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POWR – A Music Infused Meditation

4 179 views | 12 Apr. 2020

POWR (POWeR Meditation)

POWR (POWeR Meditation) “empowers” us to touch inner peace and presence in only a few minutes!

It can be exercised everywhere, in the meditation hall, in the kitchen, in a park, or while on a train.

The first stage is designed to bring body and mind back to oneness and at the same time to help bring us back to the present moment, to connect us with the miracle of life now occurring.

If we can breathe in this spirit for two or three minutes, our breathing will quite naturally become light, leisurely, gentler, slower and deeper, and naturally we shall feel much more at ease in body as well as in mind. This is the second stage, “deep, slow”. We can stay with this stage for just as long as we like.

Next we come to “calm, ease”. Here we can achieve deeper tranquillity (Sanskrit prasrabdhis), a great calm of body and mind, and the joy of meditation will continue to nourish us.

The fourth stage “smile” brings relaxation to all the facial muscles and acknowledges the fruit of meditation. “Release” helps to remove all the tensions and worries which still remain in the body.

“Present moment”, “wonderful moment” brings us back to here and now. Only in the present moment are we really in touch with the wonders of life. Peace, joy and liberation cannot be found anywhere else.

If you practice this meditation regularly, you soon will be able to calm your mind from overwhelming situations in only a few minutes.

Peace and happiness come from within. Do not seek it without.

Enjoy your meditation, enjoy yourself.

We all learn from each other, so please share your meditation experiences below. Thank you!

You can help me creating more Music Infused Meditations by donating via https://www.paypal.me/torc1da

Much love and blessings,

Brother Freedom


This brings tears of joy

Karen Valentino

Thank you, Brother Freedom! The combination of the music and the bell is so grounding and peaceful. Many lotuses!

Paz Tururututu

Beautiful! Thank you, brother! ??

Dave Kenneally

Thank you dear Brother! That came at the perfect time. A deep bow! ??❤️??

Julia G

Thank you, Brother! It feels so peacefull!

Irma Neira

Genial¡¡ estoy sola enserrada por el coronavirus,, son miunica compañia,, gracias


So wonderful - create more of them!

parvesh sangwan

Brother i become your disciple listening to music. So deeper the thanku. .... That deeper my breathe became

Ally Rodbell

Thank you Bro Freedom... this will especially be perfect before bed time...

Colleen Deane

This was lively and fun. Thanku

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Part 2 JET Performance Products Powr-Flo THROTTLE BODY Part # 76116 2017 GMC SIERRA 6.2L

4 859 views | 6 Apr. 2019

Hey YouTubers! This

Hey YouTubers! This video is PART 2 of the JET PERFORMANCE Powr-Flo Throttle Body Part # 76116 it fits my 2017 GMC SIERRA SLT with the 6.2 Liter gas motor. Guys I've been driving around this week with the new JET throttle body on and I swear I can tell a difference it seems like my truck has more power and it drives smoother! If I have any problems or concerns I will make a updated video but so far so good! Check out JET'S WEBSITE ---- https://jetchip.com/

PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE :) ALSO JOIN MY GROUP ON FACEBOOK FOR 2014-2018 GM TRUCKS here is the link----https://www.facebook.com/groups/1962272850758160/

Christopher Rivera

My throttle body keeps throwing a p01516 code and and it also gave me a reduced power notice how can I fix this issue

JET Performance Products


Andrew Bowles

I ported mine my self

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Analisa Kompetitor POWR VS TGRA - Part 2 | EPS 13

1 211 views | 19 Dec. 2020

Hi sobat investor... Video

Hi sobat investor... Video part 2 Analisa kompetitor emiten POWR ini ada tambahan informasi yang sangat berguna untuk mendukung keputusan investasi anda. Analisa kompetitor seperti ini jarang dibahas dan tentu sangat menarik.

Siapakah kompetitor POWR? Menarik mana POWR atau kompetitornya?

Agar tidak penasaran langsung aja tancap gas yuk. Sebelumnya tonton dulu part 1 nya biar lebih lengkap. Semoga bermanfaat ya. Happy investing

WA Grup


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#sahampowr #powr #tgra #sahamtgra #bedahpowr #analisapowr #powrvstgra #saham #investasi #analisakompetitor

Arie Fermansyah

Izin bertanya pak, sy beli TGRA di 274 namun hari ini 230, apa saya tetap hold atau lepas saja pak? Mohon petunjuk pak

Ikhvani Wulandari

Jangka panjang sampai brapa lama pak?

Antonius Van Den Brink

tanya pak, apakah benar saham TGRA sekitar 63% ada di masyarakat? yg berarti bisa dimainkan para bandar?

Jeffry Sim

Keduax... Wkwkwk...

Adhimas Rizki

Keren mas analisanya, thanks..
Membuka wawasan untuk analisa untuk ambil saham ini.. Tertarik juga sama dividen nya.. POWR


van jaya

Terimakasih pak,Sdh mau berbagi. Sukses selalu..?

lutfil hakim

Terima kasih sudah sharing, sangat bermanfaat. saya langsung subscribe

Dicky Orlando

Mantap analisanya.. auto subcribe catatan investasi

Yusuf R

Thanks pak, bahas prospek saham 3 digit untuk investor gaji umr dong di 2021 mendatang :'D

marlan saefudin

Thanks pak.
Pak nabung dmas nya dong. Ksh lht portfolio nya ?

eucliwood hellscythe

aku kira stock split ternyata dibanting ya :D

Mario Lakonage

Bang, bgmana prospek saham TGRA 1 thn ini? Sy beli di harga 298. Makasih

Janz Love Food

ini kayak nga coba pompom saham powr. keliatan ga objektifnya dari awal bandingin dgn tgra kayak membandingin anak sendiri dgn anak tetangga.. saham turun gunung kayak powr yg punya modal besar pun malas invest nya. dari ipo sampai sekarang udah tergerus 50% sementara TGRA masih diatas harga IPO dan cenderung lebih dilirik sama market maker.. apapun itu setiap saham punya resikonya..