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Sermon for Ash Wednesday - 17th Feb. | Rev'd Professor Gina Radford

11 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Rev'd Professor Gina

Rev'd Professor Gina Radford shares this sermon for Ash Wednesday.

This video is available for download if you would like to use this sermon as part of your online service: https://vimeo.com/510289340

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370Z Muffler Delete Vs Stock Exhaust. Comparison. (Start up Drone Rev)

26 339 views | 22 Mar. 2019

both cars are stock one

both cars are stock one has a muffler delete with stock exhuast

other one is bone stock




Automotive Entertainment

bad thing about the muffler delete is the inside drone and plastic vibration


Question. 15 year old here who is just getting into cars seriously. Is a 350z or a 370z good for a first car of someone of my age? (When I turn 16 obviously). And if so, I plan on doing a muffler delete. Is it good or bad for either car?


I have a 2016 manual....I have top speed y pipe, custom midpipe, and beluga axle back. It's absolutely perfect and get compliments all the time. All for less than $500 installed

Zane Elliott

What's the name of the muffler delete

Spencer Clark

are his tail lights aftermarket?? If so I love them where did he get them?


Mine has a muffler delete and typhoon k&n intake. It's not as loud as this one for some reason but it sounds a hell of a lot better than stock and was super cheap

Randy Crick

Im gonna give it a go!!!!!!I have 2017 370

ramon castillo

Did you have to pay for anything? I want to do the muffler delete but want to see how much it is.

Noah Collazo

I’m doing the muffler delete

Thomas Finn

Yo man i just did a muffler delete and have a mad drone:( any tips to remove or reduce it?


Muffler delete... base automatic.... and rear view mirror removal? ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
Sorry, but your friend is the definition of a ricer lol.

Living-Dreams-Now 100%

Does it kick on any lights or anything

Randy Crick

Another positive is that you lose 25 pounds of weight!!!!

Nick Applebee

These newer Auto's are pretty impressive so I wouldn't knock them. Now if it were a 350z then a manual over an auto for sure but these new autos with dual clutch technology like in the GTR are pretty badazz. I've had plenty of Manuals in my day but love my 370z 7AT just for the fact that it shifts faster than the manual version and it still has Rev match.

Randy Crick

My concern would be down shifting a standard and if it would pop or crackle?

Randy Crick

Any issues with o2 sensor.Sounds really good by the way

Benjamin Do

Wait wait wait... You from Houston too?


Thanks for the plug! Always enjoy riding around with the fellow Z owners!


Is this louder than an Invidia N1?

Musa Bashir

This dude driving an automatic and thinking he's slick


We went for muffler delete with resonated pipes, plus HFCs... And a few other mods (so far)... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLac3G86Co_hx51NYAjelevSJFwTjibR_G


I’m so hype for my shit to arrive bro❤️?

Rev stock

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2011 Camaro SS Stock Start Up and Rev in HD

23 920 views | 6 Jun. 2011

All stock. This is the

All stock. This is the L99. It only had about 350 miles on it at the time.

Peter Stillman

I want one exatcly like this, the only problem is that in my country the prices are just crazy. I mean where the hell else would a car that in the US costs 60K US$ cost something around 120K?


I put the paper over my license plate it still doesn't sound like this...


@NM2255 Yep, Imperial Blue Metallic. Once it got a few thousand miles on it, the tone is a little deeper and it is much louder. I need to do a follow-up video




duuuuuuuude. NOS on this? plz tell me you got it? and rev dat mf'er MOAR


And wtf do you drive?


Sure thing. Enjoy your 1985 Civic


whack car shit handling and a waste of time


@Devildog0491 Thanks man!


Move to the USA and you can pick up a used one for under $30K USD. Problem solved :) Come on man, the water is fine :)


too much hatorade is really bad for you...


I like the rasp at the end.


@lucki801 :)




@TheStillman37 lol that doesn't even cost 60K



anthony irish

mmmmm, I smell cooked mustangs ;)


i don't know europe or asutralia maybe?