange with 3x leverage I think $LRC is bullish time to long it here www.mxc.com/trade/easy#ZIL3L_USDT

knowex Exchange

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What kind of ROI would you get for staking 1000 LRC for 90 days?