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Trade Alert: Take a Gigantic Profit On Today's Horrific Crash & Do It All Again Today

66 views | 10 May. 2019

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I dont have the print thing

jay yaj

It worked once, then crashed and never again ?

Black Boot Gamers

thank u sssooo much
this worked very well


it didn't work bro


It didn't work for me idk why???

Maxim Andrei

didn't work for me.

scott paar

dident work for me at all

DiamondXsX :D

Just open task manager and close the game


very nice

akazxy skiddy

thanks for deleting system 32


this DOES not work


Worked... Still works in 2020, i did have to restart

Mateo Menay

hey thanks soooo much man


it doesnt work for me because i dont have a printer

Daniel Danda

This didn't work for me.:)))))

Lande Abreu

worked just fine. thank you!

BrIm G O D

I can't play

K1ng Duckee

for me it says theres an error with some security thing

Cos Maestro

u saved my life


did not work for me ?

Streetkiller German LP

I dont habe this printspooler

Raziel VeVo

Can you do a tutorial on Mac please ?

Bhargav Singh Thakur

has anyone found a fix yet?? this didn't work for me. please hmu

elliot ward

this worked for me ... then today when i launched my game got the same problem but my print spooler is disabled

Maxime51001 Royer

Very thx bro


not work :(


It didn't work ):

Cora Chua

thanks mate, its work for me


Didnt work at all. Which doesnt surprise me "disable your printers and the game will magically launch"....yea....no.

Roady Guy

didnt work :(


LMFAO i launched wow it didnt work and i started watching the video then in the middle of it it pops up. well thanks anyways


lol :D




My screen is black and I’m freaking tf out my laptop won’t even open up other windows what do I do???? Plsss help!!

iiCarry-_- YouYT

did this and it didn’t work , anything else?


german word ?

SamuraiTyy YT

didn’t work for me but good video

SBM_qa 412

Man , I luv u

cheng yufei

didnt work, and now my printer isnt working ; (

danyon blanche

Doesint wrk ?

durgesh bhagat

Try antyvirus disable. It's worked for me.


SOLUTION : just delete the game (WOW CLASSIC in my case) and Battle.net, reinstall everything. Et voilà.
I tried everything, repair, drivers update, delete bnet folder, etc.


nah. didn't work


omg thank u


I can’t change the printer thing

Jayden Musuka

Scam didnt work

Chris Lewis

worked for me thank you <3 i had to reset my pc tho as it didnt work instanly


Another Solution guys!: Guys if you have problem then search up "msvcp140.dll" and remove it from system32 folder to desktop do not delete it. just move it out of system 32 to desktop then try launching ur game it should work then. sorry for broken English


Thanks man

Tanner kilzall

didn’t work bro


It actually worked thanks so much

Andrew L.

Dealing with this issue now. Game will boot on my laptop, and never had this issue ever. Will not boot on my freshly upgraded to windows 10 desktop. This did not fix my issue.


when i start overwatch it just turns black and then craches pls help


Not work how to fix problem please

SpaceSlayer 200

not working...

Zack Black

didnt work

Leo G.

go to programs\Overwatch\_retail_ and click that exe. worked for me.


I love you i love you i love you i love you


soon I did this 10 version of WoW popped up lol

Nataniel Ataseven

it does not fucking work


fkn trash game.. refuses to fkn start

Emil Marttinen

Didnt work ?

3eissa YT

OMG thank you it if fixed I dropped a sub ?✅✅

cheng yufei

How is print got anything to do with overwatch ?

Gamers Stories

nothing for me ... didn't work :/

Reese Bondy


supreme sup

ty its working


Ok i have no freakin idea how but it worked for me today and saved me a lot hours of searchin "why the hell my starcraft 2 don't wanna lounch".
I tried to re-instal blizzard, re-instal and repair whole game and other annoin steps that took me already like 2 hours with no result at all.
This fixed my problem somehow.
Thanks for that video~~!

Girish VB

Nothing happened man...Waste...


I can't even launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare I don't know what to do I've tried everything on videos and it's still not launch I don't know what to do do I give up


Ummm i can Launch every other game than overwatch
Idk why


Been trying to fix overwatch for days now. Still no luck T_T


dont work at all!!!!




omg thank you SO much!!! I havent been able to play for like two weeks now due to this issue, and now I finally can! TYSM

Niklas Vilppola

It doesnt work

Nukannguaq Petersen

didn't work for me

BLAZEgaming yt

Welp now I no longer have a computer for school. Cool thx

Eitan Coder

Didnt do anything

Oliver R-V

You legend! Thanks

ahmed hamed

completely fake lmao how is disabling ur printer gonna make ur game rn LOL


Huh now how do I do that on a macbook

Joseph K

Didnt work for me but thanks anyways

Felix Løkkegaard

Don't fucking work

Gaetano Carretto

didnt work for me either

Asus Only

Who else is havin problems wid BoCW....for me while runnin Fireteam dirty bomb it keeps disconnecting me....

אלין אלפסי

that not Work for me Lies!!!!!!!!!!!

Adeel Raza

logoff and login windows is the right answer wtf he smokes i wanna know printer bullshit


i dont even have a printer and theres still a bug its probably because this is from 2018 but why would a game not launch because of a fricking printer thats so dumb

Hadi Saif

Guys, just go to wow directory, press retail and you will find "Wow.exe" go to its properties and set it to run as administrator then apply and run using Wow.exe. This is the only thing that worked for me after trying doing a clean boot, disabling anti virus, repairing game files. ive tried it all aside from redownloading the game and this is the only thing that worked for me.



Adrian 345

Nope, warzone cant start

Aleksandar Rodic

This didn't work for me too


bruh how is the game supposed to work by disabling ur printer


the game launches and then the screen is black which is normal
but then the icon disappears and the game just crashes


Built my PC... super excited! This is happening to me right now.. just did what you said, I’m about to restart it. If it doesn’t work, I’m throwing the whole PC away. ?

rogelio quijada

Thanks so fucking much my dude

azziiz 88

Thxkk u u soo muchh u have a new sub + like


Thank you very much, this worked for me!!


Thank you so much man, It says it wasn't running but after restarting the launcher and using an auto clicker to open heartstone it worked.

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Why Half Your Portfolio Should Own The TLT & This Gold Play

46 views | 18 Jul. 2019

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Richard Parker

Thanks Jason, as usual another move in the right direction. These alerts are 100%.

harry j Fondren

Jason is just one of the best financial minds on this planet...this is real folks not smoke and mirrors...back tested and proven to work for income for life...there is absolutely ZERO risk...just DO it!

Dean G

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Dean Gallagher

If you like to make consistent, conservative, income in the market this system may work for you. Thanks for all you do, Jason!

Bob Smythe

Been following these guys since 2018 and they look the real deal. As soon as cryptos moon again I will subscribe immediately!

Mark the shark

sound very good