Waltonchain news

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Waltonchain Android Wallet, NANO Functional on Binance, Mithril Social Media

380 views | 26 Apr. 2018

In today's episode

In today's episode of Your Daily Crypto News, we look at Waltonchain getting a new Android Wallet, NANO gets all functionality restored on Binance, Mithril taking shots at Facebook, & a Dilbert Bitcoin Cartoon.


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Waltonchain news

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Bitcoin Struggles, Waltonchain's WTC Gains After Simex Listing - June 6th Cryptocurrency News

229 views | 6 Jun. 2018

Bitcoin continues to

Bitcoin continues to struggle. We saw it fall well below $7,500 on Tuesday, before climbing over $7,600 again. Let’s take a look at some other news. Waltonchain announced the listing of its token WTC on Simex exchange. And in other crypto news, Vietnam’s finance minister wants to put a ban on importing cryptocurrency mining rigs.

Please remember this is news, not investment advice.

Sources: https://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN/announcement-on-listing-wtc-at-simex-b459762c2bb9


Crypto Mogul

Not worrying of bitcoin dipping. More dip the more i buy and add it to my 21btc ?

Valeriia Kovtun

At last Pavel Durov opened one more round of ICO! And now it is opened for common users on icovilla.info/telegramico ) Cool!

Waltonchain news

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Waltonchain Completes Token Swap on Binance

289 views | 22 Jan. 2020

Reported today on Being

Reported today on Being Crypto

For the full article visit: https://beincrypto.com/waltonchain-completes-token-swap-on-binance/

The Internet of Things (IoT) focused blockchain project, Waltonchain, has completed a mainnet token swap after depositing 4 million WTC on the Binance exchange. The swap is part of the migration process to its mainnet, a move forward for the project.

The token swap, which has already been completed on a handful of other exchanges, has been under discussion for a long time but was met with a lukewarm response.

Thanks @binance for supporting the much anticipated $WTC mainnet #TokenSwap! $WTC withdrawals on #Binance will be suspended starting from 08:00 AM (UTC+8) on Jan. 20, 2020. #Waltonchain #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #IoT #Crypto https://t.co/yn8T986ZQV

- Waltonchain (@Waltonchain) January 19, 2020

On Jan 19, the Waltonchain team announced that it would be unlocking 8% of the team's one million WTC, with the rest to be released as needed. The new funding would go towards hiring talent and further developing the technical infrastructure. The news was poorly received and invited suspicion that the tokens would soon be dumped onto the market.

Some praised it as a step forward for the project, while others were confused about what it meant as an end-user.

Everybody's lost with this token swap, you need to clarify by a clear announcement. Can we use the wallet for the new coins yes or no ?

- LangaOne (@GabrielCrypty) January 19, 2020

A token swap is a process by which tokens on one blockchain are exchanged 1:1 for coins on the primary network as users migrate over. Popular examples of entities that have conducted token swaps are EOS, TRON, and Binance Coin.

Waltonchain 2020 Plans and Struggling Price

In early January, Waltonchain CEO Do Sang Hyuk and Waltonchain Chief Expert Mo Bing, along with the operations team, held an AMA. The session covered Waltonchain's plan